Schiff Regrets Failure of House Leadership to Schedule Vote on Genocide Bill

WASHINGTON–Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) released a statement Thursday commenting on the adjournment of the 11th Congress and its failure to bring to a vote the Armenian Genocide Resolution, H.Res.252.

“For the past several weeks, several of my colleagues and I have been engaged in a full-press effort to secure Floor consideration and passage of H. Res. 252, the Armenian Genocide Resolution,” Schiff said in the statement. “We believed that Turkey’s burgeoning alliance with Iran, its support for Hamas, and its insincere promise to seek reconciliation with modern Armenia would finally serve to offset Turkey’s shameful campaign of denial.”

“I am deeply disappointed that the Congress has now recessed without passing the resolution to honor the 1.5 million Armenian men, women and children who were lost in the first genocide of the Twentieth Century,” Schiff said. “I know that my feelings are insignificant when compared to the continued pain of so many in our community.”

“To my many thousands of Armenian-American constituents and friends, I pledge to you that I will continue to press for recognition of the Armenian Genocide until the memory of those who perished from 1915-23 is formally and forever preserved in our national consciousness,” he said.


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  1. Hratch said:

    It is an impossible mission. Schiff will be branded a traitor to US interests if such a resolution were to pass. There are just to many factors, including NATO, that will derail any attempt of recognition. Maybe sometime in the far future when circumstances change and it become an interest of the US will it ever have a chance. In the meantime, go out and protest Kobe’s deal.

    • manooshag said:

      Hye Hratch, A Turkey shall be a loner in NATO. All the nations that are like-minded and seeking to advance their own societies, together, will then form a new organization of CIVILIZED LEADERS whose goals and priorities pursued are shared. Thus without the hindrance of the Ottoman mentality of a Turkey who still denies Genocide of the Armenian people.. and continues Kurds Genocides… and unable to remember Armenian Genocide.
      Howsomever, a Turkey, today, has brought in (as is their MO) monies and have attacked the memorial of the Woodrow Wilson foundation. Created by American citizens, in our own nation’s
      capital city, Washington DC. and being destroyed by foreigners invading Washington DC.
      It appears the president of the Wilson foundation recently (conveniently) retired… this person surely shall have known what the Turks were accomplishing… Turks set their goals to gain whatever they seek against WHOM, to when and certainly WHEREVER… even in USA. Funny thing though, there has not been any ‘response’ to this ‘invasion’ by a Turkey from neither the
      USA State Department nor the White House leaderships… appears they are not able to address the INVASION/DESTRUCTION OF OUR WOODROW WILSON MEMORIAL.
      Turkey, what, where, when NEXT? Seems none are capable of truths, capable of addressing the gross violations into our lands… our leaders appear to be ‘gagged’ by Turks! WHY?
      P.S. The reason for the ‘attack’ of Wilson’s site: Actually, a Turkey pursues denials of any Genocides of the Armenians – BUT the Wilson site has been attacked because a Turkey CAN REMEMBER stalwart President Wilson’s stance against the Turks in early 20th century… even though a Turkey is NOT capable of remembering the Turkish Genocide of the Armenian nation… 19th, 20th, 21st centuries – ongoing/unending… murders and worse Turkish style…
      still in the Ottoman mentality – bullying any and all their ‘foreign relations’… and the world watches this ‘mentality’ and too, the cycle of Genocides thus continue… and the USA leaders by condoning a Turkey’s actions… the continuance of any and all Genocides too, USA allows Genocides to exist on the planet earth…. for Turks excell at bullying, at Genocides, unending.

    • John Cook said:

      The question is, how many Armenians will “run/fight” for the seat? As long as Aremenians are not united don’t expect more than empty promises. Why doesn’t the president of Armenia open his mouth? Because it is stuffed with hush money.

      • manooshag said:

        John, following the exposure of the AAA (Armenian Assembly of America, their leaders and their followers… on the wrong side of the page of the Armenian cause for all these years too, siding with the USA State Departments – still misdirected and, too, obviously the Israeli influence of the USA Congress against the recognition of the Turkish Genocide of the Armenian nation (for none Genocides shall ‘compete’ what the Jews suffered’ – what a dumb comparison… I am certain if all those lost to us, whether Armenians or the Jews were to speak – they’d find fault with the Israelis
        stance against the recognition of the Turkish Genocide of the Armenians… and too,
        certainly an Israel ‘allying’ with a perpetrator of Genocides – MORALLY! Manooshag
        P.S. ANCA Gateway Program supports Armenian youths whose interest is to join this program to pursue careers in government in Washington DC. To support the program,
        those seeking to enter this program donations can be made to the ANCA Endowment Fund… regularly, unending…

  2. eddy said:

    The democratic leadership killed the bill without forcing President Obama or the Secretary of State to make any public announcements (like Bush did – still bush spoke of organized mass killing !!)! , President Obama was allowed to hide himself behind the phrase “my views are well known …”

    Well, maybe in 2011 will N. Pelosi as minority leader address strong letters to new Republican House Speaker to schedule a vote for Armenian Resolution with the number XXX . Who will believe the honesty of House democratic leaders including Pelosi?

    Turkish has got use to an ugly tradition introduced by a democratic president!
    President Obama and Hillary Clinton apparently didn’t make any call to Speaker to kill the bill….since Bill Clinton was the first US President who did introduce the anti Armenian tradition of killing of the bill/resolution through direct intervention of White House , there were no need of such call by President Obama nay more

  3. Bull Schiff said:

    10 years in Congress and the best he can tell us is that he’s disapointed? Bullschiff. His crock-odile tears aren’t fooling anyone. You failed us Schiff. You’re party screwed Armenians. Pelosi could have done it, but you chose to play along with her BS and now you have regret that it didn’t happen? Wake up friends, Democrats like Schiff are taking us for a ride.

  4. Meg said:

    Armenians have been let down even by those who claim to be friends. We have been naive anc counted too much on them. Obama. Pelosi. Hillary. Schiff.
    I hope we all see that, but we do not.
    Hey, whatever happened to Bob Dole?
    Come to think of it, whatever happened to Serge Sargsian?
    We wanted an Armenia that would address our rights and speak out.
    Look what we got: corrupt politicians, thieves, and oligarchs.

  5. Sevag said:

    Yes, our “friends” in Congress regret not being able to help. What have they given us other than regret? When it really came down to it, they just didn’t come through for us. Wether because they did not have the power, political savvy, desire or skill to get Congress to put this to a vote, every single Congressman we have supported and praised is to blame, the most obvious being Pelosi, who very clearly never intended to put this to a vote from the get-go, but dangled it in front of us to trick us into supporting her whole-heartedly, as we also did for Obama who turned around and screwed us. I see 0 reason for Armenians to support any of these democrats anymore. Turning on them may show that we will not blindly support them through anything after the fail to actually provide us with results time and time again.

  6. Reality said:

    Schiff is no different than Pelosi. They’re all the same. Schiff has been able to find a soft spot among his large Armenian constituency and has been playing that card for more than a decade. If he truly wants to do a service to his Armenian constituency, let him make a formal announcement that the Armenian Genocide is a matter of fact and need not be put in resolution format (once again) – let him say that he as a US House of Reps member demands that Turkey return the lands, money, churches, and properties they stole from Armenians; let him demand that the United States officially recognize the true and real borders between Armenia and Turkey – that which one of our country’s most notable presidents determined – Wilsonian Armenia. Plain and simple – otherwise he’s another lame politician who has used 1.5 million martyrs’ memories to keep is ridiculous seat and cash in on hefty salaries. Schiff is not a friend of the Armenians he is an equal to Pelosi and Obama.

  7. sepastasi mourad said:

    If Armenians back any other US politicians, then they should change their name by deed poll to “Huy-van”