Azerbaijan Preparing For War, Says Defense Minister

Azeri Defense Minister Safar Abiyev

BAKU (Today’s Zaman)—Azerbaijan’s Defense Minister Safar Abiyev told OSCE Minsk Group co-chairmen that his country is seriously preparing for war against Armenia to “liberate its territories from occupation.”
“Azerbaijan is seriously preparing to liberate its territories,” Abiyev reportedly told the co-chairs, the defense ministry’s press release said on Friday.

Abiyev defended his comments by referring to the traditional practice of other countries, saying that every country would act similarly in these situations. In the statement Abiyev emphasized the necessity of implementing current international norms and provided examples of situations in which international law was successfully implemented.

Abiyev also criticized the activities of the Minsk Group and said that while diplomatic overtures of the mediators have not produced any results, Azerbaijan has not yet lost its hope in the group.

Ziyafat Asgarov, the deputy speaker of the Azerbaijani parliament, told reporters in December of last year that Azerbaijan reserves the right to liberate its occupied territories. When asked whether war was on the agenda, Asgarov said, “You will see it very soon.”

Novruz Mammadov, the director of the department of foreign relations in the presidential administration of Azerbaijan, told ANS TV channel on Saturday that it is natural for Azerbaijan to intensify its war rhetoric, pointing to the failure of mediators to bring about peace in the conflict.

“The only job of the international community and OSCE Minsk Group is to make Armenia accept the proposals on the table,” Mammadov said.

“It is very natural that Azerbaijan increase its military calls because we have been negotiating for many years already. Because the talks have not produced the outcome we want, the Azerbaijani president [Ilham Aliyev] is highlighting the right of Azerbaijani army to liberate our territories and this is only natural,” Mammadov concluded.

Nagorno-Karabakh Republic authorities reacted to Abiyev’s comments, releasing a declaration that the Armenian troops were constantly training to repel any attempt by Azerbaijan to seize the region back, AFP quoted Interfax news agency as saying on Saturday.

The statement said Karabakh forces were ready “if necessary, to ensure that any encroachment by the enemy meets with adequate retaliation.”


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  1. Garod 5 said:

    Sounds like they need another lesson. Go for it Mr. Defense Minister..when is over, only thing you be in charge of is..counting body bags…

  2. Harutuyn said:

    Esi arten zzvsres de ari ay b..i txa, these people are starting to annoy the whole world with their bullshit statements about attacking our homeland if you gone attack and see what will happens to you.

    I just cant wait to see how the Armenian forces will tople alieviki rejimin and enter baku in few days of war
    es pidaras defense ministeri jane kora gali

  3. Berge Jololian said:

    Defense Minister Abiyev would like to give us a chance to liberate Nakhchivan and the rest of Artzakh.

  4. Roberto said:

    Aliyev and Abiyev will be making a grave mistake. If war resumes, Armenians have the ability to take the war to Baku. This new war will be nothing like 1988-1994 when Armenia didn’t have an army or weapons. The Armenian Army is highly trained and well equipped now. They will strike oil pipelines and platforms. They have the ability to strike military and strategic targets in Sumgait and Baku as well as other cities. Every citizen of Baku will feel the horrors of war first hand. As Azerbaijani military prepares for war, they should also prepare their hospitals for maimed and mutilated soldiers, their morgues for a flood of corpses, and their mothers for grief.

    • karjan said:

      can i laugh ( hahahaha _ ) i know you are afraid of our Istiglal who you know because it fucking to your ams

  5. garo kamarian said:

    once upon a time a man prayed for there be PEACE. the Lord responded BUT WHAT TYPE OF PEACE? the man was puzzeled, so the Lord explained that there were two types of peace; the peace of slave and the peace of the brave.
    we armenians were in peace under the turks, and the azeri turks. We experienced the peace of the slave.
    then , we fought for our lands , for our people, for our dignity, and established the peace of THE BRAVE. so now we LOVE the peace of the BRAVE. So if azerbaijan attacks AND WHEN the brave get to baku, please do not complain…

  6. Stepan said:

    More unfortunate rhetoric from these clowns. I particularly enjoyed the comment that the only job of the international community and OSCE was to”make Armenia accept the proposals….”. It’s interesting to see how Azerbaijani official us the media to stir the war rhetoric directed at their pitiful oppressed population.
    They seem to have forgotten thast they lsot what was stolen from us because of their abusive policies.
    Of course, since they can’t admit their failures to their own people, they just do what is convenient….. blame others.

  7. Zareh said:

    The only problem with Armenian Forces is the lack of an effective air force to neutralize enemy movements before it can cause damage. S-300 in Armenian possession is defensive. What Azeris SOB s deserve an offensive machines of obliteration. Remember the Israeli crucial air offensive against Egypt in the Arab-Israeli Six-Days war in 1967.

    But even with this Armenian military weakness I would say to the Tatars who today call themselves “AzerIs”: bring it on!

    • bigmoustache said:

      LOL YOU FORGOT THE YOM KIPPUR WAR, i think it was 73′, when egyptian air defences (soviet anti-air missles) nearly destroyed israels air force and gave egypt a huge victory in the sinai..

  8. arziv said:

    The diaspora should start preparing and walked in lockstep with the Hay military. We must not wait for the ignition of a flare up t before we marshall our diaspora resources . The initial skirmish on the part of the Azeris must be snuffed out before it develops into a ” war”.

  9. Norin Radd said:

    Next time they will have to kiss our rears for us to allow them to visit Baku after we take it. We need a sea port and if these Azeri mutts decide to have another go at us, we will take Baku as our sea port.

  10. Shant D said:

    NODBODY cares waht you says mr. azerbaijan i’m NOT scared of you azeries or turks , remember no one gets away with their past crimesa against humanity. So azerbaijan turkey talk talk talk all you want but YOU WILL Paayyyy for it all … and you are paying now while i listen to K$sha and read a book!!! ahahaha HAHAHA

  11. ZARMAIR said:

    Azeri‘s count on the good will of the Armenians. Azeri’s know they can attack with no mercy and yet, when thing go bad, they can bank on Christian compassion. Someone needs to talk to these savages and remind them that next time they attack the Armenians Baku may become a ghost town…

  12. facts said:

    This man is not a native Turk Azerbaijani … more likely he is looking for an opportunity to create more favorite conditions for his small folk in “Azerbaijani Republic” like Kurds did during Armenian Genocide !

    Armenia (ruling regime AND opposition) should be on alert since Georgia and Turkey jointly with some western countries have made planes to destabilize Iran and Russia! One should not ignore the fact that Georgia has stated broadcasting into south Russian autonomous republics a propaganda TV!

  13. Vahan Vanagan said:

    We know now, more or less:

    That he will be the one for signing the capitulation of Azerbaidjani Nomads, descendants of Alpaslan-Timour Leng. And this will be the occasion to restore the historic Armenia from the east to Castian Sea, with the province of Paydagaran.

  14. Hamik C Gregory said:

    This is the right time for the Armenians to encourage the Islamic Republic of Iran to abrogate the 1813 Golestan Treaty. They have to try it, otherwise Yerevan will go to war the second time.
    Is the Armenian Diaspora rich enough to support a bankrupt Armenia the second time?

    • Vahan Vanagan said:

      To Hamik:
      The Diaspora and Armenia is one unity. If we do not have the green dollars, as usual we shall have the arms and the will to win a second war. And if the enemy will have courage to restart the third time the same adveture, then we shall fight like the first time, Yev Ador Hamatsayn Bidi Desnen Zoroutioun.

  15. AK said:

    What the Azeri leadership does not tell its own population is the following:

    1.) If there is war with Armenia, and if Azerbaijan loses, there is a possibility that the resulting peace treaty will annex the “occupied territories” to the new state of Nagorno-Karabagh.

    2.) The inevitable Armenian counter-attack will cause many casualties to the Azeri forces making the frontal assault through the Aghdam corridor towards Stepanakert.

    3.) While Azerbaijan enjoys a superiority in expensive “toys” such as airplanes and missiles, such things cannot hold a territory. Only infantry can hold territory, and Armenian infantry is superior in skill and motivation to the Azeri infantry.

    4.) If the several initial Azeri offensives are successfully repulsed by Armenians, Azerbaijan becomes vulnerable to a push northwards from Aghdam through Barda into the cities of Jevlach and Mincechaur, cutting Azerbaijan into 2 pieces and ending the war.

    The current petty dictator of Azerbaijan is a young pup who does not understand what a terrible thing war is. Nobody wants war, not even the Azeri leadership. But never again will Armenias allow themselves to be conquered by Muslim overlords, who have a long track record of oppression and violence. Armenians would rather die than live again under the Satanic crescent moon of the Muslims.

    Incidentally, the moon has always been a symbol of the devil according to Christian traditions. The moon is considered a pathetic reflection of the light of the Sun, which stands for God. The moon produces no light of its own. It is completely dark like Satan. The only light that it has is the reflection of the Sun’s light. The moon is inferior to the Sun, just like the devil is inferior to God. The moon will always have a secondary place, and be most visible only where the light does not reach (i.e. during the night). I do not believe it is a coincidence that the moon is the symbol of Islam. I believe that Islam was directly inspired by the devil, who spoke through Mohammed, whose greatest achievement during his life was, apparently, the conquest of a neighboring city.

    • varoujan said:

      Very impressive! However I would be cautious to mix religion with race specially in war times, The Good Book says “Better a neighbor nearby than a brother far away” Pr 27:10, just like some “Christians” are bad, also some other non Christians are good, in this case I mean Iran

  16. DJOKHK HRAYR said:

    Short sighted fools… They knock on that door long enough, someone will answer.

    I only pray that my fellow ARMENIAN Brothers/Sisters feel how I feel about MAYR HAYASTAN.

    When that day comes… NO FEAR, NO RETREAT.

    The world seems to forget that God is watching, especially the actions of the righteous. Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.

  17. Azerbaijan4ever said:

    Very interesting comments. “We need a seaport”, “Baku will turn into a ghost town”. I wonder what armenians would think if I said that we need a direct border with Turkey, or things such as Irevan will turn into a ghost town. It sounds funny, right?

    • Gaghant Baba said:

      Since the beginning of the Armenian Genocide until today, the reason for the existence of Azerbaijan was to eliminate Armenia and form a new Turkish empire from Anatolia to Central Asia.

      Your have no points to argue with, and you are not part of a convincing country as to why you exist. You people do not exist to live in peace, you exist to destroy.

      Next time you form a country, make sure you do a little homework before stealing the name from a province of Iran.

  18. Z said:

    No need to rely on god Hrayr. He’s not around. Rely on weapons, brave, good trained soldiers.

    I think a war would be a great chance to resolve this matter one and for good.

    • varoujan said:

      Z my friend, I am about to share a secret of our forefathers’ survival
      “What,then shall we say in response to this?IF GOD IS WITH US, WHO CAN BE AGAINST US?”
      “No, in all these things we are MORE THAN CONQUERORS THROUGH HIM WHO LOVED US. for I am convinced neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord” Romans 8:31/37

  19. Gaghant Baba said:

    I wish that Armenia, Iran and Russia get together and decide the fate of this so-called “country” once and for all. Azerbaijan is neither a country nor a people. They are simply there to pump oil for Chevron and BP all the while barking day and night how they will destroy Armenians and Armenia with the money they got for creating the dirtiest city in the world.

    The majority of the population of Azerbaijan belong in Iran. They are currently occupying historic Armenia both in the east and the west. I believe Turkey uses Azerbaijan to divert attention from itself and the genocide to keep Armenians worried and occupied with a problem that should not exist.

    With daily war rhetoric like this, no two countries can co-exist. Either Azerbaijan must go or Armenia must go. Simple as that. The people of Armenia do not deserve to hear how they will be destroyed on a daily basis. This is nothing more than not-yet implemented terrorism. That in itself is enough to eliminate this impostor country of Azerbaijan.

    • Azerbaijan4ever said:

      This Iran issue is becoming kinda boring lately. Yes, we get it. So Armenia and Iran decided to develop their economical relations. You people should stop making such a big deal out of this. It’s not like this cute “friendship” of yours is going to destroy Azerbaijan. We always knew that this option existed for Armenia. North and south borders of Armenia are still open as they were since the collapse of Soviet Union, it’s not like we are blind, lol.
      As for the “genocide”, there was no genocide. This doens’t mean that nobody died back then. Yes, a lot of innocent people have died during 1915-1923. Armenians, Turks, Kurds, they all died. But it was not a genocide committed against Armenians.
      And about Azerbaijan and Iran. I wanna ask you 1 thing. A couple of years ago Armenians used to say that Azerbaijanis and Turks from Turkey are Mongols, and they belong in central Asia just like all the rest of Turks. All of a sudden, when Iran and Armenia get more closer to each other, I start hearing/reading things like Azerbaijanis are a Iranian tribe (Aran/Aryan, or whatever you call it), and they belong in Iran. How am I supposed to understand this? Please tell me. I’m so confused, Does this mean that if the West decides to strike Iran like they did with Iraq, and as a result of this, Southern Azerbaijan gets independence, like it happened in Northern Iraq (Kurdistan), we all go back to the Mongolian issue?

      • Gaghant Baba said:

        Well if you know you belong in Mongolia then why are you still hanging around? You are supposedly an Azeri, yet you know absolutely nothing about your country and your origin. Azerbaijan has at least a dozen different people. Which one are you? And yes, the Tatars of Azerbaijan came from Central Asia if you want to look at it that way while some of the others broke away from Iran. The problem is, you embraced Turkish culture and language in hopes of connecting with them physically at the expense of Armenians. Along the way, these Iranian tribes were duped into believing that they were “Azeris” during the Soviet Union. An example of this is the Talysh. Another are the Tat. I will not go into detail any further, because the topic is very long and not suitable to post here as commentary. Suffice it to say, Iran or Central Asia, the theory is the same, your presence in present day Azerbaijan is on historic Armenian soil, and your government has the audacity to talk about territorial integrity and attacking NK to take more Armenian lands.

      • Heghapokhagan said:

        This time Armenia would retaliate in war by taking back Baku and all so called Azerbaijani territory that was given by Lenin and Stalin! What Armenia will do is give back the territories to it’s rightful owners, which are those people who are under Azerbaijan’s oppression and their territories are part of Azerbaijan.

        • Heghapokhagan said:

          I believe “GOD is Absolute Justice” and GOD Wants Justice To Be Served!!

  20. Azerbaijan4ever said:

    Listen up people. There won’t be a war untill 2025-2030. Why? Here are some reasons:

    1) Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline is a property of British Petroleum untill 2026. Azerbaijan has an international obligation to provide the security of that pipeline untill that time. BP was not stupid when it decided to invest in this project if Azerbaijan couldn’t guarantee it’s security in the first place. Remember, in some areas the pipeline is located within 40 km of Armenian border. Coincidence? Not really. US and EU insisted it to be that way. Whereas it could have been as fas as 120 km away from the border. So that puts additional pressure on Azerbaijan not to resume armed hostilities.

    2) Next major project. Nabucco (natural gas). Pipeline worth 8 billion USD. Expected to be completed by 2014. There won’t be any war untill Nabucco is built. Right now, the main issue for European Union is the attraction of investors for this project. All political issues have been settled, and Azerbaijan has signed an agreement with the EU to construct this pipeline despite heavy political pressure from Russia on both Azerbaijani and the European sides. Again, stability is needed for foreign investment, so that means no war. By 2020 Azerbaijan’s annual gas exports will reach it’s peak (54 billion cubic metres of gas production annually). Currently, (2010) this number is 27 billion cubic metres. After 2020, a decline in the gas production in Azerbaijan is forecasted.

    This is not all. There are many reasons that can be mentioned why a war is unlikely right now. But the major thing is, untill Azerbaijan’s weight as a major energy supplier for Europe doesn’t start to decrease, it would be naive to think that a war is about to start. By the way, I also expect a western funded revolution in Azerbaijan somewhere between 2025-2030. Untill then, US will help Aliyev to stay in power.

    • Still-Not-Insane said:

      I hope your analysis is correct but you forget a few things:

      1) It is getting increasingly difficult for Aliyev to explain to Azeris why a rich country like Azerbijan that has the third largest army and airforce in the CIS and a GNP of $120 Billion compared to $20 Billion in Armenia is shy to initiate hostilities. The military may be tempted to overthrow Aliyev if it senses widespread discontent amongst the population over Karabagh inaction by 2013-2014.

      2) Aliyev prefers a limited war – one that will be orchestrated with Russia to insure symbolic battle field confrontation and a lot of missile exchanges. This will serve Russia’s purpose of weakning Armenia economically and making it even more dependent on Russian business than it already is. I think Russia genuinely prefered a peaceful resolution to the conflict so it can benefit from a booming Armenia and Azerbaijan. However, the Russians have come to a conclusion that the stuborness and lack of political courage on behalf of the Armenian administration spells stagnation. Tens of thousands of rockets landing on Yerevan will weaken the economy to a point that even the local oligarchic structure would collapse and make way for greater Russian domination.

      3) Aliyev is a dictator interested in self enrichment but I doubt his plan for 2025-2030 is exclusively wealth generation. The Aliyev family is already worth anywhere between $30-45 Billion so the next natural step would be wealth preservation rather than wealth accumulation.

      4) The “West” can’t afford to feed its soldiers in Iraq an Afghanistan so I wouldn’t place my bets on USA/UK financing a “revolution” to overthrow Aliyev between 2025-2030.

      Bottomline is that both Armenia and Azerbaijan need a stable and long lasting peace treaty that will be mutually beneficial and address both sides’ grievances.

    • Gaghant Baba said:

      Well, you made some interesting points, but my question to you is, why even have a war in the first place?

      It sounds like it is a lifestyle you have adopted. Honestly I can’t think of any other country in the world as childish as Azerbaijan.

      I suggest Azeris start embracing peace instead of war, perhaps then you will find out that there are a lot of things to do and accomplish by peaceful living instead of obsessive war-mongering.

      The Azeri “government” with all the oil-revenues it is stealing from the Azeri people can easily improve all the lives of the impoverished instead of buying weapons as if we are all playing some kind of video game. Life does not work that way. Seriously, just grow up.

  21. v said:

    Are you saying we have to wait that long to regain Nakhichevan and reerect our Khachkars ? Hmmmmmm

  22. bigmoustache said:

    dont listen to this ignoramus, WAR WILL HAPPEN, regardless of who has financial interests…MUCH MORE money can be made by a war…azeri resources will be gobbling up weaponry from these countries!
    as i diasporan i am telling everyone, as azerbaijan prepares so do i….

  23. Azerbaijan4ever said:

    To Gaghant Baba:
    There happens to be a misunderstanding about what I previously said. Partially it’s my fault, because I forgot to mention a few things. Personally, I’m against a war. Be it a full scale war, or just a local operation, it doesn’t matter. There are reasons for this. It’s not like I don’t care about the territorial integrity of my country. I do, trust me. But the thing is, as a stock/futures trader, I have a tendency to look at things from a risk/reward point of view rather than some emotional patriotic feelings. See, the risk/reward ratio is just not there right now for Azerbaijan to attack. We would end up risking a lot more, for something less. And even if it was a better risk/reward situation, I completely agree with you that negotiations are always better than trying to resolve an issue by military means. A human life is not an equity or some security, it’s the most precious thing on earth.

    To Still-Not-Insane:

    I agree with you that Azerbaijan might be interested in a “limited war” or something like this in the near future but a few things make that impossoble at this time. First of all, the gap between Armenian and Azerbaijani armed forces are not big enough in terms of size and fighting skills to make 3-4 day military operation worth fighting in the first place. Normally, such things are done when the offensive side is much stronger than the defensive. And I mean much stronger. Take Cyprus for example. It was done within 1 night. It’s obvious that invating Karabagh within 1 night is not possible right now. It would take much longer than that. A thing that neither Russia, nor Turkey wants. If the hostilities continue more than a week, some intervention is most likely to happen. I suppose from Russia, then followed by Turkey. So it won’t happen.
    And 1 more thing about attacking Yerevan. That’s competely impossible. Not a single bullet will be fired towards the State of Armenia if a war starts in Karabagh. We are aware of your Collective Security Treaty Organisation. Attacking Armenia would be the same as begging Russia to invade us (Azerbaijan). I seriously doubt that Azerbaijan would ever attack Armenia. But Karabagh is a whole different issue. It’s internationally recognized as part of Azerbaijan, even inside the Collective Security Treaty Organisation. And this is by the way something that was also mentioned by Serzh Sargsyan. So basicaly, the war would be on Azerbaijan’s territory. Therefore, leaving Russia no possibility of direct intervention. It could supply ammunition and stuff from Gyumri to Karabagh, but no direct intervention from the north (Dagestan) into Azerbaijan.

    Anyway, my point is, we must resolve this issue peacefully. We are not bunch of cavemen. Neither Armenians, nor Azerbaijanis would benefit from a war.

    • Azatavrear said:

      The moment Baku attacks Artsakh the President of Armenia will declare NKR recognized and send troops. An Attack on Artsakh would be an attack on Armenia.

      Artsakh has the right to exist. The Armenians of NKR have earned their right to self determination. Any right of return for Azeris could be considered after the referendum and establishment of NKR’s status.

      Azeris lost their rights in Artsakh when they tried to destroy the Armenians there after what they did to them in Baku and other areas with porgoms. You wanted to make Mt Ararat with Armenian heads as it was said back then? you lost the war, you have nothing to say. You want it, you come and get it. Armenians will never again compromise, especially our liberated lands with the blood of our Fedayees.

      Your war mongering President has made it clear that Baku will never accept NKR away from “Azerbaijan”. Well then, he is free to test the determination and the will of the Armenians yet again. We will show the world and the imperialists who support you again that oil interests is inferior to our will. You all know deep inside that this land does not belong to you and it is not worth to die for. Sending your minorities (Lezgins, Talish) to fight your war will backfire badly and this time “Azerbaijan stands to lose much more. Remember President Sarkisian has warned that this time we will remove this threat for ever.

      Wolf Hunter

      Wolf Hunter

  24. Karim said:

    Azerbaijan is stronger than Armenia in economics and social unity. It is obvious that Azerbaijan is 9 mln and have more soldiers too. So, according to military expenditures, the advantage is also on Azerbaijani site. Coming to war, as it was mentioned previously, as humans we would prefer peace. If the determination of Azerbaijanis in the conflict lies on war, that may happen too. What about the war 1988-1994, even though Azerbaijan had more military equipment than Armenia, we lost not because of less heros, because of not having many generals trained during Soviet time (Azerbaijanis were not allowed to be in higher hierarchy of military defense industry, only small proportion had and they were killed in the helicopter which was shot down when they were going back to Azerbaijan after peaceful dialogue). We took back occupied territories and then lost because of Russian intervention (Russia sent generals to prepare attack strategies).
    In conclusion, it was not a war between Azerbaijan and Armenia. Other wise, the result would be different. Now, what happens is you do not have Russian back, there is no support from Russia. Even there was, how would you get it? From the air, Georgia would not endorse it. Turkey does not support you either. The only hope is Iran which will not risk helping you openly. There is USA :)

    I again emphasize that the peace should come without war, but you should consider these facts before being patriotic. Every 3 days I read Armenian news, and there is immigration going on in Armenia, every year 7.5 thousand people leave the country, it is an official statistics. Look at politics too, your president has already started speaking differently :)

    Just wanted to remind what is what.

    Azerbaijan is always in my heart and Armenia is in yours. What matters is who is right. Nineshneya pravda ne uvas, pover mne. Neft ne naprasno u nas…