Cypriot Parliament Leader Calls for Armenian Genocide Recognition

NICOSIA–The President of the Cypriot House of Representatives, Marios Garoyian, has called on the international community to recognize the Armenian Genocide, saying that Turkey, the perpetrator of this crime, can no longer go unpunished, reported the Famagusta Gazette.

“Today we turn our memory to the Armenian Genocide, a crime against humanity which is still unpunished, and we call once more on the international community to recognize this heinous crime,” Garoyian said in his address at a special church service to mark a religious celebration at the local Armenian church.

Garoyian said that the historical truth must be recorded and underscored that Turkey must bear the consequences of its actions. He described Ankara’s attempts to make peace with Armenia as “devious,” saying they “lack any shred of credibility.”

“These are moves and initiatives to deceive the Armenians and distort history and as such are rejected by the Armenian people,” he said.

The House President, an Armenian himself, said Armenians are also fighting for justice in Cyprus, their homeland, which has been divided since the 1974 Turkish invasion.

“We are striving for a just, functional and viable solution, and we call on the international community to deal with Turkey’s intransigence and boldness in a decisive manner so that Cyprus regains its freedom, democracy, justice and prosperity for all its legal citizens, whether they be Greek Cypriots, Turkish Cypriots, Maronites, Armenians or Latins,” he added.


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  1. varoujan said:

    So all this time Cyprus? has not recognized the genocide yet? what are they waiting for a person with guts to stand up and say what has to be said?

  2. Sirvart Garabedian said:

    100% I agree with President of the Cypriot House of Representative, Marios Garoyian, not because he is Armenian but his call for Turkey and all the world countries for the sake of justice to Recognize Armenian 1915 Genocide where more than 1.5 million, uprooted a whole nation of more than 2.5 million living on their ancestral land for thousands of years brutally murdered in every possible ways they could and deporting them to hot deserts to die of thirst & hunger, a heinous crime that today’s Turkey ‘s barbarian Government denies to Recognize, but we are here as first generation born to survivor orphan parents, will struggle and teach our generations after generations so that they know what happened to our ancestors until we achieve justice, we have Holly duty to demand our right of justice so that our innocent victims rest in peace. Also secretly and sneaky invasion of half of Northern Cyprus in 1974, when my late brother and i witnessed UN peace mission soldiers came to the same hotel whose owner was a descent Armenian, at the breakfast time the UN soldiers sat next to us when they were sent to Beirut at the time of the change of shifts. We were so anxious and angry for Christians be it Greeks, Armenians who were subjected yet another 1915 Genocide where many people who were living peacefully on their own land had to flea to other cities which were held by Cypriot Greeks for safety, horrified scared, leaving their belongings behind to be ceased by recent supposedly democratic Turkish government. This is present Turkey supposedly democratic country who make every attempt backed by Superpowers to enter in European Union where they don’t belong. It was like yesterday when another heinous crime orchestrated by Turkey police by the knowledge of beasts leaders, Gul, Erdogan, Davitoglu stabbed from the back in front his network office in Istanbul at day time, late Hrant Dink, a journalist who had every right by International law to write freely same had to be applied by all journalist alike in Turkey who threatening them not to use the word Genocide or to be free what their job demands to use their network in every right of freedom, instead they are subjected to be sentenced many years in jail by its illegal Article 301, which prevents journalists among them the innocent journalist Hrant Dink’s son, to be free and witness the justice for the world to learn the truth so that heynous Genocide never repeats again to all the living human beings indiscriminately, as still going on in Darfur innocent millions victims killed by Tootsie’s barbarian leader who is a close friend of our arch enemy Turkey by his visits to learn how to get rid of Christians deporting them to very hot and dry land to die of thirst, hunger and disease and what else is new that world countries are silent. Yet barbaric Turkey’s government has plans to expand its territory while many nations demand to return our stolen land by fore and Northern Cyprus, yet its eyes cast upon European Union to be a member by its hungry huge 72 million fanatic muslims to be as UN member where they don’t belong, backed by some Superpower countries for their own empty interest,

  3. Katharina said:

    Such is the extreme arrogance of these Turkish Muslim fanatics Trojan horse – the nerve of still conquering Cyprus and not recognizing the Armenian Genocide! Imagine, having the nerve to hold EU at ransom to force the EU to open its door to Islamic-rule and Saudi-Iran backed Turkey – no wonder the Muslim fanatics are confident that EU will be again Ottomanized-Arabicized in another 10 years (such horror for Western/Judeo-Christendom civilization is sickening!)! Even in Germany here, it’s so strange to have these migrants or refugees who claimed to be Armenians, Iranians, Azerbaijans, Romanians or Bulgarians – and yet they all speak Turkish! Thus we can see how Turkey has infiltrated into all the European/Western countries by stealth! And in today’s news, Turkey is expanding aggressively into Bosnia especially Bosnia is getting EU membership. But do I blame these Muslim fanatics completely – no! It’s the treacherous Western Left (esp. Socialist & the Green parties) leaders who have pushed for dominant Islamic migration into the West until it’s beyond repair now, that is to fundamentally be blamed – in order to secure votes and dominant power for them. Because, the Left who will keep on sacrificing more and more on individuals’ personal liberty as based on free will (as long as it’s not real criminally injurious to others) , as taught in Christianity, for the sake of a unified powerful ‘political community’ are willing to sacrifice on similar Islamic ideological evil hatred on such individual liberty! Thus, the Left and Muslim fanatics share the same common goal – to abolish both individual freedom and individual justice; just to gain dominant political power, like the Nazis (I suspect that’s why Hitler loves Islam!) The Western Left are basically selling out the West/Judeo-Christian civilization to the most evil enemies, for the sake of their Godless greed and deceit – let us never to forget Hitler and the Nazis were also Socialists!