California’s Armenian American Vote Is Not For Sale


As we get closer to California’s November Election, one race seems to grab all the attention–the race for Governor.

From record spending of $141.5 million by Meg Whitman to allegations of her housekeeper being an illegal immigrant to Jerry Brown’s aid referring to Whitman as a “whore” during a recorded phone conversation, this race sure has all the dynamics and the drama of something out of a Hollywood movie. But this is not Hollywood.

With a record deficit facing California and record number of jobless claims and home foreclosures we must elect a candidate who can help rebuild California and restore the glory of the Golden State. We already cast by election a Hollywood movie star in the leading role of Governor and look how that turned out:  unprecedented deficits, gridlock in Sacramento, jobs lost, are amongst some of the many notable consequences. With the recent polls showing both candidates running neck and neck, every vote will count – especially, the Armenian-American vote.

California will only become an economic leader again when we create more jobs. And in order to create jobs we need someone that can maneuver around the impossible California politics as mentioned by governor Schwarzenegger in a recent article in the Economist magazine.  “There is a maze you have to go through, then a minefield, then an obstacle course: you become an athlete.” For that we need an seasoned athlete with years of experience in California Politics, a true servant of the people. That is why we should vote for Jerry Brown.

We must elect Jerry Brown because for over 40 years he has and continues to be a friend to the Armenian American community. As governor of California Jerry Brown appointed people to governmental positions, commissions and judicial posts based on experience and not campaign contributions and that included many Armenian Americans.

Jerry Brown has and continues to maintain a consistent record of strong support for Armenian Genocide affirmation and remembrance. During his governorship Brown ordered the state flag to be lowered to half-mast in observance of Armenian Genocide during the month of April. As Attorney General, Brown defended the right for courts in California to provide the long denied redress to Armenian Genocide victims to obtain assets wrongfully withheld by insurance companies which served the Ottoman Armenian community in the years leading up to the Genocide. As governor he will continue to uphold California’s long record of Genocide recognition and continue efforts to ensure proper recognition of this crime against humanity because he has done so for the past forty years.

At the November elections the choice for California governor is clear and that choice is Jerry Brown. We can go back and elect another millionaire like our former governor who just wants to win this race so she can add another feather in her cap or we can vote for and individual with experience, a long record of proven service to the people of California, and to the Armenian American community, a true servant to the people who refuses to buy your vote. The choice is ours as is the future of this great state and the legacy we leave our children. Let’s not waste this opportunity.

Please join thousands of Armenian-Americans who have already casted their vote and support for Jerry Brown. Rally with Armenians for Jerry Brown at and join the conversation on facebook to make a difference today.


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  1. Kiazer Souze said:

    If Megg wanted to help California, she could have spent the $150,000,000.00 on helping needy Armenian children in California. She could have donated her money to opening up a school, or helping children without health care etc…

    She has never come out strongly in favor of recognition of the Armenian Genocide and a contract with Armenians that she would do everything in her power to support the Armenian cause. These politicians should have a contract with Armenian American citizens that calls for an immediate refund of all campaign monies spent for their elections if they breach the contract.

    • Varouj Asdourian said:

      For God’s Sakes, enough already. Just because someone was smart enough to become successful in business, they are automatically villafied in this country. I have lived in California for over 30 years and I remember Jerry Brown’s first term as governor. He was an absolute disaster! Unemployment was rampant and the California economy was in shambles. He is beholden to every single public employee union that is bankrupting this state, and he kisses the ass of every single special interest group for a vote. He has no plans for this state except for raising more taxes and driving more businesses out of this state. As an Armenian, I know the Genocide issue is important but if you are out of a job and can’t afford to pay your bills anymore because of the amount taxes being paid, I think in this era, it is more important. Brown and his cronies in Sacramento are slowing eroding away at your freedoms. Wake Up!

  2. Sako N. said:

    The article says this: “As Attorney General, Brown defended the right for courts in California to provide the long denied redress to Armenian Genocide victims to obtain assets wrongfully withheld by insurance companies which served the Ottoman Armenian community in the years leading up to the Genocide.”

    But I think this was overturned by a Federal court. What do Brown and Armenian Americans doing about this? Can someone please tell us?

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  4. Armond Aghakhanian said:

    Thank you for all of your support for this race. I guess money cannot buy votes (at least in CA). Today is a new day for California Armenians and all Californians as we move forward toward prosperity with an old friend, newly elected Governor Brown. Also, congratulations to Senator Boxer for her victory.

  5. Gary said:

    I’m a Republican, but I voted Democratic when they supported Armenian issues like Brown and Boxer.