Cyprus Parliament Head Calls Turkey International Terrorist

Marios Garoyian

NICOSIA (Tseka)—President of the House of Representatives Marios Garoyian on Tuesday stressed the responsibilities of the international community in regard to Turkey’s crime of the Armenian Genocide saying that if Turkey had been punished for that crime, the Turkish invasion against Cyprus may not had taken place.

Describing Turkey as an international terrorist, he called upon Ankara to admit its crime and apologize to humanity for it.

If Turkey had been punished for its enormous crime of the Armenian Genocide of 1915, the Turkish invasion against Cyprus may not have taken place, he stressed, addressing Tuesday a school event entitled Armenian Genocide from the past to the present.

Garoyian stressed the responsibilities of the international community, saying that the Armenian Genocide must be condemned and recognized by all and called upon Turkey to admit its crime and apologize to the Armenian people and all humanity.

He went on to add that the international community’s failure to punish Turkey increases Ankara’s intransigence and described Turkey as an international terrorist, who, through military power, attempts to impose its rule on neighbors and non-neighbors alike.

As long as Turkey remains unpunished, the international community has no right to be proud of today’s world order, he stressed, adding that the international community should feel as an accomplice as long as the Armenian Genocide and other ethnic cleansing crimes of Turkey remain unpunished.

He recalled that Cyprus was the first country to raise the issue in the 1960s before the UN General Assembly, asking for an international condemnation of the Genocide and said that the Cypriot House of Representatives as well as the Greek Parliament were among the first parliaments to have condemned it.


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  1. Harut said:



  2. Simon Shekerjian said:

    I hope Mr. Garoyian comment will be heard from the U.N. The problem is the U.S. I don’t know why the U.S. needs Turkeys friendship as a few years ago, it was a Strategic point to reach Soviet Union. But lately when the U.S. needed to use the Southern Turkey areas to launch attacks on Iraq, Turkey did not allow them to do so. Turkey needs U.S. help hundred times more thanU.S. needs Turkeys frienship. If the U.S. Accepts the Genocide and condemns it things will change. But in every election, the candidate promise to do that, but when elected, they ignore their promise.

  3. Hrant K. said:

    Two thumbs up to Honorable Marios Garoyan!! I hope, that Mr Patrick Devedjian in Paris, France &

    ex-Governor of California Hon. George Deukmejian in Long Beach, CA. follow Mr Marios Garoyan’s

    footsteps and have their say in accusing Turkey and convinsing their respective governments to

    acknowledge the above! As for the settlement of the lawsuit of the Genocide Memorial dispute,

    please put aside your personal childish grievances and grow up and think BIG!!! There is a lot

    at stake here!! The opening of the Armenian Genocide Memorial in Wash., D.C.

    would be a major catalyst in transforming the U.S. and International (turkophile) public opinions

    to become much more favorable to the Armenian Cause , and in multiplying extensively

    the accusation of Turkey’s denialist policies and urging the latter to restitue Armenian Rights

    (Moral, Economic, and Geopolitical) !!!

    in tra

  4. Al Fields said:

    This man Garoyan is a terrorist – his party DIKO are all former EOKA terrorits that killed Turks and Brits. He is not even a Greek Cypriot.

    • Avery said:

      Al Fields, you are a Brit – I presume ?
      Killing invaders is no terrorism: who invited Brits and Turks to Cyprus ?
      You Brits called General Washington and his Freedom Fighters ‘terrorists’ too: who is a terrorist – the one that kills invaders or the invader ?

    • Armenian said:

      Al Fields, you are the Terrorist! You and your type of twisted square heads.

    • Grish Begian said:

      Al Fields if I were you I would have worry for those Islamic terrorists in London, where Turkish Muftis like Gulan have a dream to get into Queen’s Buckingham palace as a new “Islamic headquarter” and bring people like you under Sharia laws!!

  5. Necati Genis said:

    I suggest Marios to go to “Barbarian Museum ” in Lefkosia of The Republic of Northern Cyprus and see who the real murderer is .

    • Avery said:

      There is no such entity as ‘The Republic of Northern Cyprus’
      The original, historic murderers are the Nomadic Seljuk Turks, who invaded the Civilized nations of Armenia and Greek Byzantium and of course Cyprus, murdering, raping, looting, burning, destroying their way from the Mongolian Steppes to the Mediterranean Sea

      You Turks are unwanted guests: go back to the Mongolian Steppes and Altai Mountains where you belong.

  6. Ian Betts said:

    Do I detect a pot calling the Kettle black here? If Greek Cypriots had not spent more than a decade attempting to inflict genocide on Turkish Cypriots, Turkey would not have needed to intervene in Cyprus. Since Turkey picked up its international obligation in 1974 – agreed under the terms of the Cyprus constitution – (unlike The United Kingdom) – there has been relative calm in Cyprus.

    • Avery said:

      That’s a good one Ian: Greek Cypriots attempting ‘genocide’ on Turkish Cypriots. Attempting to throw out invaders from your homeland is no vice.

      Of course it would be hard to imagine such a thing for a British Imperialist, who enabled and tacitly supported the Turks in their successful extermination of Christian Armenians, Greeks, and Assyrians.

      When Brits have apologized to the world for the genocide of the Irish, for the invention of the concentration camp and collective punishment (Boer War), for the Slave Trade to the New World, then you Brits can come here and lecture Greek Cypriots about ‘genocide’.

    • Grish Begian said:

      No Turan, this news makes barbarians angry!!
      Barbarians normally are color blinded and brain washed by “Turk owners” they make their own museum, and justify their “Turkishism’ and “Jihadism” against normal civilizations!!

  7. Nondas said:

    We couldn’t agree more with the statement of Cyprus Parliament head Mr Marios Karoyian that Is an International Terrorist state ” If Turkey was punished for the Armenian Genocide of 1915″ , Cyprus wouldn’t of been invaded and 37% occupied since July 20th of 1974. It seems that the Western and AngloAmerican interests are not really served by Turkey’s crime against humanity 1974 invasion 37% occupation ethnic Cleansing of 200,000 Greek Cypriots by Attila Army of occupation and destruction of the Greek Cypriot Religious and Cultural heritage as well as the looting and desecration of more than 550 Greek Cypriot Christian Churches by Barbarous Turkey’s Attila army. There are countless crimes against HUmanity committed by Turkey against Greek Cypriots and the Republic of Cyprus. Turkey remains unaccountable and irresponsible for the committed against humanity and it seems to have a license to commit crimes and it has an absolute immunity for its crimes. While we see on our TV screens day in day out the Bombing of Libya, and condemnation of Syria by the Hypocritical Western world . We never seen a intervention by the Western world against Turkey for the crimes it committed against Humanity in Cyprus during the last thirty seven years since 1974 , Turkey is still insisting and negotiating with EU in order to join it , we strongly believe that EU and the Western world must impose sanctions against Turkey until it complies and abides by the UN security council resolutions for Cyprus and complies with the EU protocol.
    EU must terminate its accession talks with Turkey until Turkey becomes a civilized nation ,recognizes the 1915 Armenian Genocide ,and stops its terrorist activities against Cyprus Armenians, Kurds and others

  8. Kiazer Souze said:

    Not all Turks are terrorists. The “Friendship Statue” was an example of that. The terrorists are Turkey’s/Azerbajian’s “Ergenekon” [aka Mujahadeen aka Taliban aka Al Queada].

    Those people pull the strings. We need to resurrect operation “Nemesis” in a cultural sense [non-violent]. We are the galaxies hit-men. We are THE ONE POINT FIVES. We have more friends in the after life than the here and now.

  9. garbis said:

    bravo to garoyan man has lots off balls , truth always resonates.

  10. Hrant K. said:

    Kiazer Souze, with your turkish logic, you defended the turkish community in the so called “Northern Cypriot territories” by invading sovereign Cypriot territories by the turkish fascist army. Whereas, when the Kurdish
    population in South Eastern so called “turkish Republic” defend their honor, heritage and language you
    brand them as “terrorists”. By the way, your Prime Minister ordered the demolition of the “Friendship Statue” recently, and is poking his nose in Egyptian , Syrian and Libyan affairs! He’d better mind his own business and clean up his domestic chaotic mess!!!!!! (7)