Armenia is Done with Compromises, Says Presidential Aide

Garnik Isagulyan

YEREVAN (Combined Sources)—Armenia has already made all the compromises possible in talks with Azerbaijan and there are no plans for new ones, said presidential aide Garnik Isagulyan at a press conference Thursday.

“The meeting in Kazan proved that the position of the Armenian President on Karabakh issue is firm, and it is senseless to expect unilateral concessions from Armenia,” said Isagulyan.

He explained that the compromises already made by Armenia, as the winning side of the war, are not being comprehended by Azerbaijan, which continues to put forth new demands and amendments to the peace principles. He also said that Azerbaijan’s delay tactics are useless.

“We made compromises before 1995 and in 1998, and it would not be right to make compromises today and expect Azerbaijan to change its position,” said Isagulyan.

“Now we need to demonstrate to the international community that Armenia is not about to make any more compromises, since none of the ones that have been made have softened Azerbaijan’s position or its military rhetoric,” added Isagulyan.

Isagulyan enumerated what he said were major compromises already made by Armenia, among them Armenia refraining from recognizing the independence of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic and not including the people of Karabakh in Armenian elections, despite the fact that in Soviet times Karabakh was represented by 11 representatives in Armenia’s Supreme Council.

The main elements Isagulyan emphasized were Karabakh’s not being involved in the negotiation process and having Armenia represent its interests.

Isagoulian said without Karabakh’s participation, the negotiations become symbolic. He stressed that the most important issue in the talks is determining Karabakh’s status.

“All meetings, talks and visits will be of advisory character unless Nagorno Karabakh becomes party to the talks. Karabakh must return to the bargaining table as a full party to the talks,” he said.

Isagulyan said the since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Azerbaijan has received more military than Armenia, Georgia and Nagorno-Karabakh combined

“Azerbaijan had 458 tanks, 1264 armored cars, 395 units of artillery, 63 rockets, 53 military and 52 training planes before 1993 unlike Armenia, but Armenia won the war,” he explained.

In discussing Azerbaijan’s increased military spending, Isagulyan stressed it does not mean anything, as weapons are not the most important thing in a war.

“If Azerbaijan resorts to military operations, it will mourn the loss of new territories,” he emphasized.


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  1. Norin Radd said:

    Excellent wording and response, this is exactly the sentiments of Armenians worldwide, if you screw with us again, you will lose again, this time even more.

  2. Dave said:

    A public relations offensive is needed by Armenia and Artsakh to show the world why Artsakh is and should be independent, and why Azerbaijan should have no say in the matter.

    If Moscow does not like this because it wants to cut a deal with Azerbaijan, to Armenians’ detriment, tough luck for Moscow, which is the one who gave Artsakh away in the first place, a fact that has escaped the 99% of Armenians who seemingly have collective dementia.

    And please don’t tell me that it was only the “Bolsheviks” who did that. If it was the Bolsheviks and present-day Russia believes that that giveaway was wrong, why doesn’t Moscow just come out and say so?

    Armenia needs a real leader who will assert Armenia’s interests. How long will this puppet theater go on?

  3. Elchin said:

    Funny is that this is not 1992 anymore to grab primitive riffles and go to battle zone and furthermore do not claim victory without knowing what kind of weopons the opposite side has.Today Azeri army is purchasing the most advanced machines from Israel and trained and prepared by Turkish army which is key member of military NATO.War is not starting anyway but peace is not coming either.Instead of sitting in CA and saying “if the war starts, we will go all the way Baku”, just try to help your double isolated country to keep people in as 42 percent of the population are sitting on their luggages to leave the country immediately.

    • Avery said:


      Read some more about the 1989-1994 war before throwing out words like ‘primitive rifles’, ‘advanced weapons’ etc.
      Your side, Azeris, had all the advantages: Manpower 5 to 1; Tanks, Artillery, Jet Fighters, Bombers, everything.
      A brigade of Turkish Special Forces disguised as Gray Wolves ‘volunteers’.
      Retired NATO Generals from Turkey advising your general staff.
      Israeli technical advisers on site in Baku.
      Battle hardened Afghan Mujahedin volunteers.
      Shamil Basayev’s very capable, battle hardened battalion (which was decimated by an Armenian Dashnak battalion in Shushi)
      The list is almost endless.
      What was it do you suppose that caused your side to lose massively and beg for a ceasefire in 1994 ?

      Sure Azerbaijan is buying boatloads of advanced weaponry: you think Armenians are going to fight you with AK-47s ?
      Only Azeris can get advanced weapons ?

      As to the link from opposition figures in any country will say all sorts of outlandish stuff to get noticed.
      You like links ? read this:
      scroll down to this particular sentence:
      [“Alieva says up to a quarter of the Azerbaijan population works in Russia due to the worsening economic conditions.”]

      Sure, when Azerbaijan re-starts the war they may gain some territory.
      Or they may lose some more. Maybe this time those crazy Arstakhtsi won’t listen to Yerevan and will do something very drastic.
      Think about that next time you get the itch for war.
      Armenians don’t won’t war: never have, never will.
      But no Armenian in the world is going sit back and allow you ‘Azeri’ Tatars & Turks to exterminate any more of us.

    • Paul said:

      elchin… are going against ARMENIA not Palastine. No offense to Palastine but we also have advanced rifles. we are not going to fight your Israeli rifles with rocks. In 1992 you had more guns more bombs more fighter jets more people but YOU NEVER HAD HEART.

  4. Edik said:

    “Azerbaijan’s increased military spending, Isagulyan stressed it does not mean anything” !!!

  5. Ashot Avanesyan said:

    Returning liberated Armenian lands to Azerbaijan is stupidity and an act of treason on the part of Armenian president Serzh Sargsyan. The Armenian Nation will not allow Serzh Sargsyan to sell out Artsakh.

  6. Stepan said:

    “As the winning side in the war…..” That is exactly the case. These thugs, who have violated Armenian rights since the day that the “Georgian” Stalin gave Karabagh to Azerbaijan, started a war that they lost. They asked for the cease fire(probably because even they can figure out that it could have been more than a 20% loss) and have the audacity to make :demands”. Azerbaijan is an “artificial republic” as I heard from our brave brethren in Stepanakert. There is no substance in their society, just oil and as a result the world tolerates their rhetoric. While Aliyev quells his uninformed public with war jibberish, the builders of Artsakh continue the process to create what they lost in 1921. God Bless them.

    • Avery said:

      Stepan: let’s not perpetuate the “20%” meme that Azeris have planted and which has taken root.

      They count 20% by including the territory of N-K itself in the grand total: in their overactive imagination Artsakhtsi Armenians living on their own land are ‘occupying’ it. Actual number of liberated territories outside of N-K proper is 13%.
      And that does not include portions of Shahumyan and Martuni regions currently under Azeri occupation.

  7. Hrant K. said:

    To Mr Garnik Isagulian’s post: I think the last sentence should have been the Title!!! (7)

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