Lockheed Martin Unveils F-16 Planes for Turkish Air Force

F-16 Jet's

ANKARA.—Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc. and Lockheed Martin unveiled the first of 30 new Turkish-built F-16s in ceremonies Tuesday at TAI’s facility near Ankara.

Turkish officials at the event included the nation’s Minister of National Defense, Vecdi Gonul; Undersecretary for Defense Industries Murad Bayar; Turkish Air Force Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Abidin Unal; General Manager of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation Lt. Gen. (Retired) Hayrettin Uzun; and the Chairman of the Board of TAI, Lt. Gen. (Retired) Mehmet Yalcin Kaya.

The U.S. government was represented by Ambassador to Turkey Francis J. Ricciardone, Jr.; Heidi Grant, Deputy Under Secretary of the Air Force for International Affairs; and Maj. Gen. Stanley Clarke III, Chief of the Office of Defense Cooperation.

“Lockheed Martin values the partnerships we have established with the Turkish government, military and industry over the past quarter century,” said Ralph D. Heath, executive vice president of Aeronautics for Lockheed Martin. “We look forward to continuing those relationships as a partner with Turkey in the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program.”

The F-16 program has provided extensive industrial development and employment in Turkey over the past 25 years. The Turkish Air Force has more than 200 F-16 aircraft in its inventory presently and will take delivery of the 30 new, advanced Block 50 models between May 2011 and December 2012.

The F-16 is the choice of 25 nations. More than 4,400 aircraft have been delivered worldwide from assembly lines in five countries. The F-16 program has been characterized by unprecedented international cooperation among governments, air forces and aerospace industries. Major upgrades to all F-16 versions are being incorporated to keep the fleet modern and fully supportable over the aircraft’s long service life.

Headquartered in Bethesda, Md., Lockheed Martin is a global security company that employs about 126,000 people worldwide and is principally engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture, integration and sustainment of advanced technology systems, products and services. The Corporation’s 2010 sales from continuing operations were $45.8 billion.


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      • Norin Radd said:

        Armenia’s answer to F16s or any fighter for that matter up to generation 4.5 is the S-300 long range surface to air missile that is fully capable to take down F16 and F18 super hornets as well as ballistic missiles counter measures. Fifth generation fighters should also beware, the newly developed S-400 missile system has anti-stealth capabilities able to penetrate fifth generation fighter defenses and take them down. S-300 are operated by Armenia.

        Now go fornicate with a goat, Turk. Your three remaining brain cells are arguing with one another.

  1. ashotoganyan@yahoo.com said:

    this is why they started a war with afghanistan and iraq…it aint no dam terrorists…its “the corporation sales from continuing operations” thats the only terorists there are…the people getting that money…nobody else…fug america

  2. ZARMAIR said:

    I don’t get it,
    This type of stuff has been going on with these things that occupied our lands for over 600 years. First it was the French, then it was the British, and then came the Germans; we all know what happened then. . A convicted felon in the US is not allowed to bear arms. Shouldn’t the same principle be applied to Turkey an unrepentant felony one murderer 2 million times over?

    • javidarmanioglu said:

      You don’t get it,
      Those who care for the future of Armenia need to reflect seriously on how we are in the position we are in. Nothing has changed for the Armenian people over not the last 600 years but 1624 years! Since 387 A.D., which is the first time our nation was divided. The Armenian people have never been a unified people and we have lost acordingly. Our strength is in our unity but sadly that has not happened ever! Armenians don’t have the mean streak that turks have. if we had a nationalist character and an evilness on the level of the turk, we would have not allowed the turk to enter anatolia in the early 11th century. We bicker amongst ourselves, even with people we agree with 100% and no nation has more traitors to the nation than do Armenians. Is there a solution? No. Will there be an Armenia 100 years from now? probably not. Will anyone care? No. Afterall, who today remembers the Capadocians?

  3. Norin Radd said:

    Delivery of F-16s means exactly squat. The article pretty much sums it up “25 nations have this plane”, that means there are 25 nations with no air superiority over one another, which in today’s geo political stage means jack. If you do not have air superiority, you’ve got nothing in terms your military. You cannot delivery troops, cannot drop bombs, cannot dog fight your way to victory, nothing.

    The reason the US is exporting the F16 like raisins to most of these stooge nations, including the Turkeys from Turkey, is the F-22 Raptor. The F22 is a true Fifth generation fighter that can mop the floor with these F16. The F22 guarantees the US air superiority for another 5-8 years perhaps longer until the Russians finish development on their fifth generation fighter, the PAK-FA. The US and Lockeed Martin are arming their allies with 4th and 4.5 generation hardware as a means to “upgrade” the militaries of their allies. The PAK FA from the Russians will be sold to China and India at 400 a piece with 200 5.5 generation versions with unspecified engine capabilities to be operated exclusively by the Russian military much in the same way the F22 is exclusively operated by the US Air Force.

    The PAK FA will level the world playing field considerably and Turkey will again be left holding its sac in the cold wind. Their hope is the F35 Lightning II being sold to them for their contribution to the “Joint Strike Fighter” development program of the F35, but how many they will exactly be able to afford is debatable, even then, the PAK FA is already slated to outperform the F35, in short:

    F35, F16, F18 can get owned by the PAK FA if it comes to fruition.

    F22 may be overshadowed by the PAK FA “Russian version”.

    Oh and for that jerk off Robert R., if by “Got jealousy” and “got envy” you mean to say that Armenians are jealous of this situation, don’t worry, Armenia’s answer to F16s or any fighter for that matter up to generation 4.5 is the S-300 long range surface to air missile that is fully capable to take down F16 and F18 super hornets as well as ballistic missiles counter measures. Fifth generation fighters should also beware, the newly developed S-400 missile system has anti-stealth capabilities able to penetrate fifth generation fighter defenses and take them down. S-300 are operated by Armenia.

    Class dismissed.

  4. Arziv said:

    Even with a large and disproportionate share of traitors we are still here; we will continue to be here and counted , inspite of the traitors. Hayastan is eternal.

  5. pkk is the best said:

    necati We ,the 42 million kurds in Anatolia, u and whole world would watch ur end. olan ur solders are graying like a scholl gerls , turky is a police dog off america.

  6. Vahan Vanagan said:

    All these updated modern arms will never be used and be obsolete in several years. Even, in case of Armenian-Azeri war Turkey will never be permitted to use them.
    All these modern arms, un-proportional to her neighbours, Greece, Cyprus, Syria, Iraq, Iran and Armenia are not required, will never be used. Although that these countries are enemies, will never warn Turkey.
    Turkey’s greatest danger is internal, the 35 million Kurdish movement which can not be stopped by any modern arms.
    Turkey is condemned to self decomposition, sooner or later, but not so long as the Ottoman 900 hundred years domination. We will be able to see this decomposition in our life. I believe.

  7. Alexander said:

    Ha ha ha , so much envy?? thats what Greek thought about Cyprus i soppose but learned the lesson the hard way, and Turkey just started the space program and new fighters on the way i hear, so dont be all so naive.

  8. Alexander said:

    Hey PKK is the best, what are you doing in an Armenian site?? did you not kill half of the Armenians on march to Suriya and stole the young armenian girls to take as wifes and rob the rest before killing them, I HAVE the pictures from my grandfater to prove it , and those pictures are all going to Yerevan museum soon for all to see with your kurdish wrighting and traditional kurdish clothing and even names of the murderers behind the pictures and which villages they all came from. This is one thing every Armenian should know and relize you are only friend of your interest as long as it serves your ambitions and dreams.

  9. Peter Megerdumiam said:

    Armenia has stated that it wants to buy the S-400 and it should do it right away to coincide with the delivery of the F-35 to Turkey . The Russians should also base S-400’s in the 102nd military base in Gyurmi.

  10. Zerben said:

    Armenia does not stand a chance against Turkey, even with S-400 or S-500 or S-1000! Turkish army is one of the best in the world, they would level all those S-400 before you had a chance to shoot anything down. Be real guys!