Protocols Process to End with 2010, Says Demoyan

YEREVAN—A controversial process ostensibly aimed at normalizing relations between Armenia and Turkey will come to an end with year 2010, the Director of the Dzidzernagapert Genocide Museum Institute in Armenia told reporters on Monday.

“The [Armenia-Turkey] protocols have already lost their value as a result of Turkey’s behavior and cannot serve as a basis for any further process,” Demoyan said, adding that if a similar process starts in the future, there should be a new document on the table.

According to Demoyan, the suspension of the documents on April 23, was predictable, logical, and stemmed from Turkey’s attempt to link the normalization of its relations with Armenia to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and the Armenian Genocide.

“Turkey tried to gain leverage in the Karabakh issue in Azerbaijan’s favor; it tried to present the idea of a commission of historians as an agreement on the closure of the issue of genocide and it still attempts to consolidate the borders with which the two states joined the UN,” Demoyan said.

“Turkey did not ratify the agreements because Ankara “understood it would not get the bonuses it expected,” he added.


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  1. Razmig said:

    Turkey already got the bonuses it was looking for from these so called protocols, our government was either stupid or was following orders… and I don’t think they were stupid. Apsos! Shad pan gorsntsoutsing , yev hantsakordznere bedk she nerel.

  2. seervart said:

    WOW, Halleluyah!!!! What took you so long government of Armenia? Who asked you to start such a horrible thing to begin with? It was about time!

  3. Zareh said:

    One needs to ask the following question: why does Mr. Demoyan continuously make political announcements? He is the director of the Genocide Museum in Armenia and he does not represent the government. He quite frequently comes up with political statements that would be more fitting a government official. One should also ask the question if the protocols are indeed dead or will be cancelled officially. If the Armenian government has no intention of repealing these protocols then why is Mr Demoyan putting his credibility on the line, on the other hand if there is an official plan to cancel these protocols why then the Armenian government is silent on this issue?

  4. manooshag said:

    Hye, the Protocols… another of a Turkey’s PLOYs.. they agree to agree/then disagree… ongoing/unending
    with so many of the civilized nations…. a Turkey unable to join civilized nations… still. Manooshag

  5. eddy said:

    Serzh Sarkisyan administration and his home and foreign policy is in many ways nothing but a catastrophe!

  6. facts said:

    Turkey of 1919/ 1920 used blackmails, threats and took hostage to force British government to release the jailed Turkish criminals on Malta! Turkey of 2010 is indeed no much different!