New Minister Proposes to Kill Armenia’s Farmers


In a classic case of greed outweighing the needs of the people, Armenia’s new agriculture minister, Sergo Karapetian said on Wednesday that the future of Armenia’s agriculture lies in the enlargement of land plots and farms, proposing to effectively kill the hundreds of thousands of small farms that operate in and feed Armenia.

Karapetian called the small farms inefficient because of their owners’ inability to buy the necessary equipment or to obtain credits because they do not have assets to use as collateral.

That’s because when most agricultural land was privatized after Armenia’s independence and was evenly distributed among the country’s rural population, successive governments did not provide state assistance, irrigation and credit incentives for the farmers to cultivate their land.

RFE/RL reported Wednesday that most farmers have been forced to sell their lands to wealthy land owners, who probably seek to consolidate their holding and reap the benefits at the expense of Armenia’s farmers.

The new minister was appointed last month, because under the old minister, the agriculture industry showed a 14-percent decline, which directly impacted Armenia’s Gross Domestic Product. Bad weather was blamed for the shortage of crops.

Karapetian, who previously managed and co-owns one of Armenia’s largest food distribution companies, now is proposing to further widen the gap and allow his wealthy cohorts to have more opportunity to amass wealth, instead of critically analyzing the situation and providing local and small farmers with incentives to grow their existing plots and crops.

The glaring conflict of interest aside, Armenia prides itself on its agriculture and the crops that not only feed the farmer, but the entire country. Karapetian’s proposal to consolidate agriculture among a few who can afford to own and operate large farms signals the government’s reckless disregard toward its own population and perpetuates the oligarchic establishment that already owns most of Armenia’s industry.

This nebulous—and dubious—proposal does not delineate the government’s efforts to protect the small farmer once this proposal in enacted.

Instead of looking to consolidate Armenia’s agro-business, the minister should propose uniting farmers under collectives and providing incentives for their crops to be sold—and exported—at higher prices to ensure a better standard of living.

But the “let them eat cake” attitude, which has prevailed in successive administrations, only stifles the population and fills the pockets of the ruling elite.

Voices of dissent—including from my own party, the Armenian Revolutionary Federation—should not only be raised high but should band together to topple this effort to oppress the farmers of Armenia.

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  1. amb said:

    Are we ever gonna see anything good and positive written about Armenia or its government on these pages?! Geez. Only negative, bad, even dark and sinister news about Armenia are posted here whereas the most insipid, insignificant “gala”‘s in Los Angeles are reported as the most momentous events in the national life of Armenians. Enough already!!

    • Sona said:

      Thank you for bringing this up. It’s a valid concern! A great deal of admirable things happens in Armenia every day, but somehow passes this newspaper by.

    • Aram said:

      Dear amb,

      We are so weak in geography, i didn’t realize that Lost Angeles is part of Armenia…..

    • Arto T. said:


      This is a Dashnag party site. All you you will hear here is how bad the government is and how good the Dashnag party is. Too bad they will never be voted in Armenia because Armenians know very well that every calamity that has ever befallen the Armenians has been because of miscalculations by the Dashnag Party. BTW, I know this post will never see the light of day.

      • manooshag said:

        ArtoT, at least the Tashnaghtzitiun is “In The Arena” (Theodore Roosevelt). Those who make the efforts know that they shall succeed yet know at times some efforts may fail… but at least they are participating when others ONLY excel as critics!
        P.S. FYI, evidently you’ve missed that the current leaderships of Haiastan are ‘learning on the job’ – filling their own pockets (ala Der Petrossian) and now Serge’s agricultural minister has determined that the ‘little farmers’ shall be eliminated! Whereas a true patriot would have devised a means to incorporate the ‘little farmers’ as well in the advancement of the agricultural efforts of Haiastan. Instead of his current plans which includes those (such as himself) to reap the benefits… but the ‘little farmers’ – our honest and dedicated farmers are to be ‘eliminated’ – when, rightfully, they shall have been included – and are worthy to be included – in a true solution. Instead, another example of a Serge misdirected leadership shows their mentality – their true colors… to ‘take care of number one and to hell with the citizenry of Haiastan’!! Manooshag

        • Arto T. said:

          Manooshag, You don’t know anything about what you are talking about. Just the same diasporan useless talk. At least, I try to understand because I want to do business with Armenia, too help my homeland instead useless patriotic talk. Let me give you one example. Dried fruits which are so famously Armenian IS UNCOMPETITIVE to export outside of Armenia. Or how about wine? Armenia the cradle of wine origin is too expensive to export. You know why? Too many small, uncompetitive farms. Get your head out 1915 and look to the future FOR ONCE.

      • Aram said:

        Arto T. & amb, you are reading this because you are interring this site to read this article of Dashnag party, if you don’t like the Dashnag or the Mongolian party simply don’t inter and don’t read go somewhere else and read how great your nation is and how good the Gala was, and let Mr. Karapetian destroy Armenia from inside.
        At least the Dashnag Party has presence in Armenia it is working with the normal people on the streets of villages and towns, not like the other parties having parties in Yerevan and praising each other & poisoning the mind of the people.
        Dashnag had done big mistakes in the past, but now it is the only party in the Diaspora that is holding on and uniting the Nation, the proof is that Me you and amb are reading this is the proof and most probably 3 of us are not Dashnag and we don’t like and approve all their policies ….. but at least they have policies, Azad Angakh Yahasdan.
        What about the other parts of our Diaspora what is their aim and what are they doing whom they are serving????????

        • Arto T. said:

          Uniting the nation? By forcing the separation of Antillias from the Mother Church thus dividing our people. I don’t call that uniting.

          • manooshag said:

            Arto, evidently you don’t know the history of our Antelias… while seeking to survive our Armenian church needed to flee to assure its existence… (synopsis herewith). Later, those who chose to return to Haiastan had to behave as dictated by the communists leaders (including Armenian communtists). Yet Antelias was still free to speak up in the free world… and, to this day, our leadership from Antelias has been, and still is outstanding in all its efforts for all Armenians… in the free world, with great leaders all the years Etchimiadzin was unable….
            Even our leader of Etchmiadzin who visited St. Illuminator’s Armenian Cathedral in New York City acknowledged this to be truths… Manooshag

          • Arto T. said:

            OK, let’s say I accepted your argument. Maybe you didn’t hear, Communism ended in 1991. Armenian is an Independent country. Why doesn’t Antelias come back under the fold of the mother Church to unite all Armenians?

          • Aram said:

            I was compairing the Dashnag to the other diasporian parties when i mentioned uniting…
            Arto 100% I Agree
            Dashnag must change there Azad Angakh Hayasdan… or to bring there Red flag forward and say Azad Angakh Hayasdan Dashnagstoutyan ledzi Dag… then this Artical and conversation will make sense !

      • Gaghant Baba said:

        Arto T, you are a typical run of the mill ex-Soviet. Your false facts do not belong here, and neither do you. Without Tashnags first and foremost there would be no basis for an Armenian nation and hence no Armenia. Did your Soviet education forget to teach you that fact? Without Tashangs, I will also not even explore what would have happened in the diaspora. And if you really believe Tashnags will never be voted in Armenia, then good luck. Perhaps you can start a movement to get rid of the Tashnag flag as the official flag of Armenia. The fact is without the Tashnag movement, the future of Armenia as well as diaspora is very bleak. And BTW that’s Gaghant Baba to you, and not Tzemer Babik.

        • Arto T. said:

          Oh I see, the Armenian nation only survived because of the goodwill of the Tashnag Party. That would be news to the 3 million Armenians that have struggled all these years and endured in Armenia. They were not aware of that fact. You might also tell that to the Armenian Church. I am sure they would beg to differ as well.

          Actually I think you are more like Santa in Fairyland.

    • Դրօ said:

      So what do you suggest, Amb? That we turn a blind eye to all the troubles in Armenia and pretend that it’s a prosperous and democratic country? How is that going to help?

    • anonymous said:

      You complain about the “bad news”… but isn’t it the real news? Why would you want to only know the fluff stuff that is nonsense. The news of Armenia’s government is dark, bad, and sinister because the government in Armenia is controlled by a mafia, a mafia which kisses Russian ass.

  2. Aram said:

    Kill Karapetian to save Armenia. Armenian farmers are Armenias last hope, not me and you or Kara?akian

  3. manooshag said:

    Sergo Karapetian, the new agriculture minister, obviously another of Serge’s cohorts, is another seeking to harm the citizens of Haiastan, too, another Serge readying to fill his own pockets by eliminating those who have been carrying the burden of feeding the Armenian nation. Archbishop Mesrob Ashjian, when we spoke of our hopes for Haiastan… knew that it is the the little farmers of Haiastan who shall be the best and the honest steadying force for our fledgling nation… Now comes another Serge, deciding to eliminate our family farmers to be replaced by those such as himself. Whereas, instead, if Sergo was a true patriot he shall have come forth with another plan… an inclusive plan… a plan that instead of eliminating Haiastan’s current force of farmers… shall STILL be include and benefit our Armenian farmers to advance further – together – rather than destroy (as did Der Bedrossian) another of Armenian assets – the efforts of Haiastans’ citizens who work the soil to feed our citizens… a force that has carried our Haiastan, who do not steal from the citizens of Haiastan – as does a Serge and now Sergo! Manooshag

  4. Seervart said:

    Thanks Ara for your post. This oligarchic government is most certainly not on behalf of the majority of Armenia’s population. What do they want to do? To have more people wanting to flee from the country? If they are hungry, sure enough one of these days they will feel extremely stifled and they’ll leave the country when they can. This is how Armenia’s government is ruling our Motherland? For their bulging pockets only, but let the vast majority of the population feel deprived and hungry? This is not good news at all. I feel bad for my people.

  5. Brescia said:

    Armenia’s new agriculture minister, Sergo Karapetian must resign for his selfish attitude and disregard for families who operate or own small farms. I’m wondering: Who was responsible to bring this annoying or unwelcome person in power?

    • manooshag said:

      Obviously another of Der Bedrossian’s and all those that followed to Serge’s ilk… still of the communist mentality… take care of number one first, and the hell with the rest of the nation… Manooshag

  6. john timothy pashayan said:

    leave the small farmer alone but no that is too easy instead force him to sell hjs land to big interest and then see what will happen to armenia when farm prices go up and the people cannot afford to buy goods once again the oligarchs only care for them selfs and not what is good for armenia the small farms are the back bone of armenia and if you chrush them see what will happen in the years to come

  7. Frank said:

    Looks like the Blood Suckers are at it again.

    Now they are after the most finacialy and economicaly most disadvantged group in the nation.

    Why dont they introduce goverment assisted loans at redduced rates, provide educational programs for the farmers and provide incentives for them to produce more?

    But than again, we are talking about the leeches in power, and their cohorts that if not stopped soon will ultimatley even see the downfall of Armenia for personnal gains.

  8. Harutuyn said:

    Ba hayer jan eli noris em asum TESAK INCH EXAV Tatan mufta texe chi erkum Tesar inch exav uhle eli banera linelu hle urek savok srti menk es enk, lusademin mer jebere lsnenk joxovrti poxere erekoyan el xmenk mer hay azgi kenase, te che sens vor gna Sergo klni te Serjik klni drutyune shat vata linelu, xexj gyuxasin ira eshi het havasar ashxatuma et ira eshe vor lezu unenar mi erku ban kaser Sergoyin.

  9. vardan said:

    What a bunch of haters, do you even know what the man proposed? Do you even know what the actual plan is? Why do you people believe every hater that has a little job to hate on administration, be that because of the party affiliation or any other reason. The minister is right the little farms are inefficient, who is going to argue with that? Coops is the way to go and that’s all he proposed so quit hating!

  10. Kevork said:

    Is Armenia run by ignorants ??? If Armenia has the privilege to received foreign aids from many governments, why cant they the state help the farmers or the people that needs a boost to be more productive to the country, give free equipments or with very low interests, I start seeing an ugly pictures of our leaders, Shame on you pigs.

  11. AP said:

    I am no fan of the current “establishment” in Armenia. However, it is basic economic reality that dictates big, industrial farms. To compete with foreign producers, as well as for the sake of increasing the efficiency of a sizable chunk the economy, a lot of the farms probably need to be consolidated into “agribusinesses”. That has to be a part of the solution. What’s certain is that the solution is not pickling the farmers in a romantic time-warp that cannot be afforded by a poor country. Yes, many farmers will have to “retire”. The social consequences should be handled as gracefully as possible, but it’s inevitable unless a subsistence-farming or hunter-gatherer sort of existence is deemed appropriate for a big chunk of the Armenian population. Creative solutions, such as organic farming, or specialty crops could be used to preserve some of the small farms, and should be pursued vigorously. While that route probably won’t be pushed by the government if it doesn’t benefit the friends and family of the current rulers, the private sector should show some initiative regardless. If the population lacks the drive, dynamism and the creativity, the government that they “elect” and tolerate cannot be expected to be better. In fact it should be expected to be significantly worse. This is true in virtually any country barring some lucky exceptions. So instead of blaming the government, people should come up with ways to politely keep it out of the way. “It would never work” has become our national motto and world-view for a long time, since before the independence.

    • manooshag said:

      AP, I disagree… fledgling Armenia leaderships (?) are incapable and ‘learning on the job’…
      Actually, the need of Haiastan is that all advances, in this case agriculture, the need to feed our Armenian nation can be accomplished – BUT NOT BY ELIMINATING THE EXISTING HONEST FARMERS WHO FEED THEMSELVES AS WELL AS HAIASTANSIS. Actually, these leaders shall know that the solution for the advancement of agriculture is a priority… but not to be accomplished by ridding the nation of those who have been the farmers of our nation. NO.
      Patriotically, and thinking of ALL the citizens of Haiastan, thinking to feed the citizens of our Haiastan, thinking, too, what is due to to these worthy and honest ‘little farmers’… the solution should have INCLUDED all these farmers – obviously, NOT to ‘eliminate’ our dedicated farmers… (‘elimination’ is the methods of the Turks… not patriotic Armenians)!! This is just another of the current leaders of Haiastan actions… to fill their own pockets… and to hell with the citizens and our Haiastan! Patriots! Brilliant minds!…our fledgling Haistan has need of you.

      • AP said:

        Armenia deserves to have a modern economy. A modern economy cannot have more than a small percentage of its population as farmers. No amount of sloganeering can change that. The honesty of the farmers are not in question. Their viability in a modern, competitive economy is. If you want Armenia to be able to feed itself, you would have to modernize and consolidate farming (read: use fewer people in farming). If Armenia discovers a huge diamond mine and money starts dropping from the sky, and it miraculously doesn’t get siphoned off to the foreign bank accounts of the rulers, then we can afford to subsidize a theme-park style old-fashioned farms for the viewing enjoyment of the visitors, if that’s how we would like to use the free money. I’d rather support the arts, sciences, and medicine instead of mule-powered farming; but that’s just me.

        A well-known economic rule of thumb is that an agrarian economy, which many here seem to favor, cannot support more than about 100 people per square kilometer. Do the math, and you’ll find the population level Armenia is stuck at since independence. People emigrate not because their inefficient farm has been absorbed into an agribusiness. They emigrate because the essentially agrarian economy simply cannot create enough output to support them.

        • manooshag said:

          When Haiastan is rid of the current misdirected leaders and their families and their cohorts… for when honest and dedicated leadership will serve our fledgling Armenia… Too, many who had to leave their homeland may well come back, appreciating efforts of great patriots and, too, honesty in government replacing the dishonesty these leaders who stole from our Haiastan, rather than to advance our Haiastan. The citizens of our Haiastan are worthy of great leaders… historically, and today. Manooshag

          • Aram said:

            Ok…. lets wait and just complain till we get these Honest leaders!

          • Sona said:

            Bravo Aram! You see, Manooshag, how your reasoning is not RELEVANT to the argument at hand, which is at the core economic. Most people don’t understand the rules of economics without some background in it. So I suggest getting educated in those areas before a)writing such articles as this one, b)thinking yourselves adequately trained to comment so viciously. By the way, I find myself agreeing with the comments about the title: ridiculously excessive.

  12. Gagik said:

    The title of this article is a bit excessive, don’t you think? At first I thought the minister proposed to massacre the farmers. Any foreigner coming across this ridiculous title on Google News or something would just think Armenians are some barbarians and the government murders its own people, which actually happens in some places in the world, so they’d just walk away with the wrong impression.

    Just looks like a cheap shocker to grab people’s attention.

    • manooshag said:

      Gagik, read the article again and see the dishonesty being foisted on a most honest and dedicated segment of our fledgling Haiastan… by the leaderships whose policy is to steal for themselves… Now to form enlarging the agricultural segment of Haiastan… Which should be advanced – but at the price of ‘eliminating’ and obviously, not to include our current farmers. Yet certainly planning to ‘include’ that will surely benefit himself and leaderships of today – themselves! Manooshag

  13. Parsik said:

    I have been living in Armenia on and off for last 20 years and I own a farm house in rural regions of Yerevan, and I don’t like the current ruling government not because of greedy oligarchs who are remenents of Soviet system and Ter-Petrosian government’s weakness and shortsightedness, but its desire for amid and destructive normalization of relations toward our western neighbor and total obedience toward our northern one.
    I don’t know this Sergo guy and I am not defending him, but in overall he has a good point that should be considered, the state of Armenian agriculture which is it in right now is in dire straits, it needs to be changed!

    • manooshag said:

      Agreed, so many segments of our Haiastan is need of change and advances… first of all the leadership which is of the mind set to ‘take’ for themselves from our homeland instead of, patriotically, ‘giving’ to better the lives of our citizens of Haiastan. These farmers should certainly be included in whatever advances can be offered to enhance what they have been endeavoring to accomplish for their homeland… without any government aid!
      Hence any change in the agricultural arena should not ‘eliminate’ the honest and dedicated farmers who have been feeding themselves and the nation!! These farmers are worthy of being
      included in the ‘plans’ that shall HONESTLY serve the needs of fledgling Haiastan!! Manooshag

  14. Seervart said:

    Truly the farmer is the backbone of a country. Our farmers indeed are the backbone of our nation and Armenia. I urge and plead to the Armenian Revolutionary Federation once again to get this KaraKAKA Karapetian to resign or to be fired and be replaced by someone who cares about our Hayastan and someone who will NOT demolish our Armenia, our sovereignty and the backbone of our sovereignty “OUR FARMERS”.

  15. Levon Arustamian said:

    Of course Serj Sarkissian appointed Sergo Karapetian to this post. Get rid of Serj Sarkissian if you want to save Armenian. Shame on Serj Sarkissian and his gang of looters.

    • ```Hayk said:

      I think Serj Sarkissyan is so far the best president the Armenia had,
      20 years to change the system is very short from socialist to capitalist and spatially in that land locked country.

      • manooshag said:

        ‘ ‘ ‘ hayk… the feeding of our citizens of Haiastan is certainly at the top of the list…
        This the ‘little farmers’ have been accomplishing with great honesty and dedication.
        Any and all advances in the realm of agriculture to be developed… but when there are elements (self-seekers as new agricultural minister who benefits from his own program) OBVIOUSLY eliminating/removing the farmers who are due and owing for their dedication for our fledgling Haiastan… Today, our ‘little farmers’ are the patriots
        of Haiastan – Der Bedrossian and all who followed – into today, Serge and his cohorts..are of the ilk who are the ‘takers/users’ with communist mentality – certainly NOT patriots for our Haiastan… Manooshag

    • Seervart said:

      Of course I agree with you, but how? Why is he doing these unpatriotic acts? He initially was one of Artsakh’s generals then after Kocharian’s presidency, he was appointed to reign Armenia. After being one of the generals who freed Artsakh then why is he acting this way towards his brethren? Without Armenia Artsakh couldn’t exist. After all, two thirds of the soldiers who freed Artsakh were Armenian soldiers from our Motherland. Then why is he destructing Armenia? Feeling one’s pockets has it’s limits too for heaven’s sake. No one is going to take with him the monies and the riches of this world, no one. Isn’t it more nobly act to give your all to your beloved country? To your beloved people of your country? Each one of us will come and go in this world, but our Motherland our ARMENIA must exist and floorish for until the end of times. “Hayrenagitsner Hayu bes khorhink, Hayu bes ezkank, hayrenaseroren abrink minchev mer verchin shounche ays ashkharhi vera”.

      • Hayk said:

        My dear,I am not from Artsakh,But I want to say that Armenia with out Artsakh and Artsakh with out Armenia is the same thing, We are all Armenians.

  16. arziv said:

    Remove this karapetian, remove him as fast as one can. A dumbed down ex marxist puppet. The majority of government members are a legacy of the old marxist apparatchiks. Cultured bureaucrats molded in the ex USSR mold; devoid of national sentiments and bereft of Armenian soul. We have to wait for a new generation, a new crop of bureaucrats untainted with the marxist brush.

  17. Seervart said:

    Well Parsik, if the agricultural system has to be changed big time because it’s in a dire situation, then Serge’s government should see to it that today’s farmers have jobs and are well fed. AP gave some examples above that they could put at least a good number of them in business by having them run the organic farms, so that they’ll too can run their business and that they’ll be in business, but not left out in the cold freezing. They have to tend to their families too.

  18. sam said:

    lets hear more details about the new plan sinse some of the commenters are defending sergo,probably he has a point as long as he is going to help the farmers with any way he can and not destroying them ;so we will give him a chance.

  19. Arto T. said:

    As long as the foolish Armenian Diasporans continue to put there heads in the sand the Armenian government should proceed without consulting them. This article is written by a typical Diasporan person who doesn’t understand anything about economics or agriculture. God help our nation with people with this logic running around.

    • Aram said:

      You are right on this, but look at what the western world is doing with the agricultural reforms, they are eliminating the small farmers and creating large Farming companies which control everything …. the Diaspora concern is that if this will happen the small farmers will have to move to the cities and eventually they will get a visa or Green Card and join the Diaspora and become stupid outsider who just talk and type, and sometime shout or maximum joins in a demonstration. We Diasporians cannot sacrifice just our vacation to visit this farmer and lend him a hand or share with him our luxurious life that we are enjoying outside Armenia, we had 20 years to do something, but what we did? We tried to have an impact on the local political scene. How many churches or schools we have build in the ruler areas, we have to work together Diaspora and Government, we have to reactivate the sister cities idea and make everybody to participate, not only the elite “Mr. Yesiminchian & family” from the Diaspora visiting the head of the village “Mr. Exsovietian & sherchapat”, but to make Mr. “I don’t know Armenian, I just have IAN as my family name, I never visited Armenia, I don’t even know where is it on the map”, to visit this farmer who is straggling, share with him a weak, get to know his problem first hand, and believe me if this happens he will enjoy this poor farmers hospitality which he will not find any place on earth, Mr. Noarminian is spending his vacation in Mexico or some other exotic place and spending 1000s, sure having this experience in his MotherLand with this farmer will make him consider spending $500 to improve this farmer life and next year visit him with his friends, we have to create partnership. “we are having a breakfast party in LostAngeles to raise $500 aid to Armenia and we are proud of it”
      Our Genocide deniers are doing the same for their beloved fabricated country, having “farms” in every part of their country. Even have farms in Armenia!!!!!! They are sending Organic fruits from Armenia to their country.
      So what are you waiting for? We can do it together!

  20. Arto said:

    I don’t think anyone here really understands what the new minister has proposed. He is absolutely correct. If Armenian farmers are to have any future, they need to consolidate the small farms and become more efficient, otherwise eventually when the borders are opened, when trade begins, the larger farms from Turkey and other countries will completely destroy the Armenian farmers. The new minister is absolutely correct. If Armenian farmers produce Apricots for $2.20 per kilo and Turkish Apricots are less than half of that, then in 30 years from now no one will know what an Armenian Apricot is. I wish these stupid journalists weren’t so interested in causing emotional sensationalism and actually did their job professionally.

    • manooshag said:

      Arto, inclusive or excluding the honest and dedicated farmers who until now have been feeding themselves and the nation… who shall be included in the ‘solution’!! Manooshag

    • Aram said:

      Do you think that $2.20 is a lot per a kilo???? All are missing the point….. it is about Armenia being part of the Globalization, part of the global Control, once that will be achieved, 1 Kilo will be sold for $22 however the “organic Apricot” is much expensive… so let us export the Armenian Apricot, wine & let the Dashnag & Diaspora support this! we have millions of Armenian in Diaspora, if every Armenian consumes only one bottle of wine per year Armenia can export Millions … ok let us get Armenian wine with a higher price than the French wine …. Are you ready to pay more then what it is in the market just because it is Armenian…. I think the answer is evident….. But where is the Armenian wine … can I go to any Armenian Diasporaian center and find any Armenian product with double the price?? It is political economical emotional all mixed up.
      We need to have a goal to be able to score; Dashnag party has a very clear Goal Azad, Angakh, Hayasdan…. But Manooshag don’t you think that is already achieved, or it has a logical continuation like any political party which I think is the untold part that Arto & any Armenian will understand by now … Azad, Angakh, Hayasdan, Dashnagtsoutian ledzi Dag!

  21. Kristapor said:

    Մինչեւ որ կտրուկ ու հստակ միջոցի չդիմենք Սէրժերն ու Կարապէտեանները իրենց կապիկութիւններով ու անուշ խոսքերով մեր ժողովուրդի անմեղ մասային կը խաբեն շարունակ:
    Այստեղ գրուածները Դաշնակցութեան թերթին դեռ կամ դեմ կարծիքի առառկայ չէ, այլ Հայաստանում կատարուած հարցի լուծման կարծիքներ, մենք որպես Դաշնակցականներ եւ կամ համակիրներ ինչի ենք լռում: Զարկ առաջինին, որ վախեցնես երկրորդին որ երորդը չմտածի անգամ մոտենալու:

  22. Jay said:


    Take a good look at the photo above. There stands an old man, a young boy ( in the background ) and most certainly the ‘EQUIPMENT’ in the foreground doesn’t look like a pair of, JOHN DEERE’ Harvestors. It’s Mama Eshoog and Baby Eshoog. : ) Now, you tell me, Could this ‘TEAM’ of farmers with their ‘STATE-OF-THE-ART’ equipment cultivate and harvest, fast enough to meet the Supply and Demand? The answer is very OBVIOUS. Mr.Karapetian is 100% RIGHT, small farms and farmers, are inefficient and I tend to agree with the minister,”To consolidate agriculture among a few who can efford to own and operate large farms…” is Self-Sufficient,Productive and Beneficial. If you need convincing evidence, google American Farmers and check it out for yourself. .

  23. Z said:

    The title of this article is deceptive. Small farms are inefficient, it has to be done on a large scale. The man didn’t suggest to actually murder the farmers like the title suggents!

    • manooshag said:

      Z, when small farmers are not included in the solution… when the small farmers are ‘eliminated’ then too, the honest and dedicated small farmers who are not a part of the emerging solution.. are, in effect, ‘murdered’ today by the leadership of Serge, his families, his cohorts – obviously. Manooshag

  24. pkk is the best said:

    serj sarkissian is a good man.and good president.every bady know the situation is not perfekt. bat the man try the do every thing possibel to helb hayastan. 2 koxmic tsnaminer . usatir exek
    tashnak is good is a great organisation. but the tasnakzutuin off nshte karekin and general tro . and not off u smmal babies

  25. Anna said:

    To all those people who complain. Do you have any idea what the condition of those farmers are? Obviously not. Sitting behind the computer in Diaspora or in Yerevan and judging as always. I grew up in one of those villages in Armenia where people cultivate wheat and barley and let me tell you the conditions of those small farms are horrible and it would be too generous to say that they are ineffective. One farmer has one hectare land in one location then another 1.5 hectare in another. Do you know how much oil is spent on transportation alone to travel from one small land to another? A lot. Most of the farmers have no clue how to cultivate the land. They harvest 1-2 crop from one hectare the most.Sometimes they do not have money and their lands remain uncultivated or the crop that they receive barely covers their expanses. Most of them do not have irrigation water and even those that have often fight over water because it is very ineffective. Yes, they should be consolidated into middle-size or big agribusinesses and cultivated properly. There should be a lot of greenhouses build as everywhere else. Some of those farmers can work there some of them have to move to urban areas and that is the way in developed countries. Some of those farmers can be involved in food processing business instead of cultivating one ore two hectares land. So, stop complaining without knowing the situation.