Georgia Still Mulling Over Selling Russia-Armenia Pipeline to Azerbaijan

TBILISI (Xinhua News Agency)–Georgia has yet to decide whether it will sell to Azerbaijan a strategic gas pipeline connecting Russia and Armenia through its territory, Georgian Deputy Foreign Minister Nino Kalandadze said on Monday.

Kalandadze’s made his remarks against the backdrop of statements from Baku that its state run oil company, SOCAR, is ready to acquire the pipeline.

“The decision on the gas main may be taken with due regard for both states’ interests,” said Kalandadze, who described the Azerbaijani company as having implemented “quite big and successful projects in Georgia.”

SOCAR president Rovnag Abdullayev has repeatedly expressed the company’s intention to buy the Georgian section of the gas pipeline, known as the North-South gas main.

Abdullayev has said he expects the purchase to help accelerate the implementation of the Interconnector Azerbaijan-Georgia-Romania (AGRI) project, which delivers liquefied Azerbaijani natural gas to Romania via Georgia and the Black Sea.

The Georgian parliament in July voted 88-to-5 on a draft law which would facilitate the privatization of state assets like the North-South gas pipeline, which was built in the 1970s and had been last repaired in the 1980s.

Russia’s Gazprom has reportedly offered $250 million and a 30-year supply contract of natural gas to Georgia at a price of $30 per 1,000 cubic meters to secure the purchase of the section inside Georgia. Nothing indicates that Tbilisi has accepted the offer.


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  1. Aramazd said:

    There wont be a georgia if that happens. Armenia will just connect itself to South Ossetia, Georgia will then be further split apart and will eventually just fade away into history.

  2. ed said:

    Georgia is playing one again with fire this time to the south against Armeinia… in this case Armenia shouldn’t hesitate to recognize Abkhazia and South Osetia and develop a plan jointly with Russia to get ride of hostile Georgian government and more !

  3. DAVID said:

    Armenia should worry about thier problems. Armenia won’t be a State if thay keep kising Russias ass!
    History knows how many times Armenia betrade Georgia. If Armenia ever recognize REBELS, thay will deal with Western powers and US. If pipeline belongs to Georgia, it is their business who thay sell it to.

  4. Jolfa said:

    This will certainly lead to war if this happens. I don’t understand what Georgia will gain. Sure in the short term they’ll make a large sum of money, but this would certainly lead to war which could potentially mean the end of Georgia. History has already proven that Russia really dislikes Georgia, and considering the fact that there is historically Armenian land, this would spell disaster for Georgia.

  5. andrew said:

    just ignore them for the time being thay are testing the market see who will say what

  6. VAHE said:

    In response to Aramazdz and Eds , I should remind to consider the up & down of a new regional conflict for RA and willingness of Armenian forces for such ambition , so cool down.
    Sometimes investment works wonders instead of creating conflicts. Thus in this case the best solution could be Armenian’s investment dollars in Georgia and use of privatization law to acquire the pipeline through international loans and partnerships.
    This could be the biggest challenge for RA as important as indipendence of Artsakh from enemies.
    Keeping in mind that the southern suppy is not as reliable at this junction.
    So Aramazd and Ed can you spare few dollars intead of drops of blood for your Homeland ?

  7. facts said:

    In worst case Armenia should import only gas form Iran or Kazakhstan and letting the pipeline “die”….

    It is high time that Armenian Government and officials stop this discussions and wastage of resources about opening of foreign language schools… there are so many impotent problems waiting for solution and actions but some officials have nothing to do , as to make people to be busy with stupid and unnecessary “laws” on the agenda of RA parliament! RoA government should better stop playing with the nerves of the nation, when there are villages with more than hundred of schools children without school and having the opportunity to get primary education in Armenian!

  8. steve goldberg said:

    If Armenia and Georgia are smart they will stick together, otherwise both countries will not last for long. They will be either part of Russia or Turkey if they don’t help each other.
    Armenia can force Russia to be friends with Georgia, and Georgia in return can force Turkey and Azeri Government to be friends with Armenia. I think Armenia is very true friend to Georgia, but Georgia plays both side of the fence sometimes depending who gives them more money. Saakashvili should leave and let a true Georgian Rule Georgia, Saakashviliis US spy in the region.

  9. Seervart said:

    After that Ed, I hope Armenia starts acting on getting back our Akhalkalak and Akhaltsekha regions that belonged to Armenia for thousands of years. The poor Armenian people in those two regions had enough of the hostility coming from the Georgian government.

  10. Leo said:

    georgia is already headed into history. imagine if el salvador had a common border with the US and started a war with her. how long would it have?

  11. Seervart said:

    I read some of the comments above, but I don’t think that Georgia is friendly with Armenia. If Georgia was a more friendlier country, it would have been good for Armenia to have such a good neighbour that they can collaborate with and improve both countries’ economies; but Georgia constantly plays on both ends of the rope, and history proved that they tend to be friendlier with the azeris, probably for the oil that they have at these times.

  12. ArdeVast Atheian said:

    It appears that Georgia is acting like a teenager in a region that demands adult and mature behavior at the risk of grave consequences. This could not be beneficial to Georgia and Saakashvili could well become the last president of a Georgia as we know it.

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