International Community Tired of Azeri Provocations, Says Nalbandian

YEREVAN (ArmenPress)—The international community is running out of patience for Baku’s provocative and non-constructive approach to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, Armenian Foreign Minister Eduard Nalbandian said in an interview with ArmenPress news agency in which he summarized the two-day OSCE Summit in Kazakhstan’s capital, Astana.

The irony, he noted, however, is that Azeri leaders continue to speak of their own thinning patience with Armenia and Karabakh.

According to the Armenian Foreign Minister the international community’s approach to conflict resolution is in “harmony” with Yerevan’s position on the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

“In speaking at the Summit, the heads of almost all the OSCE member-states stressed the utter unacceptability of the use of force and/or threat of force. The Russian President emphasized it in his speech. I think it was a serious warning to the Azerbaijani leadership,” Nalbandian said.

At the onset of the OSCE Summit, the heads of the US, Russian and French delegations were joined by Presidents Serzh Sarkisian and Ilham Aliyev in issuing a joint statement on the Karabakh conflict resolution and their collective pledge to take more concrete steps toward peace.

Nalbandian said the statement reiterated the international community’s insistence that the conflict be settled through peaceful negotiations.

The statement, said in part, that“The Presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan reaffirmed their commitment to seek a final settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, based upon: the principles and norms of international law; the United Nations Charter; the Helsinki Final Act; as well as the statements of Presidents Medvedev, Sarkozy, and Obama, at L’Aquila on July 10, 2009, and at Muskoka on June 26, 2010.

The US, France, and Russia, who serve as Co-chairs to the OSCE Minsk Group mediating the conflict, “called on the sides to focus their efforts on the basic settlement principles,” Nalbandian said, adding that the document was “a clear response” to Baku’s efforts to derail the peace process.

“Besides the five-sided statement, all the 56 OSCE member-states approved a declaration underscoring the necessity of efforts to settle existing conflicts by means of peaceful negotiations, within the present formats and international legal norms incorporated in the U.N. Charter and Helsinki Final Act,” Nalbandian said, adding that this approach is in “harmony” with Armenia’s approach to Karabakh.

Nalbandian explained the statement as yet another response to Baku’s ongoing rejection of the basic principles for a Karabakh settlement proposed by the mediating powers.

“Azerbaijan in fact tries to use talks as a veil to disguise plans for new adventures,” Nalbandian said, pointing to Aliyev’s rhetoric during his speech at the summit as yet another example of Azerbaijan’s non-constructive attitude. The Armenian Foreign Minister said this approach is a continuation of Aliyev’s behavior seen at OSCE Ministerial summits in Helsinki in 2008, in Athens in 2009 and in Almaty this July.

“The Armenian President addressed this attitude during the speech he delivered at the OSCE summit,” Nalbandian said.


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  1. facts said:

    Azerbaijani leadership has put themselves in a hopeless situation by conducting non stop a NAZI like anti Armenian propaganda, believing in there own lies and promising there people simply too much, ignoring the de facto existence of Artsakh Republic.

    Today, Azerbaijani president has no other way out, as to try to kill the efforts of OSCE Minsk group or continue acting like a child and by crating a wrong image of “victim” try to blackmail world community and OSCE Minsk group , hopping a couple world leader will call him and “beg” him to return to negotiation table …

  2. eddy said:

    I am against so called Madrid principles but nevertheless this time Armenian diplomats did good job in Astana. Thank you to our foreign Minster and his staff…

    Today, we are with the resolution of Nagorno-Karabakh conflict in year 1994. This is not the fault of Arstakh or Armenia. Azerbaijan was engaged in a dirty and a fascistic anti Armenian war .. The dirty propaganda gave Baku nothing; expect Azerbaijani society has become a bit more ill as it was

    I agree wit Armenian Deputy FM says S. Kocharian Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is a source of ideologies for Baku regime. No surprise when Azerbaijani authorities are in need of the help of all kinds of “Turkic” fascists, wolves, gather and blustering at an international symposium “The Turkic World in the 21st Century” in Northern Cyprus on Dec. 2.

    Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is being abused by Azerbaijani authorities and so called “Azerbaijani world congress” to awake nationalistic feelings within Iran and instigate a riot in Iran (a country having a long tradition of multi ethnics) . Beside this Azerbaijani has become a tool in the hands of politicians in Ankara for blackmailing Armenia! The task, to make Pan Turan and Pan Turkism statements being skilfully delegated by politicians from Ankara to the fascist authorities in Baku …

  3. Eu and Arstakh said:

    EU is playing a destructive roll and going to discus Karabakh issue with Moscow!
    Armenia is an strategic ally of Russia still EU has no right to ignore Armenia and Karabakh!. Armenia and NKR should jointly prevent any harmful move which could lade to regard Karabakh as an article of trade.

    We shouldn’t forget that EU officials neither are visiting Stepanakert nor they offer any kind of financial support or humanitarian aid to NKR. It is time to make hawks and anti Russian forces in Brussels clear, that Armenia is a strategic partner of Russia and will remain as such but it doesn’t mean that Armenia or NKR are Russian “out post” and so on ! EU should better have the courage to speak directly to Stepanakert instead of trying to negotiate with Moscow by ignoring the free will of people in Karabakh!

  4. Seervart said:

    It’s a done deal and it has been for the past 19-20 years. Artsakh was for thousands of years and it is still part of the Armenian Highlands. Finnito!

  5. Seervart said:

    The OSCE’s task is to see that the belligerent nation, Azerbaijan adheres to the world powers and signs on the dotted line accepting Artsakh’s independence; we won the war in 1992 and that settles it. One way or the other, Artsakh is a free country. You might as well accept that fact Aliyev.

  6. Samuel Darbinian said:

    Armenian leaders from independence up to this day commited 2 majore crime against armenian people & Their history.
    1- 1sth the protocoles, immideately armenian president after disputable election in secret aggresively contacted to turks, hopping for intention to open the common borders, but turks as there usual opportunistic
    nature, realized it as a favorable time for exploitation,so they start mobilize their position, not for good will of neighburly relation but to impose pressure to the armenian side, so they took away young Babacan & installed experienced old hardened Galosh Akhmet Davoutoglou as forign minster to asure turkish program versus armenians after few bumpy process they signed the protocols, curently these protocols are pickled
    & saved in refregratore up to a day when turks have an apropriate opportunity come back & consume it.
    2- The 2nd terrible betrayal to armenians specifically to Artsakh people, depriving their justified & legitimate rights, on the hands of armenias imbecil leaders.
    Every body knows Artsakh people struggle for freedom & forcing to azaris sign cease fire,equal participant in negotiations, this for itself means acceptance recognition Artsakh soverign government & required other nations respect & follow up, it is regretable to see armenian government decived simplyby Azaris,to commit
    historical blunder,artsakh has lost behind desk whatever they gained freedom with thereblood after long years of struggle.
    Azaris simply requested there refugees must participate in negotiations,if not will quit negotiations, inspite of armenias strong position that simple destroyed Artsakhs right forced them to a lower scale look like an Azari rebels & initiated a large feild turkish Azari propaganda, this is what we have today, both Artsakh issue &
    potocols have the same similarities of defects imposed to armenians.

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