Lincy Shuts Down, Transfers $200 Million to UCLA

Lincy Foundation founder Kirk Kerkorian

LOS ANGELES—The Lincy Foundation will transfer all of its assets, currently valued at $200 million to the UCLA Foundation, effectively shutting down the charitable organization founded by Armenian-American businessman Kirk Kerkorian.

The announcement was made by UCLA Chancellor Gene D. Block to the campus community via UCLA Newsroom, the university’s online publication.

Below is the complete article as it appeared in UCLA Newsroom.

UCLA Chancellor Gene Block and Kirk Kerkorian, founder of The Lincy Foundation, today announced the formation of the Dream Fund at UCLA, a community-based fund devoted to the support of medical research and academic programs at UCLA, as well as the support of a wide range of charitable projects throughout the United States. The Dream Fund will be part of and administered by the UCLA Foundation.
The Lincy Foundation will be transferring all of its assets (valued at approximately $200 million) and its charitable programs in progress to the Dream Fund as an expression of hope that other private foundations, wealthy individuals and businesses will join with UCLA and Lincy in this endeavor. Upon receipt of requisite government approval, The Lincy Foundation will complete this gift and terminate its operations.
“The UCLA Foundation and the entire UCLA community are grateful for a magnificent act of support by a private foundation,” Block said. “Mr. Kerkorian and The Lincy Foundation have a long history of major charitable giving, and the UCLA Foundation is honored to have been entrusted to continue their mission.” 
The Lincy Foundation was established in 1989 to benefit charitable organizations in the U.S. and around the globe. Since it began, it has made major gifts of over $1.1 billion to schools, hospitals, scientific research projects and other charitable endeavors. The Lincy Foundation has also generously supported Armenian charities in the United States, as well as endeavors in the Republic of Armenia.
The UCLA Foundation receives, manages and distributes contributions made by alumni, friends, private foundations and corporations to UCLA’s many professional schools, academic departments and operating units.
Campus officials said the Dream Fund will remain nimble and adjust to society’s evolving needs, continually searching for both funding partners and worthy recipients of support. An emphasis will be placed on organizations and programs that help address societal problems.


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  1. Armanen said:

    That $200 million would have served Armenia Fund much better. Not happy with Kirk!

    • Hye Mom said:

      Our little Armenian school in Southern Cali. heavily depended on the Lincy Foundation’s generous donations. This money was directly utilized for the school’s operations….ultimately to help educate and raise up our next generation of productive Armenian-American citizens. Although we are so very grateful for all of Lincy Foundation’s previous donations, we are deeply saddened by this current decision.

      • Ara said:

        With this money new Armenian schools could have been set up or the tuition of the existing Armenian schools could have been drastically reduced so Armenian kids could have actually went to Armenian schools and learned about their heritage thus at least prolonging (until Armenia could have been strong enough to help out) their eventual assimilation. But, alas, apparently that is not to be and, on purpose.

    • Allen said:

      Ya, only to have about 95% of that money be stolen by your corrupt government instead of having it actually benefit needy causes here.

  2. Frank Moore said:

    So do you think this money to UCLA will stop the school from sponsering Gulen Movement Events that deny the Armenian Genocide?

    • Aram the farmer from Fresno said:

      Everyone needs to calm down, come to Fresno have some raisins. Kirk it is your money do as you please. I have not forgotten what Kirk has done for our community.

  3. David Boyajian said:

    Diasporan organizations are starving for funds and dying out, and Kirkorian has to give away ALL $200 million to UCLA?

    As nice as this may be, this is not an act of charity but rather an act of stupidity and ego.

    No one is against medical research – that part is ok. But now a bunch of vultures will now swoop down to get a piece of the action – every two-bit, do-gooder organization that will simply waste the money.

    Is there any doubt that some pro-Turkish and Turkish-affiliated organizations will try to get some of this money in the name of “charity”? How about sending some of it to Azerbaijan to support the “victims” of Armenians?

    Maybe the money will be used to send give scholarships to poor darling Turkish students to go UCLA?

  4. Ed said:

    This is a disaster and a blow for many in Armenia who were generously supported by this foundation. Who really needed the support most – multi-billion UCLA or impoverished people in rural Armenia? Perhaps Kirk got tired with Armenian bureaucracy and cleptocracy and unelected politicians…

    • Hye-phenated said:

      No doubt the cleptocracy and bureaucracy at UCLA is much better sweetened, but also more expensive. And who elected the people making decisions on charitable distributions at UCLA? Isn’t it a self electing board?

      This is no different than Calouste Gulbenkian’s (Mr. 5%) gift of $2.5 billion (in today’s money) to Portugal.

      The bottom line is that Armenians cannot rely on support of these moody super rich and have to start collecting a small tax (1% on April 24th?) from each individual supporting our cause.

      • Souren said:

        With all due respect, the money is Kirks, to do with what he wants.
        He worked for it, he earned it.
        The bottom line is, as you put it that Armenians should learn to rely on their own endeavours and not just sit there and EXPECT the successful members of the community to subsidise them.
        As for the Lincy foundation, the guy has done plenty for Armenia, in fact he has probably been the most consistent benefactor, with his own project managers on site to ensure as much money as possible actually gets to where it is supposed to and not stolen by the government and church (unlike another so called charity who work hand in hand with the cleptocracy and get given citizenship etc for their help)

  5. Hratch Tchaghatzbanian said:

    This news makes me sick. Ten days ago, I was very happy to hear that UAF got 10 million dollars from Lincy. And now we find out UCLA gets 200 million AND the foundation is shutting down? Seriously? They should should have switched those numbers around. There are a handful of Armenian schools left and they’re barely getting by. How about supporting future academics instead by investing in Armenian schools? How about rebuilding EVERY Armenian school in Artsakh so the kids aren’t cold in the winter while they are sitting in class. I just don’t see a way that this move is justified (at least not from an Armenian viewpoint).

    • Seervart said:

      I know Hratch, I know. I also know that Kirkorian was possibly or probably fed up to his neck with Armenia’s oligarchs and the government, but that is no excuse for him to forget Artsakh’s Armenians. Artsakh is just starting to pick herself up and there is no corruption in there whatsoever. Bako Sahakian is a straight guy, a patriot and caring for his people. They desperately need any millions we can send it to them for the Armenian schools and for the Armenian children, for heaven’s sake. How about the water crisis that they recently had and the people and children needed clean water desperately. How about Akhalkalak? When the school’s are in a terrible shape and when the people are living day by day and are poor and destitute? I just wish I was a millionaire like him and I would have sent my own agent(s) to Artsakh and Akhalkalak and serve my country and people instead of filling up the pockets of the rich UCLA and possibly to the pockets of denialist Turks and warmongel Azerbaboonjons.

  6. John K. said:

    This was expected. But it came sooner than expected. This must have someting to do with his Herya fiance. Since Armenian Organizations are asleep, the Herya vultures are at work.

    • Aram said:

      That’s absurd to talk about a Herya fiance / vultures. Don’t denegrate Kirk Krikorian, a self-made billionaire, with such idiocy. We Armenians have a lot to learn from Jews. This is Kirk’s money. He can do with it what he wants. Just because he is Armenian, there is no reason for him to be more generous than he already has been to Armenians in the US and in particular in Armenia. Armenians need to learn how to fundraise. Armenians raise $10,000 at a fundraiser and it’s a big victory. For Heryas that would be accomplished with a phone call. It’s shameful for us that the only large fundraiser in the Armenian community seems to be the Thanksgiving-day telethon. Get your heads out of the sand. Instead of bashing Heryas, learn from them, as their experience has a lot to teach us. So many Armenian victories have been possible because we leveraged the victories that Jews have had–for example, in the life insurance victories in the courts; recovering stolen Armenian assets from organizations like the Getty Foundation. These things happened and are happening because Jews did them first, and now we are relying on their precedent. Armenians also need to start contributing to other communities as well–civil rights causes, homeless, hospitals, education, the communities in which they live. The Jews extend their charity into all sectors of society and we need to as well. Kirk has done more than his for Armenians. If anyone wants to donate more millions of dollars to the corrupt Armenian government, by all means, become a self-made billionaire and go for it.

  7. Peter Musurlian said:

    I am reserving judgement until the entire story is told. Kerkorian, after all, has given more money to benefit Armenians, than most Armenians combined since 3,000 B.C.

    Sure, we all could spend his money much better than he could, but…it’s his money. And, he’s been very generous.

    I’m hopeful that a reasonable explanation is in the offing. If not, there will be plenty of time for stone throwing.

    • Avery said:

      Well said Peter:

      (except for the stone throwing part: no matter the explanation, Armenians have no claim to his wealth)

      Mr. Kerkorian did not make his money in Armenia, or because of other Armenians. He did it all by his own wits. Being an Armenian does not obligate one to help other Armenians or RoA. It is his money – he can do whatever he wants with it. We certainly prefer that he help his people, but he has no moral obligation.

      He has given more than most, as Peter said.

      Instead of bellyaching about herya-this, herya-that let’s all strive to create more multi-millionaires, deca-millionaires, centi-millionaires, and Billionaires.
      Mr. Kerkorian is the ONLY American Billionaire of Armenian descent.
      There are less than 5 in Russia.
      There are probably close to 100 American Billionaires of Jewish descent.
      Several hundred Jewish centi-millionaires.
      Thousands of Jewish multi-millionaires.

      Let’s work to create more wealthy Armenian-Americans.
      The suggestion for a regular National tax is also good.

      • Ara said:

        This should serve as a wakeup call to the Armenian community including our leaders that we need to have an organized strategy to help groom and promote the next generation. Sad but true we are losing a great generation of influential successful individuals who have made their mark ie. Alex Manoogian, Mardigian, Kirk Kerkorian, Hovnanaian etc..

        These people gave so much to their Armenian community as best as they knew how..But who cares about the young generation in becoming successful. Where is the incentive to come back and help the Armenians either you have to be Tashnag or belong to AGBU, ANCA etc.. whatever group to take you seriously? Newsflash the environment has changed lets find a way to build millionaires, billionaires rather than tearing down one another. If we keep this up there won’t be any Armenian organizations left which young person would want to be involved.

        Lets wake up share resources and do something for once. After all look at what is happening in Glendale politics we can not even elect a good solid Armenian American that wants to good. Wake up put your heads together and lets show the next generation they should care and there are people to mentor help and put us on the path to be like the millionaires that eventually gave back to their community because someone took time enough to care and show the right path by opening up a door to opportunity.

      • DJOKHK HRAYR said:

        “Being an Armenian does not obligate one to help other Armenians or RoA” Do you know how ridiculous you sound? Very patriotic of you I must say. Hopefully one day you will be thirsty and dehydrated as fellow Armenians just look at you and say YEA HE IS ARMENIAN, BUT WE ARE NOT OBLIGATED TO GIVE HIM WATER… ayyy toofta. Go read a book and instead of jumping to become a Millionaire, how about you learn to become a decent human being and go find yourself.

  8. MK said:

    He should have given those funds to the Armenian University of Yerevan,or any Armenian Org or Orgs.
    I am very saddened and disappointed in his action.

    • Cypriot said:

      Wish he had used it to reopen the Melkonian school in Cyprus and taken it away from the vultures at the AGBU

  9. Pahakazor Hayrenyats said:

    Bravo Mr. Kerkorian! Don’t you dare criticize him! His message is loud and clear! The Armenian community in Los Angeles has turned into a ghetto. The only thing we care about is who builds the largest church and whose name is going to appear on the facade! Every time there is elections for a local political office we spare no effort to sling mud at each other! Every April 24th Americans think it is our Cinco De Mayo with our rowdy youth speeding on Glenoaks with their cars wrapped in Armenian flags! Tashnag-Hunchag-Ramgavar pointless fights over and over again! Look at the idiots who are at the helm of our “traditional” Armenian organizations! Mr. Kerkorian wanted to immortalize his memory and he didn’t see our community as the viable vehicle for it and there is a myriad reasons for it. We, as a community, are at fault and NOT MR. KIRKORIAN! Have you all forgotten the hundreds of millions he has sent to Armenia? Have you all forgotten the millions he has donated to our local churches and Armenian schools? God bless him for who he is and what he has done! I wish him many years of health!

      • Stephan said:

        One small suggestion:

        Perhaps our youth can get together under a project, that makes all Armenians proud, all around the world. How about having a MARCHING BAND, to participate in The Rose Parade, where all the musicians are of Armenian Origin?
        Can we generate some funds to make this project a reality?
        Here is a challenge for whoever is interested?

      • imagine said:

        I also agree with Mr. Hayrenyats, and if I might add, the pettiness of those slandering statements left by previous individuals are deployable. Mr. Kerkorian has donated so much toward armenia and armenians. he was there, faithfully supporting all aspects of society throughout the birth of the armenian nation as well as those around the world. I worked on many project during those beginning years, and none of it would have been possible without the generosity of this man. He can do whatever he wants with HIS money.

    • Aram said:

      Totally agree. If I see one more white 7 series BMW parking in a cheap apartment building in Glendale, I will go postal. Armenians need to contribute and donate to societey at large, not just to Armenian causes. Get out of the ghetto and become a citizen of the world, and of the community in which you live. Stop giving money to corrupt Armenian politicos and their cronies.

    • Hratch said:

      Dont worry , UCLA has plenty of money… That money could have been used for investment in armenia!

  10. Edward Demian said:

    There is a long history of disagreements with the Armenian government over the distribuition and accounting of the money spent. If you follow earlier threads, you will come accross Kirkorian threatening to pull his funding. I suppose that the cleptocrats in Armenia viewed that money as mana from heaven. Or else how does one explain villas on the shores of lake Sevan. The Golden rule is: He ho has the Gold, makes all the rules. We Armenians are stupid that way. Does any one remember Kalust Gulbenkian, of the Gulbenkian foundation.? Most of that money, millions of dollars, is now in Portugal. There are fortunes everywhere dissipating because other foundations have been forthright and true to the bequest. The donors wishes have been respected and therefore they get the business. Don’t blame Mr. Kirkorian, he did a lot or Armenia and Armenians, blame the misshandlers in Armenia. Thank you Mr. Kirkorian, and I am sorry that we could not have done a better job.

    • ninachka said:

      You are so right on, Edward. BTW, I love that word, Cleptocrat. It’s brilliant. But I’d be very saddened to learn that it’s only used in terms of Armenians. It seems to me after reading about Mubarak’s financial shenanigans of the past 29 years that cleptocracy is a common thing in these parts of the world.

  11. L.A. said:

    Being Armenian and donating to Armenian organizations is not enough of an attachment anymore for many diaspora Armenians, the super wealthy included, and this is a clear show of that. Maybe Armenian organizations such as Armenia Fund will wake up to see that they are not well respected among moguls such as Kirk Krikorian and decide to adapt their strategies in a sound way without their enormous (and often unsubstantiated) egos getting in the way. The “impoverished people of Armenia” need our help, but the organizations that cater to them are outdated in the way they do business, the people that are at the heads of the organizations are unqualified for those positions, and those who are qualified with solid ideas, motivation and education get shut out because it poses a threat to the dysfunctional equilibrium they run on. The measurable results from projects that are implemented are minimal compared to the money and effort that went into it and no one is asking the hard questions of these organizations to truly make them accountable to our people and their own mission. Maybe this will have some of these organizations looking themselves in the mirror to ask why and deciding if they truly care enough to do something about it. I would say this doesn’t just apply to the wealthy either, the Armenian professionals out there are have a significant levels of ability and influence in a range of industry but their allegiances aren’t just dedicated to Armenians just because they are Armenian anymore. They are invested in the progress of society as a whole so if Armenian organizations are not open and accepting of what they have to offer, they are more than happy to turn to other avenues that are – and there are many of them. And, you feel just as great for contributing to making our world a better place.

    • Vartan said:

      Armenian organizations and the government in Armenia needs to wake up. The fact of the matter is that their relevance will disappear. After sometime as life becomes more complicated for the next generations being Armenian becomes less of a priority and so does ones affinity. It is sad but true. If we do not become engaged and encourage our youth, leaders, including Armenians who are well to do then all this hard work which has gone into building a vibrant diaspora will mean nothing.

      Fact of the matter is who is going to be a model or example to keep our Armenian schools, churches and cultural organizations going. At some point people lose interest if no one sees results or cares anymore. Wake community and start thinking of your little world because after awhile your achievements will mean nothing if there is no one left to pass along the legacy.
      Mr Krikorian has made his mark and is doing it his way to see fit as it is his right!!! God Bless Kirk Krikorian and all he has done for Armenia.

  12. Z said:

    Damn we need some 50.000 to start a business. Will any business angel help a young armo out? No one I know of.
    Also Armenia is poor, people are starving, the war is around the corner.
    He could give few millions to that school and use the rest to improve the lives of his own people.
    I don’t understand him, on whose side is he?

  13. AK said:

    While Mr. KK does not owe Armenia anything, and we are all very grateful for his generous giving in the past, I wonder why he has decided to so drastically change his charitable giving pattern.

    As an alumnus of UCLA, I can testify that their professors have their own dubious agendas. I remember one history professor abusing his position to make unsubstantiated assertions that there were female bishops of the Christian church in late antiquity (4th century). When asked for evidence for his assertions by one student, Professor launched into a vitriolic attack against Roman Catholic indoctrination. The student was graded down on his final assignment, and got a “B” in the class, even though the student had received a perfect 800 out of 800 on his SAT examination in European History. The grade in the class was also significantly below student’s average. The student was not even a Roman Catholic.

  14. Maro Matosian said:

    I would first like to thank Mr. Kerkorian for his generous donations to Armenia and in the diaspora over the years. I cannot forget his aid to Armenia to purchase gas in times of blocade and war. It was vital for the orservation of the nuclear power plant and producing the little electricity we had in 1992-95. I hope that UCLA donation is not a sign of discontent with Armenia or Karabagh.
    I would have hoped that a clause was added to the UCLA donation to ban all professor who are deniers of the Armenian Genocide. What will happen to UAF?

  15. Hratch Tchaghatzbanian said:

    For those of you running to Mr. Kirkorian’s defense… please spare us the drama. Mr. K does not need your defense because nobody here is attacking him, and everybody has been very grateful for his contributions and have been proud to point to him as a successful Armenian. But this is not the point. The point is about community and national interests. If I was Jewish, I would want him to contribute to my synogogue. If I was a hardcore advocate of autism, I would want him to contribute to that cause. Here, however, we are Armenians. We have a country that is still in a state of war. We have a country that has a crumbling infrastructure. We have entire regions where schools must be developed. We have many many things to get done there. And bottom line… if Lincy was going to shut down, we would have loved to open and read that Mr. Kirkorian made a 200 million dollar donation to Armenia Fund, or to the Armenian Bone Marrow efforts, or to the AUA (as someone mentioned), or to the Artsakh board of education, etc. Mr. Krikorian is generous, sure enough, we can not argue that if he wanted he could hold on to his very last cent… so nobody is arguing that. All we are saying is that 200 million dollars could go a very long way for us. (Unless of course, Mr. K is planning on a much larger “grand finale” multi-billion dollar donation for Armenia sometime in the near future… heck, that’s what we would do, right?).

    • L.A. said:

      Well, that’s just it right – how far does $200 million dollars go in our community because it SHOULD go a long way. I follow a lot of the projects Armenian organizations raise money for and the measurable results are weak, if they even exist. So where is the accountability. We are a small country and raise so much money for these projects but the results are pitiful. And if you travel to Armenia to see the supposedly implemented projects you are far less than thrilled. So, if I am an Armenian woman whose mother died of cancer, father suffers from Alzheimer’s disease making me a full-time caregiver while I work full-time and am a mother of young kids one of whom has Autism where do or where should my allegiances fall with? These are the sorts of scenarios in life that most people contend with. I’m not just an Armenian anymore. All these things are important and matter to me yet many non-Armenian organizations have an endearing way of catering to me so that I am compelled to support their mission, but there is only so much I can do so where is the Armenian organization falling in this mix. And if you have enormous wealth this scenario only gets more dicey but the situation is just as real.

    • nana said:

      yes, “we have a country that is still in a state of war”. who pulls resources out under such conditions?

  16. Hue Red said:

    It should have gone to building Armenian schools, scholarships to parents who cant afford to put their children in a Armenian schools, and at least College scholarships so that those who cannot afford it.

    Education is the basis and strength of our community.
    Dumping it in all one place is stupid. Instead of going to UCLA it should have gone to help pay for Armenians who want to go to UCLA.
    I think this is stupid and really poor judgment on his part.

  17. Aram said:

    You all need to keep your opinions to yourselves. Mr. Krikorian’s giving is not limited to the funds he placed in the Lincy foundation. He is a great Armenian and I’m sure he has plans we know nothing about.

  18. Harout Nikoghossian said:

    This Money he earned in his life time was all from the past history that made him a stronger person. We Armeians have been tortured under the barbetic Turks for hundreds of years! Only we Armenians know what his family went through during the Gemicide. Now you hand all this Money to the hands of who knows? Shame to him and the people whos behind all this. Armenia needs this money more than UCLA. The school has too much money and find what kind of research? Cure who? maybe some turks. Our people need it morre. this research I,m sure Armenians can achive too. We are smart people, remember we are old people and born before these people. Its too bad that we have been tortured for centurys.

  19. jack said:

    with all do respect mr krikorian has and always be there for the armenians its ok once a while to guive to a local charity

  20. Patrick said:

    First off, who are all you whose anger is misguided at Kirk Krikorian, who has been a great Armenian-American throughout his life, to pass judgment on how he spends or donates HIS assets? Everyone of your comments screams “gimmie gimmie gimmie.” If the organizations you have all listed need it so bad, instead of begging for others to donate THEIR hard earned money, go create a plan where you yourself, and the organization you support can make that money. That way, no one can judge you on how you spend your millions.

    The Diaspora is quick to pass judgment on a man who has dedicated himself to be successful and NOT forget his roots as an Armenian, that’s a very important quality that our youth are losing…remember that he has done plenty. With this type of negativity, the Armenian community in Los Angeles, and the Armenian organizations in UCLA will not be able to collaborate to try and set up an annual Armenian-Student scholarship….put your disagreements aside and progress!

  21. Zareh said:

    OK, what if he got fed up with Armenian corrupt officials, God knows they exist, they even occupy Parliament seats.

    Has anybody asked how much do multi-millionaire Armenians in Yerevan contribute to Armenian Fund?, You know, the ones who go around with skin-head body guards. Who construct villas with private Chapels and who knows…even own private priests.

    I agree with Peter Musurlian, we don’t know the whole story.

  22. Chris said:

    The Lincy Foundation has the right to do whatever it want’s with its own assets. Mr. Kerkorian has done plenty for the Armenian cause, It’s a shame that people are quick to turn on him.

    • Lusik said:

      Don’t be quick to “shame” people yourself.
      Contrary, I see everyone appreciating the help in past.
      The pain is, that this pull-out happened in parallel with the USAID disproportionally being smaller than that to Azeris and Georgians. The pain is that Azeris build military muscles and US contributes enormously.
      The reality is that Artsakh is “the Armenian cause” today.
      Don’t “shame” Armenians! Never do it again!

  23. John said:

    God bless Kirk Kirkorian for all he has done for many charities (both Armenian and otherwise) to date. Giving to UCLA is a very worthy cause and should be a source of pride for Armenians, and we should be proud and supremely respectful of his decision. Moreover, we don’t know what future donations or foundations he may establish to further contribute to Armenian charities. What if he decides to donate his considerable personal fortune to Armenian causes is the future? We just don’t know, and in any case it is none of our business. Furthermore, Mr. Kirkorian made his fortune in the US of A, not Armenia or any territory close to Armenia; so I find it hard to believe that somehow he owes Armenians or Armenia an exclusive lifetime special favor. Again he has donated to Armenian causes both openly and anonymously far more than he “had” to for mere PR or kinship purposes. So lay off KIRK, be respectful and trusting of his decisions regarding his own legacy and how wants to spend his own hard-earned money.

  24. ARMENAK said:

    Wake Up, and become Kirkrorians yourselves. Enough crying, and holding your hand as beggars, Wake up and Rise if you want your people to strive and survive. We Need Revolution in Armenia starting with our families and government, look at our youth, look at the family structures. Is this what we truly mean being an Armenian? Kirkorian has done enough for us to wake up, and it stops here and now. We have had enough time in Armenia and Diaspora to get a grasp with the reality and lead our people out of this mess, but instead we love to criticize and chew each other out. We are people of SUN ArMens wake up and look up to the Sun and brighten up your minds, and rise. Enough begging, return to your own roots !!!! Redefine the meaning of Armenian, establish rule of law and moral principles, and contribute to the world with Brightest Ideas and Innovations in Science, Medicine, Art, ect….
    Armenians – The Children of Sun, of God Aramazd. Grikor Lusavorich, sun of Anak, traitor hired by Persians who succeeded murdering Armenian King Khosrov and his family. Since then, we have been paying the price of treason. Destiny is in our hands, and we need to steer it in the direction of success.
    How much more do you want to continue begging like Gypsies ???????? Armenians have prospered and will continue so down the centuries. We need a direction and a vision as a community and as People or we are about to DISAPPEAR

  25. facts said:

    I do not like the ruling regime in Ar to but still…some arrogant people are just writting so much stupoid cooments, whlle ignoring theat peopel living in Armeinia are the first resposible for the security of Ar and NKR!

  26. Harutuyn said:


  27. Jack said:

    Only Armenians would whine about a generous donation instead of applauding him. It’s not your money; it’s not your decision. Simple as that. Unfortunately, Armenians can’t keep their mouth shut. Fact is Armenians – especially in the US – have become disgraceful, selfish, ungodly people which makes it embarrassing to call yourself Armenian anymore. Go attack those people and leave Mr. Kerkorian alone; he has done more than anyone and owes you or Armenia NOTHING.

    • Lusik said:

      There are all sorts of people.
      Some, now I see,
      Get even embarrassed to call
      An old woman their mother.
      There are all sorts of people.

  28. Sona Manuelian said:

    This is a great blow to our brothers and sisters in Armenia. I can not help but think that perhaps some illegal event took place and this was the best way to hide it. Why take away from your Armenian blood. This is such a shame.

  29. Samvel said:

    Well, it is a one smart move by Mr.Kirkorian. As I see it, he says : guys! do a little more all of you, do not depend on one person only! I tried and I did what I could. Now, the time came for everyone to spend more energy of yourown and unite in a more productive way than just sitting and waiting for generous contribution, getting your own degrees in universities and look upside down on another Armenians who’s not fortunate enough to finish the school, have “good” life etc.
    We do have to change our own lives, be more oriented on Armenian projects and become a real Nation, not just a bunch of people of Armenian descent, “proud” of themselves for no one good reason unless we achieve something as a Nation. Does it make any sense?
    Thank You, Mr.Kirkorian for good jumpstart, to me personally, for freeing my energy in a more productive way for myself, my children and all of my Armenian Nation…

  30. sam said:

    thank you mr. krekorian for every thing you have done for us.maybe we don’t deserve more and i’m sure if we do you will be there again for us but this time maybe your own pocket and not the foundation

  31. AE said:

    All I can say is: THANK YOU Mr. Kerkorian for all your generosity and good will toward Armenia and Armenians everywhere! I wish you continued health and success!

  32. Pahakazor Hayrenyats said:

    I wonder why Harout Sassounian is not offering any commentary on the Lincy development. He is the Vice President of the Lincy Foundation after all. I would be VERY interested to hear him explain Mr. Kerkorian’s move!!!!!

  33. eddy said:

    It is noteworthy that the UCLA has a branch in Armenia -American University of Armenia (AUA).

  34. Bedros Zerdelian said:

    Dear Mr. Kirkorian,
    I appreciate very much what you did for your people.
    God bless you, your mission and your Dear Family all the times. Amen.
    I will pray for your success.
    I have great respect towards you.
    With great love,
    Bedros Zerdelian

  35. Stephan said:

    Armenian Film Foundation needed approx. $600,000 to convert some 400 videotaped inteviews of genocide survivors to be properly archived at USC. (Part of Shoah Foundation project).

    Perhaps AFF can apply to UCLA and ask them to consider financing this effrot.

    Another worthy project could have been for The Armenian Youth in L.A Area to have a place, similar to YMCA.

  36. Sam said:

    This is what you get for having a government that does NOT represent its people in Armenia. All those goonbas that run Armenia now have seized power and were never elected. All the money they’ve received from abroad always went into their pockets!!!
    I’m with Kirk on this one!!!

  37. Antranik said:

    I hope that Harout Sassounian as vice president of the foundation will shed light on this matter.He is a well repected patriot and I am sure he will do it in due course.

    • nana said:

      I would like very much to hear an explanation for this “punishment”. Agree, Mr. Kerkorian has put Armenians in an awkward state.

  38. Vatche Dakessian said:

    It is his money after all and he has the right to do whatever he wants. My only comment is that if liquidation was being considered, then a small allocation from the US$ 200 million to the very needy diasporan Armenian schools would have gone a long way in improving their chances of survival in these difficult times. By the way, the LA Times says its US$ 100 million.

  39. Stephen T. Dulgarian said:

    God Bless Kirk Krikorian and the Lincy Foundation for all the help over the years to Armenia. I don’t have any idea why the 200 million is given to UCLA by the Lincy Foundation, but obviously some disagreement must have happened, whether its the corruption in Armenia or other reasons. However, we must respect Kirk on his past help for our struggling Armenia and hope that Armenians will stay united. Stephan Dulgarian

  40. Peter said:

    It is a well-known fact that an Armenian American who owned, at that time, the film rights to the 40 Days of Musa Dagh,” approached Kirkorian for help. Kirkorian was head of MGM at that time! This was in the 1980’s as I recall.

    Kirkorian told him to work it out with MGM executives. Well, it did not work out, and the Armenian man wound up making a mediocre, low-budget film of the 40 Days. This is all in the wonderful book by Ed Minassian of San Francisco titled Musa Dagh. Kirkorian had a chance to do what MGM has failed to do in the 1930’s. Kirkorian did not care.

    So that was Kirikorian then: in effect, an odar, dating and marrying starlets and God knows who. Then he got older and got interested in Armenian things. Now he has turned away again.

    UCLA to administer Armenian money – yes, Armenian money, you eshes.

    Who is UCLA going to give it away to? The Anti-Defamation League of Bnai Brith? Black organizations? Hispanic ones? The Jane Fonda Foundation? Is UCLA going to establish a Turkish Studies Chair with it?
    Kirkorian ought to be vilified. He is crazy and selfish. Some people say they are going to wait and see what happens. We can already see.

  41. Krikor said:

    Kirk Krikorian is smarter than most of the people here questioning judgement. He has been a great philantropist who has contributed tremendously to both Armenian and non-Armenian worthy causes. If all Armenians followed his example and contributed to Armenian schools, they would be self sufficient.

  42. Z said:

    Just few days earlier there was another article on Asbarez. about his foundation donating 30.000 for a fund: Capital Gateaway, right. To help armenians out there to get gov jobs.

    Isn’t that a quite small sum of money for our armenian sons compared to…

    I just wish there was a fund/organization that helped young Armenians with starting a business. That’s how Jews succeed. When one gets successful, he helps another Jew to get successful, and so on and on…

  43. Lusik said:

    It is sad news. Mr. Kerkorian knows the most about taking and giving. At the same time, as I was reading the comments, I felt proud to notice how well we, Armenians, appreciate the help (a little bit of sun in cold water).
    Somehow, I am sure that Mr. Kerkorian has great plans for Armenia. Just wait and see. How it can be otherwise? We are about to celebrate 20-years of independence of Artsakh and Armenian Republic. We have to pull together our collective energy of all sorts for a big change: the documents/chronicles of archives of the 1915 Genocide must become working documents in legal processes all around the world by 2015. Each of this projects will carry names of all Armenian who contributed.
    $200mln has a great financial inertia. Moving this amount from one inspirational ground to another has to have a strong driving force. What it is? Mr. Kerkorian grew his fortune by himself. He did not take classes to learn the dynamics of the money flow. We can guess. Because, as we see, there is no explanation publicized.
    1. Disappointment with the failure of latest political moves in Armenia? Think about unpopular idea of introducing a 2-chamber Parliament, which would let Armenian Diaspora get involved in political/economical life of Armenia. Who were proponents and opponents of the idea?
    2. Some personal motivation?
    3. Disappointment with the last-year scandal about misuse of the US Medicare money, which involved Armenians?
    4. Better way to “invest” charity?
    And there are many other possible reasons.
    Still, I hope that the sad story of Gulbekian’s initial inspiration to remain forever as a part of the Armenian future, finding a grave in Portugal will be avoided this time. Time is different now, there are so many things to do. Do something for Armenia. Work directly with people. They are skilled and talented. You need to be straight and consistent, however. And you will find it rewarding. In plus, you will know that part of Armenia’s future life carries droplet of your effort.
    Dear Mr. Kerkorian,
    I have a Ph.D. from one of prestigious universities of the US. I have more than 10 years of experience of teaching, research and service at the university in the US. Besides I have an exposure to the educational/research system of France, and also Armenia. Recently, I came up with an idea of creation of a community college for young women in Syunik. My ancestors are from Syunik and I know well the bright, skillful, energetic women of the land. They need some initial boost about contemporary business, trade, economy. They need a general upbringing. Each of this women will become a seed for a future enterprise. The region will flourish, and so will the entire country. I have a draft proposal ready for submission.
    Show me, please, right venue for submission of this proposal to your fund. Thank you.

  44. Z said:

    I say he should give:

    -50mil to UCLA
    -50mil to Artsakh
    -50mil to Armenian Fund
    -50mil into a special new fund that helps Armenians to start businesses.

  45. anna said:

    I wonder why we’re not asking anything from Mr.Kocharyan who has billions but does not give any penny to our country.He stole everything and sold to Russians by taking big favors from them. A Russian newspaper wrote about this and gave the list of his businesses. His wealth is four billions and for your information, he is getting retirement money from our poor nation.I think we need to concentrate on this illegality and do something. By the way, it is not secret that the whole government is just like him. They are making good money by steeling. It is time to think and act in order to change this situation on behalf of our poor nation.

  46. ando said:

    i am totally disappoited and cant understand what the hell he was thinking. Kirk did ur brain die out on u?

  47. al said:

    There are a lot of dumb comments by people here.

    Kirk has given tremendous amounts of money to the Armenian cause and I am thankful he has.

    For those of you who feel he should have given his money to Armenia or Artsakh or some Armenian school, thats fine, you are entitled to an opinion, but first realize its not your money so why the hell are you talking bad about the man.

    UCLA is home to a lot of great programs, armenian studies, near eastern studies, and the armenian community there is strong, so good for him. I hope they name a building after him and every ethnic group, jews turks blacks white korean armenian arab iranian can attend class and see his name everyday.

    For those who think Armenian schools could have better used the money, yes i agree they might need the money, but there are plenty of armenians with expensive cars and homes who fail to make payment to those same schools and just think their children are entitled to attend private school. How about the schools hire a third party collection agency instead

  48. Arto said:

    Kirk got fed up of giving money to Armenia and nothing happening. Here is a country that after 20 years imports 70 percent of its milk and milk products. After 20 years Armenia can’t be self sufficient in milk and its farmer stay idol. Not a good picture.

  49. mahmouzian said:

    please everyone relax .remember. k. kerkorian has another 2to3billion dollars personally . i am sure a titan that he is. will follow the last 20 years of giving.thank you again sir. for all the help you have given to armenia.

  50. tigran said:

    I believe this was a slap on the faces of those in Armenia who manipulated the money received from Lincy into their pockets. I also believe that Mr. Kerkorian just showed to everyone that he is not the golden cow that can be milked in the name of helping “Artsakh”. I also hope that Mr. Kerkorian understands that not all Armenians are Kocharians and Sargsians, and the funds under control of Tracinda should benefit Armenians. We need to raise our educational level, let those Tracinda funds serve as a scholarship source for all the Armenians who get accepted to the top 100 universities in the world. I AM SURE THAT CAN BE FULLY AND EASILY CONTROLLED.

  51. Karen said:

    You know , everyone can do anything with his OWN money. In this case, when someone helps his “motherland” for 20 years, and in that 20 years more than 30-40% of privided funds was stolen by government and other “charitable” organizations , I know the best choice was made : To help Armenian schools in US , to assist Students who’ll become a “clean” future of nation , who will learn to be Armenian and not to born in Armenia and became a thief. The only thing that EVERY Armenian can say to Mr. Kirk after closing the Linsi is THANK YOU , FOR EVERYTHING WAS WITH HIS HELP !!!

    • Lusik said:

      I was born in Armenia. Got education in Armenia. I love Armenia and will never forget my mother taking care of my good Armenian language.
      I know thousands of Armenians born in Armenia, who are honest and are not thieves.

      I could take you to the court, as it is normal for you, I see. But I will not. You do wild guess why.

  52. Avetis said:

    If this news ends up being true, there is no excuse for what Kirk did. If he was really worried about “corruption” in Armenia, he could have easily put in place various measure to make sure the money he is donating is used effectively. He could have built badly needed infrastructure/plants/factories/roads in Armenia with that kind of money. By donating it to UCLA, you naive fools think the money is going to be better spent? In American organizations, only a very small portion of donated funds actually reach their intended purpose. How do you fools think top officials of charitable organizations make a six digit, or million dollar salaries?

    • Lusik said:

      It is very true about the officials of charitable organizations here and elsewhere.

      I think that Armenians, placing local leaches morally higher than that in Armenia, are not fools, but a kind of social suspensions.
      They use any opportunity to belong to a strong camp, but the strong will never accept them. They reject the right to strengthen the week camp, because they hate belonging to them. They are rather poor than fool.

      Mr. Kirkorian is 6 years shy of 100. A person older should speak words of wisdom to him. Let us hope that he has good friends besides good fortune.

      • Seta said:

        Relax everyone,Mr. krikorian has been a father to all the organizations that work for our Armenian nation, he has been the back bone of my Foundation and through UAF we have served thousands of families throughout the villages of Armenia.He will not forget us or stop helping will just be in a different way,It is his, to decide and we are greatful to everything he has done for Armenia and the diaspora.

  53. Anahid Alvandian said:

    Thank you Lincy and Mr. Kirkorian for all the good deeds you have been doing over so many years, both in United States and Armenia. Your philantropy is very inspiring and hopefully some of it will rub on the heads of the govenment of Republic or Armenia as well as the nuovo-rich there, who got their wealth in very dubious ways. Thank you again and may God give you a very long and healthy life .

  54. AM said:

    I do not understand where all these negativity comes from. We are all grateful to Mr. Kerkorian for his generous help to Armenia and Armenian community. Every one understands that it was his money and he could do whatever he pleased. No one is attacking Mr. Kerkorian but people simply are saying that money could have been spent better if it was given to Karabakh. And no one is begging here. We are not wishing that he gave this money to us but to Karabakh, which is a war torn region with children who lost their fathers and houses to the war. And do not trash Armenians in Armenia because of some oligarchs and corruption. And being a scientist in the US let me assure you that 100 million dollar is a very little money in research and cannot do any wonders but surely could have done wonders if it was invested in Karabakh’s economy and infrastructure.