Azerbaijan Denounces Iran For Ties with Armenia

BAKU (RFE/RL)–Official Baku has indicated its strong disapproval of Iran’s deepening commercial ties with Armenia, with pro-government members of Azerbaijan’s parliament accusing Tehran of pursuing an “anti-Azerbaijani” policy in the region.

In a series of strongly-worded statements made on the parliament floor on Tuesday, they demanded that the Azerbaijani government reconsider and scale back its relations with the Iranians.

“Iran is consistently pursuing a policy directed against Azerbaijan,” one of them, Zahid Oruj, charged, according to the Baku daily “Zerkalo.” “Even the unilateral [Iranian] cancellation of the visa regime is a component of its anti-Azerbaijani strategy. Iran is engaged in illegal exports of narcotics into our territory and supports Armenia by all means.”

“I call on Azerbaijanis to discontinue visits to the neighboring country in protest,” Oruj said.

“The anti-Azerbaijani policy implemented by the Iranian authorities has been more active of late and is causing concern in Baku,” another lawmaker loyal to President Ilham Aliyev was quoted by the Novosti-Azerbaijan news agency as saying.

The deputies seemed particularly incensed by Armenian Energy Minister Armen Movsisian’s latest visit to Tehran during which the Armenian and Iranian governments reaffirmed plans to implement more joint energy projects.

Iran’s Oil Minister Massoud Mirkazemi said they will press ahead with the construction of a pipeline designed to pump Iranian petrol and other oil products to Armenia. The two sides also plan to soon begin the construction of two hydro-electric stations on the Arax river marking the Armenian-Iranian border.

“This [pipeline] agreement between Armenia and Iran directly threatens Azerbaijan’s interests,” said Azay Guliyev, another Azerbaijani deputy. “The Iranian side doesn’t take Azerbaijan’s interests into account and considers Armenia to be among its friends.”

Iran has repeatedly signed up to Azerbaijani-drafted resolutions by the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) accusing Armenia of unleashing aggression against Azerbaijan. But that has not kept the Islamic Republic from developing a warm rapport with its sole Christian neighbor.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has personally promoted the implementation of the Armenian-Iranian projects. Visiting Baku in November, Ahmadinejad was careful, however, not to take sides in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

Azerbaijani politicians and pundits have long accused the Iranian leadership of hypocrisy. The Azerbaijani government has until now avoided endorsing such accusations or publicly demanding that Iran join in Azerbaijan’s and Turkey’s long-running economic blockade of Armenia.

During their November talks, Aliyev referred to Ahmadinejad as a “brother” and said Azerbaijani-Iranian relations are currently “at the highest level.”


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  1. Z said:

    Artyoq ays article tepele xelaci e asparezi koxmits? I don’t think so. Iran-e mer shat motik ev shat karevor barekamn a. Ira dem negative bener tepel kam kerkenel petq chi.

    • Gevorg said:

      Իհարկե, սրա հրապարակումն իմաստ ունի: Անհրաժեշտ է նույն Իրանին մեկ անգամ ևս հիշեցնել, որ իրենց կողքին գտնվում է շատ բաներով հենց իրենց պարտական մի արհեստական ինքնակոչ պետություն, որը հիմա էլ մի բան էլ քննադատում է Իրանին:

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  3. PersianGulf said:

    Ties with Armenia isn’t anti-Azerbaijani policy. Iranian has found two dear neighbors after a century of separation. This is very exiting event. Problem between Armenia and Azerbaijan is too small in Iranian eyes to take side. Zahid Oruj should grow up or have his brain checked.

  4. Frank said:

    The historical ties between Armenia & Iran are very old indeed, yes we have had some major battles against the Persians, and we lost most of the wars, but never have Armenians lived in peace & prosperity in ME than in Iran. Armenian is Iran are respected and treated at times even better. And Iranian Armenians are the most loyal of Iranian people.

    On the other hand Azerbajian simply does not understand the relationship, they favour Turkey in all areas , back stab their Iranian neighbours and demand that Iran betrays its 3000 year old relationship with Armenia and Armenians.

    I dont think so. Iranians are a lot smarter and wiser than the average azeri, that are oblivious to historical and geopolitical relationships.

    As an Armenian Iranian I applaud the stance of all previous and current govenrnments of Iran for providing a safe homeland for all Armenians & other minorities that have lived and prospered in Iran and have become loyal citizens for centuries.

  5. zohrab said:

    iran is a welcome friend of armenia we have a long standing friendship together with no strings attached.however i like to remind everyone hereone of the main reason why iran is not happy with baku is baku has israeli inteligencia spying on iran one second israel is training azeris plus supplying arms all in the name of cash so now u see why iran dislikes baku

  6. Abbe said:

    This is just a way of Azerbaijan to scear all the Armenian neighbor.
    “if you are supporting Armenia then your not a true muslim” is what they are trying to push Iran with.
    Their ultimate goal is to Isolate Armenia even more…

  7. Raffi said:

    It also should be noted that Azerbaijan–in the past and even today–has made territorial claims in Northern Iran, particularly the Tabriz province. There is also a large Azeri population in Northern Iran. Iranians are smart enough to know their genuine enemies compared to their genuine friends.

  8. ZARMAIR said:

    Azerbaijanis should consider breeding more desert loving ponies so they can all pony up back to their point of origin, CENTRAL MONGOLIA…

  9. Ara said:

    I, for one, propose an annexation of Azerbaijan and the formation of a North Persian Azerbaijan Province leading to friendly relations among all Caucasian neighbors… Thus eliminating those pesky ongoing issues such as threats of war with Armenia, claims on NK (my ancestral) lands, claims on South Azerbaijan, Israeli spy operations, US oil company infiltrations, a settlement of Caspian Sea right-of-ways & an end to Pan-Turanistic daydreams…

  10. Shant D said:

    I as Armenian and Persian in Blood and culture with Greece too would like to say this this , from what I read above I support the armenian iranian, and azeri friendship but a friendship (iran and azerbaijan) doesn’t mean and doesn’t give them the right to persue negative goals agaisnt armenia and iran friendship because any one who tries to break a an old friendship armenia and iran does not know what real friendship is about “iran and azerbaijan ,really.

  11. Tabrizim said:

    South Azerbaijan belongs to Azerbaijanis and they must re-unite with the North. It has nothing to do with Iran-Armenia releations. I’m an Azerbaijani. I was born in Iran but as soon as I turned 20 I moved to the Republic of Azerbaijan, applied for a citizenship and even served in the Army. I’m not persian, neither are the other 30 million Azerbaijanis living in Iran. We are Azerbaijanis. We belong in Azerbaijan. With Gods help, we will be together soon. Long live the great Turkish nation

  12. nima aria said:

    Azerbaijan republic should know that all azerbaijan is part of great iran, and i am sure north would re-unite with south, but as part of great iran.

    • Babek said:

      Ha ha .what a dream .wait and see what will happen to your little armenia !you will face reall azerbaijan soon .get ready for miserable life .armenia already in economy cricis and will never get out .from the otheside iran will not be able to help you to survive .because the border belongs to south azeri people .otherwise iran will lose itself to go back to lut esert and ride the camels with afgan breothers .you still did not realise iran belongs to azerbaijan not azerbaijan belong to iran .you Armenians will apeal to azeris to give you piece of bread like the lost dogs again .the jugement day is near .

      • Norris said:

        I think Babak was a Persian not a Turk. Your whole history is fake.