Davutoglu Says Karabakh Peace Only Possible Through Teritorial Integrity

ISTANBUL (Today’s Zaman)—Ankara continues to support a resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict that sees the dissolution of the mountainous Armenian Republic and its transfer to Azeri control, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said Thursday.

“Turkey wishes restoration of peace and order in southern Caucasus within the framework of this solution. We want normalization of relations not only between Turkey and Armenia but also between Armenia and Azerbaijan,” Davutoglu told reporters during the 11th summit of the heads of state and government of the Economic Cooperation Council (ECO) in Istanbul.

Asked if pressure on Turkey would change its stance on the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, Davutoglu said Turkey defends a solution based on Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity. “This is the norm of international relations. Similarly, Turkey wishes peace and order to prevail in the southern Caucasus within the scope of this solution,” he said, adding that Ankara is eager to normalize relations with Armenia.

Davutoglu ruled out the likelihood that Turkey will capitulate under pressure, adding that Ankara is ready to support every kind of peaceful process in the Caucasus.


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  1. Arn. Sweden. said:






  2. Norin Radd said:

    What an excellent notion, Davutoglu should practice a bit of what he preaches then, let’s start with Cyprus and the violation of its territorial integrity due to a 30+ year long occupation illegally by Turkey. More importantly, the Arstakh situation (FORMERLY known as Nagorno Karabagh) was resolved in 1990s, there had been a nearly 80 year illegal bolshevik “gifted” occupation of Armenian soil and land by the pseudo-ethnic group known as the “Azeris” (as invented and coined by the USSR).

    The Armenians practiced their right to territorial integrity and took the land back under their own rightful control via their practice of self determination, case closed, now let’s focus on doing the same for Cyprus Mr. Davotoglu, start following those international standards you keep talking about, or do you need an okay from your NATO masters first?

    • manooshag said:

      Hye, Norin, NATO civilized nations should walk away from the Turk… leave NATO to the Turk.
      Then, all the civilized nations of a NATO, nations who together shall be able to advance and together gain for their peoples by advancing into the future – together – all like minded leaders…
      forming a new organization… Thus allowing the Turks mentality/hindrances for a Turkey – a
      nation which is worthy of being in a NATO – bullying and deceitful – in its own NATO. I believe that Turkey was ‘placed’ in NATO via the efforts of the USA State Department – in its misdirected dreams that a Turkey would become civilized…. NOT POSSILBE FOR A TURKEY, FOR AT LEAST ANOTHER THREE (3) CENTURIES… 300 YEARS!!

      • Avery said:

        manooshag, sorry but you have an undeservedly romanticized
        notion of NATO and its purpose. Your well intentioned hypothesis
        that USA State Department ‘placed’ Turkey into NATO to civilize
        them is diametrically opposite of the real reason. Briefly: [1]
        NATO’s previous stated purpose was to block the Soviet Union, and
        prevent its expansion into Western Europe. [2] Turkey was brought
        into the NATO so that Soviet Union’s South-Western borders could be
        threatened, thus forcing USSR to keep troops and equipment there,
        and thus take them away from the European theater. Turkey had and
        has a large Army: regardless of its capability, USSR had to take
        its presence into consideration. Same with Russia today. [3] After
        the dissolution of USSR, NATO’s unstated purpose is to surround
        Russia from all sides. The ultimate goal of the West and NATO is to
        dismember Russia, so that its vast natural resources can be
        controlled and exploited by the West. [4] The West and NATO don’t
        care a wit about Armenia or any of other republics of the former
        USSR: they are only tools to be used to undermine Russia, and
        weaken her. These countries will be abandoned by the West after
        their usefulness has ended. There are absolutely no romantic
        notions of ‘liberty’, ‘justice’, ‘civilization’, ‘honor’,
        ‘honesty’,etc,etc…in world politics. It’s all business, control,
        power projection, profit – nothing else.

        • manooshag said:

          Avery, thanks for the update/corrections… I see the muslim Ottoman Turkey mentality a problem, against Armenians, but too, the world. Manooshag

  3. An Armo said:

    Turkey has never dared to interfere directly in Karabakh conflict in years before, this is all new and probably a direct concequence of Armenian government’s ill-fated football diplomacy.

    Congragulation to all our bighead sharpminded diplomats in our homeland working for our nation!

    • Seervart said:

      Armo, Our government is acting like idiots in there. First they signed the protocols by putting in jeopardy the sovereignty of Armenia and Artsakh and now they have passed a bill in the parliament to open up non-Armenian high schools in the country. I don’t think today’s Armenia’s top government officials belong there. I truly believe that they should give their seats to more sanely minded and more patriotic Armenians who will not put in jeopardy both our countries and our future goals, aspirations and cause.

    • Avery said:

      Re “…Turkey has never dared to interfere directly in
      Karabakh conflict in years before, this is all new and probably a
      direct consequence of Armenian government’s ill-fated football
      diplomacy…” Not true, and nothing new here. Turkey did intervene
      in the Karabakh war: they sent weapons, NATO-trained Turkish
      officers and irregulars – Grey Wolves – to fight against
      Artsakhtsi: Artsakh’s warriors wiped them all out. During the
      Artsakh war of Survival and Liberation, when Azeri invaders were on
      the ropes, Turkey massed troops on the Armenian border, threatening
      to invade. The idea was to cut Armenia in half and link up with
      Azerbaijan. Russia threatened WW3 if Turkey (i.e. NATO) crossed
      Armenia’s border. Apparently somebody told the Turks that their
      country would be turned into a radioactive wasteland, so they
      quietly withdrew back into their barracks. And BTW, none of my
      business, but ‘Armo’ is a derogatory term, same as ‘N—–‘: why
      would you call yourself that ?

  4. Armen said:

    To bad we are not really independent. Without Russian and American permission we can not do any thing. It would be great if we had strong government and strong army anytime Azerbaijan threaten us we lunch a preemptive strike against them. I don’t like to see our solders get killed but how long we are going to seat and wait. Do we have any nuclear scientist in Armenia ?can we build a nuke ?why don’t we do like them !!!

  5. Seervart said:

    Davutoglu, worry only about your 30 years’ confiscation of northern Cyprus from the Greek Cyprus, when you killed innocent Greek cyvilians in Cyprus in the 1960’s to grab more lands as you grabbed and confiscated all our Western Armenian Highlands. You GET OUT OF CYPRUS that you are sitting on for 30 years. Karapagh-Artsakh and much more has been Armenian soil for thousands and thousands of years until the BAD man Stalin gave both our Nakhichevan and our Artsakh to the Azeri herdsmen tribal bashebozooks. Our lands, Our soils, Our forefather’s sweet lands belongs to the Armenians!!!!!

  6. arziv said:

    Armenia does not need to have anything to do with the criminal turk, until such time as the criminal acknowledges his crime and accepts its deserved punishment. Football diplomacy was a grandiose folly on the government’s part. On the other hand it could be that the government was brought under severe outside pressure to ” comply” and they were left with no choice but to ” posture” and ” pretend” to earnestly pursue the path of forgetting history , self respect, and seek a ” reconciliation” . Who knows ? It seems absurd that our government would comport itself in such a trecherous and deceitful manner with the destiny of our nation. Fortunately the turks behaved predictably and were the main actor for the non execution of the protocols. Having said that, it is unforgivable the ignominious deed of our PM to visit Gul at the football stadium in Anatolia and share a ” repartee” with the turk over a silly game of football.

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