Madam Speaker, Schedule a Vote on H.Res. 252

The 111th Congress will adjourn before the calendar year changes to 2011.

The Honorable Nancy Pelosi will have the unique opportunity to end her term as Speaker of the House of Representatives with a strong moral stand.

She holds the power to schedule a floor vote on legislation urging the United States President to accurately characterize the systematic and deliberate annihilation of 1,500,000 Armenians as genocide, to recall the proud history of United States intervention in opposition to the Armenian Genocide, and to make sure that the lessons of this atrocity are used to help prevent future crimes against humanity.

The Armenian Genocide Resolution (H.Res.252) introduced by Representative Adam Schiff and 76 of his colleagues in March 2009 was approved by the Foreign Affairs Committee chaired by Representative Howard Berman in March of this year. The resolution was reported out of committee on September 22nd for consideration by the entire House of Representatives.

H.Res. 252 has gained the co-sponsorship of 148 House members.  The actual number of House members willing to vote for the measure is much higher.

This past summer, Speaker Pelosi, consistent with her long record in support of Armenian Genocide recognition, committed to schedule a vote on H.Res. 252 – a vote that she described as an expression of the American conscience – as soon as it was clear this human rights measure enjoyed the support of a majority in the House of Representatives.

The spirit of the victims of Genocide and the voices of the survivors and their progeny are calling on the Speaker to bring this resolution for a vote before the 111th Congress adjourns in the next 10 days.  Armenians and all the world deserve to know where each member of the U.S. House of Representatives stands on this vital expression of our common American conscience.

There are some members of the House who do not want to face their conscience and would prefer avoiding having to take a stand against a clear case of genocide.  As in the past, they will offer every manner of excuse – some old and others invented for this occasion.  The fact remains, however, that none of these excuses should be allowed to prevent the elected representatives of the American people from the long overdue opportunity to vote up or down on the Armenian Genocide Resolution.

The Speaker’s decision to bring H.Res. 252 to a vote will represent a victory over the forces of denial, just as its adoption by the full House will stand as a triumph of the truth.

As you know, a vote on Armenian Genocide resolutions by the entire House or Senate has been blocked for more than a quarter century.  Every manner of obstacle has been thrown in the way of their adoption in 1985, 1987, 1990, 2000 and 2007 – ranging from foreign threats and domestic pressure to parliamentary tactics and procedural motions.  We look to the Speaker to make sure that 2010 is the year this measure is brought to the floor and adopted by the full House of Representatives.

We know Speaker Pelosi to be a woman of conscience and call upon her to schedule a vote on H.Res.252 before the House adjourns.

Aida Dimedjian
Armenian National Committee of America – Western Region

Stephen Mesrobian
Armenian National Committee of America – Eastern Region


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  1. sylvie tertzakian said:

    It is time for Speaker Pelosi to bring Res. 252 to the House floor.Our congress should not be captive to the pressures of foreign governments like Turkey.It is time for justice to be served, and the truth be told. Enough is enough, our government should acknowledge the crime committed by Turkey against the Armenians.We all owe the truth for the victims of the Genocide, and the future generations.

  2. Samuel Darbinian said:

    In response to turkish Genoside denaial, armenians may need to invite nations of Greeks, Asirians, Kurds &
    others, who suffered turkish autrocities, racism, religious discremination & Genoside come to participate in
    armenians Genoside memorial day April 24th with their flags photos & banners to express their painful feelings to the world nations, turkish crime against human race.

  3. Vartan said:

    Someone in ANCA has to wake up see what pelosi is and she is never going to bring to a vote she is worse than all the rest a liars liar, until you don’t put your own Armenian politician in there not pelosi, obama,biden will do the job…… OH my I smell my coffee

  4. manooshag said:

    Too, the attrocious Turkish invasion and destruction of the Woodrow Wilson memorial shall be made known to all the members of the House of Representaitives and the Senate… our own American president has been attacked in our own national capitol city, Washington DC, His memoriam, established by the ciitizen of the USA has been the object of destruction chosen by Turkish leaderships – with their expenditures of great sums of monies to accomplish this vile abuse within our own USA borders,
    The ex-Congress man, heading the Woodrow Wilson memorial foundation, recently/conveniently retired from his position..;. obviously, very aware of the Turkish efforts to destroy the President Woodrow Wilson
    site, too the connections to the USA Smithsonian… Turks… are again, as is their mode of orperations, ‘eliminating’ that which the Turks deem shall not be – wherever, whenever, whomever. Today,
    nearly 100 years later… when President Wilson shall have taken the stance for the Survivors of the
    Turkish Genocide of the Armenian nation… today, 100 years later… the revenge of the Turkish leaderhips
    is ongoing/unending… Now, not just their denials of any Genocides… Now, against the venerable and
    highly intelligent Woodrow Wilson, who graduated from Princeton University, became the president of Princeton University, but honored by the citizens of the USA to become elected President of the United States of America.
    Turkish leadershps, how DARE they presume they can invade the USA in such devious actions against our own American president. Too, that the USA State Department (Turks’ ally) and the current White House leaderships have not even attempted to address this vile and dishonest and lying stance of the
    Turk against our honestly elected and chosen leader, our own honored President Woodrow Wilson, of blessed memory. Manooshag

  5. Katia K. said:

    The failure of the Obama administration to follow through on Pres. Obama’s campaign promise to have the US government recognize the Armenian Genocide, was very disheartening to our community, and in many ways cost the administration the loyalty it enjoyed from Armenian Americans. Now, at the eleventh hour, Speaker Pelosi has the opportunity to redeem herself by doing the right thing. H. Res. 252 has been awaiting to proceed in its natural course as a passed resolution, with a vote on the House floor. The US Constitution says that “all men are born equal”. It is unconstitutional to descriminate against the recognition of a specific group’s Genocide, for political reasons. Our Constitution does not tell us to uphold our political standing in the world at the expense of a specific group’s human and civic rights.

  6. Hayk said:

    US never does some thing out national interests.
    Even during word war2 US and Britain did not open second front un till sow that USSR getting to Berlin and could take over all EU. basically despite USSR.
    All I am saying is that any thing USA does it is not because they care about you or me or them,all USA cares is national interests.
    Now US support Turkey cause national interests,
    Do you remember they supported Afghanistan to?

  7. manooshag said:

    P.S. As a Turkey claimed, “Turks are the best allies of the USA” – so the Turks said, and Turks do not lie(?)
    In truth, as an American,I see it has been,and is, the truths that the USA (especially the USA State Department and the White House) are THE BEST ALLY OF THE EVER CHANGING AND EVER LYING TURKS… for with ‘allies’ like a Turkey, who needs enemies!! Manooshag

  8. Gary said:

    At this point, we should be very carefull what we asking from her………If we have enough votes and If she thinks it will pass she will schedule it……..The impact and the aftershock of the most recent election’s is more important to her than anything else…………Hankisd….

  9. sepastasi mourad said:

    in 5 years , it will be the 100th anniversay of the beginning of the Genocide…… you believe that we are still doing and going through all mthis BS

    • manoosg said:

      Hye, Mourad of Sepastia…
      Sadly, you do not see what I see… Meg hareer daree-nehr antzatz…
      And today, we are still able to seek our Armenian goals… now worldwide!!
      And today, I see all our generations who believe and pursue Hai Tahd…
      And today, I see the turk/azeris still in pursuit of ‘eliminating’ Armenians
      our ancient sites, our efforts to end the cycle of the turk/azeri Genocides
      And today, I see our generations PERSISTENTLY seeking Haiastan!

  10. Barkev Asadourian said:

    Your Honor Mrs. Pelosi
    Great House Speaker,
    By allowing H.R.252 for vote you will get Peace of Soul
    of 1.5 Million Genocided Armenians by turks,
    by Getting the right done for JUSTICE, GOD WILL HELP YOU,

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