Myths About Armenia Fund Dispelled

Armenia Fund US Western Region Executive Director Sarkis Kotanjian talks on Horizon TV about the transparency and accountability of Armenia Fund, while dispelling myths about the organization.

The following are 7 Myths about Armenia Fund he discussed:

Myth 1. Armenia Fund is controlled by the government of Armenia
Myth 2. Armenia Fund donations are transferred to government bank accounts
Myth 3. Several dozen of government officials come to Los Angeles to participate
in the Telethon
Myth 4. A large part of donations during the Telethon go towards the cost of
Telethon production
Myth 5. Armenia Fund has a large overhead expense
Myth 6. Telethon collection rate is low
Myth 7. Only millionaires donate to Armenia Fund


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  1. Nazo said:

    When you live in Armenia, and see and read what is going on you be shocked at corruption level here, just today I read a high ranking official bought her daugther who lives in Glendale 700,000 thousand dollor home, this he did on his 400 dollor official salary, Yesterday on a whole ship on lake Sevan disapered, so on and so forth, every now and than, you hear mid level official has been punished, but you never hear high ranking official beeing punished. Drive around monement district, you see 2 million, 3 million dollor housess, ask the neigbours who it belongs too, the answer you get, either a judge, custom official, police chief, or Hargayen (local IRS).
    I asked a young guy Hayastanse, who graduated lately, if he found a job yet, he said no because in order to work for the IRS they want 5000 dollors upfront to give him a job, the going rate to get a job at customes is 10,000 dollor upfront, it does not matter you are A student or D student, whoever pays the bribe gets the job. the same goes to nursess, a friend of mine paid 5000 dollor to get a job at Viva cell, his sallary 700 dollors, I asked if Mr. Ralph Yerigian knows anything about this practice at Viva cell, he answered no this is done at mid level it does not reach the top.
    While in diaspora childeren go door to door to collect money to help the homeland with 3000 or 5000 dollors, here goverment official say in customs, can make that money in 20 minuts, and he will not give one dollor to the telethon, I have yet to see the President or the Prime Minister ask one indivdual with 1000 dollor salary how he can afford 2 million dollor home and a 70,000 dollor black jeep for him, 50,000 thousand dollor mercedez for his wife and 40,000 dollor car for his 19 year old son, something is wrong, a blind person can see what is going on, yet nothing is being done about it.

  2. Monte said:

    Why aren’t their financial statement available online? That would seem to be a key step towards achieving transparency.

  3. Vahan said:

    I am sure in one thing if Armenian officials do not eat money which is supposed to become part of the state budget pentions will be higher, state salaries will be higher, education will be improved, medical fiels will be better etc.however you dont see this all there for it means there are possible ways of beautiful corruption there for I personally dont trust our most of our officials.