Deauville Statement Not Beneficial for Armenia, Says Hovannesian

Vahan Hovannesian

YEREVAN (Yerkir Media)—The joint statement on the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict issued by presidents Obama, Sarkozy and Medvedev in Deauville, France last month is not in beneficial for Armenia, said Armenian Revolutionary Federation Parliamentary Bloc chairman Vahan Hovannesian at a press briefing Monday.

He added that it was impossible to make prediction on the outcome of scheduled talks later this month between the presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan in Kazan, Russia, saying that none of the documents that have emerged from the conflict resolution process represent the interests of Armenia.

Hovannesian recommended that Armenia should, at one point, withdraw from the negotiation process and insist on new talks with the participation of Karabakh.

He also added that Armenia missed an opportunity to restart talks under a new format when Azerbaijan called for revamping the format.

Hovannesian also stressed that Azerbaijan has never hidden its unwillingness to compromise and it has, on numerous occasions, spoken that it will not agree to Karabakh’s independence.

In discussing Armenia’s domestic political climate, Hovannesian touched on the so-celled “dialogue” between the Armenian National Congress and the president.

The ARF leader explained that Armenian National Congress leader Levon Ter-Petrosian succeeded in making the international community to exert pressure on Armenia’s authorities to engage in the dialogue.

He warned, however, that the exerted pressure is not meant to strengthen democracy in Armenia, but rather a way to influence the Karabakh peace process.

Hovannesian hinted that recent mounting “hysterical” criticism of the ARF by Ter-Petrosian and the president signals that the “dialogue” would be nothing but an agreement between the two leaders for greater Ter-Petrosian presence in the new parliament.

Members of the President Serzh Sarkisian’s Republican Party ruled out the convening of snap elections—a high priority demand by Ter-Petrosian—when they unveiled their plan for the so-called “dialogue.” Hovannesian explained that Ter-Petrosian’s willingness to move forward with the “dialogue” despite the overt rejection of snap polls indicates that Ter-Petrosian is changing course.

“The Armenian Revolutionary Federation has also been talking to the authorities, but specifically within the framework of the amendments to the Electoral Code. The few ARF proposals that have been adopted were the result of dialogue,” explained Hovannesian who wanted to draw a distinction between dialogue that aims to reform the current situation and one that serves an individual’s self interests.


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  1. manooshag said:

    Ter Petrossian, first of the leaders of our fledgling nation of 20 years… who lead the way, showed how to steal from its citizenry, filled his own pockets, was ‘tossed’ out of office, bought a home to flee to in France with wife/son… This man is psychotically off the wall… That he even has the GALL to address the citizenry of our Haiastan, AT ALL, indicates distorted mental capacity – his misdirected ego!! In ANY civilized nation such a leader – known for all his dishonesty against our citizens of Haiastan/Armenia would NOT be re-elected – certainly not our Haiastan! Ter Petrossian and his misdirected followers are not patriots for our struggling Haiastan – only filling their own pockets – and to HELL with the worthy/deserving citizens of Haiastan. That describes a Ter Petrossian over the years – into today. Too, his caliber of ‘leadership’ excells in divisiveness – opposed to the Armenians of the generations whose parent had to flee the horrors of the Turkish Genocide of the Armenian nation to survive – and today, joining together, worldwide, anxious to advance our Haiastan. Ter Petrossian’s caliber of leaders for Haiastan destroys OUR young nation of Haiastan – he and the leaders who have been of his same mentality – stealing for themselves, these are not patriots for our young Haiastan. It is our patriots who seek to serve our homeland – to advance our Armenian cause – with diasporan Armenians – MIASEEN!!

  2. MK said:

    Ter Petrossian is doing the bidding for foreign powers namely the west in order to weaken the government of the day in order to force an agreement on Armenia which ia against our national intersts,that includes giving Artsakh back to the Azeris as was his plan in 1996 and also sell all our national rights to the Turks regarding western Armenia,this is the plan and this is the agenda of the USA.

    LTP should have been tried for all his criminal acts and put in prison, but sadly he is out there creating problems on behalf of the west and EU in order to make it easy for them to implement their sickening agenda.

  3. hi said:

    Manooshag: I do agree with you 100 Persent. ter petrsovic also sold our shahumian,nakhijivan for several hundred thousand dollars in order to build his palace in yerevan region.
    If we allow him to continue his style , he will get a little more money from the enemy and let the first armenian genocide in 21st century to take place.