No Reconciliation Without Genocide Recognition, Says Sarkisian

President Sarkisian spoke to the Russian press

YEREVAN (Yerkir)—Armenia and Turkey will reconcile only when Ankara recognizes the Armenian Genocide, said President Serzh Sarkisian in an interview published Monday in Moscow News.

“There can be no reconciliation without Genocide recognition. Those who are trying to present attempts to establish relations with Turkey as reconciliation are wrong. Real reconciliation comes after recognition,” he said.

Sarkisian said that when efforts to normalize relations with Turkey were launched, many opponents said that the process would impede efforts for international recognition of the Genocide. In his estimation, that conjecture was wrong.

“The fact of Armenian Genocide is indisputable and we must spare no effort for Turkey to recognize the Genocide finally. It is a struggle for justice and for security. It is, at the end of the day, a struggle for inadmissibility of such crimes not only in our region, but throughout the world,” he emphasized.

Sarkisian also said that geography was a fate and “we must have at least some relations with neighbors. Of course, not at all costs.”

On the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict resolution issues, Sarkisian said the people of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic must determine its own fate and be able to safely develop on its own historic homeland.

He went on to explain that the OSCE Minsk Group has made a proposal, known as the Madrid Principles, in which three principles have been delineated—the non-use of force and threats of military escalation; territorial integrity and people’s right to self-determination. Sarkisian added that Armenia has accepted these principles as a basis for discussion and the eventual drafting of a peace agreement.

Sarkisian expressed that while Azerbaijan, after long contemplation, has agreed to these principles its leadership continuously threatens military action, which, Sarkisian said, was a direct violation of the first Madrid principle.

President Sarkisian went on to explain that Azerbaijan’s understanding of the other two principles is skewed, thus impeding the negotiations from going forward.
Armenia and Azerbaijan have different interpretations of two key principles that are at the heart of a framework agreement to end the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict proposed by international mediators, President Serzh Sarkisian said in a newspaper interview published on Monday.

“They see the right to self-determination [principle] as mere self-determination within the realm of Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity,” said Sarkisian.

“Such self-determination does not exist. It is a skewed, primitive self-determination. Therefore, as long as Azerbaijan does not understand the definition of this principle, it will be very difficult to resolve the conflict.”

According to Sarkisian, territorial integrity does not mean no changes in borders, or else, he explained, there would not be new states on the world map, including Armenia and Azerbaijan.

“During the last 20 to 30 years, dozens of new states have appeared on the world map,” he explained.

“Karabakh defended its independence in a bloody and bitter war, in extremely harsh conditions, and it would be naïve to think that the people of Karabakh would give up all of that—what they achieved,” added Sarkisian.

Sarkisian did not rule out the likelihood of another war, saying that continued Azeri threats and Baku’s preparations for another war signal their plans to unleash new military attacks.

In the event of war, Sarkisian said, there could be two scenarios. The first would be the complete occupation of Nagorno-Karabakh, which would succeed only with the complete annihilation of Karabakh’s population.

“The second one is Azerbaijan’s defeat, loss of new territories. Azerbaijan would then complain about the loss of another five, six or more territories… And then what? Another cease-fire agreement… The violation of that cease fire regime… New war… All these scenarios are shortsighted,” said Sarkisian.

He also touched on the issue of Armenia’s recognition of Karabakh’s independence. Sarkisian explained that such a move could happen in the event of resumption of military attacks. He explained that Armenia has not yet recognized Karabakh because it did not want to derail the negotiations.

“It is better to negotiate,” explained Sarkisian.


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  1. hye4life said:

    President Sarkisian is seeing the light! I notice differance in his speaches from 3-4 yrs. ago to now. Positive shift in this logic.

    • Zareh said:

      I guess that’s because he feels more confident about having no obstacles for his reelection.

      • Berge Jololian said:

        I don’t understand why most people on this blog are easily fooled by Sarkisian’s comment “No Reconciliation Without Genocide Recognition”.

        What Sarkisian is saying, if Turkish state utters the word “sorry” then Armenia will “reconcile”. The term “reconcile” was introduced by the US State Department under the infamous “TARC”; it is false and not applicable between Turks and Armenians.

        To reconcile would mean to bring together two estranged intimates or say family member relations. Armenians are not related to Turks and were never “together”.
        There is nothing to reconcile.

        The term “reconcile” was introduced by the US State Department to distract Armenians from demanding accountability “Land, Reparations and Restitution”.

        What Sarkisian should be saying is Genocide Acknowledgment with Accountability. The accountability means land, reparations and restitution.

    • Sarkis said:

      Sorry guys, but let’s not forget the impact of our Diaspora.

      Not long time ago, this very President was ready to unilaterally sell-off “everything” which make us all “Armenians”.

      There was a violent uproar and an uprising in the Diaspora, to let him know that we did not agree with him, that he couldn’t act alone without consultation. We have to thank the Diaspora for calling him to order and let him know that the Diaspora exists only as a consequence of the Genocide. Our Armenianhood is not for sale!

      • Araxi said:

        I don’t believe president sarkisyan believes in what he is saying himself. It’s election time and he is asking for votes, that’s all.

    • bigmoustache said:

      sarkissian was almost finished!
      the issue of genocide recognition has always been the same for armenians everywhere…he’s lucky he survived this long

  2. Armanen said:


    I think he has been seeing the light for some time, it’s just that he was being more diplomatic in the past. Plus, it didn’t help that Armenians with no knowledge of geopolitics were criticizing him without understanding what his administrations real intentions were.

    • kevo said:

      I somewhat agree with this…. It is no easy task dealing with the unbearable pressures put on little Armenia coming from Russia, USA and both Turk/Tartar states, not to mention OSCE. While the diaspora gets hysterical over protocols (myself included) President Sarkisian has to juggle all of this all the while playing the GAME. I want to believe he has always seen the light. Regardless, he is saying what we need to hear, and especially what Erdogan, Gul, Davatoglu and the rest of those chimps need to know, NO RECONCILIATION WITHOUT RECOGNITION.

  3. Berge Jololian said:

    “No Reconciliation without Recognition” is non-nonsensical.

    Try a little harder!

    Genocide Acknowledgment without Accountability is hollow and meaningless.

    Acknowledgment with Accountability: Land, Reparations, and Restitution.

    • M3 said:

      Not too long ago Sargsyan was in Washington, where he layed flowers at President Woodrow Wilson’s gravesite. This reminded the Obama administration that Armenia has not at all forgotten about ‘Wilsonian Armenia’. Same reason why it was descrated not too long after that by turks. Under international law, Wilsonian Armenia has to be implemented. Only reason it did’nt work for Armenians is because Armenia was no independent, Armenia became part of Bolshevik Russia.

  4. Halo said:

    Is this the same guy who was “jubilant” about the Protocols a few years ago?

    • Aram said:

      Are you the same person who criticized the protocols without fully understanding what they entailed? Nobody was going to give up genocide recognition, don’t accept everything the ANCA feeds you.

      • Jirayr said:

        Sireli Aram, are you part of the same group of pitiful hacks that tried unsuccesfully to sway diaspora opinion in favor of the defeatist protocols when you knew very well it entailed humiliatig concessions that cast doubt on the Armenian Genocide? Don’t accept everything the AAA feeds you. Without LAND, REPARATIONS AND RESTITUTION, recognition of the crime of genocide is meaningless lip service for the few ignorant defeatists among us.

        No reconciliation without justice. Got it?…Good.

      • Halo said:

        Yes, I, like a few million other diaspora Armenians, unlike you with horse blinders on, needed only to read one line of the “protocols” to be convinced of its stupidity – that the current borders must be recognized. It took me a full one second to reject this idea at the time. I don’t need to “understand” any further. If I did so, I would feel like a traitor to my nation.

        Your memory may be short, but mine isn’t. So I ask again, is this the same guy who was pushing the lousy protocols a few years ago, and exclaimed “it is not we who are pushing the U.S. to recognize the genocide.”? – Meaning that he didn’t care to see our nation divided!

        My comment simply means if he is leaving his Soviet mentality behind, and starting to act like a real patriot should, I welcome the change.

        Hayastan or no Hayastan, diaspora Armenians will never undermine the genocide and give up the pursuit to bring Turkey to justice. And if you as a “real Armenian” and others like you will stand in our way, then I will wear my “fake Armenian” badge very proudly and still support the ANCA – unless you have a better suggestion, which I know you don’t.

      • David said:

        Oh really aram! You have some gall to think we are all fools to believe that “nobody was going give up genocide recognition”. Is that why you and your ‘davajun’ cohorts in Yerevan kept the defeatist protocols secret before stuffing it down the Diasporas throat at the 11th hour?!!!! Don’ t play dumb with us.


  5. Tony said:

    Why? Iran is opening up to Armenia, so it’s not as dependent on Turkey anymore.

    • Parsik said:

      Iran has been opeening its doors to Armenia from first days of independance and Karabakh conflict for very known and unsaid geopolitical reasons, it was Armenia who was somehow holding back and not utilizing this historical opportunity to its full extent and effectiveness, probably some emence pressure form north, our other historic freind, maybe Russians worried about losing their tight grip and monopoly over Armenia , but now it seems Armenia sensing that Turkey is getting closer than ever to Russia , she is looking for back up plans in case of crisis, very logical approach for an head of state and president Sarkisian should be praised for that, ofcourse all this is possible if he really feels that he could ever abandon this surf to master relationship with Russians somehow in near future.

  6. Grish Begian said:

    Mr. President matured up in politics, especially, when dealing with Turks!!

  7. Harut said:


  8. Alexander said:

    Here we go again guys pls try to understand war songs on both side, that is not the solution at all, did we not learned from Ottomans and Germans and other nations history that piece achived with diplomatic and piecefull talk not war songs?? i commented on this before, let me explain again pls. i am part Armenian, Georgian and a Turk, my grandmother is a hemshetma Armenian from hemsin town of hopa that belongs to city of Artvin. I keep hearing how much world should hate the turks becouse what they did to Armenians and other nations but you all seem to forget you were a part of that nation called Ottomans and lots of Armenians were ministers of state, bankers, developers,in charge of Ottoman tresury, builders. politicions,govermnet officials and solders of Ottoman empire some were generals and high ranking officers, Ottoman Army was cosisted of Turks , Armenians , Greeks,Bulgarians,Azeries, Arabs, Africans just to mantion a few, our fate was joined once, it was not all just turks in Yeniceri solders. there were Armenians and others in there, doors of Viana Austria, 300 000 Armenian ottoman solders died along with turks and other one single occasions 200 000 Ottoman Armenian solders give their lifes for the ottoman empire and more at other occesions and Armenian solders were once the unsong heros of Ottoman empire along with turks and died togeather for the same couse as brothers in arms.At some point Turks got upset with us becouse lets face it we betray them like french betrayed us,lots of people died on both sides, i still remember stories from my grand mother telling me how cruel and unforgiven we were as armenians to turks before they rounded us up,they felt like their brother just betrayed them and to turks betrayel is worse then rape, so they decided to punish us for it becouse when your brother betrayes you IT HURTS a lot especially the one that was brother in arms and died with you every step of the way, right or wrong.But we have to understand that we are dealing with new generation of Turks and unlike their grandfather they dont want wars anymore, not that they are afraid of it but becouse they are tired of it, all thorough out their history its being wars,new generation wants piece, here some great examples of it, 0 problems with neibours, they open the dorrs to Greeks and Europa, why do you think they want to be part of Eorepean Union, no visa to Russians their arch enemy,they approched Armenia to make piece remember??On the other hand armenians are arming themrselfs and talking about HATE and WAR and treathining their reginal security and asking for retrebution, for what?? I can tell you stories about what Armenian did to turks that as armenian would rise your very hairs on your body before the round up by beliving the french and the allies and their promises, cmon guys what about the killings of Azeries with out mercy, village by willage viping them out, is that the Armenian way now, “do onto others exactly what they done to you” its not becoming very christian and certanly not an christian Armenian state i want to see and respect that build on HATE and cruelty, hhhmmm sound like the old Ottomans huh? are we becoming like them??if anything we forget being piece loving Armenians and becoming a tru Ottoman, dont you think?? I have being watching and listening a lot lately and i have lots and lots Armenian and Turkish friends and i can see clearly who is asking for piece and who is singing war songs and Hate. I must be honost its not good at all, as i read the comments i dont feel Armenia is going the right direction the state that build on Hate and Revenge and wants all the turks inhaliated is no differant then ottomans who rounded up the Armenians once and why dont Armenian historians and government refusing to sit down as turks proposed to go thorough archives to settle the genoside matter once and for all instead of talking and blaming yet not doing anything to bring it on the table with them?? is there somethings that does not meet the eye here?? nooo my friends there is lots more here then that meets the eye?? Duelling in history instead the future is not a way to go, genosides has happened before and its happening still now, if you look at history of all nations, french, russians, british, and more there has being lots of it commited and still happening today as we speak now, talking about hate and war does not bring about a solution for it in fact it may start up world war 3 if we all to look in history and duel on who did what to whom??New generation of turks dont hate armenia nor armenians they like nothing better then piece and have their old brothers back with them, does anyone looked at the ” we as turks apologise to armenians” online a there was hundreds of thosunds turks replied to it in the name of piece, i dont see same kinds of attitude from armenian populations at all.It is olso worring the armania taking the direction to ally themselfs with Iran and Russia, USA and its allies does not like this very much and all the aid is going to Turkey and Georgia now, only pennies and contrubution from diaspora going to armenia now. armenia has historical opportunity right now to settle all differences with turkey and olso has a hell of a lot to gain with it,i strongly belive piece and finding mutual grounds with Turkey and Azarbeycan to negotiate fair agreement is the only propourus way to go for the state of armenia and its people and the security of the region and future of armeni depends on it not to sing HATE and WAR SONGS and that includes Azeries and Turkey.

    • Zareh said:

      Alexander, I will give you the benefit of the doubt and say that your heart is in the right place. In the end what you want is also what I want. But I will also say that you have a lot to learn, what you say you have learnt is skewed and does not correspond to reality. Believe me, and this you cannot disagree, there is 10 if not 100 times more hatred of Armenians amongst the Turks then you pretend. This hatred is institutional and goes down deep to the bone. Where have you been lately? The minute Armenians compromise, Armenia will be annihilated.

      As for the Azeris…they thrive on anti-Armenian hatred, that is their mission in life. Do yo have any idea what you are talking about?

      What you don’t seem to understand is that what Armenians want is what is theirs, no more no less. And EVERYTHING starts from the point of Turkey’s official recognition of the Armenian genocide.

      No more, No less.

    • John Keusseyan, Lt. Col USAF (Retired) said:

      Mr. Alexander! The 300,000 Armenians who were drafted in the Ottoman Army did not die on the battlefield. They were sent to “amala capu” (labor camps) and forced to dig their own graves and then slaughtered or burried alive. That was part of the planned execution of the Armenian Genocide. First they got rid of the Armenian intelectuals, then drafted the young men (300,000) so Armenians would not resist and then drove the women, childeren and the elderly to the Syrian desert to perish. So get your facts straight.

      • Araxi said:

        Thank you John for the correction. It is a fact that they were executed by the Turks.

    • Kirk said:

      Hi Alexander,
      As you mention,you are “part Armenian, Georgian and a Turk”.Today you expressed your opinions based on your Turk part.I need to know your comments based on your Georgian part,then based on your Armenian part.
      After hearing from all these 3 parts,then I will have for you my answer.

  9. ST. ECHMIADZIN said:

    I respect president Sarkissian . When i was in Armenia from 2007 to 2008 for business, I noticed one thing that he was the only official in Armenia whose cars were driven very politely and stopping at the intersections , he was the prime minister at the time . Others no matter who and what possition were behaving not so good. This guy knows what he is doing, he held almost all the important possisions at government before beeing elected as president.

    • Jirayr said:

      Sireli St. Echmiadzin, without LAND, REPARATIONS AND RESTITUTION, recognition of the crime of genocide is meaningless lip service for the few ignorant defeatists among us.

      No reconciliation without justice.

  10. Krikor said:

    iT’S ABOUT TIME,,THIS SHOULD’VE BEEN SAID AND DONE SOME TIME AGO.It is better be straight forward with the world and stay the course so the WORLD knows what we are demanding JUSTLY!!

  11. Shar said:

    all of this basically means that we are ready for war, bring it on.

  12. Berge Jololian said:

    So what does it mean “No reconciliation without genocide recognition”? So, if the Turkish state issues some form of recognition then Armenians and Turks will become friends? And that is supposed to solve all of Armenia’s worries and and take away all its problems? Actually, if you think about it along enough – you will realize who dangerous this statement is Armenian security. Is that what the Armenian cuase boils down – just an apology in the form of half-baked recognition? Is that what the lives of 2 million Armenians brutally taken away during the genocide is worth? Just recognition? How about the Lands, properties, wealth that were stolen – Land Reparations, and Restitution. Genocide Acknowledgment without Accountability is hollow and meaningless. Sarkisian should be saying Genocide Acknowledgment with Accountability

  13. Anar said:

    Turkey has opened its archives to study the Genocide cliams. Armenia has not. Why? Now, just because one country loses a lot of people in a war with another (and Armenians fought Turks, with the Russian), even if many of them were civilians, this does not automatically mean a genocide. Otherwise, everyone who has lost a bloody war would claim the same. I understand you are angry with the Turks, and just as any other Middler Eastern ethnicity, feel very revengeful. I would be the same way (I am an Azeri). Now, reading the comments by Berge Jololian above, you can see why Turks will never ever concede the Armenian claism, even EVEN IF they turn out true, because ultimately it appears behind your Geonicde-recognition really lie a territorial claim, wanting land from Turkey, the very same reason over which you lost a war and many people in 1915. Now, no one says the tragedy of Armenian children and women is not a human tragedy. I have a small daughter. I picture to myself marching on a desert with her in a lawless land like Turkey in 1915, under the “guardship” of a hostile army … and I feel your pain, the pain of your memory. I too would want to get revenge against the Turks. But … this is the sad story of all wars where innocent people have been lost. It may be hard, but being realistic about Turkey’s chances of accepting geonicide can you ACTUALLY help modern Armenia in builting better relations with Turkey. Nothing will bring back those lost in 1915. Instead a better future can be built. I know, easier said than done. But that is the better path. The alternative…. Turkey will never concede, even if American congress passes thousands resolutions. Because Turkey know how Berge Jololians think: recognition is the first step. Next comes restitution and territorial claims. And Armenia needs to be realistic too. Berge Jololian’s maximalist claims are foolish: a tiny Armenia dictating terms to Turkey. Think what your bad relations with Turkey is costing you. You have to throw yourself into the arms of Russia, which is beating you in the streets of Moscow just like any other “Black” … It is a difficult situation.

    • Zareh said:

      Anar, thank you for your thoughts. Turkey does not recognize the Armenian genocide because they know that this will mean territorial loss, not because it was not a genocide. Since this is the truth then Turkey has to eventually accept responsibility. Just because you have established a country by committing genocide does not mean it is Final!

      Also, by not recognizing the genocide, Turkey continues to be a threat to Armenia. With your logic, eventually the only way to fix this is to commit another genocide against the Armenians.

      As said above Armenians demand what is theirs. No more, No less. The first step is to recognize the truth of the Genocide. Turkey cannot NOT recognize the genocide because what might follow after. This is beyond Turkey’s control.

      • Kirk said:

        I think we should not argue with misinformed people like Anar and Alexander.
        We are in different stage now.After establishing a strong case based on historical facts,we are in the stage of getting recognition of Genocide from many countries.But these guys are still in the stage of debating if Genocide happened or not.
        So,leave them alone,let’s not go backward and let them follow our steps.

    • Sarkis said:


      You have to read the book [ From Empire to Republic / Turkish Nationalism and the Armenian Genocide ] written by Turkish scholar Taner Akçam, Ph.D, to understand that it was not just a story about a group of “civilians” dying during wartime, it was clearly genocide; premeditated, planned and executed so quickly, that in mearly 8 months, 1.5 million Armenians left everything behind and suddenly disappeared from Anatolia !

      What is holding back Turkey to join the family of civilized nations? What is so difficult in accepting the guilt of your predecessors and be sorry on their behalf? Surely by ranking 15 in the G20 Turkey can pay full reparations, then move on. If Germany who helped mastermind two genocides could do it for jews, Turkey can.

  14. Ishkhan said:

    Thanks, at Least now he talks better and begin to understand the politics and Turks
    “Ush lini nush lini”

  15. Papken Hartunian said:

    Armenians should send letter to the President thanking him for his new policy.
    We must continue remind him about demanding returning Western Armenia to Armenian nation.

  16. ashot said:

    bravo mr president! i will be there right beside the army to take back more land…bravo sir!

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  18. Baron Sevag said:

    A sudden shift in tune indeed. Sarkisian went from being gun ho about subjecting the incontestable fact of the genocide to a debate with staunchly intolerant genocide deniers – to – genocide recognition ultimatums with the same people he was so willing to sell the rest of us for. Why the sudden about face? Is there an election coming up? Are his public opinion polls in the doldrums again?

    Besides, Sarkisian still got it wrong even when he’s trying to pander to the diaspora. It’s NO RECONCILIATION WITHOUT JUSTICE. How many times must Harut Sassounian write about this topic until it sinks in? Recognition is nothing without the return of our assets. Get it straight for heavens sake.

    • Berge Jololian said:

      Genocide Acknowledgment with Accountability: Land, Reparations and Restitution

      Armenians have nothing to “Reconcile” with Turks – To reconcile would mean to bring back together, say a family members or friends. Armenians are not related to Turks and we have not been friends so that they need to “Reconcile” We have no relations with Turks. Haskanum-es?

      Genocide Acknowledgment with Accountability: Land, Reparations and Restitution

    • Halo said:

      I agree completely. People simply don’t understand that without the return of our historic lands, saying “I’m sorry” by today’s Turk means nothing. If this is what we really want then we should forget about genocide recognition and start our friendship now, because today’s Turk did not commit the genocide, but are simply continuing it with denial while sitting pretty on our lands which their forefathers acquired for them with Armenian blood.

      Until the diaspora, and those in Armenia join in this fight for justice, both Armenia and the diaspora will be on life support.

      And for the record, I really hope that Sarkisian is sincere and changed after seeing what the Turks are all about.

      • Berge Jololian said:

        Sarkisian is playing diplomatic-word-gymnastics. The proper statement would be: “Genocide Acknowledgment with Accountability” Accountability means: Land, Reparations and Restitution.

        The message to the US State Department is: No restorative Justice = No Energy pipelines.

        The message to Europe and the British: As long as there is no restorative justice to Armenia = Europe will continue to be dependent on Russian energy supplies (40% of its needs)

  19. kevo said:

    Let us not forget this is a multi step process. Recognition is only the first step. Then there are miles to follow. That is why Turks will not recognize because those bastards owe us a more than words of apologies and recognition.

    • Berge Jololian said:

      Kevo: It is absolutely wrong to demand first recognition as a start, and then lay down other demands. That’s not how it works. You lay down all your demands at once – not in piece meal. Once you ask and get recognition, you can not go back and say: now I want reparations, etc.. That’s not how it works. So, it is: Land, Reparations and Restitution.

  20. John Evans said:

    Many people often confuse the concept of “reconciliation” and the simple, straightforward matter of diplomatic relations. Diplomatic relations do not imply friendship, agreement, or anything else beyond establishing a framework for official communication. Three examples: 1) Roosevelt established relations with the USSR, despite obvious differences with Stalin and the Communist regime, because he saw the strategic imperative of having the ability to talk to Moscow. 2) the Russian Federation has relations with Japan, despite the two countries’ dispute over the Northern Territories (Kurile Islands). 3) Athens and Ankara maintain diplomatic relations despite territorial disputes in the Aegean, not to mention Cyprus. Diplomatic relations are essentially value-free, or should be. They are not a “reward” for being friendly or a sign that the two sides have no differences. President Sargsyan’s statement makes clear that he, at least, understands the distinction between diplomatic relations and reconciliation, which is a much more elusive and difficult achievement that typically requires the sustained efforts of entire societies and their leaders.

    • Armanen said:

      You are correct John. It is the turkish side which does not understand it or (more likely) does not care to establish relations.

    • Berge Jololian said:

      To “reconcile” means to make good again; or to bring together again; usually between estranged friends or family. Turks and Armenians have nothing to “reconcile”; Armenians are not relations to Turks; and Armenians were never “together” with Turks. So, the term “reconciliation” introduced by the US State Department several years ago during TARC, is not valid or applicable. Armenians have nothing to “reconcile” with Turks.

      Diplomatic relations as “John Evans” post states is indeed simply “establishing a framework for official communication” which Turkey refuses to do.

      The aim of the US State Department was distract Armenians from demanding Genocide Acknowledgment with Accountability. Accountability means: Land, Reparations and Restitution.

      The US State Department with its hostile policies should understand that No Restorative Justice = No Energy Pipelines, Europe and the British should also by now understand that they will remain dependent on Russian Energy supplies as long as Armenia does not receive restorative justice.


      Thank you.

    • Avery said:

      Mr John Marshal Evans was Ambassador to RoA, with a promising diplomatic career.
      He was abruptly terminated by the Bush Administration in 2006 for ‘daring’ to utter
      the ‘banned expression’ Armenian Genocide.

      Mr. Evans sacrificed a promising diplomatic career because he was true to his convictions and because he believed in the Oath he took to the US Constitution (unlike Mr. G.W. Bush).
      (…..I don’t know Mr. Evans other than what is publicly known)

    • Araxi said:

      Mr. Evans, did the Turkish government and Davitoghlu not ask Armenia to acknowledge the present Armenian borders and return Karabagh to Azerbaijan before they open the borders, which they themselves closed in the first place? Was this not part of the (so called) real deal they were hoping for?
      I would appreciate your comment on this.

      • Berge Jololian said:

        What Turkey wanted to achieve above all from the “Protocols” was to gain international recognition of the Moscow Treaty of 1921. Turkey wanted to settle the territories of the first Armenian Republic (Ararat, Kars, Ani, Ardahan, Artvin, etc) which under the Moscow Treaty, Turkey was to hold on to these lands as “care taker” with its final status to be determined at a future date. Turkey wanted to gain international recognition of its frontiers with Armenia and finalize the lands of the first Armenian Republic as Turkish sovereign territory.

        What the hostile-US-State-department wanted to achieve was opening of the borders so that multiple energy pipelines can cross Armenia into the Caspian basin and Central Asia. If you recall in 2008, the Russian Federation whacked Georgia under the pretext of Abkhazia and Ossetia; but it sent a clear message to the US and British that under no circumstance would Russia allow unfettered access into the World’s largest energy reserves.

  21. Satenik said:

    It seems that thankfully , “things can only get better”.

  22. Alexander said:

    Fist of all let me thank you brothers and sisters for all of your comments, in responce to what you all have said i like to add this in the hope that none of you misunderstand me and think that i am taking side with anyone and i am fully open to all of your comments and suggestions, and i must add i am very confused, it is in a way is my destiny that i was born Hemsen and georgian and a turk, cross marriages in our area where i live is very commen and some of us hemsen are christian and some of us converted to islam, i dont know how it happened but i was not told nor i am aware of anybody forcing anyone around here to change their religion nor language nor deny their heratige and i want to be honost about that, i heard some families left and trusted other families to take care of their children behind for their safety i was told and my grand mother was a pure Armenian from a very good family and she was left behind and married my grandfater and he was georgian from Batumi but some how we ended up at the turkish side of the border after the war and i allways wanted to come visit Armenia and try to find some of my relatives but since my grand mother died no one seems to know or have any records about her, all i know that our family name was Ustayan and we are greek orthodox and still paractise our religion freely here and we have quite a number of very old Armenian churches in Artvin and sarrounding areas and government quite a few years back allowed the hemsen to refurbised them and since i was a child it was hard but now it is quite nice and very clean churches we go to for prayers and gathering every sunday which i look forward to every week and we speak hemsethma amoung ourselfs and we occasionally get Armenian brothers visiting our area from contries like France, Lebanon, sriya , Usa so on which is wonderfull experiance for us.In our arean the turks dont hate us in fact they are very pleasent and very friendly and helpfull many ways and treat us as though we are one of their own and they regard us to be great bussenes people and respect us for that, i never in my life got ill treated or harmed or insulted by a turk and as they tell us we are Armenian or Geaorgian but we are Turkish citizens and we have the right to every right they have and some occesions they even bend their rules for us as of that they are trying to make up for something and treat us very good especially since the last government took over they have being pooring money into our area for its developments , like new roads, farming subsidies, manufacturing low interest loans and we own our own properties and some occasiaon some of us have ten times more properties then turks do.And we are doing very well here,Where i live is beutiful mountain region with lakes rivers and ocean and so on the nature is beutifull here and life is very slow and healthy, we have being living very piecefully here and its seems sometimes we are some what cut of from rest of the world and every one knows every one here its a close neat family like. When i was a child there was two families that had a blood dispute between them as i recall one boy in an argument over a women they both loved ended up shooting the other boy and went to jail and when he served his time he came back and next day he was shot by a another member of the victims family and belive me guys this went on to no end both families decleared like war to each other and everyone started shooting and both family and thir relatives become revenge full and we were so worried becouse there was no end to killing in site and both families was getting close to be perished, eventually other families got fed up and gathered both familie togeather and made piece by marring one girl to a boy from the other families and that made them relatives to each other and after that killing got stopped, so i think it is the same when to race or nations are in dispute, now what ever their grandfather did, should we now punish their children who were not even there and asking for piece and frienship for what ever crimes their grandfathers commited?? i am here you all are not , yes there are fundemantalist every where we have them here and you have them there but majority here like to see piece and i am fully against punishing the innocent for the mistake of others who were guilty, that is my point and i hope i was not misunderstood or offended by anyone and if i sounded one sided i am sorry as i dont have acces to information you may have that is not available for me here, please tell me your stories, i like to hear them in order to know better and my hope is to be able to come visit Armenia and eat the wonderfull trout i am hearing a lot about on the shores of lake Sevan and taste the peaches. My best regards to you all friends and brothers

  23. ArdeVast Atheian said:

    My dear Turkish commentators Alexander and Adnan, I agree on the theme that we should all be civil, friendly and loving with each other. That shouldn’t preclude us from speaking our separate and disparate truths. In time and with sufficient such occasions, our truths would eventually vet each other.
    Just because our truth is diagrammatically opposed to your truth it doesn’t mean that we hate you. We don’t.
    This being the beginning of such a long journey, right now naturally, I feel I’m only two feet away from ‘the truth’ whereas I feel you are miles removed from it.
    As such, I will continue to demonstrate every year about the genocide that you deny.
    I was born in DeirZohr to parents who as little kids were the sole survivors of their entire families. I have personally met the Armenian women who were picked off the caravans when they were mere nine, ten or fourteen year-olds, taken as second or third or fourth wives by their Islamic captors and I have collected the bones and skulls from their final massacre sites near the Euphrates River.
    My sole aspiration is that Turkey designate its eastern provinces as Armenian Heritage lands and let the Armenian archeologists restore all of those old Armenian sites be they temples or churches or fortresses to their old glory so that tourists from all over the world would come and see what a rich history we used to have there before the Islamic raids wiped it all out along with its indigenous population. The proceeds of such tourist traffic should go both to the Turks and the Armenians to reward their tolerance and cooperation with each other.

  24. bigmoustache said:

    im SICK of being patient for turks.
    heres whats going to happen: azerbaijan being the loser in the war, will take the “shortsighted” route and start a war. it will secure alievs re-election, and bring newfound nationalism and racicm to azeris against armenians.
    the same goes for us. we lost all of western armenia. having a war with turkey will only strenghten us, even if armenia is totally occupied. especially if armenia is totally occupied.
    then all armenians will be united again…
    as an armenian, i still have my eyes on nakhichevan. and in MY armenia, armenia couldnt care less what the world thought. the only thing that matters is us.

  25. Alexander said:

    ArdeVast i love the suggestion you have made and yes they are restoring lots of churches and old Armenian style built homes and i have in occesion seen Armenian artifects that are being returned to churches that are refurbished by this government, its my wish and hope that All the lands in this Area should be opened to Armenia and Armenians and Georgians to be mutually shared and enjoyed with out inteferance from from anyone just for the people to preserve and share, and i belive me i am saying this with tears in my eyes i like nothing better then see an Armenian and Georgian and Turk who lost their families and relatives in past disputes that have memories and families in this lands holding hands and feeling what they all lost and forgiving one another, uniting and PROMISING TO ECAH OTHER NEVER EVER TO LET IT HAPPEN EVER AGAIN.Thats the future i like to see and live as brothers and sisters with all concerned. When this happenes i belive we will all see as we get to know one another again how similar we are in many ways to one another. My best wishes to you all , brothers and sisters.

    • ArdeVast Atheian said:

      With tears of joy and brotherhood I embrace you as I would embrace all of the Turks, the Azeri’s, the Kurds, the Ajarians and the Georgians, who have for centuries shared these territories as neighbors in the east of Turkey and of the Caucasus. The current borders should be opened from all sides and a special tolerance be displayed towards all communities who wish to retain and cling to their ethnic, national or ancestral identity.

  26. Alexander said:

    By the way if anyone in Armenia or living abroad had any property they or their family left behind and if you have TAPU which is and ownership document for a land or property or if you dont you can allways obtain one from Tapu Mudurlugu , you can now claim those properties that belong to your family or relatives based on the new Laws past called inheretance Laws, in Turkey do not be afraid to do it, we read everyday on news papers here different cases Armenian families claiming what was their once and winning it back in some occasions in Istanbul even some turkis families got new Tapu the government still took those properties from its new Turkis owners and give it back to Armenian family who originally owned it before the war so friends please do not think or hasitate to claim what was once your or your families and if you want you can allways sell it as property development is booming here , i thought to let you know in case you have not heard, best regards to you all.

    • ArdeVast Atheian said:

      With all documents in hand my mother went to Iskenderun to reclaim their land. She was told she was too late. She returned empty handed. My father only remembered where their shop was in Izmir and their house was in Nazilli. Again, no such luck. Those attempts were made in the early fifties. Could it be that they would give different results now?

  27. Alexander said:

    Yes it would be very different now becouse new Europen inheretance laws that just got passed, please get a lawyer asap and give him all the information you have and let him go to work, even if you are not there, they can act on your behalf and reclaim what was and is rightfully yours , so please do not hasitate to act and ask what is rightfully yours.

    • ArdeVast Atheian said:

      Thank you Alexander. Your answer tells me that there has been remarkable shifts in Turkish attitudes that gives me hope for a future reconciliation.
      I don’t know of anybody in Turkey now let alone an attorney.
      Should I call the Turkish Embassy here now and ask them? I hear that they are very weary and afraid of any Armenian who contacts them.

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