Woodrow Wilson’s Complete Arbitral Award to be Released Monday

Ara Papian shows the maps of the Wilson Arbitral Award

YEREVAN—President Woodrow Wilson’s Arbitral Award, which defined the borders between Armenia and Turkey, has been published in full and will be released on Monday, announced Ara Papian, the director of the Modus Vivendi Center, which has been compiling the more than 240-page document.

“On November 22, 1920, Woodrow Wilson signed the Arbitral Award, which defined the border between Armenia and Turkey. However, that important document was kept secret for a long time,” added Papian during a press conference to announce the unveiling.

Papian has managed to restore the 245-page document and the attached maps, which clearly depict that not only Nagorno Karabakh, but also Lower Karabakh belongs to Armenia as delineated by President Wilson.

The never-before-published compilation will appear in two volumes. An Armenian translation is already in the works and will be available in two years.

Papian said that this comprehensive compilation will allow for the document to be presented to international legal experts and its conclusion be applied the International Court for a ruling on the matter.

On April 23, Papian was the keynote speaker at an Armenian Genocide commemoration vigil at the Montebello Martyrs’ Monument, organized by the San Gabriel Valley Armenian National Committee chapter.

“Armenian territorial rights are based upon several international instruments. The most important of them is the Arbitral Award by the United States President Woodrow Wilson, done on November 22, 1920, which by a binding decision and conclusively defined the boundary between Armenia and Turkey,” Papian said in his presentation.

“The main basis for the lawful solution of long-standing Armenian- Turkish problem are not the infamous Armenian-Turkish protocols, but the Arbitral Award, done over 90 years ago in the capital city of this country by the 28th President of the United States of America Woodrow Thomas Wilson,” added Papian.


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  1. Dave said:

    This is great news that the leaders of Armenia do not have the vision to use.

  2. Gaghant Baba said:

    The first people that need to learn and accept this are not Americans, but the Armenian government of Armenia. Unless we are talking about 3 different Armenian countries, Artsakh, East and West Armenia.

    In order to get anywhere with all this Armenia must be the first and foremost to make these demands for territory, and not by itself or with questionable diaspora organizations like the Armenian Assembly, AGBU, etc but with the ARF which represents the majority of diaspora Armenians.

    Wilson’s arbital award is the saving grace of Armenia, yet without these territories, the survivors of the genocide, and the Armenians of Armenia will never get anywhere and receive the justice they deserve.

    To me it seems before we solve the Turkish issue, the Azeri issue, and the Georgian issue, we must first solve the Armenian issue.

  3. Samantha said:




  4. Satenik said:

    Maybe it’s time that the powers to be should have a good hard look at this and only then try to dictate Armenia what to do! Long Live Armenia!

  5. Ara Mamyan said:

    What I fail to understand is who the hell is W.W. (being the president of a completely third country) to decide on the territories of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey? W.W. was not a judge, and the world was not his court room. Who recognizes what he draws on the map?
    The most funny part is the words “binding decisions” :))) Binding to whom? To Turkey? To Azerbaijan? Who is W.W. to bind other countries? The judge of the final level? And what if he got drunk and added half of Africa to Armenia?
    Karabakh was part of Azerbaijan in 1918-1920, and it was recognized as such both by local Armenians (Provisional Agreement between the Armenian Council of Karabakh and the government of Azerbaijan Rep.) and the government of Armenia. Read the book of Richard Hovanissian, who in fact hates Azerbaijan and Turkey. Even this Azer-hater admits that in 1918-1920 Karabakh was part of Azerbaijan and provides the map in his book.
    Another thing: 1.5 weeks after the release of W.W. “arbitral decision” (or shall we say “arbitrary”), the government of Armenia signed the Treaty of Alexandropol and once again gave up territories in Turkey. According to the treaty, Karabakh, Zangezur and Naxcivan were not to be part of Armenia either. So, Armenia HERSELF admitted this. And the Kars Treaty is also signed by Armenians. So, what is the problem?
    Go to the International Court with this paper and see if they let you in :)

  6. Ara Mamyan said:

    Well, from legal viewpoint it is of course BS, but looks and sounds nice to common Armenian folk with no knowledge of contemporary international law and how it works. What Ara Papian fails to mention (and in fact he deliberately reverses the facts) is that this was only a proposal by Wilson, not some “binding order”, as he he lacked any legitimacy and right to do anything like this outside of US territories. What Papian fails also to mention is that the Senate was more sane and rejected W.W.’s proposal, whereas the
    League of Nations didn’t even bother enter into discussion on this.
    Papian says “A” but does not say “B”. If his readers knew everything around this but not only part of the facts carefully preselected by Papian, the comments would have not been so enthusiastic.

  7. Hrant K. said:

    Gaghant Baba, you truely are living in Lala Land, just like the children, who still believe in your existence.

    Don’t worry, the Armenian Government is doing much much more than you think they are doing

    and they know and are educated on this issue a lot more than you can imagine! The Arm. Government and

    its Arsenal of Diplomats and Attache’s are the only legal bodies that the International community recognizes!

    They do have Action Plans, long term ones! In order to solve the Armenian issue, Gaghant Baba you

    should look into the mirror and think about the ramifications and consequences of your

    “dangerous” and uncautious accusations! In future times be careful what you say, so that

    you won’t be sorry for your destructive acts!!! And please, to make us kids grow up, remove

    your Santa’s mask and reveal yor real identity and present us a Better Action Plan, so we can

    learn from your Wisdom!!! (7)

  8. Hrant K. said:

    President Woodrow Wilson also should have added Tigranocerta (Dickranagerd) Region as well as

    the Kingdom of Cilicia, as Henry Kissinger’s Map portrays!!! (7)

  9. Hrant K. said:

    Peter Balakian’s comment, that Turkey currently has a lot at stake, than to gain by recognizing

    the Armenian Genocide, explains, that they are afraid of the Territorial Compromises,

    that the International Court of Justice is going to rule against them! They would have recognized it, if it

    meant entering the European Union. But by their Balance Sheets, Income Statements and the Liabilities,

    that they will incurr, are way beyond their capabilities: There are ” Trillions of Dollars” @ stake to hand

    over to the Armenians with Assets, Property Returns, Criminal rulings, Psychological impacts,

    Geographic and Demographic Losses. We should admit, that the turks are quiet good @ Math, but one

    thing they can’t figure out, is that how far the Armenians are willing to push forward???!!! And the

    Judgment Day for the turks has become too clostrphobically close!!! (7)

  10. Vahe said:

    Where can we a copy of this publication….I’ve been searching for it online, but I still cant find anything

    • Vahe said:

      meant to say Where can “I buy” a copy of this publication

  11. Ani said:

    I read this book and want to thank the author and the people who find finance for publication the facts we didn`t have an idea.
    This book should be a history book for us.First of all we should find out and then illustrate the facts to others.
    Taking into consideration all pros and cons I admit that the Sevres Treaty was our only chance given by the Great Allied Power in 1920 and as always WE, the time, the powers did what they always did and now we have NOTHING of what belonged to us.
    Reading the archives gives you an idea what happened, why and how the frontiers fixed by W.W. weren`t realized in practice.
    Read the book!! it`s worth of it.