Ter-Petrosian’s Ship Has Sailed

Levon Ter-Petrosian

Talk is cheap!

On Thursday, a spokesman for Levon Ter-Petrosian’s Armenian National Congress said the Armenian Revolutionary Federation had no moral right to kick off a campaign for voter rights, claiming that the party has “always stood by those responsible for falsifications.”

This, coming from the entity that invented vote rigging in Armenia, the legacy of which has haunted all elections. The visual is as clear as day: Levon Ter-Petrosian, his then interior minister Vano Siradeghian, who is still wanted by Interpol and other top-level officials, were toasting with champaign their rigged victory in the 1996 presidential elections at the presidential palace. Outside, tanks had rolled onto Yerevan streets, a state of emergency was declared and the real winner of that election, Vazgen Manoukian was barricaded and not allowed entry into the parliament.

The aforementioned incident of course came two years after Levon Ter-Petrosian went on national television on December 28, 1994, and through a decree shut down the ARF and all its affiliates—including publications, publication houses—ransacking and arresting people who had but a marginal affiliation with the party. This “moral” act came on the heels of his other televised address, in June 1994, when he rolled up his sleeves and, through another presidential decree, ousted then ARF Bureau chairman Hrair Maroukhian from Armenia on the eve of the party’s World Congress, which was to be the first to be held in the homeland since Armenia’s independence.

Let’s not forget that it was Ter-Petrosian and his cronies, who pressured by outside entities and foreign interests, were on the verge of selling out Karabakh and were adherents to Paul Goble’s plan of exchanging Lachin for Meghri and put a hasty end to the conflict, which had become a thorn on his side. It was also the same group of “right-minded” leaders who sparked the Turkish-Armenian Reconciliation Committee, the basis of which have become Turkey’s argument for continuing its denial of the Armenian Genocide.

And now, this group of self-serving anti-nationalist forces has the audacity to preach morality to a population that was so demoralized that it left Armenia by droves. This is the same group, under whose leadership opposition forces were jailed, tortured and, often assassinated, in an effort to clear the arena of obstacles so, without resistance, they could continue looting the national wealth.

When the ARF announced its voter right campaign last week, it was clear in articulating that the movement would be a popular one and would involve every single citizen of the country. This movement aims to empower voters to make educated choices at the ballot box in upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections, as well as in all other elections, be they for local governance or regional and territorial leadership.

That is why, the ARF was also vocally opposed last week’s announcement by Armenia’s ruling coalition that they would contest the upcoming votes as one entity and endorse President Serzh Sarkisian’s reelection bid for 2013.

The coalition’s announcement, as well as the Armenian National Congress’ efforts to single itself out as the only opposition force in the country are by nature—and practice—undemocratic and do not, in any way, support or advocate the national aspirations of the Armenian people.

It is important to note, that the ARF campaign is not urging voters to cast their ballots for an ARF candidate or slate, but rather for the voter to be informed enough about his/her choices to make the vote count and not be swayed by bribes or threats that might disengage the population from the process.

Essentially, the ARF campaign aims to crush the very election processes that were instituted by Ter-Petrosian and his criminal gang, and that have unfortunately taken root in Armenian society and its system of governance. To counter that, a popular movement is needed and the ARF aims to unite all forces behind this idea.

No one is buying this “emperor’s new clothes” routine. The Armenian National Congress is the continuation of the same destructive policies and culture of intimidation that was borne out of the Levon Ter-Petrosian regime. Neither he nor any of his followers who parrot his claims have the right to comment on morality or preach democracy. That ship sailed a long time ago.

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  1. Armen said:

    What, there was no entrenched culture of fixing elections, assassination, authoritarian rule during the Soviet days? Of course, there was.

    Where was the ARF when Heritage’s offices were locked up in 2006/2007?

    Why did the ARF back the state-sponsored slaughter of our people in March 2008?

    How many protesters did Ter-Petrosyan kill in the streets? None. Kocharyan and Sargsyan killed at least 10.

    As far as this humble writer is concerned, all three Armenian presidents have been appointed pluto-autocrats and anti-nationalists. That’s the system they grew up in.

    The reason why Ter-Petrosyan is revered now by many grassroots members is because he is the only one of the three leaders who has apologized to his people for his prior mistakes (albeit not fully), focuses on bread-and-butter issues and staunchly advocates for democratically-elected governance and market liberalization.

    I disagree with many of his foreign policy stances though, but they are the same weaknesses as hot-air Kocharyan and Sargsyan.

    Additionally, Ter-Petrosyan is NOT on record for denying the Armenian Genocide. Sargsyan is! All three are surrounded by pro-reconciliation bums, and all are known to have undermined the genocide recognition drive.

    I would rather see a new, young, well-rounded, nationalistic, pan-Armenian leader emerge, but as things stand today, I don’t think there is one. The political culture is very muddy and anti-nationalistic so long as Russia controls most of what goes on in Armenia.

    We may have to wait a generation.

    We may have to see multiple revolutions take place for positive change to take place.

    • John said:

      Ever thought about retiring from your well paid job to retire to your israeli fatherland?

      • Heghapokhagan said:

        Errelevent whatever is commented here!!
        Who-ever is Against This ARF’s Statement!!….. “That Person Is Against Armenian People”

      • Andy said:

        John, you’re so smart. I totally missed the Israeli propaganda in Armen’s comment. Thank you for bringing it out. I mean, if not for Israel, Armenia would be just prospering under the ARF/HHK/BHK/ABC/BPZ/$%^ flag and leadership. These absolutely despicable Israelis just keep ruining it for us. Damn!!!! If only they didn’t exist – we would be in paradise! Right?

    • Hayk said:

      Mr. Armen
      I can wright 100 things Ter – Petrosyan did, to destroy Armenian nation.
      I lived In Armenia until 2004.
      1990 -s were unbelievably bed in Armenia Not because The Karabagk war, because Levons gang friends Vano siradegkyan,Stambultyan,Jahangiryan,B.Ararktyan, How meny more should I tell.needed to get foreign aid.So what thay did.
      1) they Closed nuclear power plant.
      2)they closed Nairit chemical factory.Russians were bagging not to close it.
      3)They privatized every single factory in The country (left from soviet) and than sold it as resource to Iran.
      In one word They paralyzed Armenia.
      I remember In Leninakan were I am from, when we started to cut trees in 1993, that was the end.
      I remember My Father was going to buy the bread at 3am, was standing in the live line and he could buy only 10 at a time(He was buying for 3 family s at a time) ,and it was not even a bread,I remember bread was like sandpaper inside. I was 13 years old at that time.
      How can I forgive Levon Ter-Petrosyan The 1-st President who broke Armenian nation’s hope.
      Him and His patriot friends never been in karabax. What do you Want to call this?
      If this is not enough I can give you more examples.

      • Arsineh said:

        Thank you Hayk. I usually think Americans have incredibly short term memory, but I cannot comprehend how thinking that an apology from Levon makes up for what he did to this country at a most crucial time. That thousands of people take to the streets chanting his name blows my mind. He paved the road for corruption and is full of it with his current rhetoric.

        I also believe Kocharian made his mistakes and that Serge makes Kocharian look like a saint is concerning. God help me this country is so fragile right now, I only pray that the March 1 protests around the corner and the elections on their way don’t drive another generation of bright hopefuls out again. We can’t afford the last brain drain we had, much less another.

        As for the ARF, if they want to prove they are the party of true democracy, they got some work to do. They mostly have the ideology right and a couple good leaders, but they are nearly irrelevant in the people’s minds and are only continuing down that road.

        • AM said:

          Totally agree with you Hayk. And Armen, I also lived in Armenia till 2005. I still remember the lines for the bread and the bread that we got after standing in lines for hours we found pieces of plastic bags and other junk inside. We were disgusted and asked my mom what that junk was and she told us to get rid of the junk and eat the rest. I was studying in Germany when events leading elections happened in 2008. I could not believe my eyes that we had 500.000 lost people in our country i.e. 500.000 brainless people. I was so frustrated when I saw them chanting LTP’s name. I asked my family and friends stay away from LTP’s campaign and do not participate in any demonstrations. It was so unstable that I was frightened that war with Azerbaijan would brake any time. They say LTP did not kill anyone. What does that mean that LTP did not kill anyone? Who killed more than 30 people when he was in the office. We all know that Vano Siradeghyan did. And who was Vano? No connection with Levon? People complain that Serj killed 10 people. But what Serj or Kocharian were supposed to do? Let LTP succeed with revolution and wipe up Armenia and Arcakh from the map? He was doing it in 1990’s but did not succeed because Vazgen forced him out of office. Now he wants to come back to complete his mission. He is a sold person, just someone that was paid to destroy Armenia. And I am pretty sure with this destabilized situation in Armenia that LTP has created Jews/West are going to pump even more money into LTP’s pockets to succeed with revolution. I think we are in a serious trouble; 1/5 or more of our people in Armenia are suffering from amnesia. They forgot the darkness, cold, hunger, multiple political murders, destruction, horror and massive corruption. Why would I, or anyone else for that matter, care that LTP has apologized for his mistakes? Another cheap trick to attract brainless and spineless people. The trouble is that more than 50% of those people that are complaining about corruption given the opportunity they would do the same. They are only complaining because they are not in a position to do so. I just feel great pain about those pure, innocent, talented, hardworking people whose blood is being sucked constantly.

  2. Armanen said:

    Much better editorial than what was written last week about the current government of Armenia.

    This article should be forwarded to the supporters of policy forum Armenia who continue to run anti-Armenian propaganda, with levon as their implied choice for President.

  3. Gagik said:

    I didn’t see you peak a word of criticism towards the traitor Ter-Petrosian until now that he has touched a nerve with ARF. You also have no right to comment on morality or preach democracy when you only do so when it is in your interests. While I agree with what is written, it is shameful that it is only being published now. Where were you in 2008? Vilifying Sarkissian and in turn fueling the dangerous flames of Ter-Petrossian’s attempted take-over.

  4. Gaghant Baba said:

    Some Armenians who are anti-ARF support Levon Ter-Petrosian for that reason alone. Their ship has also sailed with Levon.

    • Heghapokhagan said:

      From what I understand most of “Anti ARF Armenians” Are from those generations during communism, when communists were falsifying anti ARF documents, fabricated stories, false propaganda in general, to fill soviet-Armenia’s people with hatred “based on lies” …”Soviet Communist’s Ultimate Goal Was” To Conquor And Destroy Armenian People’s “Natinalism & Patriotism”
      One example out of many!!! Karekin Nejdeh

      • Arsineh said:

        Sorry, but many people are anti-ARF because of the ARF’s current actions, or lack-there-of. I’m ARF, but they have a long way to go to be the party of the people they claim to be. They are so removed from the Armenian people, not because of policy but because of inaction.

        • Gaghant Baba said:

          Hegh. I agree, I think education is the most important factor here that the ARF can pursue to undo all the damage the Soviet Union has done to the Armenian psyche.

          And Arsineh, you comments are unfair. What action do you wish ARF do? Start a revolution in Armenia? No one wants bloodshed… Can you say in the NK war the ARF was inactive? No. The ARF is removed from the Armenian people of Armenia because of all the misinformation the Soviets preached for 70 years. We must all work to change this, and be patient in the process.

  5. Tsait said:

    I am an ardent believer in ARF and what it stands for, unfortunately being part of the coalition with Sarkissian’s regime was a blessing and a curse at the same time. With the ill-fated Protocol agreement with Turkey ARF came to face the reality that being “inside” rather than opposition didn’t pay off. Now all the criticism that ARF faces for being part of an illegitimate regime is valid. In order to start earning a much wider respect, the ARF-Armenia has a lot of work to do to wipe this blemish off.

  6. MK said:

    Levon Ter Petrossian should be put on trial for all the criminal acts he has committed through his corrupt cronies,not to mention the fact that he tried to give away Artsakh to the Azeris in order to please the West,our nation does not need such corrupt criminals.

    He should go and live in Turkey.He is a disgrace.

  7. Zareh S. said:


    The article is well written and factually beyond reproach. Except, I don’t understand why only the 1996 Presidential elections are discussed as corrupt. How about the 1995 Parliamentary/Constitution Referendum elections? Those were the first elections in which LTP’s HHSh grossly rigged the elections and thus secured the majority of then extremely unpopular HHSh in the Azgain Zhoghov. So, LTP and his followers stad at the vory source of political corruption and the erosion of whatever democratic traditions may have existed in the newly independent Armenia.
    So, before Armen or his buddies rush to criticise the ARF and its performance during the 1998-2008 period, remember that they stepped into a deeply flawed political system, one that had been tarnished and really ruined by the corruption of HHSh and LTP.
    In terms of killings and the question about how many people did LTP kill . . . Are you forgetting Vano and his murder squads composed of rogue policemen? How many people did they kill? Dozens, including former government ministers, heads of KGB, even fellow HHSh leaders. So, please, don’t think for a second that we have forgotten.
    The point is, Kocharyan and Sargsyan inherited a deeply corrupt system which was set up by LTP and his criminal HHSh.

  8. Shnorhig said:

    “emperor’s new clothes”
    An Emperor who cares for nothing but his appearance and attire hires two tailors who promise him the finest suit of clothes from a fabric invisible to anyone who is unfit for his position or “just hopelessly stupid”. The Emperor cannot see the cloth himself, but pretends that he can for fear of appearing unfit for his position or stupid; his ministers do the same. When the swindlers report that the suit is finished, they mime dressing him and the Emperor then marches in procession before his subjects. A child in the crowd calls out that the Emperor is wearing nothing at all and the cry is taken up by others. The Emperor cringes, suspecting the assertion is true, but holds himself up proudly and continues the procession.

    • manooshag said:

      I remember this children’ fairy tale… but the rest of the story never was told. What or how did the people who followed this “emperor”- did they not see this leader as a fool. Was it only the youth who was able to discern the stupidity of the ’emperor? Did this “emperor” continue to lead the nation after his idiocy and his dishonesty were apparent – as apparent as the clothes he’d not worn? As obvious as the dishonesty of a TerBedrossian’s stealing the assets of the the fledgling nation of Armenia – the assets of the ALL the citizens of Armenia – and made to run out of presidential office!! Why does he still have some followers… did they too, gain when he stole?? Manooshag

  9. Vacheh said:

    The readers should be reminded that Levon Ter-Petrossian is the same traitor who in 1990’s jumped in the airplane and flew to Ankara to attend the funeral of Torgut Ozal (then the president of Turkey) and the ideological leader of Neo-Pan-Turkism, while at the same he ordered the ARF leaders to be placed in a shameful cage when they were brought to the court house.

    This fellow (LTP) has managed to collect followers mainly because of Serge Sargsyan’s unconditional tolerance of mafia who are economically looting our citizens and have brought poverty and demoralization among general population, army, and specially to the young people.

    As another commentator has stated, we need a fresh blood and I hope that ARF will nominate a truly nationalistic candidate from Diaspora to correct the direction of our country. ARF has many well-educated and politically competent leaders who for unknown reason are not stepping forward to clear up the mess. We have tremendous number of serious and difficult issues on our shoulders to be resolved.

    • Harutuyn said:


      • manooshag said:

        Haarutuyn, you may be partially correct. But, it has been the ARF efforts all through all the mayhem, the Genocides, the communists of USSR, and now the dummying leaderships of the fledgling nation of Haiastan.
        Theodore Roosevelt wrote the following:
        “The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena; whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood;
        who strives valiantly, who errs and comes short time and time again;
        who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, and spends himself in a worthy cause;
        who at at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement;
        and who at the worst , if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly.”

  10. Marry said:

    Levon Ter Petrosian needs to be deported from our country! He is an infection.. Before he infects more naive people he needs to be sent back to Israel.

    We are here today thanks to the efforts and hard work of ARF.

    Ketse hay heghapokhagan dashnaksutiune!!

    • Sirvart Garabedian said:

      This is the most absolute answer to get rid of this dictator working for the favour of other than Armenia, is he there to stir up everything with more blood shed and improsenment of our intellectual people who deserve to be elected a President of our beloved Armenia and raise the integrity of our homeland. Very well said Marry he is a disatorous to live in Armenia, he is a spy & doesn’t deserve to live in Armenia, he has his allies to look after him. million percent i agree with you. My great respect to Henchak and Ramgavar ARF has the best candidate for Presidency or an intellectual from diaspora, or any democratic so as right person to clear the mess in our Homeland and to recognize Artsakh/Karabagh as part of Armenia. One thig i know well so as majority Armenians should not give in to untrustworty superpowers, we should have our say, enough is enough. Thank you listeners and Azbarez Network.

  11. Harout Sousani said:

    What do you expect from a Bolshevik who is married to an Israeli? Of course, he’s going to do anything in his power to suppress nationalism, patriotism, and freedom of choice in a country that is at an important fork in the road.

  12. Aram said:

    Who was the commander in chief when the war in Artsakh was one? Was it ARF, Serje, Robert or you
    baron MK? Yes LTP made mistakes. So did everyone of us.

    • MK said:

      Sadly Aram you talk a load of rubbish,he is and remains a traitor period.
      The facts on the ground speak louder than your cheap words.

  13. the truth said:

    One of the biggest mistakes Levon Ter-Petrosian’s and his regime was: He and his ruling HHsh missed the unique chance and opportunity in 90´s to demand a peace treaty shortly after the ceasefire (NK+AR+AZ) was signed… Only for this simple reason Levon Ter-Petrosyan is nothing but a failed politician, who is engaged in justifying his failure by abusing the shortcomings in the country. Today Levon´s romantic and crooked approaches regarding democracy, manipulation of public opinion and radical demands (I mean his very personal enmities) are as dangerous for our society and country as the break of the law by ruling elite!

    President Serzh Sarkisian is the one who called by the order of Levon Ter- Petrosyan the national army for help , as soon as people did demand free and fair election in 90´s.. God Save Armenia and our nation form all these ill politicians … Today the same Serzh Sarkisian is dismissing a couple corrupt and failed politicians and two weeks later hi is offering new government jobs!

  14. Sargis said:

    Whether you support ARF or oppose them lets get one thing straight. The ARF has nearly no support among the Armenian electorate. 6.20% in the 2008 elections and that is with substantial ARF complicity in the vote rigging.

    Another thing that I might point out. The fact that Ter-Petrossian was involved in fraudulent elections in 1996, or that “corruption took root” during his presidency is not a good argument against ARF’s complicity. Simply avoids the issue – ARF’s continuing betrayal of its own archaic principles.

    This is an incindiary article that serves no purpose but to increase divisiveness among Armenians. I dont know what proportion of the commentors here are residing in Armenia, but the diaspora through the misguided measures of our grassroot acronyms (AAA, ANCA, UAF, etc) plays a small role in the domestic situation of Armenia. Russia plays a more substantial role – truly unfortunate. This is because we have no collective vision of strengthening Armenia, we lobby nearly every government in the world except for Armenia’s.

    As the saying goes, Armenia is the corporate office and the diaspora is the branches – if Armenia goes ‘bankrupt’ so does the diaspora.

  15. bigmoustache said:

    the ARF is not a political party…its an ‘azadakragan sharjhoum’ they have continuously given their blood and sweat for armenians EVERYWHERE. since its founding as the biggest uniting revolutionary group, the group that gave us ALL our heros and fedayis, they made the armenian genocide known to the world, they keep the lights running for schools, churches, youth groups, sports groups, armenian genocide groups.. they gave their lives for their people in beirut.
    kharapaghtsis, the first to fight, were supplied guns, vests, and gamavors from the diaspora, the ARF formed ‘groups’..all this before yerevan joined.
    dont buy ANY of the propaganda from people like LDP. the ARF is a sourp organization, i know because it consists of the entire community, from 8 year olds to 60s 70s, they are our parents, siblings, classmates…our grandparents…this is the one group you CAN have faith in, they will always put armenians first…the people not the state

  16. Hayk H. said:


    • Van said:

      Now this, dear moderator, perhaps you should have sensored… It is both anti-semitic, full of conspiracy theories, and racist. In other words hurtful to another race. When we realize that the Jews actually don’t have anything particularily against the Armenians (we are unfortunately not that important) and that we have MUCH to learn from them perhaps we will advance our cause. If you insist on blaming everything on the Jews, keep it in your living room, don’t poison these pages.

    • manooshag said:

      Hye, Hayk… I agree. By attempting to come back into Armenian government, especially after all the assets he stole from the citizens of Haiastan!! Ter Bedrossian is a psychotic… Unbelievable that he thinks – that he deserves to lead Armenia again. Wasn’t Levon kicked out of office?

  17. Ara said:

    You can begin with this democratization within your own party ranks before preaching it to others – including to the Armenian people who can see through these double-standards and hypocrisy.

    A good start would be by not censoring comments that you deem are not “in line” with your own views and agenda on these pages very pages.

    • Hratch Tchaghatzbanian said:

      Seems like they didn’t censor your comment even though they are not “in line” with their views… Maybe you’re just totally wrong in your views brother.

      • Ara said:

        I was referring to my earlier comments that were. Again, if anything it would only strengthen the ARF and its position if it is to be a force for a positive change.

  18. Hratch Tchaghatzbanian said:

    The ARF should pull out all of its candidates in the next election, and push for FAIR ELECTIONS full throttle. Prove to the people that ARF is not in it for money or seats. Show that the ARF works to serve national interests. Criticise everyone equally. Mass movements for equal rights, or democratic rights, can not be led by those who have a stake in the outcome of elections. Pull out of domestic politics for the next decade, regroup, and get back in there with the masses behind you once again. I still believe wholeheartedly that the ARF is the only serious party that serves only the “Armenian god” rather than the “KGB” god or the “CIA god”. They’ve done everything to keep the peace, to stop civil war, they even became part of the coalition and damaged the ARF reputation in order to protect ourselves from possible international disaster. But nothing worked. These other guys serve a different owner. Drop them… and do what you do best: Serve the Armenian people.

  19. AryanArmenia said:

    The bottom line is that Levon needs to back off and go away. Under his administration, Armenia was sold to foregin countries. Oligarchs “occupied” realestate property that to this day they cannot produce a valid trust deed for the properties that they acquired through the Levon administration. This son of a B**ch is stiring up political unrest in a country that is already fragile and our enemies will take advantage of this situation. “”Levon get the F**K out of Armenia!!!!!!!

  20. Stepan said:

    Ter-Petrosian fall frompowere was tied to the perception that he was caving on Karabagh…. operating a a “pramatic” leader. It will be interesting to see if he learned anything from that experience. The heroic liberation is by far the best news Armenians have had in the last 20 years outside of the sovereignty of Armenia itself.
    I beleive that the ARF plays an effective and needed role in the governmental process when they operate as an opposition party. Since they left the government and seemed to have returned to their populist roots, they seem more at ease and comfrotable with thier role. Continuing this “conscience of the country”role may be the best way to help Armenia. Sometimes the change agents are what is needed.
    Maturing the democratization of Armenia is the enabler to stability.

  21. jack said:

    did armenia ran out of canditates
    are we playing music chair between der bedrosian and kocharian and sarkisian ? ?? can we find an able person that hes only goal is better future for hes people and armenia

  22. nana said:

    While all post-Soviet era Armenian parties have formed within last 20 years, ARF, Hnchakian and Ramkavar parties have a century-long history.
    What prevents them to win easily the support of the nation?

  23. Avetis said:

    Levon and his HHSh, along with Raffi Hovannisian’s Heritage party, needs to get thrown out of the country. It’s simply a matter of national defense.

    ARF lost credibility a long time ago.

    PS: some of our self-destructive peasantry gives credit for the liberation Artsakh to Levon. The fact is, Artsakh was liberated in spite of Levon.

    • Gaghant Baba said:

      “The fact is, Artsakh was liberated in spite of Levon.”

      Right, and also the same cannot be said about the ARF, so if it lost credibility, perhaps it was a very bad error.

  24. Vazken said:

    Ara, you have opened a “can of worm” few of spineless commentators crept out of the can to defend their “leader” (LDB) who came to be “President” by accident and sullied the title of “The President of Armenia”.

    I wonder if one of them know where Vano Siradeghian is hiding and can tell us his address…

  25. ed said:

    168 HOURS. Beglaryan to Cadastre

    10:30 – 24.02.2011

    According to some sources, former mayor of Yerevan Gagik Beglaryan
    will be appointed as head of the Real Estate Cadastre State Committee
    in near future.

    According to same sources, present director of the Cadastre who is,
    by the way, former mayor of Yerevan himself, Yervand Zakharyan, will
    be appointed as the minister of RA Territorial administration. And
    where will the present minister go is yet unknown

  26. arziv said:

    Der Petrossian is a distasteful character, his party and his policies. A filoturco, would not hesitate to abandon Karabakh for a few rubbles. It is good riddance, and hope we would only see him squirming in the periphery of power. To call his actions and policies ” treasonous” is not far off the mark.Der Petrossian is a corrupt politician. He is not an Armenian statesman.

    • manooshag said:

      HYe Arziv, I agree. DerPetrossian is a mistake for the fledgling nation of Armenia. HIs mentality, his directions and more all indicate that he is not an Armenian patriot. All that he did during his time in office was to take and steal for himself and his cronies… Imagine, he even decided that the ARF worldwide shall not be connected with the ARF forming in Haiastan… this mentality is dangerous and evil and against ALL that our new nation shall not have to bear anymore!! Manooshag

  27. Ed said:

    13 mars 1993, i was in armenia with 54000 US – dollars, collected in our family for protection of Artsakh.I was told to meet with Tellman Ter Petrosian, the brother of Levon. an oligargh Mother assyrian, father communist, wife jew /children too jew – of course.I did met him.As soon as i told him that my family (those who survived the genocide) were originially from Sasoun, i was grown upp in Constantinopel but now live in Europe, he began telling me how many times he has been in Istanbul and Izmir during last 6 months (six time during 6 months).The man was in love with turks and Turkey. I told him that eventhohgh i was grown up in that country i never visited Turkey since i left it and i never buy turkish products and left him immidiately.Later i heard that the man is Armenias worst oligarch.Some years later he died of an heart attack. This man (Ter Petrosian) should be put in prison for all crimes he ha committed agains our people and our nation. Of course Serj Sarkisian is just as bad!

  28. Պապի said:

    Տեր Պետրոսյանը Հաեոց ժօղովրդի մեծ թշնամին է, սիոնիստների հացկատակ Գորբաչոսի մանկլավիկը, հիմա էլ մտել է հայոց թշնամի Սմբաթ Կարախանյանի խմբի մեջ առանց ամաչելու: Հա հանցագործ է մարդկության ըստ իմ համոզմունքի և այլ խելքը գլխին իմագ մարդկանց համար: Նա բանտում չէ ԱՄՆ-ի սիոնիստական կառավափուտյան պաշտպանության շնորհիվ , ինչպես ասում են Մոսկվայի հրէաները::

  29. Պապի said:


    * * *
    Շատ է եղել տեսնել մսկին
    շվար կանգնած իր ճանփին,
    չեմ զլացել խոսքս ասել
    թեկուզ իր լացի միջին:

    Հետո, մի օր իմագ եղա,
    ուշ էն արէլ իմ խոսքին,
    փորձ- փորձանքից փրկվել են,
    ճշտով էին ճանփա արել:

    Ես էլ հոգով գոհ եմ եղել,
    որ երգ ունեմ ասելու,
    հազարից էլ թեկուզ մեկին
    կյանքի ուղին ցույց տալու:

    Դուք էլ փորձեք միտք ստեղծել
    անցրած կյանքի ձէր փորձով,
    եփ դուք պետք գաք անցվոր մեկին,
    թեկուզ իր լացի միջին:
    þ* * *
    Եղբայր հեռվի
    մի նեղացիր, եթ կարող չես
    ինչ որ մի լավ բան անել,
    ժողովրդին մի օգուտ տալ,
    ինքդ քեզնից գոհ լինես:

    Ամեն օր չի հաջող լինում
    առանց հոգսի անց անել,
    վաղվա կարիքն առած աչքում,
    առանց երազ քուն անել:

    Դարդ մի արա ախպեր հեռվի,
    տխուր հուշեր մի արա,
    թող վշտերը քամին տանի,
    մեզ հետ քո քեֆը արա:

    Մեզ պես ապրի, մեր երգն ասա,
    հազար տարի չենք ապրի,
    ինչ սիրտդ տա այսօր արա,
    կյանքդ ուրախ քեզ բերի:

  30. Hay said:

    levon is the biggest shon in armenia. He made nearly 1 millon to emigrate. turkish and israeli spy!! he wanted to sell artsakh for som money. kor levon and his party wants to sell armenia.