‘Impossible to Ignore Occupation of Azeri Territories,’ Says Gul

British Prime Minister David Cameron with Turkish President Abdullah Gul

LONDON (Combined Sources)—Turkish President Abdullah Gul, who is in Great Britain to receive the “Man of the Year” award from Chatham House said Monday that for Ankara “it is impossible to ignore the occupation of Azerbaijani territories,” during an address at the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London.

“Although there are talks underway on Nagorno-Karabakh, it is well know that seven Azeri regions are occupied. The United Nations says these lands are occupied. Armenia itself is even aware that these territories do not belong to it,” Gul claimed during his speech.

Saying that frozen conflicts must be solved for the sake of the region’s security, Gul cited the 2008 Georgia-Russia war as an example and the effects it has had on the region.

“The current de-facto situation is not acceptable to anyone. There are some problems in the matters of Azerbaijan-Armenia, Turkey-Armenia and Georgia and they require dialogue to resolve them,” said Gul.

Gul also spoke about the normalization process between Armenia and Turkey and said that although Turkey was one of the first countries to recognize Armenia’s independence, some problems persist. He neglected to mention Turkey’s unilateral decision in 1993 to blockade Armenia as an expression of solidarity with Azerbaijan.

“During the last one to two years, we’re seriously trying to resolve these problems and will continue to do so. Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkey have serious work ahead. It’s necessary to be persistent in the Caucasus in order to restore stability in the region,” said Gul.

Gul also told European leaders that the EU needs his country as a member if it wants to remain a global force, reported Euronews.

In an address to London-based think-tank Chatham House, Gul said the 27-nation bloc should see Turkish membership as “imperative”.

“It is sad to observe that some European leaders do not properly see the future of the world in the span of 20, 50, 70 years time,” Gul said.

“Given the fact that the international balance of power tends to shift towards the East and Asia, it is, indeed, a strategic imperative for the EU to have Turkey as a member.”

“This short-sighted vision is the major impediment before the idea of the EU as a global actor, capable of assuming greater responsibilities on political and security issues complementing its economic clout.”

Gul’s comments appear to be a veiled attack on France and Germany. The two countries oppose Turkey ever gaining full membership. They promote instead the idea of a “privileged partnership.”

Turkey began formal negotiations to join the European Union five years ago but talks have slowed over Ankara’s 36-year military presence in northern Cyprus.

The European Commission is set to release a progress report on Turkey’s bid for membership later on Tuesday. It is expected to criticize the speed of reforms to guarantee the freedom of the press.

The number of Turkish citizens in favor of EU membership has dropped from 48 percent in 2009 to 38 percent now, according to a German Marshall Fund poll published in September. The same survey found the rate of people against it rose from 22 to 31 percent.

That poll also reported that only 26 percent of Turks believe the country will ever join the EU. The year before the rate was 32 percent.


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  1. Frank said:

    Did anyone have the courage to mention to Gul Cyprus, or occupied Western Armenia?

    The gall of Gul.

    Liberate Nakichivan, liberate Western Armenia,

    • Satenik said:

      Now more than ever, politicians are prostituting themselves for the highest bidder. No moral involved whatsoever. It’s not surprising therefore when you hear them talk bullshit mostly for domestic purposes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Politicians don’t like to talk about “uncomfortable” facts!

  2. Z said:

    man of the year humm.. well thanx god this years will soon be over.

    cool, no pressure, they can say whatever they like, wherever they like, to whoever they like,it just doesn’t matter.

    Artsax is armenian, Naxijevan is armenian, eastern turkey is Armenian! From Ani to Erzurum to present day Iskendurun, It’s all Armenian, occupied by turks. Give it back b4 u talk nonsense about some 7 district occupation.

  3. Sirvart said:

    Gul has no right whatsoever to speak about OUR Artsakh, especially when the Cyprus that belonged to the Greeks, the Turkish government has been occupying for four decades after his govenment killed a great many Greeks in Cyprus in the 1960’s.

  4. john said:

    Impossible to Ignore Occupation of ARMEINAN Territories OF WESTERN ARMIENA .




  5. Miram Torosian said:

    How much did it cost for President Gul to recieve “man of the year” award from the Chattam house?
    Was it more or less than the Woodrow Wilson Award? or less than the Bust of Ataturk that the arrogant Turkish government want to bestow (unsuccessfully) in Buenos Aires, Argentina?
    These Turkish people know how to spread the money around on fake awards and honors. Just ask members of the American Congress.

  6. Haroution charoution said:

    He is only making a fool of himself and his country by saying the EU needs them …One of the EU countries will respond to his childish comments soon. Gul BTW due to the comments you made during this visit the Brits now think turks are even weirder than they originally thought.

    • Satenik said:

      I agree with you. The European leaders are taking Turkey for a long and “funny” ride….Turkey will never be accepted in the EU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Stepan said:

    Another public relations stunt to promote their EU candidacy without resolving the core issues: Armenians, Kurds, Cypriot Greeks and the repression of the freedom of its own citizens. The truth will not go away….just in the past year the voices of justice speak…. Taksim Square April 24, Aghtamar, Diyarbekir, Ani, protocols, Genocide recognition. Avarayr…Sardarabad…Karabagh shining examples of Armenian heroism faced with a brutal aggressor.

  8. hayrenaser said:

    it’s one thing for a turkish criminal to make absurd remarks on territorial occupation, when in fact they are the biggest unlawful occupiers… it’s another, for a so-called ex-world power wannabe “britannia” to provide the stage for such garbage to pollute the atmosphere, the brits were the 2nd on my (people i loathe) list, now they have made it to #1, they share the spot with the turks

  9. Samuel Darbinian said:

    It is regretable, president Gul in Eurpe instead of being justifiable & impartial, he tryed provoke crisies between 2 neibourig countries he falsly claims Armenians occupyed Azari territories.A type of claime which
    fits toTurks themselves & their little Azari causine.
    The question for Mr Gul as a man of year, if you believe in Armenians occupyed Azari land, & we Armenians
    fairly believe in libration of historical Armenian beloved Artsakh from tyrany of Azari yoke. As president of
    Turky how you justify expressly nations like Greeks, Bulgars, Romanians,Austrians, Arab nations fight &
    forced Turks leave their homelands, do you think they occupyed Turky or librated their homeland & you
    talk load against other nation before watching yourself in the mirror. And it begs your answer. How about
    occupation of Cyprose 100s of mile far occupyed by Turky, The territory of Turky, itself Armenian & Greek
    land occupyed by turks, milions of moslem indignious Kurd people enslaved by Turks.
    It is realy interesting for the man of year president Gul to hide & lie about Turkish cimes, but imposible for
    him to realize & aknowledge other nations rights.

  10. Garo said:

    Its so funny and at the same time sad when turkish and azeri top officials make such ironic and baseless statements just because they suffer identity crisis, by claiming OUR historical lands, approved and mentioned by all ancient maps and foreign historians to belong to either turks or azeris. Why can’t they show us and to the world, where was azerbaijan or turkey on ANY ancient map?? They are trying to build a myth of history and culture (especially azeris) which they you would like to believe they have had, and ignore the simple historical facts. Mr.Gul, not only Kharabach is a historical Armenian land, eastern turkey is too, while western turkey belongs to the Greeks, and what is left for turks? Well, the caves of Mongolia shall always wait for their true inhabitants (ie turks).

  11. Set said:

    By Chatham House’s selection of Mr. Gul as man of the year, one should wonder about institution’s competence and British intellectuals lack of regards for historical facts and their genuine motives and hypocritical behavior.

    • Jay said:

      Hello Set

      Please bear in mind that BP OIL, Chatham House and the UK government are all connected, sort of one big family. When ‘BP TALKS , Chatham House and the UK government LISTENS.’ Long story short the latter adopts or dictates foreign policy based on reports they recieve from the Oil giant.

  12. vartan said:

    does no one in the armenian goverment has the balls to tell the dogs about all the occupied armenian district
    in eastern turkey gul in not at fault its his armenian counterpart duties to remind him every single meeting they have with them specialy the other dog erdogal

  13. Z said:

    And I will say more. SHAME on England, they had responsability in the armenian genocide. Plus they havn’t recognized it today. England is very pernicious, I hope Schotland will soon break free!

  14. Saro said:

    And don’t forget most of Azerbaijan is occupied territories which originally belongs to Armenia. Before 20th century Azerbaijan did not exist!

  15. jacque said:

    Look whoes talking about OCCUPATION ? WOW.
    Gul should be ellected EDIOT of the year.

    • Sirvart Garabedian said:

      I agree with Jacque comment, how come the Idiot of the year elected man of the year by hypocrite Britain who don’t remember that Gul & Erdogan are still keeping our Western Armenian occupied land on Armenia since 1990 due to the attack of their small cousins on Artsakh/NKR, is Britain blind, there hands are bloody as Turks in 1915 Genocide that’s why they don’t recognize Armenian 1915 Genocide, they were the ones who deceived Armenians when our people fleeing the bloodshed running towards Eastern Armenia stopped Armenians made U turn that Turks are everywhere can’t continue their march had to return to Turkey when more Armenians became victims in the hand of the hungry Turk animals. They sided with Turks, shame on a nation was called Great Britain. Then what we expect of them????

  16. kemal sahin said:

    It is very unfortunate thing to see people poisoning themselves with enormously biased information supplied by greedy politicians. Knowledge should be provided through the objective scientific channels. we must understand that it should be the dialog and talk, not the hate and hostility, through which we shall try to find solutions to our problems. Let’s start thinking over how much we have in common, and how we can eliminate the borders between us (like EU) instead of claiming territories…
    with my best wishes,

  17. Satenik said:

    Let’s not forget that David Cameron only recently was advocating Turkey’s membership for the EU, but we should take comfort that most Britsh people do not fancy another 80 million unemployable and illiterate nation flooding the EU further into to decay, all they have to do is look at Germany and the multitude of problems that Germany now faces because her Turkish “guest workers” have ruined the country. They have now come to the sad realisation that the so called multiculturism DOES NOT WORK in Germany, when most Turks can not even speak German……you must read the recent discussions with that regard. Also Turkey will never be part of the EU. France and Germany will never allow that , David Cameron can say what he wants but Britain is very weak in the EU and it’s all hot air!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. ed said:

    It seems that Baku and Ankara have coordinated there policy how to blackmail Armenia and OSCE Co chair countries… while Baku is speaking of use of force and tries to create an impression, as if the war would start any moment, Ankara is using the very same war threats voiced by Baku to convince EU , Russia and US to force Armenia to satisfy Azerbaijani demands!

  19. Ara said:

    Will Turkey ever stop embarrassing itself??

    Turkey, you have ZERO credibility in the eyes of the world.

    First admit and own up to your own bloody and criminal actions against Armenians!

  20. Lusik said:

    Did he really say it?
    Did the Armenian government react?
    Did the Armenian embassy in London react?
    At least our diplomats could provide to these uneducated fact-dealers a basic knowledge: “Military occupation occurs when the control and authority over a territory passes to a hostile army.” This is the definition. Armenians in Artsakh are hostile to whom? The very reason of reincarnation and fight for independence of Artsakh is that the Stalin-imposed, Azeri-regime was always hostile to Armenians.

  21. Z said:

    The question is on WHAT exactly makes him the “man of the year”?? What good has he done??

  22. Sasountsi Davit said:

    Mr. Gul,
    Let’s talk reality!
    You make great proclamations but can you answer this question?
    Why are you still holding our Armenian Lands your goverment usurped during the early part of this century? When you are ready to swap, give us a call.
    Until then, just keep talking.

    • Joe Derderian said:

      Mr. Davit,

      A light bulb just went off in my head. Now I get it. If we had the oil and Baku to trade, we would be in great shape.


  23. Joe Derderian said:

    How can you illegally occupy your own property? This is beyond insane. At least we know that Gul is also part of the problem.

  24. Joe Derderian said:

    How can we negotiate with either the Turks or the Azeri? We are wasting our time, and need the buffer of other countries to support us as we are too immotional and easily angered by the Turks. We should only seek restitution through the world that we know. The British and Americans could have stopped the genocide and did not. They only watched us die when the could have saved us. Other than Ronald Reagan, the Armenian has never gotten proper help or recognition from the U.S.. You won’t now. The French were brave enough to save 4,000 at Musa Dagh. It seems that other than Russia, The French, and many of the arab states and Iran, we have very few true friends in the world. With what we have to offer, and what we have already given to the world, it is so sad.