In Rebuff to Israel, Davotuglu Boycotts Conference

ANKARA (Today’s Zaman)—Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davotuglu boycotted a session the international conference on security in Munich over the weekend citing the presence of a high-level Israeli officials and saying he does not attend meetings attended by officials of the Jewish State.

Uzi Arad, national security adviser for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, was among participants of the session together with Davutoğlu. The foreign minister said he does not attend any meetings attended by Israeli officials because of Israel’s refusal to apologize for a deadly attack on an aid ship last May 31 which resulted in the death of eight Turks and one Turkish-American.

While Davutoğlu refused to attend the discussion, Osman Korutürk of the opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) did attend instead. Davutoğlu said he could not interfere with other politicians’ decisions about what meeting to attend but made it clear that he would have advised Korutürk not to attend as Turkey’s position against Israel should be a united one, reported the Today’s Zaman.

Davutoğlu spoke to Today’s Zaman en route to Turkey from Munich, where he attended an international conference on security on Saturday. In Munich, he met with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Davutoğlu said his meeting with Clinton was a follow-up to a phone conversation on Friday between Erdoğan and US President Barack Obama.


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  1. Zareh said:

    So, Mr. Davutoglu boycottes a meeting that included a high level Israeli official because has not apologized for the killing of Turks.

    Why then do Armenian high level officials meet and shake hands with high level Turkish representatives, even at the level of presidents, without them having apologized for the murder of 1 500 000 Armenians.

    What is wrong with this picture?

    • Frank said:

      How dare you insult his turkishness? Turks and muslims do not commit crimes against humanity they have for centuries supported, promoted the arts, sciences, and achieved amazing results in human rights issues.

      Their amazing ability to convinece “1.5M to leave their ancestoral homelands” and was nothing short of a brilliant tactict, the turks are the bright sparks of humanity and we the Armenian people should be eternally grateful that they raped pillaged and tried to destroy us for centuries .

      The folitilla was deliberate act by turkey to get a international attention, and I am glad the Israeli’s responded with a frim action. That is the language the turks understand, now like little school yard bullies they want an apology because they got slapped in the face so hard that next time they will think thrice before they try and pretend as if they care. If they care about the plight of muslims, let them resolve their Kurdish problem first and disclose the mass graves that still hides the bodies of over 20,000 Kurds from turkey that have never been found.

      Well done Israel

      • Avery said:

        Great first part, Frank, but disagree with the 2nd part of your post.

        Maybe Turks intended to provoke an incident, but Israel was clearly in the wrong: you have no right to board a ship in International waters. The boarding was illegal. Like it or not, Turks had the right to attempt to fight off the boarders.

        Israel continues denying the AG, and instructs Jewish groups to work against AG recognition in the US, even after the flotilla incident.

        During Artsakh’s War of Survival and Liberation, Israel supported Azerbaijan with high tech military equipment and advisers, who were working closely with NATO trained Turkish officers in Baku.

        In effect, Israelis were supporting a State that was attempting to exterminate about 200,000 Armenians – an attempted 2nd AG.

        I wouldn’t take sides on this one: let two scorpions fight amongst themselves.

  2. zohrab said:

    silly turks israel the most favoured baby of usa who are you kidding mr davouoglu

  3. sam said:

    i’m surprised about davoud oglu’s refusal to attend the meeting he himself is a convert jew son of david is challenging the israelis