European Parliament President Says Armenia Part of Europe

European Parliament president, Jerzy Buzek plants a tree at Dzidzernagapert

YEREVAN—During a meeting Wednesday with President Serzh Sarkisian, visiting European Parliament president, Jerzy Buzek said throughout history, Armenia has always been part of Europe.

The meeting between the two leaders centered on strengthening cooperation between Armenia and Europe and Sarkisian stressed that frequent meetings and the active dialogue with representatives of the European community have positively impacted Armenia’s policy of European integration.

Sarkisian said, the Armenia-EU relations have been dynamically developing over the past years, encompassing not only the fields of foreign policy and trade, but also domestic reforms targeted at ensuring the prosperity of the people.

“Armenia is willing to continue the path of reforms on the basis of the European experience and with the EU support,” said Sarkisian adding that cooperation with the EU is one of Armenia’s foreign policy priorities.

Buzek expressed confidence in the success of reforms in Armenia, which he said can serve as an example for other countries that have chosen the European integration path.

He added that Armenia’s history had always been tied with Europe, saying “You have always been part of Europe throughout your history.”

At a press conference following the meeting, Buzek said that although the European Parliament did not consider Nagorno-Karabakh an independent state, it will not prevent the body in providing assistance to the people living in the region.

He stressed that the needs of ordinary people living in this territory and their desire to communicate with citizens of foreign countries should be forgotten.

“We must provide humanitarian aid to these people, regardless of unresolved political conflict. It is better to extend a hand of friendship than be in war,” said Buzek, adding that security guarantees should be ensured throughout Europe.

Also on Wednesday, Buzek visited the Dzidzernagapert Memorial Monument and Museum and laid a wreath in honor of the victims of the Armenian Genocide.

He also toured the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute, where he wrote a message in the Commemoration Book. He then planted a fir tree at the Memorial Alley of the Dzidzernagapert Complex.


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  1. Artin said:

    Unfortunately many Armenians have considered Armenia as Asian or Middle Eastern country which they suffer the consequences but the President of Euro Parliament himself says that Armenia is a European country. However I personally think Armenia is Caucasian which doesn’t culturally belong to any of those regions but it’s much better to be called European than any of does.

  2. Robert R. said:

    Hmmm, the last time I checked, Armenia was no where near Europe! So, just exactly how is it part of Europe? Oh yes, that’s right…Birds of a Christian feather ALWAYS stick together!!!

    • Avery said:


      You ran away from ArmenianWeekly, changed your name to ‘Robert R.’, yet still spew the same nonsense.

      Let see: “ Oh yes, that’s right…Birds of a Christian feather ALWAYS stick together!!”

      If Birds of Christian feather stuck together, Europe’s major powers (Germany, France, England, Italy,…) and the USA, who are all Christian Nations, would have invaded and dismembered Turkey – a Moslem nation – long ago, for murdering several million Christian Armenians, Greeks, and Assyrians.
      During WW1 Christian Germany was a very close military ally of Moslem Turkey and was an unindicted co-conspirator and enabler of Moslem Turks’ mass-murder, later called ‘Genocide’, of 1.5 Million Christian Armenians from 1915-1923.
      Without the generous support and the benevolence of the Christian West, today Turkey would be as advanced as Afghanistan and would have the same standard of living as Turkmenistan.

      And your Seljuk Turk ancestors had to travel how many thousands of miles from the Mongolian Steppes – destroying, murdering, looting, burning, abducting, forcibly Islamizing Christians, and ultimately inventing and carrying out the thing called ‘Genocide’ – to be at the door of Europe ?

      And guess what: Turks have been knocking at Europe’s front door for 25 years to be let in. They won’t let you in. Yet you are still there, Fez in hand – begging to be let in.

    • javidarmanioglu said:

      Armenia is part of Western Civilization. So called turkey has and always will be against our great Western Civilization. What’s a central asian brigand to do? other than rape, steal and kill moving westward toward Vienna. Remember Robby boy, your hapiness resides in central asia. go to it. There you will get a life, as opposed to wasting your time and frustrations on an Armenian blog. Building a turkish civilization in central asia should be your goal. I really dont care but since you tell Armenians what they should and should not do all the time with your constant anti-wisdom, I thought it would be fair turn around to give you some advice.

  3. Arman said:

    Armenia is a country older than the oldest country of Europe, so I don’t really think Armenia needs to bend over backwards to be called “a part of Europe”. I would urge all Armenians to open their eyes very well and think very clearly…..the only thing Europeans are about is exploiting others, dispossessing and robbing, colonizing (overtly or covertly), pretending to be civilizied while hiding their blood soiled clothes in the closet. They are no friends of Armenia. They want to colonize Armenia as the Romans did. They want to turn Armenia into a vassal state. They will skin the hide off your back and skewer your ass raw. They are a ruthless people. Don’t fool yourselves. Haven’t you learned from history? They will turn Armenia into an Imperial province……..if we let them.

  4. Vanessa Kachadurian said:

    For Centuries Armenian business traders and scholars lived, worked, studied and traveled to europe we have many influences in European cultures and they on our culture.
    San Lazaro Island off of Venice, Italy is a beautiful example of Armenian monestary education – Armenians have always held education to be of importance particularly in Europe.
    France as well has had many Armenians influence their art, education and social structures.
    Lets not forget the beautiful Caluoste Gubenkian museum in Portugal, a gift to the people of Portugal.
    This education of Armenians and their talents is what made them the builders of the Byzantium and Ottoman eras. A testimony to our many beautiful cathedrals, palaces that are still standing today in modern Turkey.