Turks View Armenians, Greeks, Jews Negatively

Erdogan at a SETA Foundation event

ISTANBUL (Trend)—Turkish citizens maintain unfriendly attitudes toward the wider world, according to a recent survey.

The opinion poll revealed many people in Turkey have negative views of Arabs, Armenians, Jews, Greeks, Russians and Americans, but views over Europeans seem to be split, while a certain majority expressed positive views of Azerbaijanis whose native language is intelligible to Turks.

According to the research, conducted by the Political, Economic and Social Research Foundation, or SETA, some 36.6 percent of participants have a favorable view of Europeans, while 35 percent expressed unfavorable sentiments. Some 40 percent of the younger generation also expressed more favorable views regarding Europeans, whereas those who were over 61 years of age tended to have a more negative opinion. On Americans, 64.8 percent of those surveyed indicated unfavorable views, with only 13.8 percent expressing favorable views.

Some 33.2 percent of those surveyed said they had a positive attitude toward Arabs, up against some 39 percent who said they had a negative perception of them. Men also seemed to be slightly more unfavorable toward Arabs than women, with some 42 percent of males, as opposed to 36 percent of females, expressing negative sentiments regarding Arabs.

Participants in the survey said if they had to make a choice between Europeans, Americans and Arabs, they would choose Arabs. When asked whether Arabs were better than Americans and Europeans, 25.3 percent of those surveyed said they “absolutely agree”, while 19.9 percent said they “generally agree”.

The research was coordinated by Professor Talip Kucukcan and covered some 3,040 participants in 12 provinces in Turkey.

Views of Iranians were also negative, according to the survey, which found 31 percent held favorable views of Iranians as opposed to 39.5 percent who had unfavorable views. The research showed participants with higher levels of education and better jobs tended to entertain more unfavorable perceptions about Turkey’s eastern neighbors. Negative views of Iranians were also higher among women, 44 percent of whom expressed unfavorable views, in contrast to men, only 35 percent of whom were unfavorable.

The participants’ outlook on Armenians, Jews and Greeks was especially unfavorable, with some 73.9 percent saying they held negative views of Armenians, 71.5 percent saying they had negative views of Jews, and 67 percent saying they had unfavorable views of Greeks. The survey showed an unfavorable stance toward Armenians and Jews was relatively more widespread among those participants with lower levels of education and socioeconomic status. Unfavorable views of Jews were also slightly higher among younger men.

Results of the poll showed 51.7 percent of participants held unfavorable views of Russians, while 20.7 percent expressed favorable views. Positive attitudes of Russians were higher among better educated men, with only 13.2 percent of women stating positive views about Russians, up against some 28.4 percent of men who said they had a positive opinion.

Some 37 percent of those surveyed also said they had a favorable perception of the Chinese, while 30 percent expressed an unfavorable view.


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  1. manooshag said:

    I hope I don’t know you. Of course, having stolen all from the Armenians that their leaderships had slaughtered, raped, kidnapped, tortured, and left their bones unburied… too and now living off all that was the Armenians, Turkeys find it very easy and very generous to be, wonderful and hospitable… Yet, instead, if Turks had paid reparations and more due and owing to the Armenians… just think how wonderful and hospitable your Turk friends would be today. I saw the vile actions of the Turks at our April 24th observance in Washington DC… barbaric, vile, worse.

  2. Necati Genis said:

    ROBIG: I do not think it is 100% .

    BERGE JOLOLIAN : We did not destroy ancient culture . You can visit Turkey and see that we keep all old cultural structures. (I saw many by my eyes .)

    A counterpart : 71 different countries of Today were inside the borders of Ottomans Empire for 700 years. Which one was destroyed by Ottoman Turks ? And how many Turkish structure left to today except in Turkey ?

    On the contrary , they were so happy and i know , even today , some of them especially in the Midle East where always in blood , are longing those good times. As i said somewhere else before , if there were really an idea like genocide why need to wait 700 years and put it into practice after relatively got weaker ?

    Turkish Army did not kill any Armenian unless a war between. It was regional Kurdish tribes during 1915-1918 killing Armenians for their plan of founding Kurdistan same as PKK re-tries today. This can be more clear by an international historians commitee . Turkey is ready to open all archives as politicians offer.

    In fact, in early 20th century , it was not us thirsty for blood but France (south front ) , Greece and British (Northwest front ) , Armenians ( east front) , all together , came to Anotolia and invaded my then poor country.

    My friend “ARMENIAN” : You said YOU HATE me too much because of my nationality. At this point, all i can do is to turn other side of my face , as Holly Bible says. I will never hate you nor any other Armenian.

    ALEX Postallian : The rate of illiteracy in Turkey is 96%. And most of the remaining 4% comes from some Kurdish tribes in the Eastern Turkey who regard woman as only a “ baby factory” and having some times more than 10 children. For instance: You ask a Kurdish father how many children he has , he will tell you only the number of boys. They also refuse to send the girls to the schools even though there is an obligation in Turkish Law. This is a reality in my country today and is a failure for Turkish Government not to find a solution to this insistance yet.

    Arziv : I agree with you on the nature of polls.

    Alex from LA and Nezar M : I completely agree with you on that there is always good and bad people in each nation. I am so happy there are some people like you out there who still have humanity in their heart . I feel better now. Thank you.

  3. ashot said:

    i promise well get them back….im waitin for an excuse!

  4. Hripsime said:

    I do appreciate you commet. 100% agree with you. Thank you!!!

  5. Alex Postallian said:

    I am an American Armenian,When I heard my mother telling me horror stories,cried for her lost relatives,that I have never seen,Lied about the Armenian Genocide,paid millions in bribes,revised history,most of their own people are illiterate.When they admit so,or even treat their minorities with respect.So if you have lived under the yoke,and go around with scared eyes,with condescending attitude.I served my country,America,and I never had scared eyes.

  6. Hrant K. said:

    Necati Genis, while you are praising turkish law for obliging female sex to attend school,

    and blaming your government for not applying it in the Kurdish South East Region, you forgot your

    government’s fascist policy of not allowing Kurds to speak their own kurdish language for more than 80 years

    also prevented Kurdish schools, newspapers, radio broadcasts too. Whereas, in neighboring Armenia,

    they had schools, newspapers, radio programs during that period! And if you think you can convince

    people, that the Kurds massacred Armenians from1915to18 , that was only by the Red Sultans’

    instructions, otherwise they would have faced the same destiny as their victims! As for your cultural

    protectiveness, out of 2550 churches only a handful still remain, and we saw your NeoOttoman Prime

    Minister a few days ago ordering the demolition of the Kars Turko-Armenian Friendship Memorial, and a few

    years ago your Azeri “civilized half-assed ” brothers’ cultural genocide of Armenian Khatchkars in

    Nakhichevan, where, the Mosques in Shoushi and in Artsakh are presereved! Stones they can destroy yes,

    we will build newer ones and much much more prettier, but never they or you (turks) can destroy our souls

    and resolve to rise again and haunt you till the farthest corners of Universe. Just remember Operation

    Nemesis!!!!! (7) No disguise, no deception or threats will make us retreat from now on! Yes PKK will

    have their Kurdish homeland in the South East, and Western Armenia will be reestablished within the

    Wilsonian internatonally recognized borders, and we will live side by side with our neighbors-Kurdish

    brothers!!! So go and spin your Ergenekon conspiracies upon your Islamo so called “demonocratic” brothers,

    and don’t ever think of opening a crack between your victims. Those tricks are English ones, not worthy of

    your naive turkishness!!!

    • Necati Genis said:


      You give a strong support to terrorist heroin baron PKK.

      Are you a Kurdish ?

  7. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:


    Thanks Hrant for your e mail…very clear
    Necati can you analyze your DNA to see if you have Turkish …Armenian…or Kurdish blood
    Now a days very easy…because through the centuries Turks to snatch many Armenian girls and were used as sex slaves and had children from them …all became Turkish …like you…
    I think you are confused with your origin…so clear it by knowing your genetics…I feel for that reason you enter our websites…You should know that the good kurds are very kind and educated nation…they have more physicians and poets than Turks have as a whole…!