Pelosi Fails to Schedule Vote on Armenian Genocide Resolution

House Democratic Leadership Blocks Bipartisan Majority from Voting on Genocide-Prevention Measure

WASHINGTON – The U.S. House Democratic Leadership failed today to schedule a vote on the Armenian Genocide Resolution, H,Res.252, despite support for this human rights measure from a broad bipartisan majority, killing the prospects for the passage of this legislation during this session of Congress, reported the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA).

ANCA Chairman Ken Hachikian issued the following statement in response to U.S. House Democratic Leadership’s decision:

“Armenian Americans are angered and disappointed by the failure of Speaker Pelosi and the House Democratic leadership to honor their commitment to allow a bipartisan majority to vote for passage of the Armenian Genocide Resolution.”

“Speaker Pelosi clearly had the majority, the authority, and the opportunity to pass the Armenian Genocide Resolution, yet refused to allow a vote on this human rights measure.”

“The Speaker chose not to move forward, in the face of broad bipartisan backing for this human rights measure, including from the current House leadership and the incoming Majority Leader and Majority Whip, and despite both the relatively muted opposition from the White House, and the fact that Turkey’s effectiveness in opposing its adoption was seriously undermined by controversial policies on the part of Ankara toward Iran, Israel, and Sudan that have angered lawmakers.”

“Her decision to not move this legislation forward during her four years as Speaker represents a failure of Congressional leadership on human rights and, sadly, a setback to America’s standing in the struggle to end the cycle of genocide.”

“Coming in the wake of President Obama’s string of broken promises to recognize the Armenian Genocide, Speaker Pelosi’s refusal to schedule a vote on the Armenian Genocide Resolution represents a major breach of trust with Armenian American voters.”

“Although sharply disappointed by the Speaker’s unwillingness to schedule a vote on the Armenian Genocide Resolution, we were, throughout this session of Congress, tremendously encouraged by the scope and depth of support for the Armenian Genocide Resolution, not only from a bipartisan majority of Congress but also from a growing cross-section of American civil society. We look forward to building on our progress and to continuing the work of the Armenian American community for a strong U.S. moral stand on the Armenian Genocide, an end to Turkey’s campaign of denial, and a truthful and just resolution of this still unpunished crime against the Armenian nation.”

The ANCA also urged Armenian-Americans to send ANCA WbMail to Speaker Pelosi, telling her wheat they think about her decision to block a bipartisan majority from voting to pass the Armenian Genocide Resolution.  Send a Free ANCA WebMail by clicking here


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    • Gary said:

      This wasn’t unexpected. When Turkey gets out of line, genocide is brought up.
      Turkey has just repaired their relations with Israel.
      Genocide will always be used to get Turkey in line–it is a political tool
      It will never be passed until its in US interests.
      When oil is replaced and the middle east is longer a value to US interests, this may be the time.
      Until then, give Turkey a bad public relations nightmare by publically boycotting anything from Turkey. Publically boycott the defense contractors that donated $ to defeat this!
      .Tourism is very important to Turkey.
      As the blacks boycotted anything from South Africa and gave them a public relations nightmare….

  1. Tigran said:

    so pelosi backstabbed us at the end. all the BS about supporting all this years but not delivering at the end.

  2. Viken Karapetian said:

    Thank you to the Armenian National Committee for their dedication and hard work. The ANC is the true voice, leader, and backbone of our community. Although I am disgusted with Speaker Pelosi, I am not shocked. Her actions were typical of her brief tenure as Speaker: all talk and no action. What is shocking is not that Democrats lost the House last month, but that the remaining sycophants in the Caucus voted her Minority Leader. President Obama is also to blame for this latest disappointment. I am confident that Armenian-Americans will mobilize and ensure that President Obama becomes a one-term president.

  3. MK said:

    Its time to realize that we are dealing with a bunch of liars,be it Obama,Biden,Clinton,and now Pelosi.
    Its high time to formulate a different strategy.

    Sadly, their values have nothing to do with morality,human rights or democracy they keep trying to preach to the world,its all to do with creed and hypocrisy.

    God save the US and the world from such ‘leaders’.

  4. John K. said:

    Ronald Reagan once said that politics is the second oldest profession in the world. So they are like prostitutes, sorry I don’t want to insult the oldest profession, they cheat and lie and sell their souls to the highest bidder. Aba Eban, former Israeli Prime Minister, when asked why he did not deliver on his promise, he responded: “It is true that I promised, but I never promised to keep my promise”. The only recourse we have is, to make sure that she does not get re-elected in 2012. Let us make sure that she is defeated in the next election and set an example to the rest of the politicians that Armenians mean business. You don’t do what we want, you will be one term politician….

    • Gagik said:

      This may be counterproductive. Your statement of “You don’t do what we want, you will be one term politician….” is very offensive to the other members of this vast country. What about the Vietnamese or the Ukranians, should they not get what they want? These are just examples. There are literally thousands of bills that need to be voted on that are important to a certain group but the rest could care less about. Americans must be getting fed up with us Armenians trying to influence their country’s policies. We must be careful with how much we boast about our lobbying power, or we’ll become the second “Jews”.

      • John K. said:

        Gagik, I didn’t know you were running for office lol. Sorry
        if I insulted you. I wish we were like the Jews. We would have
        passed the genocide bill long ago. They pass hundereds of
        resolutions in Congress in favor of Israel and nobody even hears
        about it. If you are embarassed with what we are trying to do, go
        join the Armenian Assembly. They work for the State

    • Seervart said:

      One thing you said John that is so very true, these politicians are nothing more than lower than life dehumans who will do everything from selling their souls to the highest bidder.

    • John Cook said:

      They have been selling the American public (that includes their moms and wifes) to the highest bidder, don’t you think they will sell the Armenians to the highest bidder?

  5. O'dodd said:

    I agree that the Diaspora and the ANCA in Washington should be applauded for their tireless efforts, unflagging optimism and unrelenting belief that right will win over might! May all blessings be bestowed upon the members of the ANCA as they go home to their families this Christmas!

  6. Dulcinea said:

    Unexpected? Which world do you live in? Sanity won in the end, which is generally the case when it comes to foreign affairs.

    You did not think our representatives would put our national security interests at risk, because some crazy ethnic group wanted to rewrite history. Armenian genocide allegations is a very controversial topic debated among historians. Our representatives are not history professors, or judges with the authority of charging our great grandparents in absentia. The proposed resolution was one-sided and discriminatory, which did not take into account the killings of Turks, Azeris and Muslims by the Armenians. Neither did it support reconciliation efforts between the countries involved.

    Stop the hijacking of our representatives by special interest ethnic and religious groups by a comprehensive lobbying reform!

    • John K. said:

      Dlucinea or Dulkhana,

      Whatever your name is. You were so quick to react. How long ago did you write this senseless comment. Obviously you are working for the Turkish propaganda machine. How much are you getting paid to write this comment? Everything you said is Turkish lies. Guess who is rewriting history? Before 1915, there were over 3 milion Armenians living in Eastern Turkey which was/is Western Armenia. What happened to those people? Did they pack-up their bags and left their homeland of 3 thousand years? You and your Criminal Government still spending Armenian money. You killed our ancestors and stole their property. You are nothing but common thieves and criminals. Your ancestors who killed my ancestors, are burning in HELL! NO 72 VIRGINS FOR YOU AND I HOPE YOU WILL JOIN THEM SOON!

    • Armanen said:

      The poster was being sarcastic!

      There is nothing controversial about the Armenian, or rather Christian Genocide, at the hands of the turks during WWI. I suppose the denial of the Genocide by turkey is controversial because we live in the 21st century, supposedly a non barbaric age, but then again when it comes to most turks they are still in the Dark Ages.

      And please do not bring azeris into this convo, they are not even a real ethnic group. Stealing their name and culture from the real Azaris in northern Iran, and topping it all off by claiming direct ancestry with the Caucasian Albanians, who were actually much closer culturally, and genetically with the Armenians.

      turkey is a ‘national security interest; only because of its location. Nothing more, nothing less.

      • Emir said:

        Armanen, let me ask you this:

        if Turks are still in dark ages, as you claim, why hundreds and thousands of Armenians and other Christians still live in Turkey and almost all of them say that they are happy to have Turkish citizenship?

        And get your facts straight; north of Iran (covering almost half of Iran) is called South Azerbaijan, people who live in there, in Tabriz, in Ardabil identify themselves as Azerbaijani Turks. Sooner or later they will divide Iran (whether with a revolution or with the support of external powers) and join North Azerbaijan. We can just wait to see it.

        And, I’m proud of our representatives, who listened to the voices from both sides, considered our calls and faxes and emails with an objection to the Resolution. You cannot rewrite the history, just because you are a world power.

        • Random Armenian said:


          There is currently 50-70,000 Armenians in Istanbul who are from the old Armenian community. They used to number in over 100,000 a few decades ago. There are also new immigrants from Armenia, who do not number in the 100s of thousands. The figure has been overblown by the Turkish government. A recent poll suggests it’s only a few 10’s of thousands. There are also some small communities in the heartland as well as thousands of Turks and Kurds who have an Armenian grandparent. These grandparents were orphans from the genocide and their descendants know this. They are called the “remains of the sword”. I wonder why?

          As for the genocide resolution, they did not bring it to the floor of the house not because it wasn’t genocide but because they did not want to upset Turkey. Please point out where it was argued that the resolution should not be voted on because it wasn’t genocide.

          Who are you trying to fool Emir?

    • Gary said:

      Stop denying it was a genocide against its Christian population–Greeks, Armenians and Assryians. There lives didn’t matter because they “infidels.” It was a government against its unarmed population. Men were put in labor battalions where they were killed. Only thing left were women and children.
      Even Ataturk recognized this genocide by calling it “A shameful act.” That is why Akcam’s book is called that!

  7. Armen said:

    Obama and Pelosi promised us everything to get our votes, then thrust a knife in our back.

  8. robig said:

    Pelosi-Not supporting Armenian cause
    Hillary Clinton–Would do all she could to prevent the vote from taking place
    Obama–Would not allow humiliating the Turkish government
    All the Republicans would do the same
    Democrats not supporting and Republicans not supporting.
    Wake up people!
    The government in Armenia–Does/Says nothing during the process.
    The only ones left are the Armenians of the Diaspora who really seem to care.
    Really, I’m bummed out and depressed about this.

    • Joseph Toorian said:

      Just recently this is what I learned from 96 years old Mr. Karubian of Jewish Origin from Persia.
      Lives in Los Angeles probably for the last 50 years.makes efforts to learn Armenian too…
      Here it is…
      Kha-a’m Boo’de’m, = I was Raw ( un-cooked = immature = had illusions = …and hopes..)
      Pokh’-de’h Sho’-de’m, = I got cooked + baked ( sufferred = disillusioned= stabbed = cheated )
      Soo-oo-kh’de’m . = I got Burned (Charred = deceived = Dumped = abused = betrayed )


      • Joseph Toorian said:


    • Gagik said:

      Robig, the government in Armenia cannot in any way influence internal US policy, only US citizens have the right to demand anything from US representatives. So the only thing you are correct about is that the US Armenian diaspora must work, but they are far from being the only ones who care.

      • robig said:

        I disagree with you.
        The PRESIDENT of Turkey can influence internal US policy. He said many speeches this week regarding it and sent letters to H. Clinton and Obama denouncing the move to bring it to vote. Don’t you think it would be fair or prudent for the president of Armenia to open his mouth once? write a letter? say something?

      • Gary said:

        If Armenians worked with supporing Greeks on Cyprus and vice-a-versa, we’ll be much stronger!

        • Mariette said:

          yes, i agree with u Gary 100%, this can be a next option to try & work with. im from Sydney & our ANCA have joined forces with Hellenic & Assyrian communities to help each others recognition of genocides by Turkey, in AUS. why cant some kind of measures be taken globally by our homelands & the diaspora to join forces in d UzSA! all orthodox christian brotherhoods like; Armenia, Greece, Cyprus, Assyrians, Serbians, Bulgarians, Romanians etc., even Kurds, have issues with Turkey !

  9. Paul said:

    So we must work harder, My dear Armenians,and be come one sole,one nation holding each other hand strongly no one capable to break it, talk to each other,learn from each other better and stop asking “URDEGEN es”-,some how focus to make our Country Armenia,economically strong,and let the world to see,we have to start to go back our Motherland,with young energize new brains,our Home lend need fresh idea,new blood,and be come powerful nation, so we can able to survive in this global world. bedk ce tzerkernis panang ev oknutyun uzeng amen aden asontzme,ev bedk e yerdasardutyuni aveli shat yerta politicin mec ays Americayi mec,nuyn bes hiryaneri gertan ev ammen uzatznin ginen ays yergiri (Americayin) mec,lirakiri,ammen Tv stationneri ev ashadogneri hirya yen mi mornak,harkaker im sireli Hay asgis,Hacohutyun.

  10. sam said:

    i;m not surprised the u.s. have a lot of issues and problems with turkie they can use the genocide card any time they need it.we have to wait another wickileaks to find out what kind of a deal went behind a closed doors. or with a phone call. don;t be surprise if you see the new honymooners erdogan and bibbi next month in washington

  11. Perouz said:

    Just a minute, John K. This is an insult to the other “oldest profession.” At least with them, what you see is what you get, and what you get is what you paid for.

  12. Jim M. Miller said:


    The nonsense of Genocide recognition is over. The Armenians in the United Stated can care less about the safety and security of US Troops in harms way…hell I doubt there is a single “ian” ending last name in the Armed Forces. This persistent effort year-after-year-after-year to manipulate Congressional elect to push for the recognition of the alleged genocide is truly unbelievable. If the Armenians were so confident in their claim of genocide, then why have they NEVER presented their case before a judicial entity sch as the European Court of Human Rights. This was a rhetorical question since any attempt to elevate to judicial proceedings would require both parties involved (Turkey and Armenia) to present evidentiary facts to surface–then the charade will cease to continue for the Armenian Diaspora. Truth be told, I sincerely doubt they have the country of Armenia’s best intentions with their rhetoric. They care less about enhancing national relations between the two countries.

    • Admin said:

      Mr. Miller, for your reference, I have included a few links that disprove your claims.

      Armenia To Double Troop Deployment in Afghanistan (

      Armenian Serviceman in US Army Visits Armenian Church in Baghdad (

      Armenia Most Active Country in US-led coalition in Iraq (

      Thousands Armenian American’s served in the Armed forces during WWII and Armenian youth organizations fundraised to purchase a bomber for the US Army. (

      The front page of the June 7, 1945 issue of the Hairenik Weekly, based out of Watertown MA speaks to the patriotism of Armenian-American youth during WWII (

      • Gagik said:

        Don’t bother with him, this is obviously a turk posting under an American name.

        • Random Armenian said:

          No. Posting such evidence is the correct thing to do. Just don’t get emotional about it and don’t let it get to you. Such comments are an opportunity to show others what it’s all about.

          Paul Robert Ignatius, father of David Ignatius, served as the Secretary of the Navy.

        • RealityPlus said:

          This a typical Armenian rethoric: when somebody voices a different opinion, it has to be a Turk or Azeri. Enough with this Geno-club limbo. Get the committee of historians start working on 1915. And everybody should face its conclusion.

          • Random Armenian said:

            The insinuation that what happened in 1915 is unclear or unknown is the rhetoric on the Turkish side. But there has been much historical work on the genocide, using non-Armenian and non-Turkish archives, including German. And they all show a consistent and genocidal event. Have you not read any of the books on the research? The researchers include Turks and many non-Armenians. Turkey unfortunately decided to bury it’s head in the ground for decades,not face it’s history and push a blind, nationalistic story.

          • An Armo said:

            you are so stupid and lame to argue with man!
            the Reality-Plus-Fact is that before 1915 there were 2 million Armenian living in Easter Turkey, but after 1918 there were none, and I don’t need a historian to tell me how my remenants of my family got to Iran, because me and my fathers lived through it all along!

    • Jim M. Miller said:

      Mr Gagik,

      For your information I am retired veteran from the US Air Force. No, I am not a Turk posing as an American. Why is that the majority of you Armenians think a pro-Turkish post can only be submitted by a Turk? You must be kidding right? I have been to both countries (Turkey and Armenia) and have many Armenian friends who want nothing more than to put the past behind them and move forward without undue influence from the Diaspora. Do you fail to realize that Armenia is a landlocked nation and only for the security, integrity, and overall betterment of the region should the two nations resolve their differences without EXTERNAL negative influence from Diaspora.

      Geez whiz, how ignorant are you for thinking that no one can have an opposing point of view other than a Turk…I feel sorry for you in that aspect. As I have said numerous Armenians that are indigenous to Armenia not from Glendale, CA, strive to work through their issues one-on-one with their Turkish neighbors. The only thing that separates the cultures is religion.

      Please be more cognizant of your surroundings and develop a degree of maturity on the subject.

      • Random Armenian said:


        The reason people are thinking you might be a Turk is that you’re essentially denying the Armenian Genocide and your wording is very much like the talking points made from the Turkish side. Having an opposing view is not the issue, but the fact that it goes against established history, accepted by genocide scholars and non-Armenian historians. This is no longer just and “Armenian accusation”. There is quite a bit of scholarly work out there so please educate yourself. Most of the Armenians here, such as myself, lost family in the genocide. The majority of the Diaspora came about because of the genocide. Your comments are rude and ignorant.

        Yes Armenia is a landlocked country and that makes it easy for Turkey to bully her. So are you suggesting Armenia give in to this? Tell that to the thousands of Armenians who walk to the genocide memorial every April 24th. I assume you’ve been there when you visited Armenia.

        Two things I’d like to hear from you if you want to be taken seriously. Did you read the link I posted? Also, how is the genocide resolution in Congress hurting the security of the US troops? Where is that threat to security coming from? Please be specific.

        The Diaspora in the US is not just from the Republic of Armenia. There is an older, established element that goes back 100 years. And they served proudly as US soldiers in WWII. Armenians were signing up to serve in the Ottoman army up until 1914, before they were disarmed and killed off. So do not question the patriotism of the Armenians in America! We contribute to every country that has accepted us with open arms.

        I’m not exactly happy about what you wrote, but please post again. I’d like to hear your thoughts on these.

    • Random Armenian said:


      There has been a legal analysis on the bringing of legal action on the Armenian Genocide. You should definitely read this if you’re interested in the legal and judicial side of things:

      If you have no intention of reading this or any other research that has been done on the the genocide, then please don’t bore us with your discredited rhetoric.

    • John Keusseyan, Lt. Col USAF (Retired) said:

      I guess I should be excluded too, because my name ends with
      “yan” and not “ian”. I served over 30 years in the AF Mr. Miller.
      How many years did you serve? Are you one of those who escaped to
      Canada when things got hot? About the Genocide: my father lost all
      his family and he was left orphan and homeless at the age of 10. My
      aunt was burnt alive in a church at the age of 4. We don’t need
      historians to tell us what happened. At least have the decency to
      feel our pain. We have a saying in Armenian: “the fire burns where
      it falls”. I don’t wish any one experience what our ancesters went
      through. You have a Merry Christmas.

  13. Rose said:

    Dulcinea…. you must be un-educated. If you are.. it must be a one sided history lesson you were put through. Either that or you are from Turkey. Wonder which it is if not all.

  14. Randy said:

    Wake up people…Forget about democracy, human rights, religion, etc.
    Politics are driven by economics.

    • David K. said:

      The United States of America has once again betrayed us Armenians.
      Armenian-Americans should leave the US once and for all…

  15. Hratch said:

    The game has just begun. This is no time to be dicouraged. We must double our efforts for the next time.

  16. Vazken said:

    So, America kept turkey in the cage, Use by Date still has not expired. The cage is sitting in Western Armenia the “sword of Damocles” still hanging on turkeys head waiting to chop into pieces. Ironic “Historians” can wait for a new chapter in history will begin…

  17. robig said:

    Can we all stop voting “democrat” now?
    Since it has been proven now that democrats don’t help the Armenian cause, can we at least vote “republican” for the social/moral issues which are close to Armenian values/traditions.

    • Arman G. said:

      I personally will vote only for an Armenian candidate now on. The democrats and republicans are the same in every aspect. These two parties are controlled by one source, Israel.
      I believe that we need to change the strategy, in every election there should be an Armenian candidate so that all Armenians can give their votes to him/her. Even if the votes wouldn’t be enough to get him/her elected, It certainly would damage those two undemocratic parties. This is better than not going to the voting place and not voting.

    • Randy said:

      Republicans, Democrats, Independents, etc are all the same you know what. We waste so much $$$$ on lobbying to no avail.

    • manooshag said:

      Robig, McCain was not even interested in the Armenian Genocide issue… or a Palin?? Democrats/Republicans are same. The issue that USA leaderships ignore, sadly, is that the cycle of Genocides continues…and when USA allies itself with the Genocide perpetrator, a Turkey, then the USA leaderships are as guilty as Turks… The cycle of Genocides will continue… when, morally, the USA should be the leaders of the civilized nations to force the bullying Turkey to stop their Genocide denials, and today, the Genocide of the Kurdish peoples, ongoing for years – since the Turks together with the USA have labeled the Kurds as ‘terrorists’… REALITY: Turks/bullies are and have been the terrorists!! Manooshag

  18. jack said:

    like they say you can run but you can not hide soon or later the whole world will recognise the genocide

  19. Gaghant Baba said:

    I think we need a new approach to all these cockroaches of the US in this matter after what Pelosi/Obama have done. Now whenever the Turkish/US team gives excuses for why the US has not recognized they cite “US Interests” or “National Security” blah blah blah all the while with the fact that Turkey would not exist for a second without the US. The US does not need Turkey, Turkey is the one that needs the US. The US has the capacity to tell Turkey exactly what to do, and Turkey cannot do anything about it but complain.

    Since that is not even happening,, it means that the Armenian community has the real enemy within the US.

    “I wonder who those can be”… and for those of us informed we know who they are.

    Now with the Wikileaks the US supposedly threatened Armenia about “arming Iran”. Armenia and the Diaspora obviously are not united enough to do any negotiating with the US the way it counts.

    For it’s part we Armenians through the country of Armenia can DEMAND that the US recognize the genocide. If it does not, we can give them hints at many possibilities. Among them the clear intent to help Iran “any way possible” – then the US can seriously start thinking about “National Security”. And it does not need to stop there.

    After all, isn’t that what the US is doing to the Armenians? Pushing us around like nothing? What would we have to lose? Turkey and Azerbaijan already are trying to suffocate us with the nodding approval of the US “government” and it’s associates like Chevron and friends.

    It’s time we stop playing nice politics, and go on the offensive. To do that we must be without a doubt united as one people including Armenia, the diaspora around the world and people of Artsakh. This is the only way I see us getting someplace with all these deviant, wicked politicians with more excuses than the national debt.

  20. Rita said:

    nothing to do with democrat or republican. it is the american system, driven by imperialist interests. we are not a part of this system, so “leaders” of the armenian community should stop trying to persaude the ignorant westerners.

  21. martin said:

    please dont waste your time. more support on kurds, greeks, jews. do they care about us? NO!! people of Armenia dying of starven, do you care about it? NO!! but hey we have KARDASHIAN!!!!!!! YEAHUUUUU

  22. Vatche Dakessian said:

    Over the years, US politicians realized the importance of Armenian voters and votes and regularly used them to get elected; but once they did get elected they turned their backs on all the promises they made during campaigning. The reason should be by now clear to everyone, Armenian votes and voters can get candidates elected in some states but have practically no political clout afterwards. To redress this sad siutation of “political abuse” Armenians in the US simply need to open their eyes, look around them and learn from the actions and planning of other external stakeholders in US elections,

    • Gary said:

      In Government of the United States in the International Court of Justice, in 1951 stated ‘The Roman persecution of the Christians, the
      Turkish massacres of Armenians, the extermination of millions of Jews and Poles by the Xazis arc outstanding examples of the crime of genocide.’ This can be found on p. 25 of the US submissions to the Court in the Advisory Opinion on Genocide, available at

  23. Manvel said:

    Lets Imagine for one minute the Armenian Genocide is recognized by the US….. Please tell me what will change for us as a race and people. ?????? Instead of wasting our valuble time and monies on the Genocide, I think we should turn our efforts to Armenia of today. Armenia is currently facing a major population decline, hopeless people that dont care anymore, and a military standoff with azeris aka the turkish cousins of 1915. Being the Armenian grandchild of an orphan from the Genocide, it hurts me to say this but I think its time we focus on the future of Armenia. Secure a bright, safe future otherwise the same fate of 1915 awaits us. Manvel –LA

  24. mko Kaynakjian said:

    You can PUSH-PUSH till you’re blue in the face…

    Wake-up! You are engaged in convenient self-deception. Such a resolution will never pass the U.S. Congress and get signed by any U.S. President.

    But you keep on in this totally dead-end process that ignores the fact that it was the very same U.S. which aided and abetted the Turkish Republic of today. The same NATO that militarily monitors ans safeguards Turkish/Western hegemony over western Armenia/

    Enough is enough already. Why don’t you all do something practical and actually constructive for a change – like promoting repatriation to Armenia or contributing to democracy development there; measures that just might put a dent in the dangerous exodus of Armenians from the only Armenian state existing today.

    But no…that would make too much sense.

  25. sercan said:

    i tried to write very posivite things here but your moderator blocked me;0 because i am from Turkey,:) you can hate us but we love you all

  26. MK said:

    I trust you have all noticed that not a single word of support came from the President of Armenia or the Foreign Minister,that speaks volumes as to their genuine commitment to the Armenian Genocide,so far to date they have only paid lip service no more.

  27. Hratch said:

    i will point to the presedency and blame that office for all this. just imagine if Obama had kept his promise and went forward with truth of the genocide, I think the rest of the goverment would have had no choice but to follow. it has been the case with every presedency since Reagan, they promise to a degree and then break it all , and congress in time has no choice but to follow suit.
    just imagine if Obama had called it genocide at his visit to Turkey, I don’t think pelosi or clinton or bidon would have had a choice but to go ahead with it. But no matter how much they promise the middle east has too many strings attached for our american idiot politicians to see right through all that.they are too greedy, weak , AND no Balls.
    what shocks me that they side with one of the most known raddical islamic country instead of helping out the smaller and weaker christian one that indeed needs help. Turkey has been and will always be about Islam, and if america can’t see that then they shouldn’t be surprised when there are turkish al qaidaa fighters along the Afgany fighters against the west.

  28. facts said:

    Turkish people and the world community had once again the opportunity and the unique chance to see how the Turkish government asked US President to pardon Turkey! Facts about Armenian Genocide will remain facts! The behaviour of White House and US Congress is first of all a shame for US and democracy!

    Armenian American community should not underestimate the situation and what till now being achieved by Armenian Diaspora world wide!

    Turkish government including Turkish secret service and Turkish fascism had to mobilize all there resources in a fanatic way!. We will not know, but most probably this and that ugly threats might be voiced by Turkish against single members of US Congress and there families! I would recall the fact, how Turkish took British solders hostage to force British Empire to free jailed Turkish rulers in Malta in 1919..

    Turkey is a criminal state with- when Turkish foreign Minster issuing threats – such as “the world will see the Turkish reaction- this is a more an hapless call for help and a “go ahead” to Turkish ultra nationalist to use more useful threats and blackmails against US (of core using diplomatic language while terrorizing the Speaker and her staff! )

    PS: Didn’t Turkish threat to kill US solders a couple years ago?

  29. An Armo said:

    To Administration:

    I see you are moderating my posts as a good Armenian and endorsing some Azeri and other Armenophobes comments freely!
    really nice job you are doing to unite all Armenians you stupid rigid-minded Dashaghs!

  30. An Armo said:

    actually ASALA did much better job for recognition of Armenian Cause with outmost dedication and the fraction of your fat and wasted grass-root Armenian generated budget than your are holding under ANCA’s totally Americanized administration, you could praise all them enemies and ignore and ommit real friends of our nation, you era is over , leave Armenians alone to resolve their own problem in their own way!

  31. tom said:

    The US criticizes the “Axis of Evil” Syria and Iran. Yet these 2 “evil” countries have never done a genocide against its Christians. Christians in these countries are treated better than in “secular” Turkey.

    How can US support a country that honors mass murderers to this day!
    Talat: a boulevard in Ankara, four avenues in Istanbul, a highway in Edirne, three municipal districts, four primary schools. Enver: three avenues in Istanbul, two in Izmir, three in occupied Cyprus, primary schools in Izmir, Mugla, Elazig. Cemal Azmi, responsible for the deaths of thousands in Trabzon: a primary school in that city. Resit Bey, the butcher of Diyarbekir: a boulevard in Ankara. Mehmet Kemal, hanged for his atrocities: thoroughfares in Istanbul and Izmir, statues in Adana and Izmir, National Hero Memorial gravestone in Istanbul

  32. ZARMAIR said:

    The sad thing about our culture has been lack of unity and an underlying syndrome called “ODARASER”.
    We have yet to make a film about our heritage. In the eyes of most none Armenians were are no more than a bunch of rag heads selling carpets and playing backgammon, although some of the greatest chess players in the world are Armenian. The poignant point I wish to make is that unless you have influence over news papers, network Television. and motion pictures, no one will take us serious. All we’ll be doing is attending those expensive dinners; honor some “Odar” who will tell us how much he relates to our pain, while the world turns and another congress will come and go and no recognition of the Genocide. Remember, we didn’t get annihilated by a great power like Germany which was brought down on her knees and continues to pay reparations; we were done by a flea bitten backwards low end group called the Turks, which still continues to punk us…

  33. arziv said:

    They are a buunch of psycopaths, political prostitutes swiming in a ” democratic miasma”. We will always be sucked and suckered by whosoever belches the good lie that ” he/or she/ will drive the recognition cause”. Once they are in power it is all forgotten . No political lout or political brigand in the histongs will push for the recognition of our genocide. Also, we must not forget that our own gvernment in Armenia does not seem to be unduly concerned with the historical past. They are ready at the drop of a ” coin” to rush into the arms of the turks and ” co-sign” protocols and bilateral agreements; all for the sake of a bowl of porridge ?. Who can forget Sarkissian having a belly laughter and applauding turkish goals in the footbal match in company with the ogre Gul ?

  34. Dorcas said:


    Here are some Bible verses that Pres. Obama avoids:
    Proverbs 19:10 (NIV): “It is not fitting for a fool to live in luxury – how much worse for a slave to rule over princes!”
    Also Proverbs 30:22 (NIV) which says that the earth cannot bear up under “a servant who becomes king.”
    And Ecclesiastes 5:2-3 (KJV) advises: “let thy words be few…a fool’s voice is known by multitude of words.”
    Although Obama is not descended from slaves, he may feel that he’s destined to become a black-slavery avenger.
    Or maybe an enslaver of all free citizens!
    For more on the Obamas and their fellow subversives, Google “Michelle Obama’s Allah-day,” “Obama Supports Public Depravity,” “David Letterman’s Hate, Etc.” and also “Sandra Bernhard, Larry David, Kathy Griffin, Bill Maher, Sarah Silverman.”
    PS – Since Christians are commanded to ask God to send severe judgment on persons who commit and support the worst forms of evil (see I Cor. 5 and note “taken away”), Christians everywhere should constantly pray that the Lord will soon “take away” or at least overthrow all US leaders, including Obama, who continue to sear their conscience and arrogantly trample the God-given rights of the majority including the rights of the unborn. Do we need a second American Revolution?

  35. Tony said:

    Dear friends:
    If you want to succeed in making Congress vote according to your concerns/plans and influence them, then here is a perfect way to follow and do that. Just click and read the following site. Caution, $$$ are needed to do the above. It’s called “Controlling the Media.” Afterwards, it doesn’t matter if a congressman is a Domecrat, Republican or a 3rd party candidate.

  36. KAREN said:

    Arman G. is right, both parties are influenced and dictated by Israel. Also, Tomik is right also, this will only make us stronger. But I will stil lean toward the Democrats as far as this issue goes. The way the ignorant Republicans are, you might as well forget about it, I don’t think they’ll ever even look at this issue.

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