Yovanovitch to Leave Post in June

Marie Yovanovitch

YEREVAN—US Ambassador to Armenia Marie Yovanovitch will leave Armenia in June as her tour of duty concludes, reported the US Embassy.

Yovanovitch is expected to return to Washington where she will become US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Northern and Central Europe, said Embassy spokeswomen Taguhi Jahukyan.

She assumed her duties in Armenia in 2008.

“We respect Ambassador Yovanovitch’s service and value her time in Yerevan, but regret that her term was marked by cuts in U.S. aid, a lack of progress on trade, and heavy pressure on Armenia to sign off on the one-sided Turkey-Armenia Protocols,” said Aram Hamparian, Executive Director of the Armenian National Committee of America.
“These accords, billed by the Ambassador and her colleagues as beneficial to Armenia, strived to deliver for Ankara it’s long-sought ‘historical commission’ to cast doubt on the Armenian Genocide, assisted the efforts of genocide deniers to defer and derail Armenian Genocide recognition efforts worldwide, and provided President Obama with political cover to break his pledge to properly recognize this crime,” added Hamparian.
“Looking back, beyond all the hype used to promote the Protocols, it’s clear that they have been a detriment to Armenia, a danger for Nagorno Karabakh, an offense to Armenian Americans, and – as a result of Turkey’s brazen backpedaling – an embarrassment for U.S. diplomacy,” explained Hamparian.
“We wish Ambassador Yovanovitch well in her new post and look forward to a comprehensive confirmation process that ensures that the President’s forthcoming nominee to serve in Yerevan will be a powerful voice for American values, and an effective leader who will deliver real results in developing a mutually-beneficial U.S.-Armenia relationship,” said the ANCA director.


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  1. Aren said:

    i know that i am expressing the opinions of the majority of Armenians when i say its about time that she left. She did nothing good for Armenia, did anybody even hear her say genocide or would the obama administration quickly replace her. I hope that john Evans comes back because he truly cared for Armenia and Armenians and in his time armenian-american relations improved

  2. Tsolin said:

    Good riddance to Yovanoglu. Let’s use OUR muscle to improve OUR lot on the next round.

  3. Alex Postallian said:

    Goodbye,good luck, in the jungles of Burma!!!!

  4. Zareh Sahakian said:

    One wonders if Mrs. Yovanovitch made any attempt to learn about the Armenian history/culture/traditions as well as the language during her tenure as ambassador.I am talking about learning about a nation that goes beyond the superficial State Department briefing an envoy gets before an assignment.

    From following her appearances and periodic lectures, I get the impression that she was only acting within the confines of an ordinary bureaucrat following, and fulfilling, instructions from her bosses, no more, no less. As such her ambassadorship will not be memorable. She was just passing through like a tourist. How effective an emissary can she be to her own nation ?

  5. Berge Jololian said:

    Marie Yovanoglu go to Deir-Zor (and stay there).

    Marie you are a shameless genocide denier and anti-Armenian democracy.

  6. Fred said:

    To achieve this simple dream. It is only necessary to find out who has profited from these genocids and who is profiting from these ongoing genocides and wars. Knowledge of this simple fact and widespread popularisation of this knowledge would result in a revolution which could eradicate evil on this planet and bring heaven on Earth.

  7. manooshag said:

    Marie Yovanovich, a new comer to the USA State Department…
    The USA State Department – rigid in its ignorance, steadfast in its ability
    to pursue the continuance of genocides – which eliminates innocents, which allows perpetrators to be the winners – which allows the victims of genocides to be the losers!! Too, USA State Department stance for the ongoing/unending the cycle of genocides – which can and shall have been ended nearly a century ago … but for the USA State Department – simply bringing genocide perpetrators to face their crimes – all despots shall have known the cycle of genocides ended then and – forever!

  8. Berge Jololian said:

    What would be better than US Ambassador Yobanoglu is No US Ambassador for a long long time.

    The next appointee of the hostile-US-State-Department must be conditioned to first visit Dei-Zor and then pay US official respects at the Genocide Memorial in Yerevan, and holding Turkey accountable for the crime of genocide.

  9. Halo said:

    Yes I agree good riddance. This lady was a big fat nobody. She went through the motions to secure her big fat retirement package all the while playing “politician”.

    “Politicians” who are not for Armenian issues and idly ignore the current and past terrorist policies of Turkey and Azerbaijan are a bunch of hypocrite cowards.