Top Iran Cleric Says Afghan Rebels Fought for Azerbaijan

Defense Minister Ohanian confirmed Afghans fought alongside Azeri soldiers

YEREVAN (Combined Sources)—One of Iran’s top clerics, Ayatollah Seyed Hassan Ameli, said that Iran supplied weapons and training to Afghan rebels who then fought on behalf of Azerbaijan during the Karabakh war. This comment has initiated mixed reactions in Armenia.

Armenia’s Defense Minister, Seyran Ohanian on Tuesday confirmed the Ayatollah’s statements saying that Afghan militants were fighting for Azerbaijan, a reality that was reported during the war.

“Afghan militants were definitely in the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh at a certain time,” Ohanian said commenting on reports by Iranian sources.

“They were withdrawn within the framework of different agreements and suffered huge losses as a result of the professional action of the Karabakh side,” added Ohanian.

Meanwhile officials at Iran’s Embassy in Yerevan said they did not want unreliable information to impact the friendly Armenian-Iranian relations.

The embassy neither confirmed, nor refuted Ayatollah Ameli’s statement, saying that the official stance of Tehran on the Karabakh conflict resolution has been articulated and voiced Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, as well as the Iranian Ambassador to Armenia Seyed Ali Saghaeyan.

“We do not rule out the possibility that there are forces that aim create obstacles for our friendly relations,” an Iranian Embassy official said.


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  1. Samvel Jeshmaridian, PhD said:

    The Armenian Defense Minister Seyran Ohanian tends to grow into a new Mr. Kocharyan. Every year, the weak Armenia and the tortured Karabakh due to this man are gaining new and more powerful enemies. Stop Your retarded politics Mr. Ohanyan.

    • Avery said:

      Mr. Jeshmaridian, PhD:

      Colonel General Ohanian actually participated in the liberation of Artsakh: did you ?
      Colonel General Ohanian lost a leg in action in 1992 fighting ‘Azeris': did you ?
      Colonel General Ohanian actually fought and risked his life throwing out ‘Azeri’ Tatar invaders from Historic Armenian lands – unlike most of us keyboard ‘warriors’.

      Let’s show some due respect for the men that actually have been in battle.

      • No Cigar said:

        I didn’t know that we needed to fight in Artsakh to “prove” we are proper Armenians, or just even make sense or disagree.

        I am not speaking about Ohanian specifically or defending Samvel’s comment, but I have an issue with your way of reasoning. If today a “war hero” turned politician is screwing up in politics, and he fought in Artsakh, I do not need to show him any respect as a politician. Maybe instead of silencing debate and opinion you should admit that being a good soldier does not guarantee being a good politician, nor does it mean you have the right vision for the Armenian people.

        Also, did the government of Armenia show any respect to Jirair Sefilian who was a war hero? No, because of his difference of his opinion in politics and being a ‘foreigner’, he was thrown in jail, and denied citizenship. Think about that very carefully before playing the tired “let’s silence someone using the keyboard warrior routine” next time.

  2. Araxi said:

    This is true. An Afghan student told me in the early 90’s that he was offered $500 to go and fight for Azerbaijan against the Armenians in Karabagh. However, he says he refused but there were those who did accept to go.

  3. democrat world citizen said:

    This is such an odd comment, since it was alleged that the Armenian side was receiving assistance from the Iranian government during the bloody war; apparently, this Iranian assistance was in various forms including support of petroleum and raw material needs of Armenia and has been recorded and reported extensively. It is not a secret that the close relationship between Iran and Armenia continues to date. Although at first glance this opportunistic relationship of convenience between Iran and Armenia may seem odd, equation makes more sense when potential internal problems of Iranian government and its external interests are factored in. The Turkic/Azeri population in Iran is more than three times the entire population of Republic of Azerbaijan and this poses a very real threat to Tehran (which incidentally is a city that has the highest number of Azeri people worldwide)! It is anticipated that this perceived threat will expand as Azerbaijanis inside Iran become more informed about the distasteful reality of Nagorno-Karabakh situation through digital communications and this fact intimidates both Iran and Armenia (hence, this and other so called “anti-western” positions of Iran make Iran-Armenian “friendship” palatable to both governments). Therefore, these suspicious and/or deliberate allegations by the Iranian or Armenian officials should be analyzed carefully and with a prism that factors in the antidemocratic elements in this volatile neighborhood. It is hoped that democratic values will soon triumph over petty differences and personal gains and bottom up democratic developments and institutional support in these societies will bring the people and their moral values together so that they can work towards establishing a long lasting peace and harmony.

  4. Aryan said:

    If anyone has been following the news lately, Ahmadinejad dismissed the head of the Iranian intelligence agency in opposition of the wishes of Iran’s top cleric (his boss) who now reversed Ahmadinejad’s decision and reinstated this man back to his post. There is a clear divide between the clerics and Ahmadinejad. The mullahs fear that Ahmadinejad is becoming nationalistic and is weakening the islamists’ power. Of course, the clerics (and Ahmadinejad) are anti-Iranian, islamofascist zealots who have been destroying the Iranian cultural heritage and replacing it with an Arab one. Rest assured, the end of this fascist regime is coming soon.

  5. phillip said:

    Best think about letting iran build a road through armenia to georgia, doest iran really think that armenia and georgia are really part of iran?

  6. Jack said:

    Why are people surprised? Persians are one of, if not the most, fake people in the world. It’s a sad situation for Armenia in present times located between Turks, an Islamic republic, and backstabbers to the north. I wouldn’t be surprised how many Islamic nations supported Azerbaijan and continue to do so. Pakistan doesn’t even recognize the country of Armenia; I can only imagine the magnitude of their involvement. However I can understand Armenia’s neutral stance. Imagine the uproar if Armenians sold a single handgun to the Israelis.

    • Chisto said:

      Let’s not forget Benazir Bhutto’s comment, “…only two countries are in the way of uniting all the islamic countries, Armenia and Georgia…” May my God help her rot in Hell!

    • bigmoustache said:

      the same israelis who STILL havnt recognized our genocide, even though its totally linked with theirs?
      are these the same israelis you speak of?
      fk em, lets support the palestinians outright, the arabs gave us land and homes in their countries and welcomed us as guests during our most desperate times. our refugee camps turned to towns and cities. we should be thankful.
      dont be blind like your enemy, dont bunch and classify things so quickly. look at each individual case individuallly, bes

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