Ruling Party in Azerbaijan Welcomes Dismantling of Turkish-Armenian Statue

BAKU (—Azerbaijan’s ruling New Azerbaijan Party has welcomed remarks by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan calling for the dismantling of an unfinished monument to Turkish-Armenian friendship in the city of Kars.

“Erdogan’s decision to dismantle the monument to the Turkish-Armenian friendship in Kars is commendable,” NAP deputy executive secretary Mubariz Gurbanli said in an interview published on the party’s website Tuesday. “Dismantling this monument is quite logical. This decision reflects the reality and is completely legal.”

Visiting Kars on Sunday, Erdogan reportedly described the monument as a “monstrosity” that overshadows a nearby Islamic shrine. The AFP news agency cited Turkish media as saying that he ordered the Kars mayor, a member of his ruling Justice and Development Party, to replace it with a park.

The 100-foot unfinished concrete statue, located in the northeastern Turkish city of Kars close to the Armenian border, was commissioned in 2006 to promote dialogue and reconciliation between the two countries. It depicts two figures emerging from one human shape and symbolizing the pain of division.

Gurbanli said the monument was a justification of the “occupation policy of Armenia.” He also dismissed as ridiculous claims by the statue’s that the normalization of Armenian-Turkish relations will bring economic benefits to Armenia.

“Armenia’s economy is backward and Turkey’s border regions will receive a tiny profit by carrying out trade with Armenia,” Gurbanli said. “There is no significance of trade with Armenia, whose state treasury is empty, and population is poor. The influential circles in Turkey are well aware of this.”

Gurbanli argued further that the erection of a friendship statue with Armenia is uncalled for because official Yerevan has “territorial claims against Turkey and tries to damage its international image through propaganda about the so-called Armenian Genocide.”


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    • Ayiq Eller said:

      Frist of all Armenians should learn how to get along with each other, then overcome the hate culture which they grew up.

      • tommy said:

        Guess you don’t know Turkish history do you?
        Who committed genocide against all its Christians and lies about it?
        Who set up vagisi taxes on all non-Muslims to get rid of them?
        Who has massacred Kurds and still does?
        Who has turned churches into mosques and museums?
        Which country lists religion on their ID cards so they can be discriminated against?

      • Christo said:

        MY FEREND,
        Don’t lose any sleep over the fact that Armenians do or don’t get along with one another. You as a turk, have NO moral right to lecture anyone who lives on this plant or this universe. The fact that Armenians disagree, is proof that our society is so advanced that we can use our own brains without being subjected like cattle or domesticated. It’s true we can disagree, however, when the time comes we can become one and destroy our enemies. The hate culture was imposed on us for the past 400 years by your tribe who occupied our lands and attempted to destroy us.
        Anyone is this world who has lost someone to rape, a loved one beheaded or murdered will NEVER FORGET NOR FORGIVE THE PERPETRATOR, however, the part of the world that we as Armenians live will NEVER FORGET NOT ONLY THE PERPETRATOR, BUT (KOKKEN) THE FAMILY ROOT OF THE PERPETATOR AND THEIR DESCENDANTS. Even, the people of Tibet, the most peaceful religion on this planet will take to vengeance to the wrong that has been done to them.
        You need to get Asena to lead you back to your mythical, mountains in turan (Oh, wait a second, TURAN? that’s not even turkish, it’s Persian) Guess, not only did you kill for joy, but even your mythical Asena (another Perisan female name pilfered) is a fabrication by Ziya Gokal and Nihal Atsiz.
        You need to be corrected ours is not a culture of HATE, it is the outcome and reaction to the injustice, pilfering, murder, pillage of our people and occupation of our lands. Therefore, it’s a culture of vengeance for the wrong that was done to our ancestors. Vengeance is justice that guides the religions of this world, be it Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Animism.
        Matthew 10:34

      • Chris said:

        Oh, please Ayiq! Don’t lie now, your government openly infuses racism and hatred of Armenians in the hearts and minds of the nation’s youth and general population.

  1. Christo said:

    It’s interesting that the PM of RoT is always referred to with his middle name, just like any person who has been suspected of or been convicted of a felony. Regardless, the government of RoT, and RT Erodgan, should realize and understand that their Islamic shrine is on a HOLY ARMENIAN LAND! and that their government is occupying our ARMENIAN HOLY LAND that never belong to them! and no ARMENIAN ROYALTY OR LAY PERSON gave them permission to erect any monument of even a fence over our HOLY LAND.

  2. Brescia said:

    an unfinished monument to Turkish-Armenian friendship in the city of Kars???
    I didn’t know that Turks and Azer_ baljanis can be friends…Can you trust both as friends to Armenians??
    Sorry, I don’t. It’s a waste of time to think about friendship. My suggestion to both is: put Turkish_Azerbaljani friendship monument in front of every Azerbaljani and Turkish house; It will look a great piece of art. What say you?

  3. Chris said:

    Shall they shine your boss’ shoes as well, Gurbanli? Don’t keep his majesty, King Aliyev, waiting.

  4. Sammy said:

    They erected that shrine not for friendship, but as a ploy
    to continue brainwashing Turks into believing that they are such
    fair people that they sought the friendship of Armenians but the
    Armenians did not want it, in a feeble attempt to victimize
    themselves, rather than the true victims. Typical genocidal

  5. Hovhannes said:

    A monument to what? To something that never existed, doesn’t exist, and will never exist.
    By the way, dear Asbarez, why did you adopt the soviet tradition of misspelling Armenian names? When you wrongly write “Kars” don’t you actually mean Gars? In Armenian Gars is written with “guen”, it is not written with “kim” or “ke”

    • Saro said:

      lol actually their pronounciation is correct, it’s not “sovietized” it’s similar to classical Armenian.

  6. Vacheh said:

    The friendship status is a soar reminder that our holy churches (Sourp Arakelots of Kars and Ani Mayr Dajar near Akhourian River) are in a deteriorating state. Hell to that friendship. It is better to tear down that statue. We Armenians cannot be cheated by such cheap actions. Our fundamental issue remains the recognition of Genocide and discussions on returning of our occupied territories, in particular Kars, Ardahan, Van, Ararat Mountains, and several other places.

  7. Garo said:

    A statue of a soldier killing a women, a child or beheading of an old man would be more like the relationship turks have with Armenians.
    Yerani amen inch kllchernoun vra kantevi !!!

  8. andrew said:

    turkey will never go as always forever there are ups and downs example soviets.the day will come they will fall.if you look at it in a broad picture they are nothing.the majority of their population is not educated.20 million kurds soon very soon will be heading for their own artcakh.they hate each other then u have the alewis they are very angry with them too.then you have the pontiacs converted greeksso u see the mess they are in.they are in a huge quagmire.their enemy is never get bluffed with their tactics

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  10. Peter Musurlian said:

    Why doesn’t the Islamic Republic of Turkey, simply rename the statue: “Atatürk advises God,” and turn the location into a holy site. And, any unfinished work can be given to an Azeri contractor. Problem solved.

  11. Saro said:

    This is pointless. They should do whatever they want with it, so let the turks have a brawl with each other and that’ll make my day, lol.