Kars Municipality Votes to Demolish ‘Friendship Statue’

ISTANBUL (Hurriyet Daily News)–The Kars Municipality has decided to demolish the hotly debated “Monument to Humanity” sculpture in the city dedicated to advancing “Turkish-Armenian Friendship,” reported the Anatolian news agency on Tuesday.

Eleven members of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) and eight members of the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) voted to demolish the statue during the municipal assembly meeting, four members of the Republican People’s Party (CHP).

The 30-meter (100-foot) unfinished concrete statue, located in the northeastern Turkish city of Kars close to the Armenian border, was commissioned in 2006 to promote dialogue and reconciliation between the two countries. It depicts two figures emerging from one human shape and symbolizing the pain of division.

Visiting Kars on January 8, Erdogan reportedly described the monument as a “monstrosity” that overshadows a nearby Islamic shrine. The AFP news agency cited Turkish media as saying that he ordered the Kars mayor, a member of his ruling Justice and Development Party, to replace it with a park.


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  1. Frank said:

    Good, best news I have had.

    What do Turks know about Humanity and their pathetic attempts to demsotrate goodwill?

    Every gesture, every comment from Turks is laced with lies and deciet.

    I hope to God, they never are alowed to join EU as Europe will be forever lost to ignorant and uneducated masses from Turkey.

  2. Frank said:

    They should build a new statue a Forgivness Statue, begging the Armenians and the Armenian nation for the crimes of their ancestors, for the destruction of Western Armenia, for the mass murder, for stealing of our culture, our music and arts.

    Then they can build a Thank You Statue, thanking the Armenians for enriching them with our ancient values and culture, arts. or giving them the likes of Sinan who designed and built some of the most renowned Ottoman buildings and moseques, thanking us for giving them linguists who designed and translated their vile language and alphabet to latin.

    Damn these turks for eternity for their evil nature

    • Avery said:

      Well said, Frank:

      You forgot the Armenian (and Greek) genes they misappropriated, by kidnapping the most beautiful of Armenian girls and forcibly Islamizing them – whose entire extended families they had previously exterminated in the most savage ways yet known to man.

      These nomadic tribes from the Mongolian steppes and Altai mountains fancy themselves ‘European’ – thanks to non-consensual mixing with the cultured civilizations of Armenians, Greeks, and Assyrians.

  3. Aram said:

    The Musslim shrine Erdogan disgracefully is mentionning is a converted Armenian church in Kars !

  4. Heghapokhagan said:

    As a matter of principle …I am against the saying near “Armenian border” & “Turkish city of Kars”

  5. zohrab said:

    well they are a race of never appreciating art the or any of that sort why would we expect them to keep it

  6. Gaghant Baba said:

    This is actually good. I believe that if Turks want to construct a “friendship” statue, it should not be done on historic Armenian lands. A better place for such a monument would be in the center of Ankara.

  7. varoujan said:

    Friends, somehow those savages do appreciate art, it’s called the art of killing, inherited from their mongolian forefathers, however Europeans today act like battered women who enjoy to be beaten by men yet skick with them, no wonder having this syndrome they can choose a turkish barbarian for PACE president

  8. varoujan said:

    Sooner or later Armenians have to come to terms and admit that There is only one language of friendship with the tatars of Turkey, it’s called the language of the little boy

  9. ARA said:

    We need their beef! We need to get some bones. THey owe us billions. we will get it-

  10. Hye-phenated said:

    Here is an example of Turkey’s friendship with the Republic of Georgia:

    They just signed an agreement to cooperate in historic sites restoration on each other territory.

    Georgia will restore 4 churches in Turkey and Turks will renovate 3 mosques and build one new in Georgia.

    The only problem is that these thieves will be swapping stolen ARMENIAN properties by renovating 4 ancient ARMENIAN churches in Turkey and turning them into Georgian churches, while Turks will be allowed to restore mosques in the buildings that were originally (yes, you guessed it!) ancient ARMENIAN churches!!

    And the new mosque will be build in the ARMENIAN populated historic Javakh territory that is currently within Georgian borders.

  11. Shant Melkonian said:

    No one gave a rat’s arse about this fake gesture and disgustingly ugly monument… Beside, Turks always act like they were the ones who initiated good will… When in fact Sarkisian reached out first with his “football diplomacy”… I wish he never did.

  12. Erdal said:

    Go ahead, rant and rave and live in the past in your backwater country with no outlet to the world. Turkey has become the strongest and most progressive country in the region with a growth that would makes you green with jealousy.
    You have been arming and provoking the Kurds for 40 years but they have now realised what an evil race the Armenians are.
    We treated you as brothers until you treacherously tried to murder us when you thought you could grab our land. Live with it.