After 3 Karabakh Soldiers are Killed, Army Vows Retaliation

Karabakh soldiers

STEPANAKERT—Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Defense Ministry announced that three soldiers were killed and two were wounded over the weekend by Azeri sniper fire and vowed retaliation.

The Karabakh defense ministry said Vazgen Bashkhian was killed on Friday, while two other soldiers were killed Saturday during a barrage of sniper fire from the Azeri direction.

The top military brass is prepared to take measures to prevent “acts of sabotage,” according a source at the defense ministry.

Speaking to on condition of anonymity, the source said the defense ministry is planning “large-scale punitive” actions on the Karabakh-Azerbaijan border,

The Karabakh defense ministry also said the sabotage by Azerbaijan comes to prove that Azerbaijan is not committed to implementing agreements reached during negotiations with international mediators.

The statement added that Azerbaijan was continuing its unrestrained attacks with impunity.

“This behavior deserves the most severe condemnation by the international community,” said a statement issued by Armenia’s Foreign Ministry on Saturday.


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  1. ARA said:

    Are we surprised. We need to move them to the sea-once and for all-

  2. Necati Genis said:

    I heard that the first shot came from Armenian solders on the border and two Armenian solder died after Azerbaijan solders responded.. Not correct ?

  3. sam said:

    armenians should learn from israelis how to defend their borders if azeris kill one they should kill 10 an eye for ten eyes and tooth for 100 teeth that’s the only language azeris will undrestand enough of beeing the stupid sheeps

  4. Mtahogh said:

    This contitinuous killing is unacceptable and frustration for all Armenians
    It’s unbelievable that Azeri-Turks can beat Armenians.
    The source said ,
    “The defense ministry is planning “large-scale punitive” actions on the Karabakh-Azerbaijan border”?

  5. Arthur I said:

    Turkere irents ouzatsin hasan – mez jeghainatsrin. Any response should be necessary and proportional – just take out any and every sniper along the line of contact. Start small and take out five. If they continue, respond accordingly.

  6. Zareh said:

    If might is right, then Armenia should do the right thing. Just talking about condemnation of Azeri aggression does not safeguard the lives of young Armenian soldiers. The Azeri thugs in Baku must “feel” the Armenians’ voice and not just hear it.

    If not, then Armenia should announce major compromises and let the Azeris impose their will.

  7. Arman said:

    Yes, enemy snipers killed the soldiers…….but I’m sure the Azeri were using large caliber anti-materiel rifles like 12.7mm (.5 inch), or the Azeri made Istiqlal rifle chambered in the more powerful 14.5mm Vladimirov caliber. I don’t think they were using “mere” 7.62mm Dragunov rifles.
    The moral of the story is this….as long as an Armenian head or torso shows itself, it will be shot at by Turks. The warzone borders may not move an inch for another 20 years, and Azeri threats of war may be anounced regularly yet without them daring to resume the war, but that doesn’t mean enemy sharpshooters will hesitate to kill. The Armenian forces are slowly being bled one or two casualties a month, or sometimes even per week. The solution is to heavily mine the current strip of land where the border posts are, then withdraw all personnel another 400 meters to the rear, replacing their posts with robotic machine gun turrets. Theres no need for personnel to stand there… the face of an enemy heavy weapon attack those infantry are no use, and as long as they stay there they will simply tempt the Turks to take pot shots at them and spray some fire around the line. The Armenian military will say it has built extensive defensive works and fortifications at the contact line….they will say the enemy has no hope of victory and that’s why they simply take opportune sniper fire because they have no other chance….they will say there is a useful balance of power and Azerbaijan is only fooling itself if it thinks of winning. Yet the brutal reality is Azerbaijan isn’t thinking long term, whether or not it will win the war… is instead relishing each and every chance of killing an Armenian conscript with snipers, no matter if that means just 20 or 30 deaths per year. Azerbaijan wants blood…..the Armenian military is foolish enough to give them the opportunity. Bottom line…the poor conscripts and their weeping families pay the price.

  8. Mihran said:

    Since when did we became such cowards!
    Fire back and kill 100 azeris for every killed Armenian soldier.

  9. Aram said:

    How can this go on with no response from the Armenian side. Don’t our boys on the front have 50 caliber sniper rifles that have a range of a mile or more? Why not respond in kind — Tell those bastards “You shoot one of ours we shoot 10 of yours.” And do it – teach them a lesson they won’t forget. Teach them that they can’t murder Armenians any longer without paying a heavy price.

    • bigmoustache said:

      i guess theyre trying to make it clear to the world who the aggressor is. but that point has been shown long ago and its not helping us prevent a war (no US or european threats if azerbaijan starts a war)
      we’ll just keep it in mind, we wont forget a thing, and we’ll unleash all of our anger, fustration and revenge when they start their war

  10. Hrair said:

    Unfortunately there is only one language that the Azeris undersrtand and taht is the language of power and strength. Armenians now need to show that they too can stoop low and deal with Azeris appropriately at their level. Armenians shouldn’t look to Europe and the US to condemn their cowerdice acts as they are currently loved by most in Europe and probably in US because of their oil and gas abundant energy supplies. Europe/US are unlikely to offer any reaction over these atrocities favouring the Armenians or condemn the Azeri Authorities who openly commission such acts. Armenia and Arcakh need to act and deliver a message that Azeris recognise and undwerstand. Azerbaijan may have asperations to join Europe but their mentality and their thinking is far removed from that of the democratic Europeans.

  11. Hrant K. said:

    Necati Genis you need to wear some hearing aid devices! It seems your ears don’t hear your

    Azeri Dictator’s (his father’s inheritor) daily threats against the Armenians. Perhaps when Nakhitchevan from

    the west, the Gour river from the east and the Russian Border from the north is back in Armenian Control,

    only then your eardrums might blow up from suffering from true justice service and start hearing again!!! (7)

    And only then Geidar Aliev can come back from Heaven (sorry from Hell) and drink tea in Shousi and

    have a turkish bath there! Let him rot in hell and not even dare of looking into our eyes!!!

  12. Noubar said:

    Who remembers the Armenians “said Hitler in 1939. Turkey will always help Azerbaijan against Armenia “said Erdogan in 2011. Justice has been served “said the monkey Obama when they killed Osama Bin Laden in 2011. It is not Saudi Arabia or Europe have killed Osama Bin Laden because he did acts of terrorism against the United States. It is U.S. who have done justice to themselves. That’s enough. We Armenians can and have land and weapons to defend our country independently without appealing other countries which do not care.

  13. immortal Souls of western Armenia risen said:

    i like what Arman wrote above … he makes rally good points …