Erdogan Presents Original Moscow Treaty to Medvedev

Erdogan presents Medvedev original Moscow Treaty

MOSCOW (Combined Sources)—Upon arriving in Moscow Wednesday, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan presented an original copy of the Moscow Treaty, signed 90-years-ago to the day, to Russian President Demitry Medvedev, along with a commemorative stamp issued in Turkey to mark the 90th anniversary of the illegal treaty, reported

“The document is a turning point in our history. Our eastern borders were recognized under the Moscow agreement, “Erdogan told a press conference in Kremlin.

On March 16, 1921, representatives of Russia’s Socialist Federative Soviet Republic and Turkey’s Grand National Assembly signed a treaty, without the consent or participation of Armenian representatives, granting Kars and Surmalu to Turkey and placing Nakhichevan under Azeri control. This illegal document later served as the basis for the Kars Treaty of October, 1921.

The anniversary of the invalid treaty, as well as the timing of the Erdogan-Medvedev trip was the subject of demonstration held at the Russian Embassy in Yerevan, organized by the Armenian Revolutionary Federation “Nigol Aghbalian” student and youth organization of Armenia.

In Moscow, Medvedev praised Turkey for being a key trade partner with Russia and pledged to increase trade with that country.

The two leaders also agreed that Russia would build a nuclear power plant in Turkey, in the shadow of the current nuclear crisis resulting from the Japan earthquake and Tsunami.

Medvedev said the reactors that Russia plans to construct in Turkey are much newer in design than the ones that are causing trouble in Japan and therefore require no drastic safety improvements, if any, to sustain even the “most devastating” earthquake. That said, Russia is open to discuss “optimizing” the work, he said, according to Moscow Times.

Russia agreed in May to build and own a nuclear power plant in Akkuyu. Erdogan said at a meeting with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin later Wednesday that the plan was to lay the foundation for the plant in late April or May.

While speaking to students at Moscow State Institute, Erdogan said that the resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict would benefit Turkey’s efforts to normalize relations with Armenia.

“Resolving the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan will play a role in the normalization of relations between Turkey and Armenia,” said Erdogan.


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  1. Krikor said:


  2. Avetis said:

    Knowing how hysterically anti-Russian a significant portion of our peasantry will react over this matter that took place between “Bolsheviks” and Turks, this was Ankara’s attempt to blackmail Armenia’s strategic alliance with Russia. I tell you what – Turks are much smarter than Armenians when it comes to political matters.

  3. Edward Demian said:

    It only shows that they are nervous about it. Like children, they try to squeeze an affirmation from Russia. I did not see a positive Russian reaction to it. I think that they wer caught off guard by it. ” O how nice, we’ll hang it somewhere nice”, nothing more.

  4. steve a said:


    The treaty was signed by Turkish Nationalist Representative General Kazım Karabekir, MP and Commander of Eastern Front Veli Bey, MP Mouhtar Bey, and Ambassador Memdouh Shevket Bey, Russian Ambassador Yakov Ganetsky, Armenian Minister of Foreign Affairs Askanaz Mravian and Minister of Interior Poghos Makintsian, Azerbaijani Minister of State Control Behboud Shahtahtinsky, and Georgian Minister of Military and Naval Affairs Shalva Eliava and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Financial Affairs Alexander Svanidze.[1]

  5. truth said:

    Armenia should at least send a diplomatic not of protest to Moscow !

  6. Stephen T. Dulgarian said:

    Thank God Armenians in Yerevan are protesting and are urging Russia to reject the 1921 Moscow Treaty. We hope the Russian President Medvedev will work with the Armenian Government to reject this invalid treaty that Armenia was not involved in. Armenians around the world must demonstrate this issue on lands that have been historically Armenian for over 3 thousand years. Kars, Surmali, Ardahan, Nakhichevan must be returned to the Armenian Nation. The Soviets & Turks have done enough damage & destruction to the Armenian People and when will the world governments wake up to help our Armenian Nation to restore what is rightfully theirs.

  7. Avetis said:

    This was Ankara’s cleaver attempt to blackmail Armenia’s strategic alliance with Russia by sowing seeds of discontent amongst politically naive Armenians. As I said, Turks are much more sophisticated and smarter than Armenians when it comes to political matters. Nevertheless, the only thing Moscow is truly interested in doing is to tighten the energy noose around Ankara’s neck via Gazprom and Rosneft. The only thing the picture presented to Medvedev will be doing is collecting dust. After all is said and done, our Russophobes needs to be fully aware of the following formula: no Russia in the Caucasus = no Armenia in the Caucasus.

  8. jacque said:

    Mr. Erdogan.
    Don’t live on false hope, Turkey’s relationship with the armenians will only normalize if Turkey admits to the ARMENIAN GENOCIDE and returns all Armenian lands. Then and only then the Armenians will think about normal relations with Turkey.

    • Osmanoglu said:

      strange, we Turks dont want any normalization with Armenia. Erdogan knows, that you armenians dont want any normalization, so its just a tactical issue showing some common sense.
      So why you still whining around?

    • Ergun Kirlikovali Fan Club said:

      Lol, the only way you guys want normalization is when you guys see Turkey wiped off the map and drain every single dollar out of Turkey’s economy. Normalization, hah, yeah right. You guys would truly want peace if you stop begging and squirming for land and money. That is not wanting peace and reconciliation, but more war and hate. Racists.

  9. ArdeVast Atheian said:

    March 1921 was the wrong political time for Armenia to fend for its boundaries. The right time will arrive in the not too distant future when the Islamic societies and the Western ones can openly discuss on with what brutality the Muslim conquerors of the past treated their newly broken, demoralized and defeated acquisitions of other people’s lands and countries and how they so thoroughly disemboweled them that they all were virtually wiped them out of their means of survival.