Cosmo Launches Armenia Edition with Kim Kardashian on Cover

TV personality Kim Kardashian

By Kat Stoeffel
From the New York Observer

Cosmpolitan will launch an Armenian edition in March, announced president and CEO of Hearst Magazines International Duncan Edwards. Part of an ongoing effort to realize their name, Cosmopolitan recently dispatched  editions of the fun, fearless flagship to Mongolia and the Middle East.

The Armenian ambassador to Rodeo Drive, Kim Kardashian, makes for an obvious cover choice. Hrachuhi Utmazyan has been named Cosmo’s editor and the magazine will have an initial circulation of 5,000.

“The Cosmopolitan brand has been very successful around the world and we’re pleased to be rolling out our 63rd edition this spring in Armenia,” said Edwards. “Working with Media Partners, a very well-respected local publisher, we are confident that Cosmo will do well with Armenian women.”


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  1. Norin Radd said:

    What “wellness” will Cosmo bring Armenian women exactly if I maybe bold enough to ask? More superficiality and an increased shallow state of mind? The fervent desire to gain more unnecessary wealth while leaving the wealth of our cultural heritage behind? Or is to gain an enhanced level of moral depravity that runs precisely counter to our Armenian way of life and culture, “progressively” led by the door knob that is Kim Kardashian to usher in a new golden age of teaching women how to behave like prostitutes.

    I think its best for Asbarez no not soil its pages with more “Kimmy K” in hopes of gaining Armenian Genocide recognition celebrity support via journalistic brown nosing, try to stay a respectable new agency instead of becoming a cheap tabloid paper. Any self respect Armenian woman or man heaves and cringes at the site of this half Armenian disgrace. Get with the program Asbarez.

  2. Houri said:

    Not being a big fan of Kim or Cosmo, (maybe until recently) can we at least look at this from another point of view? Cosmo, as cheesy as it is at times had a huge role in liberating a lot of women around the world if not just sexually but empowering them to at least reflect on it. I’m all for beginning a conversation. Just look at the cover with this blog “what he thinks during sex” what is wrong with wanting to know that? or my favorite, “mind tricks that melt pounds” oh do I need that!
    As far as Kim is concerned, yes the girl has made her name simply for her bootie and possibly for taking her clothes off sometimes. Yes, I hold that against her but what about everything else that she has done or possible could do with her 6 million followers? Does anyone remember bad girl Angelina Jolie? She’s a saintly mother and wife and an ambassador to the UN AND donated millions of dollars to worthy causes.
    As Armenians let’s get off our high horses and stop judging people from narrow minded places. Yes we are proud christians but is it sacrilegious to want to be famous? Let’s give Kim a chance to clean up her act and do some good in this world and let’s give Armenians in Armenia the benefit of our doubt that they are smart enough to get the good advice from Cosmo and dump the bad. While I’m at it I would like to celebrate that we were picked by Cosmo to publish in Armenia, I thought we would never qualify with our backward minds :)

  3. Armanen said:

    I think it is you, Houri, who has a backward mind. There is postive aspects in the traditional/enlightened Western culture, then there is the current mtv garbage that passes as Western culture. And if sleeping around is something that is considered progressive, then count me out of that movement. Bad actions should not be celebrated.

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