Foreign Ministry Says Georgia’s Envoy to US ‘Unaware’

Georgia's envoy to US Temuri Yakobishvili

YEREVAN (ArmRadio)—Armenia’s Foreign Ministry on Tuesday said Georgia’s Ambassador to the US was “unaware of processes taking place in the region” after the envoy said Armenia had “fallen into Russia’s hands” and Genocide recognition was not a positive factor.

Speaking at the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies in Washington last month, Georgia’s Ambassador to the US, Temuri Yakobishvili added to his statements about Armenia, by saying that “the events taking place in Armenia are directly linked to the Nagorno Karabakh conflict” and that its unresolved problems with Azerbaijan hinder Armenia’s progress.

He also criticized Armenia for housing Russian military bases and said that the recognition of the Armenian Genocide was not a positive factor, concluding that “the best thing is to find a solution to the Nagorno-Karabakh problem” because it was holding Armenia back from addressing other issues.

Head of the Foreign Ministry’s Department of Neighboring Countries, Karen Mirzoyan explained Tuesday that “the statements by the Ambassador are a sign that he is unaware of the processes taking place in the region, and cannot be described in any other way. Such statements by the diplomat do not correspond to the spirit and high level of Armenian-Georgian relations.”

Georgia’s Ambassador to Armenia, Tengiz Sarmanashvili, said in Yerevan Tuesday that his colleague’s statements were being investigated by the Georgian Foreign Ministry.

At a press conference, Sarmanashvil praise Armenia-Georgia relations.


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  1. Hayas said:

    Georgians – they have been & always will be the Traitors & Snakes – right under the nose of Armenia.

  2. Samuel said:

    The behavior of this person is iresponsible & undiplomatic, Armenia & all armenian people do not need his
    disgusting advise, even he is not deserve to be ambassador, if he feels he is so smart, let us go back his own
    country fix there own problems, instead of putting his nose into other nation affair.

  3. Grish Begian said:

    Georgia’s Mikheil Saakashvili internal and external foreign policy is not durable for US and nor for her powerful neighbor RF. Georgia’s US ambassador, who is faithful to his masters, Alioff and Mr. Perez, where secret azerBYjani military buildup is underway are worried about Armenia’s well trained military strength and might in South Caucasus!!

  4. Stepan said:

    Political rhetoric. Unaware??? How about uninformed or oblivious??? His comments are an obvious reflection of Georgia’s adversarial view of Russia. They have never been a reliable friend. Look at the disgrace in Javakh and their ambassador makes ridiculous statements on the relationship. With Azerbaijan at least you know what you are dealing with. more duplicity from Georgia towards Armenia.

  5. Vartkes said:

    And Georgia is Turkey’s stooge, does the ambassador know that? Lesser of two evils? I would go with Russia any day.

  6. MK said:

    Armenia or Armenian should never trust Georgia or Georgians as history has proven how treacherous they have been to Armenia,just look at the state of Javakh and our churches in Georgia now,it speaks volumes about their so called friendship of centuries ,they want to get rid of all the Armenians in Javakh just like their friends the Azeris did in Nachichevan with the help of their other friend the Turks.

  7. Steve said:

    You ARF dashnaks can sure dish it out, but you sure as hell can’t take it, can you!!! The truth has always been a sore spot with you all!

  8. Lusik said:

    From his face one can see that he expresses his own opinion.