Vatican to Publish Documents on Genocide

Monsignor Sergio Pagano

VATICAN CITY—The Vatican will co-publish a book with documents and information about the Armenian genocide. The papers are from the Vatican Secret Archives, and, to quote Monsignor Sergio Pagano, the clergyman who runs the archives, “they make me feel ashamed to be a man. Without faith, they’d make me see only darkness.”

Pagano’s announcement was made during the presentation of the “Lux in Arcane” exhibition, which opens next February in Rome to show one of the world’s most important collections of papers, with documents from the 8th century to the 20th century. Lined-up, they would cover 85 kilometers.

With regards to the Armenian genocide, “when I read documents about the torture practices used by the Turks against the Armenians, I feel an irrepressible sense of pain and horror,” Pagano said.

According to the prefect, some of the papers describe how Turkish soldiers “bet and played dice to guess the sex of a child before stabbing him or her with a bayonet after extracting them out of the womb.”

During the presentation, Pagano, the prefect of the Vatican Secret Archives, also announced that within two or three years, the papers concerning World War II and the pontificate of Pius XII will be ready. The current pope will then be able to decide whether to release them to the public, as many expect, or not.

The exhibition will also present less traumatic but equally relevant historic documents, including the Letter of the Peers of England to Clement VII on the matrimonial cause of Henry VIII (1530), the codex of the trial of Galileo Galilei (1616-1633), the Letter of Empress Helena of China on silk and the Letter of American Indians to Leo XIII on birch bark.


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  1. Dave said:

    This is good news but we must realize that for years the Vatican has been playing game over the G word and our gemocide. When he was a cardinal, he was extremely anti-Turkish. Not any more. He favors EU membership for Turkey. And we criticize Israel for not acknowledging the Genocide?

    • Maurice said:

      Genocide is synonymous to the Jews Ha Ha!!!!!!!!!!!
      You got to find yourself another word to descirbe what happened to the helpless people of Armenia
      this way Israel can accept it.
      What a joke……………

      • Maurice said:

        Did we touch the wrong string again?
        Jesus will come one day & punish the people that persecuted him

        • Maurice said:

          Stop talking bad about the Holy Pontiff firstly & then ask about moderation

    • Dan said:

      The word Genocide was invented to discribe what was happening to the Armenian people.

  2. Random Armenian said:

    This article ( ) says the following:

    “The Vatican archives are routinely called the “Secret Archives” although much of the material in the collection is routinely made available to scholars and researchers. The documents to be included in the 2012 exhibit are not secret, although they have not previously been available for public display.”

    Have the Vatican’s archives on the genocide been studied? Are these copies of existing documents from other sources that have already been studied or separate and new material?

  3. Hambersom Aghbashian said:

    It is our (Armenians) responsibility now , to get permission(s) and put all those Vatican docs related to the Armenian Genocide in a book, publish them in many languages including Armenian and Turkish and distribute all over the world. This will not be an easy job but it is NOT impossible, and more, I think it is a must.

  4. bigmoustache said:

    let the world see our justification for karapagh and nakhichevan in the near future

  5. pongo1969 said:

    Vatican would better to publish such documents, otherwise in the future could be charged of “intellegence with Evil”, as it’s happening with the accusations vs the Pope at the time of Hitler, and his alleged appeasement during the prosecution of the Jews.

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  7. Random Armenian said:

    According to the article the Vatican will be publishing a book on the AG documents. The article says “co-publish”. I wonder what that means. Who are they cooperating with in publishing the book.

  8. Nercess said:

    Shame on Vatican to wait so long to publish such humanistic documents!! Is that church also affected by politics, financial gains and greed? what’s happening to this world?!!
    Shame on all humanity!

  9. Hrant K. said:

    The Logic of the Illogic should stop permanently. Let’s study the the documents and information about the

    Arm.Genocide published by the Vatican, and then do our comments and judgements after the new

    revelations! Perhaps we should be more cautious and exercise WISDOM before selecting our

    vocabularies, personal and random attacks!!! (7)

  10. AraK said:

    Let’s be clear about one thing:
    The Americans are still traumatized by the Russians. They want to control Russia’s raw materials and they need Turkey as a buffer zone and her army the strongest of NATO. They want to destabilize Russia by all means to steal her resources. Even when Turkey refused to the Americans a passage to Irak during the Iraki war this refusal was forgotten conveniently. Israel (like the Americans) is licking Turkey’s boots thinking that Turkey is a secular moslem country etc etc.
    Azerbaidjan is important to the criminal west because of its oil and we are hoping that Vatican’s papers might help our cause…
    Good luck!

  11. Stephen T. Dulgarian said:

    It is puzzling why the Vatican waited so long to finally bring out their hidden archives on the well documented Armenian Genocide of 1915-1923 by the then Turkish Government. I agree with Aghbashian that all the documents by the various governments should be put into book form for the world to see what the Turk has done to the Armenian People.

  12. Mike said:

    Armenians open your eyes and stop waisting time hoping for nonsense. We are subject to complete extermination. There is enough proof out there that the Genecide happened. But they will never recognize it. Because they did it. Zionists did it. Not Israel, not USA will ever admit it. They are buying them selfsame a time to finish us all. But keep us hopefull so do not complain about what they’re doing. They could have procedure Turks for killings. They have all the proof in the world. They don’t do it because they were behind it. Read history and turn your TV off.

  13. Mike said:

    If after all those atrocides that Turks done to Armenians Christian world have not condemned Turks, that means that Christianity is fake. It’s the tool of Zionism. That is it’s real purpose, to keep us half humans, so we don’t see clearly in front of us, so you live in dogma and ignore reality. What can be more convenient for them than keep us Christian? We would beleave what ever they want. Read more about you ancient history and turn off TV. Unplug you brain from their matrix.

  14. Mike said:

    Living in the dream world may seems comfortable but it makes you vulnerable to their hidden aggression and propagandistic lies. It may not be the end of days for humanity as a whole but it is for us. No time to argue and be deceived. We are present at our own funeral. For every Armenian living in the dream world tha nation can count one less. I hope the number of awaken ones is not zero. At lest it’s one, and actually much more then one, and the number is growing. Dreaming at the times like this is equal to treason. Too long we were under varies oppressors: Persians, Turks, Zio-Communists, etc. We learned how to become easy-comfy. It must be clear to everyone. No one will ever help as. We have to take by ourselfs or die. No time for bul—t. Turn of your TV and conduct your own research. Proofs things to yourself to know them, not believe in them.

  15. Mike said:

    If one million Armenians discontinue their cable TV service, that will reduce the budget of Genocide-denying mass media by $100,000,000 per month. Do you think this amount is enough for Armenians to create our own madia that will promote our agenda and unbrainwashing brainwashed victims? Or may be invest this to research laboratories in Armenia. So that the world start taking Armenian seriously and we be telling them what to do.

  16. Mike said:

    I suggest for world Armenian government to announce The Armenian Patriot Act. That will demand patriots around the world to refuse their cable TV service and subscribe to the Armenian National Resque Project. Every month paying fixed contributions to the fund that will perform cutting edge scientific discoveries in Armenia that can be efficiently applied making Armenia string and advanced country. But that’s not all. Every petting why will subscribe to this Project will also be a share holder of everything that money will be invested into.

    If you like this idea, please reply. This is just general raw idea, it needs to worked on. One of the requirements must be 100 eficency and corruptio-free built in system.

    New discoveries supressed by oil corporations inorder to keep humans for slaves. Well, Armenian is oil-free. Let’s turn it into advantage.

    Why to give our money to idiots when we must help ourselfs?

    Don’t worry, you will not be cut off from the cevilization. We have Internet, and it’s better. After all aren’t you tired of this cheesy crap on ther idiotic TV? Are you really so stupid and worthless as they want you to be? We need some braive projects like this. We were first to accept Christianity. Well, let’s make good out of it but continuing tradition of being first and do what everybody think is impossible.

    Our genetic abilities are the best. All we need is investment and careful fulfillment.

    Any suggestions?