Mediators Preparing Karabakh Declaration for OSCE Summit

MOSCOW (ArmRadio)–The Co-Chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group have been tasked with preparing a statement for the OSCE summit in Astana that could be signed by both Baku and Yerevan, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an interview with the Voice of Russia, voicing hope that the Co-Chairs would succeed.

“We work in close contact with the Americans and the French as co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group. Ahead of the Astana summit, they met with the leadership of Armenia and Azerbaijan. They are tasked with preparing a declaration in time for the Astana summit, which Baku, Yerevan and the co-chairs can sign,” said Lavrov. “We hope this will be possible.”

“Russia is facilitating the resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict as one of the three co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group, as well as in its national capacity, given our good neighborly relations with both Armenia and Azerbaijan,” Lavrov said, adding that Russian President Dmitry Medvedev “is personally involved in this issue.”

The Russian president has already held eight meetings with his Azeri and Armenian counterparts. According to Lavrov, those meetings saw “serious attempts to get to the bottom of still existing divergences, and get past differences of position.”

According to Lavrov, Medvedev will seek to “develop the first collective all-encompassing document” on the Karabakh conflict, which “will set the main guidelines for working out a legally binding final peace agreement.”

“Agreement has been reached on the vast majority of principles that could lay the foundation for the resolution. However, there are still some serious problems,” Lavrov said.


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  1. ARMENIAN said:


  2. Vacheh said:

    No Armenian President would be able to allow Karabagh to stay under Azeri rule or under Azeri teritorial domain. The situation is similar to the situation in Cyprus, i.e. status-co until the next outbreak of violence, if Azeri’s dare to start. As the famous Armenian song says:

    Verjabes menk oonink kriv,
    Zenkerov pidi makrenk hashiv,
    Mer hayrenyats parkn oo padiv,
    Serop Pashan siroghe togh ga.

  3. facts said:

    In my opinion leading Armenian officials form Stepankaert/Arstakh have no plan, what to do next and are in no way creative … These officials not only have failed to recognize Arstakh or agree to a kind of legal inter governmental binding confederation of Armenia and Arstakh but the same officials have failed to make Azerbaijani authorities and OSCE Minsk group to know that the maps produced by Baku showing Arstakh in Azerbaijani state border has nothing to do with realities and so on… Unfortunately we have a very negative developments, which nobody dears to speak about it.. Some people are becoming high ranking officials in Stepankert and moving a couple years later to Yerevan and the rest is for them business as usual… These people had better stay in Arstakh, move the capital of Arstahk to Shshi and work to make the world clear that Armenia and Arstakh does recognize Azerbaijani territorial integrity without gifts/territories given by Stalin & Co to Soviet Azerbaijani.. !

    I wished some of these former high ranking Arstakhi officials would set an example and would stay in Stepnakert and Shushi and work for re-unification/Confederation of Arstahk with AR or independence but instead they are not getting tired to give for us “press conference” in Yerevan , while still no official maps in RoA showing Arstakh linked wit RoA and defiantly outside so called “Azerbaijani state” borders

  4. eddy said:

    Armenian policy on Karabakh – if a policy exists at all – has two and sometimes tree meanings…

    .The biggest mistake was done by (“visionary”) Levon´s administration, which missed the unique chance to recognize Karbakh´s independence still in 1990- The second big mistake was: pushing of Karabakh out of negotiation process by Robert`s administration. The administration of Serzh ( (“master of protocols”) has agreed (first of all) on discussion regarding leaving 5 or 2 regions without defining the final status of Karabakh or cleaing the question “ Which territorial integrity of Azerbaijani do we speak about” . Since Azerbaijani officials has managed to convince the world community the doe not care about the agreed rule of game , which says : “nothing is agreed till everything is agreed” , after knowing about intention to leave some territories, some forced are pushing RoA to agree to just another shameful and anti Armenian protocol , this time regarding Karabakh!

  5. Seervart said:

    facts and eddy, Yes the problem started right after Armenia’s independence from Soviet regime in 1991 when Armenia chose her heads of state the “tavajan” Levon Der Bedrossian who was exactly that “tavajan”. He was chose by outside forces through his non-Armenian wife to have complete control over Armenia. Levon did it by leaving the country in a destitute state and around one million of the educated Armenians left to go out to greener pastures; meanwhile Levon right after we won the war both in Stepanakerd and Shushi, he didn’t press Azerbaijan for a peace treaty. He should have done it right after Artsakh’s victory. Then Levon wanted to open the boarders with Turkey and give away Artsakh to the Azeris. A major “tavajan” act. Why and why Armenia left Levon to reign for 8 or 9 years when he was chosen and pushed by outside countries/sources to practically demolish Armenia and all our sacred causes???? Then as eddy’s point in question; it was continued by Kocharian by leaving Stepanakert outside of the negotiating table. Then, as Sarkisian rigged his presidency, the US raised their voice further and pushed him to sign the protocols that are against ALL our rights and cause. For Turkey to open their boarders; that is actually their boarders that are closed for 18 years (it is Armenian lands towards Armenian lands) (Western Armenia to Eastern Armenia) in the real sense. By Turkey opening their boarders Armenia would have lost all her rights to Western Armenian lands after the Turkish Republic from 1915 thru 1923 annihilating all Armenians from their historical Western Armenian lands and successfully moving them out. Then, the protocols would have put Artsakh’s right to her lands in complete jeopardy. Thus from the beginning, Armenia was on a losing game by chosing a president who was working against the benefit and the rights of Armenia. I don’t know who agreed to put Levon on the throne, but it was the biggest mistake that the Armenian high ranking officials made at the time. That’s why Armenia went downhill.

    Fact, you put it very well that all the high ranking official’s of Artsakh are chosing to move to Yerevan instead of staying in Stepanakerd or Shushi. The trouble is that a good many Artsakhtsis are doing the same thing. Instead of staying in Artsakh and flourishing Shushi and the surroundings, they are migrating to Yerevan. It is a sad situation and I hope the governing bodies of Yerevan would stop them. Second, I agree that Armenia must recognize Artsakh’s independence and should never give back any of the territories that our men of Arms freed them by giving away their precious lives. Sarkisian instead must show more guts and strength against Azerbaijan, the U.S. and the world.