Aliyev Continues to Revise History

Azeri president Ilham Aliyev

BAKU (APA)—Azeri President Ilham Aliyev, in remarks Tuesday to the World Azerbaijani Congress, claimed that Yerevan and Zangezur were Azeri lands that were “granted” to Armenia, adding that Azerbaijan would spare no effort, including military, to ensure what he called its territorial integrity.

“Armenia knows very well that they are guests in Nagorno-Karabakh. The Armenian state was established in historical Azerbaijani land – Yerevan and Zangazur. The Turkic world was geographically separated, as Zangazur was given to Armenia,” said Aliyev while pledging to continue the talks.

Aliyev added that ensuring Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity is one of the major issues facing the country.

In his speech he noted that international organizations had passed resolutions on the Karabakh problem, which remained unfulfilled because of what he described as Armenia’s “unconstructive position”.

“Yerevan has to understand that Azerbaijan’s potential cannot be compared with Armenia’s capability. Azerbaijan’s economic potential is ten times greater than Armenia’s economic potential. Armenia has no power to compete with Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan’s military expenditure is 50 percent more than Armenia’s budget,” the president said, echoing remarks made in his speech at a military parade on June 26, Armed Forces Day.


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  1. ARTIN said:

    What I’m gonna write here might be too much for many Armenians
    We have a long history of civilization and …… (you know) and during thousands of years we have made unbelievably huge contribution to the human history but we have always be (տգէտ) in one thing and one thing which is we don’t understand that we have to make our own, have our own if we don’t want to live like gypsies. yes gypsies at least Hitler was right about this one
    We want Karabakh (Արցախ) we want Western-Armenia and many other lands but we forget one thing that currently the immigration rate is too high in Armenia that we may loose the one that we actually have
    We need a to change ourselves, we need to make our own, we need to understand that by living in US, Russia, and ………… for long time we are only making them strong and we are becoming weaker and weaker
    Sometimes I’m unhappy to be an Armenian but then I remember what we have done to the humanity and OTHERS’ civilizations.
    For those how wanna know I’m 19 years old student who cares about people but first Armenians

  2. Ara said:

    “Azerbaijan’s POTENTIAL, cannot be compared to Armenia’s CAPABILITIES”???

    Sounds to me like a statement of someone who knows the realities, but insists on trying to convince his people of his fantasies.

    I am so thankful that his “people” let this idiot run his mouth, all he is doing is further embarrassing himself with laughable statements like this and countless others.

  3. Vartkes said:

    Dear aliyev, size does not matter when cmparing Armenia to azerbaijan, our determination to defend the sacred homeland is what counts, you lost the war, hello, did you forget? You can stuff your big powerful war toys where the sun don’t shine…

  4. ELENA said:

    I absolutly agree with what Artin wrote
    I’m so happy for us to have people like him who know what they are talking about
    unfortunatly by being one of the oldest and rich civilizations in the human history we have to deal with countries like azerbaijan (sad and funny) and a person like ilham alliev should talk like this to Armenians

  5. Kevin Nersisyan said:

    What a delusional bastard! What is this guy smoking?

  6. Edward Demian said:

    Actually, all of Azerbaidgian used to be Armenia. The tatyars are relatively new illegal immigrants to the area. Thats what happens when a country allows a massive influx of primitive sheepherders to come in without permission. let them spend all their money on military hardware. We will be there long after they are gone. Like all the invaders before them.

  7. Charles Masraff said:

    There are no words to describe this awful man who is an utter disgrace both to his own people and to the whole of the human race.

  8. Hayk said:

    I just got back from Artcax it is beautiful.
    Stepanakert has turned in to grate city just like in Europe.
    One would say we are building it to give it back to this sick esh Aliev
    Yah! In his dream.

  9. Sergik said:

    Mr. Aliyev,
    If you think you can win the war then cut the crap and attack, what are you afraid of? If you think you have all the potential then what are you waiting for? Aren’t you getting tired of B.S. feeding to your people?

    • Gregory said:

      He’s been feeding too much recycled BS to his people that even they have got the wind of it!

  10. Grish Begian said:

    Most world dictators have same mentality, start from Napoleon Bonaparte until late dictators like Hitler Mussolini, and recent Islamic dictators, like Ben Ali, Gaddafi, Mubarak, Saddam Hussein….azerbaijani Sultan alioff is not different from all of them..he will join to his comrades in one of his mansion in Arab Sheikhdom and will play dice and drink Turkish raki and have an orgy life style with his stolen money!!right now he is preaching garbage and fooling his Tatar Turk tribal people, as Gaddafi did for his tribal people over 40 years ago!!

  11. Arziv said:

    Alyev is not a dictator. It is fatuous and banal to compare him to other personalities in history. Alyev is aliev, the son of the previous alyev. He is on the road to gamble and lose all, if he he persists in his bombastic and puerile claims. However, he is playing to his local audience; he is not sane, he appears to be on the same keel as the ” napoleon of the Caucasus”–Shaskavili, who gambled on Ossetia and lost it all. Alyev may have learnt a few things from shaskavili. Anyway, the problem is not alyev, far from it. The problem is Armenia’s leadership. Like Artin says, natives are emigrating in droves; a very bad development. It is a challenge to make irredentist claims, like the six provinces of Ararat and anatolia when we don’t have the population to populate it. Emigration should be discouraged. The beuatiful thing about Armenia is that is a young country. A healthy youthful generation is present; they must not leave. Immigration of Armenians from abroad should be stimulated and encouraged. The present government is not helpful. Ethnic Armenians born abroad should have the right to claim Armenian citizenship automatically, based on our blood. The Armenian government grants David Nalbandian Armenian citizenship, bravo, very good. But why it does not do the same with the rest of Armenians abroad ? Is citizenship only granted to the famous ? A colleague of mine, living in Buenos aires, approached the embassy and asked to be nationalized. The clerk advised him he must have 5 year residency in Armenia he can become a citizen. Absurd and deceitful . My colleague remonstrated and barked at the infamous clerk that he is a Haye, and no one can tell him about 5-4-3 years residency and other legal restrictions to deprive him of his blood right. The clerk became intemperate, my colleague lost his temper, and lo and behold they became embroiled in a hollering match. The law of jus sanguinius must be applied to Armenians. If we don’t, we risk losing the little we have . In the 1915 we endured a bloody genocide, and we survived in a truncated form ; in contemporary times we are subjected to a ” white genocide”, which is even worse because it dulls the senses and reduces the level of self defence and survival becomes a huge question mark..

  12. Viken Karapetian said:

    Truth of the matter is that Ilham is scared of his shadow, and if he was capable of winning a war, he would have started one by now.

    And a reminder, Karabakh has never been part of an independent Azerbaijan. The Armenian people of Karabakh have demonstrated every characteristic of statehood, having formed government institutions, schools, and hospitals, as well as a functioning infrastructure, Constitution, and defense.

  13. Ararat said:

    If I had a dime for every time I heard this buffoon make such outrageous statements I would be a millionaire. He is in hot water in his own fake country and in order to hold on to his dictatorial power he will amuse himself by tapping into his people’s deeply-seeded racist emotions towards us and divert their attention from the domestic turmoil.

    This fool Ilham Aliyev is what Americans call a chicken hawk. When the Karabakh liberation war was going on this draft-dodger chickened out and went into hiding. Now that the war has ceased and he is in power he once again is back acting like a hawk.

    I like to see this baboon make such claims when he’s facing Armenians and let’s see how long he will last.

  14. David Boyajian said:

    While it is true that Aliyev is bombastic, it is also true that Azerbaijan has been conducting a very
    strong anti-Armenian propaganda campaign (full of lies, yes) over the last year or more, and I
    believe it is having an effect. Armenians beware.

    My sense is that Azerbaijan is managing to convince more people than we might think that Azeris
    are the victims of Armenian agression, not the other way around. This is bad news for us because public and media opinion and the perception of diplomats, and not just military strength, do matter.

    The Azeri propaganda has been conducted not just on the Artsakh issue but on several other fronts,
    some of them involving (falsified) historical incidents.

    Armenia has been sitting around twiddling its thumbs without conducting its own campaign to win
    hearts and minds. Armenia does not hit back, and Armenia ignores the fine research that people such as
    Reuben Galichian, Ara Papian, Armen Ayvazyan, and others have done that totally destroy Azeri
    claims if only Armenia would use it.

    This has, sadly, been true for 15 years or more. I recall a diaspora conference in the US years
    ago in which the participants called for Artsakh and Armenia to stand up for themselves in the media and court of public opinion. I don’t think a lot has changed since then.

    I suspect that these errors by Armenia are due not just to incompetence and overconfidence, but may
    also be due to Russia’s telling Armenia not to conduct its own public relations campaign – because Russia has its own goals in Azerbaijan – to Artsakh’s detriment.

    Azeri propaganda is having an effect. I have to admire the job it is doing. I suspect it has been paying
    outside consultants.

    We can laugh at it, but in the end the joke is on us.

    • Viken Karapetian said:

      The Congressional Armenia Caucus outnumbers the Azerbaijan Caucus 134-41, an advantage of more than 3 to 1, but David is correct that the Azeri lobby is vastly mobilized from a decade ago.

      With that said, Armenian Americans need to show their grassroots activism. Currently, there are 75 congressional cosponsors for the Armenian Genocide Resolution, but only 25 of the 53 members of the California delegation are on board (35 are members of the Armenian Caucus).

      It is a crime that Xavier Becerra, who represents Little Armenia in Hollywood, CA, is not a cosponsor.

      Our community needs to wake up and accept the challenge.

  15. Nercess said:

    Actually Azerbaijan is a fictitious and new country, established in 1918, created by Stalin who also divided Armenia and gave Karabakh and Nakhchivan.
    They don’t have history, no culture and with barbar-tatars as their ancestors, yet they have the arrogance to say stupid things like this.
    Well, what can we expect, they are after all Turkic…

  16. Ana said:

    i heard that pres aliyev is facing mounting pressures from u.s. intelligence operatives like george soros to reshuffle the government, in particular, appoint fellow u.s. intel op – azerbaijan finance minister samir sharifov to prime minister. i think that meddling in this land dispute potentially pushes the u.s. towards unnecessary and counter-productive entanglements and that soros and whomever should stay out of it

  17. Jones said:

    Ana – although this is the first I have heard about this, it isn’t much of a surprise. soros’ open society institutes prey on countries like azerbaijan. Soros pulls strings all over the world and someone like samir sharifov would be the perfect new puppet for him

  18. Ana said:

    Thanks Jones. As a matter of fact, Soros met with Aliyev earlier this year and promised substantial money to Azerbaijan through the Agency for International Development if he appoints Sharifov to the prime minister post. Aliyev should tell Soros to take his money and shove it – they have plenty of money (have you been to Baku lately?…very very upgraded and nice).