Genocide Museum Property to Revert to Cafesjian by May 23

The Genocide Museum building in Washington)

WASHINGTON—The US District Court for the District of Columbia Tuesday ruled that all properties for the planned Armenian Genocide Museum and Memorial must revert to the Cafesjian Family Foundation by May 23, court papers indicate.

The ruling comes after the court ruled in favor of the CFF on January 26 in a bitter lawsuit with the Armenian Assembly of America.

Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly also denied a motion by the Assembly for a new trial after it lost the initial case.

“I welcome the court’s concluding verdict that finally frees us all to build this long-awaited museum and memorial about the fact and ongoing consequences of the Armenian Genocide,” CFF chairman Gerard L. Cafesjian told the Armenian Reporter, commenting on the verdict.

“Thankfully, this case is finally over,” CFF counsel, John B. Williams, told the Armenian Reporter. “The properties have to be transferred to CFF in the next two weeks.  That is what we have all been fighting for.  We hope that the Assembly leadership will be willing to amicably resolve the few loose ends that remain.”

CFF board member Ross Vartian reiterated the call to the leadership of the Armenian Assembly to “cease blocking the project and instead to abide by the May 9 ruling ordering the transfer of all properties to the CFF no later than May 23, 2011,” according to the Reporter.

“Further delay serves no constructive purpose,” Vartian added in a comment to the Reporter, which is published by Cafesjian.

The ruling is the final judgment in the case.


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  1. No to AAA said:

    Good, The Armenian Assembly of America should change its name to ‘Davajan Assembly of America’ formed to create division between Armenians and serve foreign interests.

    Shame on any Armenian who is part of this organization.

    • Amen said:

      The Assembly has had its problems, but they have certainly contributed to Genocide recognition efforts and aid to Armenia and Karabagh. I am happy to have two organizations in DC working for us rather that one. Monopoly is never a good situation.

      • manooshag said:

        Amen, TWO organizations… I see only one… AAA has been allied with the State Department and the White House… Monopoly has nothing to do with Hai Tahd.

    • said:

      The people in the tranches are fine, it’s the leadership that is sick on their heads. Both organizations are too far from the real normal people and the division between the churches is absolutely unacceptable.

      The place really needs a Community Center along with the Museum so Armenians of different confessions or no confession at all can meet and work together.

      • manooshag said:

        Vosk, you say “Both organizations are too far from the real normal people and division between the churches is unacceptable.” You are mistaken… there is not any BOTH… since the AAA is not in a same status so as to be linked to the ANCA… in efforts, character and honesty. As for the division of the churches… this too, was necessary since Etchmiadzin was controlled by the communists – and Giligia was free to speak for our Armenian church to the world. Actually BOTH are NOT far from the real normal people…. AAA is far, far away.

  2. Alex Postallian said:

    Now that this is over,who is right or wrong.I was told years ago,the failing of the Armenian cause,is Armenians dont help Armenians.This may prove the case.

    • Alex Postallian said:

      Kirk Kerkorian has given millions and millions,no fuss,no fanforade,he doesnt even want his name connected to the gift.I guess nwhen it comes to real class,love of giving,it really shows.Thanks again,Kirk,always a classy guy.

    • manooshag said:

      Postalian, Obviously, the courts have decided who is right – and who, obviously, is in the wrong. You live in the past for today, Armenian grassroots and our Diaspora are standing strong and together, supporting all that is just and right for all Armenians… (correcting your misdirected/dishonest Armenians). Oh ye of little faith… open your eyes, open your ears!! We Armenians the world over have moved on…. today united for Hai Tahd!

  3. craig said:

    The fact that this lawsuit happened at all is a shame for the entire Armenian diaspora. The message it sends to the American public regarding what they see as the “powerful Armenian lobby” is that we are unable to organize and agree for the good of Hai Tahd and that we’d rather go to court and fight amongst ourselves. How could the leadership of the Armenian Assembly allow this to go this far?
    It brings shame to Armenians in general but especially to Armenian Americans, not to mention what it does to the memory of the victims of the Genocide.
    The Genocide Museum should NEVER have been used as a political toy for ANY organization; all disagreements should have been solved quickly and out of court.
    We still have a lot to learn!

    • manooshag said:

      Is the Armenian Assembly still in business?? Does the AAA still speak for Armenians after this fiasco??

  4. Hayreniq said:

    Finally… It is a real shame… Our history is full of idiots who thought they knew better than the rest… and look where we are today… LEARN YOUR LESSONS, PEOPLE!!!

  5. manooshag said:

    Just read the newspapers… so many groups have had to bear ‘lemons’
    but are not deterred by these ‘sour’ – elements. We have had them in our history before – and today, obviously, the courts corrected the error of the mentality of the Armenian Assembly leaderships. Of course the Armenian Genocide Museum was ‘used and abused’ SADLY. Now is not the time to moan and groan… Now, is the time to move forward – to seek to recognize the honesty of the organizations which we support – as they in turn, are doing their best for all Armenians!! Armenians as grassroots are moving forward in our aspirations for our homeland – today with our 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generations!! The leaderships in Haiastan mislabel our supportive Armenian diasporans as the enemy of Haiastan (enemies: Turkey and Azeris). Haiastan, a fledgling nation today, too, is in need of honesty in their leaderships, patriots to join together with Armenians of all the world. And too, honest patriots to be the elected leaders of our citzenry of Haiastan!