Our National Armed Forces


It is Armenia’s National Armed Forces Day. The establishment of the Armenian Army was a critical turning point in the independence movement and in establishing Armenia’s sovereignty.

Soon after its establishment, the brave men and women of the Armed Forces did, indeed, bear arms and fight for the liberation of our nation, becoming a critical component in the Karabakh liberation struggle.

Today, almost two decades since its establishment, the Armenian Army has peeled away the remnants of the Soviet era and has emerged as a true force protecting our homeland and ensuring the security of our people. In comparison to the other Armed Forces of the former Soviet Republics, the Armenian Army, in its almost 20 years of existence, has already seen its fair share of combat, its troops have shed blood and national heroes have emerged from its ranks.

The victories of the Armenian Army should serve as reminders of the Armenian nation’s resilience in the face of adversity and its collective commitment to preserve our national identity and protect our national security.

In recent months, however, the headlines about the Army have been ugly. The government, which is tasked with the important responsibility of ensuring the integrity of the Army has failed. However, the isolated incidents that have cast a shadow on the true mission of the armed forces have also been leveraged by forces within and outside of Armenia to advance largely self-serving agendas that run counter to Armenian national interests. While not condoning the reported abuses in the Army, we must look past the headlines and realize that our National Armed Forces is not to be toyed with and used as a pawn in cheap political games.

Whether we are in Armenia or the Diaspora, the Armenian Army is one of those sacred institutions, which—regardless of whether we like or dislike the governing regime—is the symbol of our national integrity and service.

The mandatory service requirement provides each Armenian with the unique ability to serve his nation and through that service gain a life-long responsibility for our national imperative, ideals and aspirations. Only a strong Army can ensure that a strong nation prevails.

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    • bigmoustache said:

      correction, armenia has one TRUE friend, the tashnagtsoutun.
      there may ba an armenia or not, armenians living in the diaspora, anywhere…tashnagtsoutun will go there and fight

  1. Aram said:

    Amen to your (particularly) last two paragraphs. We are one joghovort and we have one banak.

  2. David Deranian said:

    The photo of Armenian Army troops in the snow, marching in ordered salute, brings to mind how the Armenian people were denied an independent state for some 600 years. Taking exception to the valor of those that led to the establishment of the first republic of 1918 – 1920, without an organized fighting force we were forced liked lambs to the slaughter by those that would see our people made extinct.

    I’m reminded of an experience during my first visit to Armenia and Karabahk where I had my photo taken with two young soldiers. Their smiling faces allowed this diaspora Armenian, if just for a moment, a special sense of Armenian resolve to say no, we will not go like lambs to the slaughter, we will fight back. For no matter the politics, or the reported abuses in the army, or the lack of this or lack of that, these two young soldiers were ready to put their lives on the line in the defense of our people and our homeland.

    God Bless our soldiers.

  3. Chris said:

    Yes, but as long as our idiotic leadership ignores the abuses happening in the army, more and more young Armenians will see conscription more as a burden than an honor.

  4. Armanen said:

    Apres to all of the soldiers in the Armenian military! May they be blessed!

  5. Arn.Sweden. said:

    After the Genoside of the Jews in Europe,
    the Jews of Israel,
    with their back to the Gaschambers and the Enemies in their Face,
    had to Fight an War of Existance,
    aginst Her sourounding Enemies.

    Armenias situation seems almost the same.

    With greatings from Sweden to the Armenian Freedom-Fighters –


    May God bless Armenia,
    Her President,
    and all Her Freedom Fighters.


  6. hatsakorzian nerses said:

    hi asbarez it’s time armenian authority to realise the country,s security en stability is most important thing for a nation , that’s why they should do their utmost to ensure well being of that isolated country.

  7. Kevork said:

    Is there anyways I can watch a recorded stream of the event that occurred in Glendale? I was there and it was amazing. Singers such as Nersik Ispiryan and Harout Pamboukjian were there and military veterans. I was a scout who attended and would like to say that I am proud of our army and what they have done for the Republic of Armenia AND Artsakh.

  8. Stephen T. Dulgarian said:

    The time has come that Armenians in the diaspora must help our brothers in threatened Arstakh. The Israeli’s & Turks are arming the Azeri’s to take back the historic territory of Armenia. It is time to help arm each family in Artsakh to be ready for any future onslaught by the Azeri’s. They are making millions on the oil in Baku and it is just a matter of time when they will attack. A program must be initiated immediately to buy automatic rifles for each family to protect themselves with the funds to go to the Artsakh Government.

      • Hye-phenated said:

        No need to BUY rifles… There are plenty and then more. What would help is housing for these brave families and preferably with bomb shelters in the basements like the Israelis have just in case Sultan-president Ilham Heydar-ugly Aliyev feels suicidal one day…

  9. Pongo said:

    By the way, if Azeri will ever attack Armenia (without Russia’s evident approval), there will be at 1 Italian backing NKR and fighting in the trenches: ME.
    And I shall bring to Armenia, our ancestor’s land, a few other Italians, proud to rise up the flag of the freedom, the flag of Armenia and Italy, two countries having long time suffered Turkey and its bloody politics.
    Arunod drosh: even if bloody, the flag of freedom will stand always in Nagorno-Karabagh!
    Long life to Armenia and great respect from Italy!

  10. George said: