Bryza in WikiLeaks: ‘Administration Working Hard to Convince Congress Not to Pass Armenian Genocide Resolution’

While working hard to deny the Genocide, Matthew Bryza was promoted

On Mar. 15, 2007, a classified cable was sent from the US Embassy in Turkey to the US Department of State, which was published May 24 on the whistle-blowing site WikiLeaks.

This particular cable refers to a meeting on Mar. 9, 2007, between then US Deputy Assistant Secretary Matthew Bryza and Istanbul Deputy Governor for minority affairs Fikret Kasapoglu, in which the parties discuss the Armenian Genocide Resolution (referred to as AGR in the cable) being debated in the US House of Representatives and the Senate.

“Bryza stressed that the Administration is working hard to convince Congress not to pass AGRs currently being contemplated in both the US House of Representatives and Senate. The Administration’s position remains that a candid discussion about Turkish-Armenian history should take place within civil society, he said. Kasapoglu believes the case against AGRs should stress four points:

  • Istanbul’s tradition of tolerance for different cultures dating back to the beginning of the Ottoman Empire.
  • Despite historical and present political tensions between Turkey and Armenia, more than 40,000 economic migrants from Armenia still choose to live in Turkey illegally (we regularly hear the number 70,000 from GOT officials)
  • The positive, spontaneous, mass public condemnation of Hrant Dink’s assassination was a sign of the respect people have for each other and for different cultures.
  • Turkey’s mostly young population find it hard to comprehend what happened during World War I and politicizing ‘genocide’ allegations will only inspire hatred.”

Istanbul’s deputy governor also raised the issue of Turkish-Armenians, saying they were “increasingly seen as part of society but that certain events (e.g., AGRs) ‘just make things worse’.”

“The Deputy Governor agreed that arguing against congressional Armenian ‘genocide’ resolutions by focusing on a potential increase in ultra-nationalism and risks to the Turkish-Armenian community’s security is not constructive. Rather, Kasapoglu suggested focusing on Turkey’s tradition of tolerance for religious minorities and the fact that Armenians still choose to immigrate illegally by the thousands to Turkey,” reads the cable, in part.


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  1. said:

    when i read stuff like this….it makes me want to move to brazil…i wish my parents had picked a better place to come to the united empire of the american states.

    • Aliya said:

      ashotoganyan: it’s still not too late. Why don’t you move to Brasil now, if you think it’s a better place to live? Maybe your children will thank you in the future.

    • nana said:

      remember what did obama’s wife say when her husband got closer to president’s position? she said that she started seeing good in being an american. and this couple decide the ways of american people. of course it was quickly forgotten by media and the working american people.

      politicians search, find and nourish people like bryza. without bryza-s how would state department function? how would obama-s justify their “pragmatism” (simple, working people say “lies”)?

      so, do not blame your parents. try to make better decisions for your kids. move back to Armenia.

    • Armenakan said:

      Brazil? Why not Armenia, where every Armenian belongs.

      And I still laugh at every Armenian organization that campaigned and supported Obama, and all the gullible Armenians who voted for him.

  2. Hrant K. said:

    Having a turkish wife is one thing, but slamming 2 million Americans of Armenian descent is

    something else! And then getting promoted for denializm of the Arm. Genocide, Matthew Bryza has made

    a hell of an ethical career! Turkey signing a 3.5 billion dollars worth a contract with Sikorski Aircraft Attack


    ( in which Mitchel Hadad is on the Board of Directors of the American Turkish Council)

    IM-EX Bank granting loan for a so called “Commercial Satellite” to Azerbaijan, then

    US (turkophile lawmakers) trying to assure us that the Azeri military is not going to have access to the

    sat. infos?.

    We American Armenians should make 3 things our top priorities:

    1- Do whatever it takes to make President Obama not get re-elected, make his

    adversaries sign a legal contract with severe punitive measures before getting

    elected as president, to officially recognize the Armenian Genocide even after

    being in the Oval Office!

    (Also to grant a chance on the other side, to President Obama to recognize it,

    while still running for his second term, of course this time as a President and not a Candidate!) which

    automatically grants it an official umbrella!

    2- Develop the Stepanakert Civilian Airport to become a Military one. If

    any Aircraft is attempted to be hit by the Azeris, Artsakh Army should blow up all the

    pipelines pumping Oil from the Caspian Sea to Turkey, thru Georgia, since

    the International Power Breakers only comprehend and get messages, when

    their interests are at stake??!!

    3- To lobby with our European friends, namely G.Britain, Spain and Italy to never ever allow

    Turkey to enter the European Union, no matter what concessions they attempt to do!!!

    With France and Germany its crystal clear / granting Turkey only partnership!!!

    And last but not least to push Armenia with every possible means to attain a compatible

    standard to enter the European Union (West-Berlin had also once(for 45 years) no Land Contact with

    Federal Germany), butit endured, prevailed and got reunited, thanx to Helmut Kohl and the AirBridge

    supported by the US, France and the UK!!!

    I say one thing to Mathew Bryza, if you have gutts and are an objective diplomat try denying

    the Holocaust for a change, and see if all hell will break loose or not ! But with the Armenian Experience

    and your subjective misconduct you already have opened Pandora’s box and the fiery gated of hell,

    so good luck with your career, Hosh Geldimiz Bize Jehennem Matthew Efendi !!!

  3. MK said:

    So much for American justice and human values which they keep trying to preach around the world.It stinks.

  4. Edward Demian said:

    Don’t expect others to fight for you. You want representation? Support Armenian Candidates. Only with representation can we control events. Right now, Israel and Turkey have representation, we have very little. We point with pride to one or two Armenian Officials, but we need Armenians at every level, just like the Zionists. Did you see the recent accolades in the joint meeting of the two houses? All the legislators were marching in locked step to Israels prime ministers speech. They know what side their bread is buttered on.

  5. Hrant K. said:

    We need “Corporate Carrots” to make legislators march towards us , support our causes , and then

    have true representation, Armenian and pro Armenian to control events!!!

  6. ArdeVast Atheian said:

    Until the end of WWI, as the sole carrier of the Sword of Islam, Turkey used to be the sole spokesman of all Muslims in the world and the sole defender of all Islamic interests against all non-Islamic fronts and minorities, within the Ottoman Empire as well as outside of it.
    After WWI, Mustafa Kemal came and changed Turkey’s orientation from an Islamic bastion state to a European style secular parliamentary democracy. The government did not take the trouble then, of explaining to its own people who were then purged of their non-Islamic elements, of how it had ruled them prior to the present, Western induced transformation.
    The result of this is that the subsequent Turkish generations are unfamiliar with this aspect of their own history.
    It is therefore the duty of the current Turkish government as well as its Western allies to be forthcoming with the Turkish people about the genocidal legacy of the Islamic period of their own history when genocidal massacres against their Christian populations were a common policy and the general order of the day.