PACE Revives Karabakh Committee Despite Armenia’s Objections

STRASBOURG (RFE/RL)–Amid strong objections from its Armenian members, the Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) decided on Friday to restart the work of an ad hoc “subcommittee” on the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict championed by its Turkish president, Mevlut Cavusoglu.

The subcommittee had been set up following a PACE resolution on the conflict adopted in 2005. Its activities were effectively frozen in the following years. Cavusoglu has sought to revive the panel ever since he was elected as president of the Strasbourg-based assembly in January 2010.

Armenia’s leading pro-government and opposition forces have said the subcommittee will not be impartial in its work given Cavusoglu’s pro-Azerbaijani views. They point to Turkey’s full and unconditional support of Azerbaijan and cite pro-Azerbaijani statements made by the PACE head in the past.

The PACE’s decision-making Bureau dismissed these objections. It elected one of the assembly’s Spanish members, Jordi Xucla i Costa as subcommittee chairman.

Members of the Armenian parliamentary delegation at the PACE said that only they opposed the decision. One of them, Naira Zohrabian, said they insisted in vain that “it is unacceptable to discuss the Karabakh problem in any format other than the Minsk Group” of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

“In effect, we found ourselves alone there,” Zaruhi Postanjian, another delegation member, told RFE/RL’s Armenian service from Strasbourg. She did not rule out the possibility of an Armenian boycott of the subcommittee.

The Armenian Foreign Ministry did not immediately react to the development.


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  1. nana said:

    Even Aliev understood that increasing number of committees does not bring dream to reality (meaning, that although it is undesirable, but Armenians can take a control over the situation). Actually, Aliev understood long ago that Artsakh is free. Aliev, actually, does not mind. He barely manages Azerbaijan. He is on a verge of losing Nakhichevan (Turkey has an eye on it). And he fluently speaks only Russian, what a confuse!

  2. Varoujan said:

    Wasn’t this clown the one that sent a letter to the Armenian president saying that no one will inherit the land? nor will he, however it’s not he’s fault to be there, but the dumb heads who got him there

  3. Zareh said:

    “In effect, we found ourselves alone there,” And there’s our destiny, it was such in the past and it seems to be the case now.

    the only difference, in the past we did not have a country and now we do, the question arises, where were our sleepy government officials confronting the Turk who seems to be running the show at PACE and Europeans who seem quite content to be run by a Turk.????

    No one is surprised to see at what length Turks will go to weaken Armenia, what is surprising is to see the Armenian government letting itself at the mercy of the “gray wolf”.

    My apologies to the wolf, a noble beast of the forests.

  4. Seervart said:

    Clearly he looks like humpty dumpty with a cynical smile, deceitfulness written all over his face. Turks, we won the war and it is not disputable. Artsakh is part of Armenia and it’s free.

  5. immortal Souls of western Armenia risen said:

    we are getting stronger at every step we are gathering steam, we are getting closer at every turn, we are uniting in force in every part of the world, we are being heard everyday, everyone of us is a leader, everyone of us is equal to a million, we are an unstoppable power, as long as they keep at it we gain more momentum!

  6. Hrair said:

    I agree with Zareh that we were alone in the past and will be alone in the future. We should learn to play the political game just like the others. I don’t know this clown – looks like one – and I believe that PACE is a toothless organisation any how although would be nice to have them on our side. We should try and encourage our government to fight our corner against these turks who let’s face it are much more influntial than we are. Our current government is what we have and perhapse with a bit of support from the wider Armenian community they will do the right thing.

    • sako said:

      speaking of toothless, or rather teeth, look at the set of bright yellows this guy has in his smile/ i always found it interesting you can find most types of products “made in turkey” at any typical Armenian store in Hollywood, but im yet to see turkish soap, toothpaste or shampoo. says a lot about the guy who made ur tomato paste actually if u think about it…

  7. Samuel Darbinian said:

    Revival of PACE Karabakh Committee will do nothing on behalf of the people of Artsakh. bu to produce inconsistence ideas for check & control of both warring parties & exploiting that situation, in another word
    fishing from muddy waters, they already know turkish buitiful dream creation of turkish Empire from Minor
    Asia toCentral Asia, & the idea fits with their strategy encircle Russia & China from the South first shaffle
    Central Asian countries then glue them with turkish race & islamic relign turkish Empire created so this country be able to bugg done both of them such as Russia Vs China, China Vs Indea, Indea Vs Pakistan & so on, But there is smal problem armenians are an obstacle, this must be an important concern for armenians, if PACE member countries after 20 years for example pronuncing Karabakh Never Being part of Azarbaijan, in fact they mean nothing for armenians but a mild warning when they riding their turkish hosre &donky in jurney toward Tourkistan do not prance rough & bring pain in their we must take care whatever belong to us.