WikiLeaks: Turkey Reacts to WikiLeaks Revelations

ANKARA (Combined Sources)–Turkish President Abdullah Gul on Tuesday commented on the release by WikiLeaks of dozens of classified U.S. diplomatic cables that raise a series of concerns by US diplomats and State Department officials over an increasingly unreliable Turkey, the Turkish Hurriyet Daily News & Economic Review reported.

Speaking to reporters before departing for Kazakhstan for an OSCE Summit, Gul went on to assert that he believes WikiLeaks is systematically working toward a specific goal, but declined to specify what that goal was. The Turkish President, however, did not outright criticize the whistle-blower organization, choosing instead to downplay the importance of the leaked cables. Read the complete story here.


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One Comment;

  1. Ariely said:

    One additional proves that Erdugan Turkey is undergoing an Islamic evolution.
    Islamist Iran revolution – Erdugan Turkey Islamist evolution.
    Turkey is trying to divert the discussion to Israel.
    Although the cables clearly disclosed that Iran is the Arabs strategic enemy, countries are afraid that Pakistani Nukes could be transferred to terrorist.
    The Islamist propagandist either Shia Islamist Iran or Sunni Arabs linked to Muslim brotherhood or Al Qaida and now Erdugan Islamsit Turkey are using the:
    *** Taqiyya lying to infidel’s doctrine.***
    Few people in the west aren’t aware about the lying Takiyya cult.
    Arab/Iran cult- Taqiyya-Lying to infidel cult was formed by Arab tribes in 7 century.
    It is widely used by Muslim spoke men and propagandists while debating with infidels/
    The main goal is to confuse, divide, masking Muslims intentions
    While debating with infidels they are doing:
    1. Deny.
    2. Lie.
    3. Accuse the other side of something irrelevant.
    4. Accuse the other side of something from another century.
    5. Blame America.
    6. Blame the Jews
    7. Blame the Hindus
    8. You made me do it.
    9. Insult.
    10. Threaten.
    11. Declares himself/herself the winner.

    A recent example is Saudi Ambassador reply on TV while discussion the Panorama TV report unveiling that Saudi funded textbooks teaching hate are used worldwide.

    Pls read: Understanding Taqiyya ― Islamic Principle of Lying for the Sake of Allah

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