By Giving Karabakh Lands to Azerbaijan, Conflict Would Have Ended in ’97, Says Ter-Petrosian

Levon Ter-Petrosian

YEREVAN (Yerkir)—By giving certain Karabakh territories to Azerbaijan, the Karabakh conflict would have been resolved in 1997, a peace agreement would have been concluded and a status for Nagorno-Karabakh would have been determined, said Armenian National Congress leader Levon Ter-Petrosian in an interview to the Russian section of BBC on Monday.

He told the BBC that the Karabakh leadership approach was maximalist and “they thought they could get more, that it would be possible to live and get more.” Ter-Petrosian also said that some members of his “team” were also opposed his approach.

The former president also said that in 1988 when the Karabakh movement began, no one could have predicted what would happen.

“No one could have imagined that the Soviet Union would collapse. We were basing our efforts with the understanding that there was a USSR constitution, whose parameters allowed raising the issue of taking Karabakh out of Azeri rule and incorporate it with Armenia. There existed such precedents,” said Ter-Petrosian.

He told the BBC that there is only one issue in Armenia and that is the existence of what he called a “distorted government.” If Armenia is able to overcome that situation, according to Ter-Petrosian all issues with Azerbaijan and with Turkey will be resolved.


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  1. Araam said:

    Yea and if turkey gives back all of historic Armenia we will also be happy too

  2. AramCradleofciv Armenia said:

    If turkey gave back all of Historic Armenia we would be happy too… Not going to happen is it

  3. Zograp said:

    Levon Ter Petrossian should be put on trial for all the criminal acts he has committed through his corrupt cronies,not to mention the fact that he tried to give away Artsakh to the Azeris in order to please the West,our nation does not need such corrupt criminals.

    He should go and live in Turkey.He is a disgrace.

  4. Zograp said:

    Levon is funded by Jews and the USA to take control of armenia from Russia! This is his plan! I lived in Armenia while Levon was the president and let me tell you one thing! He destroyed Armenia within couple years!!!! That’s why people overthrew him overnight!

  5. Zareh Sahakian said:

    What a dangerous piece of work this guy. This “statesman” thinks the bloodthirsty Azeris would have been satisfied with “certain Karabakh” territories being handed over to them. I would suggest that LTP is lying with these expressed “thoughts” to the BBC. If he had stayed in power the most likely outcome would have been handing over the entire Artsakh to the Azeris and sign some sort of a treaty putting an end to the Armenian homeland in Artsakh.

    Never forget his words in which LTP declared that “Armenia is confined within a 29 900 sq. km. territory”, Artsakh is, and never was, part of an “Armenia” according in this politician’s thinking.

    He is also sending a very clear message through the BBC that if he is brought back to power this problem shall be “solved”…hint….hint…wink…wink (as best as he is able to wink).

  6. Roman said:

    We sell Karabakh, to become friends with turks and azeris.Then we sell our Mothers and Sisters to take part in gas pipeline deals.And finaly we sell Armenia( whatever left form it) and our asses,as if you buy two get two more for free deal Buy KARABAKH, MOTHERS SISTERS get Armenia and our asses for free. Great job mister! That is the kind of politicians tuks need so that it makes them happy.That is why We have more ARMNEIANS live in Russia,US, FRANCE then in our homeland.Thos one eye full is a joke!

  7. Armanen said:

    Did anyone need more evidence that this filth is a traitor to the Armenian nation? Here you have it!

  8. Vacheh said:

    In speaking to Armenians in Armenia, they say that our nation had a single traitor leader in the past 100 years and he is Levon Ter-Petrosian. It is puzzling as who are his followers.

  9. Arthur I said:

    And the mask of the traitor comes off. The audacity to utter those words could only be rooted in the powerful foreign support at whose behest this saboteur does his dastardly deed. Someone ought to neutralize and eliminate this destabilizing evildoer along with his root, support, and seed.

  10. Kitty said:

    What…? giving Karabakh lands..? Dont they already have Dashtayin Karabakh..? Isnt that enough?

  11. arziv said:

    This wriggling worm is a traitor that needs to be hanged outright. He is a tool in alien hands. A foreign international stooge serving foreign interests. I am utterly amazed that the political system in Armenia allows this kind of toxic weed to flourish and prosper. He has acknowledged his pro turkish and pro azeri filoxenia. This dangerous man should be deleted from the Armenian political landscape. He is evil, anti armenian, an anti national grand proditor, or else he is a naive dumb ass. In both cases he ought to be cancelled out.

  12. Levon Lokmanian said:

    levon ter petrosian is an agent of the enemies of Armenia.He should be out on trial for treson

  13. Sylvie said:

    He is not an idiot; but a TRAITOR. Just like Zohrab said above, Levon Ter Petrosian is solely on the side of Jews and the US, and wants to take control of Armenia and sway it from Russia . He is also on the side of the Turks and wants to get rid of both Armenia and Artsakh. His heart and soul definitely not with the Armenians but aligned with DESTRUCTIVE OUTSIDE FORCES. If you ask me, Armenia should expel him from the land and ban him for good. He is certainly a very destructive force and if it is left to him he will see to it that not one Armenian person remains in either Armenia and Artsakh. He is a very dangerous man.

  14. Sylvie said:

    He is not an idiot but a traitor. He is the sole representative of what it is called, destructive outside forces. He is on the side of the Turks and not to the Armenians. He must be sent away from Armenia. Just like someone said it above already that it is because of him that a million Armenians left the country. He has already destructed Armenia a good deal, why is he

  15. Sylvie said:

    Why is Levon Ter Petrosian is still remaining in Armenia, is what I’d like to know.

  16. facts said:

    Is LTP trying to make the west and anti Armenian foces believe he is “there man”? How could such a naive person ( to be polite) become president of AR? Why is he excusing Armenia on such way?

  17. Shahe Kaloustian said:

    Mobilize the world media for the next vigil generation and if necessary, generations, to integrate Nakhichevan into the Armenian entity. The issue of Artsakh as free Armenian land, irrespective of what LTP utters publicly, shall not distract Armenians around the globe from their rightful claim to the lands of Kars, Ardahan, Surmalu besides Nakhichevan and Tashdayin Karabagh and their integration back to their rightful owners. The page of being subdued is turned forever, albight late.

  18. Garo Avedis said:

    Why doesnt he ask Azerbidjan the return of Shaumyan area first.and the other territories occupied by them.
    is not enough that we have given so much land and blood?

  19. AryanArmenia said:

    This clown needs to be put on trial for treason. Then he needs to be violated with no vasoline for even considering something like this. Phuken prick!! Once again…this idiot needs to be thrown out of Armenia!!!

  20. Grace said:

    Is this ter petrosian’s way of showing gratitude and respect to all the martyrs and heroes who fought to liberate our Artsakh?

  21. Mazod said:

    Nice pic of him with a cigarette. Were there no other pictures you could have used?

    BTW, what a moronic comment.

  22. truth said:

    Dear President Ter-Petrosyan please do not confute Armenia with Israel.

    Armenia is at least 10000 year a head of Israel ! Armenia is not a land founded by a X UN resolution or UK and US as this is indeed the case with Israel!! Armenia is not Israel which has to give “stolen land” back! Armenia has ever right to demand the return of stolen Armenian land from Turley and Azerbaijan! Because of Ter-Petrosyan we did lost Julfa almost for ever!

  23. Vahe said:

    If no one here knows, please do some research as to how Karabakh secures Armenias safety and security. Any Armenian living in Armenia near the border and everybody else with a proper functioning brain already knows that the ‘liberated lands’ of Artsakh protect Armenia and Karabakh’s existence as states a million times more as opposed to them not being under Armenian control. The front line against azerbaijan for both Armenia and Artsakh against azerbaijan is reduced DRASTICALLY !!! Armenia proper’s actual border with iran is 42 km…and that’s the only border that actually has safety guarantees, because Iran needs Armenia as much as Armenia need Iran. But with the ‘liberated territories’ under Armenian control, the border with Iran becomes MUCH longer as it’s joined to Armenia and runs east along the Arax river, longer border with Iran === Safer Armenia. Not the border with Georgia, Azerbaijan, or Turkey, the Armenian Government’s who actually worked for Armenia should of focused eveything with relations on ONLY Iran for these pat 20 years. It’s exactly THESE border regions of karabakh that are along Iran’s borders that they want to give back to Azerbaijan. So it’s in the national interest of Iran and Armenia to never let that happen. And I hope it does not happen, because as much as everyone has their opinions on Sargsyan, he did fight in the war and he’s from there, so atleast we know he’s not handing over Karabakh. Levon works for numerous states including Israel and Usa. If he blatantly admits of wanting to hand land over to Azerbaijan, we must question his capability of doing dirty politricks behind the Armenia’s back..I can’t even imagine how he would handle the Turkish border/starting relations scenario. Sultan Aliyev has repeatedly stated at Islamic conferences, etc..that Armenian province of Syunik (zangezur) is “Ancient Azeri land” and that it’s “the only land dividing ALL turkic country’s from being connected. I bet no one has actually even realized that it’s this 42 Kilometres of land with Iran that stops this sick Pan-turkic plan from becoming a reality. Azerbaijans eyes are not even on Karabakh, they just say that for OSCE, read what he says at Islamic conferences, etc…it’s on youtube..They want something to connect Naxijevan to Baku, also starting their Pan-turkic dream, and at the same time cutting off Iran from Armenia, something that has never happened in the history of Armenia as Armenia has always had a border with Iran. And if they get back regions surrounding Karabakh, next they will go for Armenias 42 km with Iran then its over for Armenia if they get it. If Armenia is deprived of a border with Iran, kiss it goodbye. It just sickens me as to how many people aren’t even aware of it, but I hope we can improve our relations with Iran even more, even though their excellent now ! Russia does protect Armenia and will do so if anything happens wit turkey, but Iran’s border is absolutely crucial for Armenia in so many ways, and by giving lands of Karabakh back your exposing all of Armenia between turkey and azerbaijan, and keep in mind azerbaijans land claims on Northern Iran and you’ll finally see the big picture, deprive Armenia of Iran and take Iran’s northern privinces, this is their ultimate goal, of turkey and azerbaijan, and ofcourse Israel and Usa. But let’s all do what we can to strengthen Armenia from outside and inside and make sure no inch of Armenian or Karabakh land be given to our barbaric neighbours.

    • Vacheh said:

      Dear Vahe,

      In speaking to Armenians in Armenia, they believe that sub-standard people like LTP or mafia-backed leaders will gradually erode all the gains of 1992-1994 Azgayin Azadagrakan Baykar.

      Armenia will remain on a treacherous path until the day when we have an “All Armenian President” from Diaspora who will clean up the mess, handicap the mafia, and unite the Armenians in and out of Armenia. Until that day the cat-dancing above by LTP or other corrupt authorities will continue and will irritate all of us.

    • Levon said:

      Good point Vahe, I never thought of it that way. Iran has always defended Armenia’s South.

    • AM said:

      Thank you Vahe for your insightful post. We do need people like you otherwise most of our people seems to be unable to think logically. Inchpes asel e Monte Melkonyan@ ete korcnenq arcakh@ apa kshjenq mer patmutyan verdjin edj@. Levon says we need to give away Arcakh and 500.000 people scream Bravo Levon we trust you you know history and how to lead politics. Can it get more insane than this? What happened to those people? Levon is a criminal, a national davachan but what about those 500.000 people who were dying of hunger in cold and darkness less than 2 decades ago. Existence of Iranian boarder in Armenia is essential otherwise we will die of hunger from blockades. Georgia is not a reliable window for us and even if lets say for the argument’s sake it is reliable do we want to leave in a house with only one window? As to Levon Ter-Petrosyan I do not know why he is not being deported from Armenia. He is a criminal and I am using this word lightly.

  24. Aram said:

    It is encouraging to see so many who are boldly (or orally) defending the borders of Armenia and Artsakh.
    However, unless we can crush Turkey and Azerbaijan , we have to settle our borders only through negotiaition. As we all should know negotiation means compromise, which means some painful decision(s) on compromosing sides. This is Ter petrossian’s problem as much as it is every patriotic Armenian’s whether we agree with the first president or not.

  25. alinam said:

    My only concern with this situation is that Armenian government might actually give away some territories now with or without Levon. It is possible, with the whole situation so tensed in Armenia, with all the social and political problems. Don’t you think they are just preparing people for this? There are so many things happening in Armenia that we, Armenians living in Diaspora, don’t know and cannot influence. My opinion: something must be done before the worst happens as it’s only a matter of time.

    • AM said:

      Well yes, however the difference is that Levon wants to give the entire occupied region to Azeries whereas other presidents want to give some portion away and keep the rest. Don’t you see any difference?

  26. Hagop Manougian said:

    Levon TP is contradicting himself with his OWN “maximalistic” logo “Baykar Baykar Minchev verch”.
    I used to be a student in Armenia in 1992 and witnessed how Armenia disarrayed into chaos and anarchy, and I believe that was done intentionally to encourage migration with the scope of EMPTYING ARMENIA. This latest statement by LTP also indicates that he had no control in Nagorno Karabakh and no contribution in the Shoushi liberation, which was a pivotal point in the liberation of Artsakh.

  27. ASALA is PKK said:

    Kill this traitor like the turkish women and children we killed back in the good ol days!

  28. Arthr I said:

    We need an Oswald or a Tehlirian to take care of this dangerous character. Because if the government exhiles him, he will cry foul and political persecution. OSCE, the US STATE Dept., and Radio Liberty along with their puppets at Amnesty International will make sure Armenia is punished worse than it was after the March 1 events. LTP wins no matter what, unless a “crazy” person takes him out. The win-win strategy is yet another example of the masterful maneuvering by the Turks. They always set traps that result in their benefit regardless of whether we walk into the trap or try to walk around it.

  29. Ed said:

    This man is a traitor and a disgrace to our nation! He should be hangd at Freedom Squqre and send live att all tv-channels! What else can you expect from a son of a communist father, assyrian mother and a husband to a jewish woman?

  30. Hripsime said:

    He must be ashaimed because of his betrayal speech but such dirty people who so called politician…

    I do agree with Zograb! Whole world think that it is our fault that Azeri and Turks have problem with us.
    Personally when I was in Germany talk with Turks they directly told me that Armenian statesmen finally will sale Armenia, Aremian women and girls to Turkey and Azerbaijan! You know such dirty politican can make Turkey’s dream come true.
    Mr. Petrosian you do not deserve to be an Armenian.
    At the end I would like to ask you all please read this web site

  31. Kev said:

    This guy must be 1000 x lower that stray DOGS SHAME FOR HIM FOR CARRYING AN ARMENIAN NAME.

  32. garbis said:

    der- petrosian is a traitor , can some one tell me why he is living?

  33. Ara said:

    Ladies and gentlemen, LTP has just resigned from ever having any say even REMOTELY in the politics of Armenia.

    This, right in front of us, is his political suicide note.


  34. Ando Dovlatyan said:

    Is this guy making a jok out of all we stand for??? WHAT IS HE DOING ON MY LAND, WHY IS HE STILL THERE??? this idiot is actualy acting out of rage becouse he wants more attention, and is being ignored, p.s dear ASPAREZ, pleas update us on the developments of our new Air port ,,, it is going to be a verry vital part of the local economy , of ARTCAX,, and brothers please ignore this cross eyed idiot focuse your energy towrds more important points thnks …

  35. Sevak said:

    Honestly every commenter here is either an idiot or just doesn’t understand the context in which Levon is talking. What LEVON is saying, is if we gave back the TERRITORY surrounding Karabakh which is now a buffer zone and is recognized by everyone as being ORIGINALLY part of Azerbaijian, then the entire thing would be over, Azerbaijian would of recognized Karabakh and possibility of a future war would be over AND borders between Turkey would be opened which would help the ARMENIAN PEOPLE economically.

    Now I’ll sit and wait for you retarded nationalistic comments that are totally void of any intelligence, yes lets keep a stupid buffer zone when we could of ended this war and stopped all bloodshed. morons…

    • hayk said:

      mister Sevak, may be you don’t know history, may be you don’t now the real situation, but you are mistaken, and in this case any mistake mean betrayal.

      At first. “Territory surrounding Karabakh” – is the historical territory of armenians, big part of which, unfortunately, occupied by azeris. If you mean by this term liberated lands of Artsakh, it means that you are zero in history, geografy, political sitatiuon of Artsakh. Liberated lands of Artsakh – inseparable territory of Artsakh Republic (Shahoumian(Karvachar), Kashatagh, Mardakert, Hadrout, Askeran regions), for which has been spilled blood of our heroes. And now there children are born and grow, adults – cultivating land, soldiers – defending Armenia and Artsakh republic, armenian world. Liberated lands – a guarantee of security of our homeland. Such positions allow us prevent the war, and if the war starts, this positions also will provide us the absolutely win. People can sleep calm, because nobody from Agdam and Fizuli (at present – Akn and Varanda) can’t bomb theirs houses. Nobody of azeris can’t poison river mouths in Karvachar, wich fill Sevan lake and whole Artsakh water system. Beside providing good level of national security, the lands of Artsakh has great potential for economical progress – they are very fertile. Without these lands we can not survive.

      And what you offer us? You, stupid moron, thinking about “giving back” such lands to turks, the aim number one of which is destruction of armenians in region? Get a ticket to Baku and surrender yourself to azeris, because such people as you disgrace armenians.

  36. Papken Hartunian said:

    Levon go to Hell! I regret once I had to shake your hand!

  37. Grish Begian said:

    Yes dear Savak,
    AzerBYjani dictator Alioff, should promote LTP as honorable Ambassador of AzerBYjan in Israel!! and you will be hired as Ambassador’s military attache..

  38. Seervart said:

    Sevak, What are you smoking? Or are you smoking the same thing that the traitor LTP is smoking? What Azerbaijan? A country called Azerbaijan never existed east of the Arax River 100 years ago. They stole that name from a north-west Persian State that used to be claled Azerbaijan. All the buffer zones that you are speaking about and much more was Armenian Highlands. Check your history maps and books. Armenian lands went all the way to the Caspian Sea. If you give the buffer zones back to the enemy the Azeris, they will attack Armenians from both ends. There will not be safety for Armenians going back and forth to Artsakh and we desperately need those buffer zones to have control of our lands, (both Armenia and Artsakh). Also to be well connected with our sole good neighbours, with Iran. Not one inch of those lands be given back to the Azeris.

  39. Seervart said:

    Dear Vahe, Thank you for your above post. I have known all along everything that you have mentioned above and of course I totally agree with them.

  40. bigmoustache said:

    not ONE F_IN INCH!! not one inch of land, buffer zone, NOTHING! NEVER GIVE IT BACK OR YOULL SHOW YOUR WEAKNESS AND THEY WILL ATTACK. azerbaijan will attack regardless.
    F that if anything were looking to take more! let them fire a shot, we will take over nakhichevan, ship the turks out, and own that place. remember old julfa

  41. CAKIR said:

    Azeri thinking is allways have been to distroy armenia. they know the turks will allways back them up because of their kurdish problem. the reason is the osman turks are a minority in todays turkey and they cant accept armenians in azerbaijan having their freedom.evin if azeris whant to come to somekind of a compermise the turkish government will put an end to it.

  42. Turan said:

    good Common sense from Levon Ter-Petrossian. He always had a good sense and NOT full of hatred like Serj Sarkisyan and other Armenians. It shows at least some common sensible Hayastan people around. Where can you go with Hatred? Levon has seen that since 1990s.

  43. Spongebob Billioner said:

    Let me tell you something and I am addressing this to every single ignorant idiot here leaving comments and thinking he knows a damn in politics. The guy that you demonize and throw dirt on is the one to achieve Armenia’s independece managing to avoid turmoil that plunged it neighbors and win the war against all odds. Can you remember what was the last time the Armenian nation had won a war? I’m pretty sure you’ll have to look back to times Before Christ!
    Just a message to those stupid pigs- who think of themselves as patriots but are moved by herd mentality and not reason. A Diaspora person visiting Armenia as a turist does not have a right to talk about internal politics unless he speaks of practical interests of Armenia and not from the view of some idiotic and unreal ideas such as transfer of Turkey’s territory to Armenia. How does a prudent person imagine that? Armenia itself legally refused to present any territorial claims towards Turkey and besides, how often does it happen that a soverign country would just surrender its lands to another one?
    From the respect to the conflict in Karabakh itself, like Sevak noted, none of you possess a bit of knowledge of Karabakh itself and its distinction between the liberated territories. If you chose to disregard the international law and accepted norms and instead to rely on brute force to push your territorial interests, just wait and see what will be left of Armenia after being overrun by NATO Turkish troops.
    Yes, now go ahead and tell me Jews and Turks paid me.

    • Grish Begian said:

      Armenians do not need a smart ass like LTP… and he is a multilingual traitor…NATO is falling a part… read the news…today’s Armenians are not yesterday’s “loyal Millet” we are smarter more intelligent and have money to spend if Turks invade Armenia or Artsakh …we have big surprises for them, and a “billionaire” like you!!!
      Are you related to Mrs. LTP??