Davutoglu and Erdogan Deny Genocide, Say Turkey Must Protect Azerbaijan

Armenia's PACE delegation member Zaruhi Postanjyan

STRASBOURG, France—Turkish foreign minister, Ahemt Davutoglu and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, during separate presentations at the Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe Wednesday denied the Armenian Genocide and reiterated Turkey’s commitment to Azerbaijan when confronted with questions from the panel.

In response to a question from Armenia’s PACE delegate Armen Rustamian about the Turkey-Armenia protocols, Erdogan said that Turkey could not allow “Armenia to usurp the rights of Azerbaijan.”

An Azeri PACE delegate, Rafel Huseynov asked Davutoglu about plans by Karabakh to open the Stepanakert airport. The Turkish foreign minister said that Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, which Turkey is chairing, had not discussed the matter.

“As Foreign Minister of Turkey, I want to underline again that this type of provocative actions will not help any process for a political settlement on the Nagorno-Karabakh issue. They are provocative actions by Armenia, and they should be stopped in order to open, facilitate or accelerate the continuing talks between President Aliyev and President Sarkisian through the Minsk process,” said Davutoglu.

A question from another Armenian PACE delegate, Zaruhi Postanjyan, raised eyebrows for Davutoglu.

“It is no secret that Turkey has occupied western Armenia, northern Cyprus and other territories, leaving the indigenous people without homelands, and that Turkish occupation has led only to the great dispossession of which I stand before you as an unwilling descendant. The Ottoman Empire committed the crime of genocide against such diverse nations and ethnic groups as the Armenians, the Greeks and the Assyrians, among others. Today, in order to avoid responsibility and liability for crimes committed against humanity, the Turkish Government is using Article 301 of the Criminal Code to deny and distort the historical record,” stated Postanjyan asking Davutoglu about steps as Chairman of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, was he taking to make “the Turkish Government face this historical truth honestly and sincerely, and to take the first steps towards recognition of the Armenian genocide and the abolition of Article 301.”

Davutoglu brushed aside Postanjyan’s question, calling it “a one-sided statement read from a paper, repeating the same accusations.”

“In our last session, I underlined that what we needed was a just memory. If everybody judges on his or her own memory, there will be no mutual respect and understanding. It is better for Turkish and Armenian people to come together and establish a historical commission to discuss this. We offered that in 2005, and from 2005 until now we have been expecting a positive reply to our call to research all the historical events together, or with third parties, based on the historical archives rather than one-sided memories. One day I am sure that a new generation from both nations – and we hope it will be our generation – will come together to share and discuss all the historical texts rather than accusing each other and using the matter for political objectives. This is our call as Turkey: please come and accept our offer to establish a commission to study all the events. Using rhetoric will only harm our nations. It is better to be fair and study all the events in a much more open-minded manner, in the spirit of a global approach,” said Davutoglu.

In response to Rustamian’s questions on Turkey’s position on the protocols, Erdogan also said that Armenia was stalling the protocols ratification process because it was being pressured by the Diaspora.

“The Armenian side was taking a back seat [on the protocols] to deal with the problems of its Diaspora,” said Erdogan


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  1. Armen Grigorian said:

    Mr. D and Mr E

    You barley can protect yourself why don’t you leave Azerbaijan alone. How sad that Azerbaijan can not protect itself and you are sticking your nose and brown nosing. All the educated world knows that how evil you are because you are trying to cover your countries evil past. You are not humans because humans can not do what you did to Armenians. You are human animals and some day God will punish you. We all are praying and I am confident some day you will be paying the price.

  2. Johno said:

    Armenia should not open its border with Turkey until Turkey ceases the occupation of Armenia’s brotherly nation, Cyprus.

    • Halo said:

      I agree 100%, because Armenians and Greeks/Cypriots are ancient cousins. The only negative is that sometimes politics get dirty and do the opposite of what the people feel or want. Because Armenia is a “trapped” country, sometimes the politicians have to act with that in mind, however we as Armenians outside of Armenia try to influence the country as much as we can if we see something that is not in the best interest of our future.

  3. facts said:

    One sees how rude Turkish politicians indeed are and can be!
    Azerbaijani republic behaves itself like small child crying after some milk!

    Is Azerbaijani Republic still virgin, as the Azerbaijani first Lady – Mihraban Kanum- tries to present herself to the world community? I am sure a couple of these Iranian Mullahs would like to see “Mihraban Kanum” ( so called virgin Azerbaijani Republic) as one of there wives !

    Good points: Armenian delegation should raise more often the annexation of Armenian territories by Turkey! Turkey should get use to this. We have to brake this taboo for Turkey and Turkish society too!

    How about illegal Turkish Azerbaijani flights to Turkish occupied North Cyprus and illegal population of this part of Cyprus from people brought form “Anatolia”

  4. ATATURK said:

    Armenia doesnt realize that, today’s politics has been shifting very fast. First because, Turkey is becoming a super power, where it is already a Regional Power 😉 Secondly Azerbaijan is already owns the 75% of the entire Caucasus region, including Georgia’s economy under Azerbaijan’s control. Turkish and Azerbaijani Diaspora united 4 years ago as a whole and this showing its fruits, and definitely in 10 years Armenian Government will shut down both in international arena and in internal policy. In USA lives almost 2 million armenians, where as Turkic people makes up to 7 million, which they are becoming organized politically, to affect the decision making in the US senators :) Same thing is happening in EU and in Council of Europe. There was no Genocide, if there were, SHOW US SOME DOCUMENT, and PLEASE DONT MISTAKE DOCUMENTS WITH NOVEL BOOKS. WE Turks feel bad for you! and soon you all will pay for Khogaly Genocide.. poor armenian gypsies

    • Suren said:

      Armenians are not gypsies you sory excuse for a human, go learn some real history outside of your degenarate mongolistic clan, then you will know who is real gypsy. Soon or later your time will come, yes turkey is big, but its big because its allowed to be, you can try to bs all you want, but everybody knows what turks really are. When the world has no more use for turkey its going to be abandoned like a cheap whore 😉 So keep dreaming slick.

    • ARMO said:

      hey ataBARBARIAN, Let me remind you something, Leadership can be based on quantity not quality. The question is, Ottoman turks couldn’t succeed to get ride of Armenians 96 years ago how turks can shut down Armenia since Azerbaijan already test our smash on 1994?! If Turkey call itself a super power then why you begging to join European (Christian) Union?! What is happening to Libya today because they have oil but no brain to manage their own country…that looks same for Azerbaijan too, so be careful with your wishes.

    • AtaturkLikesYoungBoys said:

      You’re too funny!!! How will Turkey ever become a super power??? You guys produce and have produced nothing of value in this world. Turkey is a country of labourers. The only reason why it’s not destitute and even poorer is because it is located in a strategic location in the world and has some important pipelines running through it, that it doesn’t even own. Second, Azerbaijan does not even own its own economy let alone another country’s, rather, Azerbaijan is owned by the oil companies in the West. I would like to see where you’re getting your bold statistics from to claim that it owns 75% of Georgia. You seem like just another stupid Turk that talks with emotions rather than basing anything on facts. BTW the Armenian Genocide is a well documented fact. In fact, the word “genocide” was coined by Mr. Lemkin in relation to the holocaust and the Armenian Genocide, which is why the international scholars on Genocide have stated the Armenian genocide as a fact. AND YOU HAVE THE NERVE TO CALL US GYPSIES…Turks are not native to that part of the world, whereas the Armenians are.

    • facts said:

      Your postong shows that your “strong” turkey is afraid of histrocal facts and her bloody past this is enough! Turth canb not be killed! Turkey is well awar of this simple fact!

    • AR said:

      Dear Ms. Ataturk

      First, I would say Turkey is becoming super COOKED and soon it will be ready to be eaten. Secondly, 75% of azerbaijan oil and gas is owed by BP, Chevron and Exxon, including economy and military. Third, within 10 years Armenians will get back what belongs to them and you seljuks will bring a devastating war upon you by multiplying like cockroaches and populating EU. Quality is what matters, not quantity. And for showing you documents, here is what I have to say: Documents are shown to those who can read. 70 million people in turkey and only 1 (one) Noble Prize winner, and that 1 (one) winner says turkey commited Genocide. Please don’t mistake Noble Prize with BED TIME STORIES that you get from your government. We Armenians DON’T feel bad for you at all, because you are one of the MOTHER NATURE’S MISTAKES and soon correction time will approach. Have safe decade~ if you can 😉

    • Abbe said:

      If you open your eyes you will see all the documents that you “don’t see”.
      Every document and fact and wittness is just infront of you.
      Therefore there are no reasons to “discuss” this. You just want discuss this because it is easy to pay the third part to just do as you want.
      Please don’t make a fool of yourseld infront of everybody -.-‘
      Everybody knows the truth and sooner or later you’ll have to pay for them. There is a reason why 21 of the western contries has recognized this Genicde. Do you really thin that Sweden for exemple would recognize something that wasn’t 100% reliable?!
      No novels and no memories, just the truth and juctice.
      Face your own history!

    • George said:


    • Lucius said:

      Go read the 1915 September and October editions of the New York Times for a start, then you can move on to the letters by Henry Morgenthau, and other accounts from Europeans who were in the region. After that, if you still are as curious as you seem to show yourself (judging how eagerly you want historical documents about the genocide), you can go into further demographic studies of Eastern Turkey, and find out how from 1915-1922 there was a massive population shift (or shall I say disappearance) in the region. There are many other facets you can examine about this issue, with many scholarly books (not novels) available to the public.

      With regard to your pride in Azerbaijan’s ownership of “75%” of the Caucasus (I dont even know what you mean by that, and where you’re getting that number): let me just say to you that I can’t wait until the Azeris run out of their oil (it’s already getting scarce) and the Americans as well as everyone else start treating Aliyev like the rat that he truly is :)

    • Grace said:

      As you said, today’s politics is shifting very fast.Well you should conclude Mr. Genius that the ones who need you today might not need you tomorrow !! Don’t put high expectations on staying a regional power bcs in politics once they’re done with you, you will be worth nothing. So, I advise you to reconsider what you’re saying.
      Second, today the Turks exceed the number of Armenians that’s true, and the number might double or triple in the future but why would that matter? You’re already more than Armenians with ur azeri “brothers” and can you tell me how effective your diaspora is?? So keep in mind no matter how much you become in number, it’s not the quantity it’s the QUALITY.

      If they wanted you in Europe that much they would have admitted you, however you’re still far behind joining a union as such where the minimum expected is RESPECT FOR HUMAN RIGHTS!!

      Finally, it’s me who feels sorry for you, because you’re a victim of a system that has brainwashed you and dragged you to denial without giving you the chance to explore the truth.
      Hope you become wise someday!!

  5. Alex Postallian said:

    davutugly and ergo mimun gan, both need REHAB. Isnt mimun in turkey means MONKEY.

  6. John K. said:

    Bravo Zaruhi. Finally someone representing the Armenian Government, has the courage to challenge the Turkish lies/denial that Genocide did not happen. Keep up the pressure Ms. Zaruhi, keep your cool and let them have another “Davos”.

  7. Paul said:

    In response to ataturk….don’t you know that numbers don’t mean much. If it did, you and azeris wouldn’t be controlled by the one percent of human race if you know what I mean or did you think you and the mongols have the brain to even be on the international arena.

  8. hi said:

    YOU ataturk uneducated modern facist it doesnt matter your number is 7,8,9 or more.Gangizzkhn type of era is over you dammy.

  9. Raffi said:

    mr. ataturk,

    DON”T MISTAKE REAL VIDEO FOOTAGE WITH MOVIES. Also, DON’T MISTAKE HUMAN BEINGS WITH WILD ANIMALS (turks). Trying to make your uneducated comments sound like educated ones is not working. Please don’t feel bad for us. Feel bad for yourself. Your people are reading altered history books and are easly tricked into believing a false history of your barbaric people.

  10. Jack said:

    Asking Davitoglu a question about Genocide on a public forum is as stupid as it gets – because: you just give a perfect opportunity to the turkish side to explain their position (mask their sick denial) to the World. The Genocide question is rehearsed over and over at the Turkish Foreign Ministry, and they couldn’t but welcome this question to actually “perform the act”. Is it *so* hard to comprehend?!

    Instead, if I could ask a question – I’d follow-up on the dumb comments on opening commercial airport in Stepanakert. Namely, I’d ask “Could you please comment the airport in Turkish-occupied Cyprus functioning for many years? Has it provoked any reaction, created any problems for political settlement?”. I’d love to hear that answer…

    And Ataturk…. a “super power”? Please…. don”t make me laugh.

  11. Kesaria said:

    Dear Atabokh, my grandfather use to say ” esek olursa siki sag kalir” so don’t be so fast to brush off the Armenian/ Russian alliance. RUSSIA IS alive and in doe time will put you in the right place which is the deserts of Central Asian Mongol Lands. The only salvation of your nation is to accept the responsibility for the Crime against Humanity the Armenian Genocide and pay reparations, return occupied Western Armenia to indigenous people the Armenian nation. Your financial and economic achievements are temporary as this thing usually are, the justice and rights of people are timeless and you can not run away from it no matter how long of a time passes. Long live the alliance of Russia/Armenia/Greece/Cyprus/Iran/Kurdistan. Just pray that some of you will luck out by discovering some Armenian or Greek ancestry in your family, so we might let you live next to us…lol

  12. Brescia said:

    I appreciate these two Armenian ladies: Zaruhi Postanjyan and Naira Zohrabian for their stance at PACE. Thanks for defending our rights as Armenians. Please keep up and continue your fair, and honorable good work. Thanks.

  13. Alexander Ozer said:

    I am so shocked, i am sorry to say this but my entire life i have never seeing so much HATE in a nation like Armenia , its sounds like that the nation is allmost was build on Hate, i am a mixture of Georgian, armenian and a Turk and was born in Hemsin town called Hopa which belongs to city of Artvin and like all others i was thought how to speak Georgian, hemsetma and turkish.My view of Turkish people especially the new generation is lot different then the older generation, like anybody i was told of stories about Armenians by my grand mother who was in fact Armenian and yes they were rounded up becouse they become a big threat to Ottomans at the time by betraying them, according to my grand mother best example she give me was, it hurts a lot more when you adopt someone as your close brother not by blood but by trust and friendship and integration(like a turk maries an armenian girl or an armenian boy marries a turk etc) and Ottomans did trust Armenians a lot as Armenians were even in charge of Ottoman Tresury and there were Ministers of states and bankers, developers and lot more and when Ottomans were fighting Europeans to concor Europa and other conturies like Greece,Bulgaria so on Guess what?? the Armenians were some of the best officers and generals in Ottoman army, Yeniceri soldiers not just Turks there were Armanians, greeks,bulgarians just to name a few, when Ottomans sorrounded Vienna the military was not just turks we had over 300 000 armenian ottoman soldiers there fighting alonside turks and dying with them and that was not the only time this happened 200 000 armenian ottoman soldiers dided fighting for Ottoman empire in one single fight and they were unsong heores of ottoman Empire, so having all this in mind pls tell me How much would it hurt if your life partner and blood brother suddenly betrays you?? no wonder they rounded up Armenians becouse betrayel is worse then rape, according to Turks and obviusly when they realised they brother in arms betrayed them it hurt a lot and all the unpleasent events took place, so i say be a man innuf to eccept it and Move on.As far as new generations of turks all they want is piece not only with Armenia but with the world, do you know why?? they have being in unending wars all thorough out their history, they dont want it anymore, they are tired of it, why do you think they are trying to be part of Eurepean union?? why they stoped visa and opened their doors to Russia their arch enemy? why they have a 0 problem policy with their neibours and why they taking side with Azarbeycan and Georgians and not Armeians and yet trying to come to some piecefull resulition ?? What i see here is Armenia has lots of hate and state of Armenia was build on it and not trying to capitalize on the opportunity making piece with Turkey and promoting Hate against all turks, hmmm sounds like the Turks in their old days, i truly belive Armenia is missing out on a great opprtunity here to make mends with turks once and for all.War and Hate was never an answer for piece and will never be, and as far as Armenian politcs, as long as Armenia does not make piece and sides with Russia and Iran , USA will never take side with them nor will any of USA allies and with the politic Armania displaying now i dont think solutions will come in this generation, belive me i have lots of Armenian and Turkish friends and when i listen to them all, i can see a big difference and i can see who is promoting war and preparing for it and hate and i olso can see who is trying piece and diplomatic efforts to bring one.Just to edd to my comments i have heard besides Armenia viping out villages in Azarbeycan the killings there they did does not make me see them any different from old war loving Ottomans eighter, they learned well from them and i olso heard other stories what Armenians did while betraying Ottomans to them and belive me its not human like eighter at some cases very cruel and beyond human compriantion and very unlike christian sociaty i like to see and respect. To end my comments there are times i am ashamed having any Armenian or Turkish blood in my vains as i am shamed of both.

  14. Alexander Ozer said:

    Just to add to my comments, imagine if every contry tryed to judge one another based on history, French for example killed 4 million African arabs in tunesia, Russins killed 15 milion and hat was at Stalin times, Lenin killed over half a million Prists that were greek orthodox and Lenin”s KGB was all jew untill Stalin came a long and so on so on there are hondreds of genosides that has being commited and even today that no one talks about and if we start talking and not stopping what do you think will happen, “WORLD WAR 3″

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