Armenians Protest Erdogan Visit to Beirut

BEIRUT—Lebanese Armenian community members gathered at the Beirut International Airport Wednesday to protest the arrival of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is on a two-day official visit.

Demonstrators chanted slogans such as “the Lebanese have not forgotten Turkey’s bloody history in the region,” and “Erdogan should bow before our martyrs.” Reports indicate that the protests were peaceful amid heavy security. They also held signs that read: “Today’s Turkey is yesterday’s Turkey: malicious, oppressive and an ally of the enemy.”

Armenian parliamentary bloc chairman Hagop Pakradouni said Lebanese officials were giving Erdogan “more importance than his real role and forgetting that he is the heir of the Ottoman Empire.” In an interview with the local OTV channel Pakradouni condemned all announcements praising Erdogan, saying that the Lebanese public must stay true to its collective memory.

Another protest is organized for Thursday at Martyrs’ Square with the three Armenian political parties—the Social Democratic Hunchakian party, the Armenian Revolutionary Federation and Armenian Democratic League (Ramkavar) party—calling all facets of the community to turn out in droves.

The aim of the protest, according to Shahan Kandaharian, the editor of Asbarez’s sister publication Aztag, is to remind the world and the Lebanese public that today’s Turkish government is the heir to the Ottoman Empire, under which Lebanon suffered great losses and Turkey is not worthy of honor and the warm welcome being given by official Beirut.


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  1. Armanen said:

    Well edogan can give his crocodile tears to the Lebanese and claim he sides with them against the zionists to the south. However, turkey and isreal and two sides of the same coin.

  2. elpe said:

    Erdogan is only in Lebanon for his own interest. since when turks worried about others????? it’s all about them.
    being civilized ????? they have a long long way to go, just wearing western outfits doesn’t make them civilized at all.
    wake up Lebanon, don’t fall in the trap, history repeats itself

  3. Satenik said:

    Have the Arabs forgotten how they were treated under the Ottomans? Why this sudden passion for bloody Turkey?

  4. arziv said:

    Lebanon is a wreck of a nation. It hangs together on a piece of thread . Lebanon suffers cruelly under the baleful breath of the Israelis, who walk into Lebanon anytime they wish as if it were their spare bedroom. Any outstretched hand to Lebanon is welcomed. Turkey’s expansionist foreign policies is very clear cut. The re-establishment of neo ottomanism. Lebanon , like other neighboring countries, may become the new ” vilayet” of modern turkey’s nascent empire. It is a difficult choice, suffer under israeli military threats or get yourself a ” protector” , or exchange it for the umbrella of Erdogan pasha and Co.

  5. andrew said:

    he has come to get what he can from lebanon nothing more or less he will give nothing kick himback to his turkey land

  6. aram said:

    Erdogan will teach the Lebanies how to slaught the Christian in Lebanon in the name of West collaborater and American lover, exact how they kill Christians in Baghdad and throw them out from the country then devide lebanon between iran & Turkey

  7. eddy said:

    Turkey has no problem when Turkish is killing “Muslims”! Erdogan, Gül & Co are simply trying to draw off the attention of world community form other Problems, such as occupation of part of cypress, killing of Kurds, bombing of North Iraq, as well other Turkish crimes and home made problems !

  8. MT said:

    A Coward visit Lebanon to represent cowards in his country.

    He Stated on National TV regarding the Genocide….

    “But let them present their evidences
    Then we will deal with our history if necessary”

    Mr. Erdogan, Why don’t you start the research of the Genocide evidences from below clips, before pissing on yourself publically.