Armenian State Film Studio In Talks with Spielberg, Zailian for Genocide Movie

YEREVAN–The state-run Armenian National Cinema Center announced this week that it is currently in negotiations with world-renowned director Steven Spielberg and Schindler’s List writer Steven Zailian to produce a full length feature film about the Armenian Genocide.

“On the 100th anniversary of the Genocide, we must have a film to demonstrate to the world. We want more than the films ‘Mayrig’ or ‘Ararat’,” the center’s director, Gevorg Gevorgyan, told a news conference.

He said the film studio is planning to time the release of the film with the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide in 2015. Gevorgyan explained that much work will need to go into writing the screenplay and that both Armenian and foreign actors will be cast to star in the movie.


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  2. Gaghant Baba said:

    I hope they don’t ruin it like that pathetic “Ararat” movie. That movie was a shame upon all of us.

  3. Arto T. said:

    I hope it’s better that those two films. Mayrig didn’t have any production values. It looked like it was produced on a shoe-string budget. Ararat, as is typical of Egoyan films, was an exercise in self-indulgence. In trying to be fair he looked at the issue from all sides, too many sides in my opinion and ended up with movie that was just a lot of wank.

  4. Vahe said:

    If this happens this will be huge for the Armenian community and all human right activists…hopefully it will happen

  5. Vanessa Kachadurian said:

    Mayrig was a beautiful movie and very popular in France, with exceptional performances by Omar Shariff and Claudia Cardinale. It was more about the aftermath life of an Armenian family who suffered through the Armenian Genocide. If this film comes to fruition in will be GREAT – Zailian an Academy award winning writer is simply fantastic. Look at his Schindler’s List and the emotion and sorrows of the Holocaust that Zailian brought to life.

  6. Tamar said:

    “If” is the key word here Vahe. I don’t think it is entirely up to Spielberg to decide…especially when Israel hasn’t yet recognized the Armenian Genocide, but who knows, there’s still time.

    • bigmoustache said:

      speilberg isnt a rep for the state of israel..if he wants to he’ll do it

  7. Robert Kachadourian said:

    It’s about time!!! If they get good actors, a well written script and all of the elements that make a good story, then it will be great. Something on the order of Schindler’s list with a block buster cast would be valuable indeed!!!



  9. arziv said:

    Armenians must produce the film; Spielberg can add an extra dimension to the content. The man has the extra weight , as it has been with his previous works, to make his involvement into ” block busters”.

  10. Ara Kachadourian said:

    On the 100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide we should make our voices heard louder than ever. We can not and will not allow the voices of our martyrs, survivors who have passed, grandparents, etc. to be silenced by the political powers including denalists of history!! The Armenian Genocide did happen and we must make the resounding sound of never again.

    Our history, religion, lands, and culture were threatened with elimination of the face of the earth. We look forward to seeing not just a movie but several opportunities to make our story and truth told!!

  11. ARA said:

    I think what talks here is the $$$ . The Jewish state thrives and they build there museums in many cities across the USA and overseas. We are no different except we do not spend the $$ they do. They got the directors and get the $$ and know how to get tax breaks and monies from their own people and from others. I am not condoning the constant memory of their suffering to be in our faces everywhere we go but the fact it-they spend the $$. WHy is it our billionaires are so quiet and not pushy on this? Y do we need the great Spielberg to do this-when we could and should have our own people in these places? Cuz they know how to do it and we shut up-time to roll Armenians all over- silence is not always golden

  12. Greg I said:

    Zailian plus Speilberg for the Genocide Film??? Great if it is TRUE, even if it just in the ‘negotiation stage’. One is reminded of past rumors like Mel Gibson doing “40 days of Musa Dagh” or Gwen Stefani being Armenian (that one was printed in Asbarez).
    Keep in mind making a film about such a controversial issue is difficult at best. It’s also going to have to be universal in appeal. (One more thing, lay off the bagging on Armenian directors for attempting to make heartfelt films. With thousands of films made commercially a year only a FEW are really good and FEWER STILL make it to the awards. We need MORE films so some will shine out. Not every ‘Holocaust’ themed film was a winner, either.) Good Luck, Both Steves, you have our support.