Vatican Trove to Benefit International Genocide Recognition, Says Demoyan

Hayk Demoyan

YEREVAN—The decision to publish materials on the Armenian Genocide in the Vatican Archives—often called the “Secret Archives”—will benefit efforts to attain international recognition of the Armenian Genocide, said Hayk Demoyan, the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute Director, reported

Materials contained in the Vatican archives, where there is new information on the Armenian Genocide, will enrich Armenians’ knowledge about the brutality and inhumane treatment by the Turks, added Demoyan.

The Genocide museum director also said the materials in the Vatican Archives will serve as an anchor to be used within the international community to point out that the denial of Armenian Genocide is absurd.

“The Vatican has recognized the Armenian Genocide, having as its basis the letters of [Pope] Benedict XV where he clearly asked that the atrocities against the Armenians stop. With the opening of the archives, there will be a change in the sense that the information that’s come out periodically today will become enriched. And I am sure that there are individuals who bear this information who at a certain frequency place new facts into circulation,” added Demoyan.

Asbarez reported Tuesday an announcement that the Vatican intends to co-publish a book with documents and information about the Armenian Genocide.
Vatican Archives director Monsignor Sergio Pagano, who made the announcement said the information contained in the archives about the Armenian Genocide “make me feel ashamed to be a man. Without faith, they’d make me see only darkness.”

“When I read documents about the torture practices used by the Turks against the Armenians, I feel an irrepressible sense of pain and horror,” added Pagano.

According to Pagano, some of the papers describe how Turkish soldiers “bet and played dice to guess the sex of a child before stabbing him or her with a bayonet after extracting them out of the womb.”


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  1. Tamar said:

    The last sentence is very sadly true. My grandfather used to tell us how he and his family witnessed the Turks do this to his pregnant sister, before they orphaned him.

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  3. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    How Can We Forget Our Genocide?

    Dears…Humans…, tell us how we sufferers can,
    How anyone can forget walk on any blood run?
    That became stuck on far enormous lands.
    Innocent virgins’ blood flooded the rivers:

    Euphrates and Tigris until they reached
    The desert of Der-Zor (Mesopotamian sands).
    The small branches of the rivers (Khabour)
    Changed lanes as corpses blocked its swift route.

    Spring limped streams colored red;
    That was our blood, stained,
    Bedouins describe the scene and say,
    “The view can change minds of sane . . . insane!”

    Syrian people cannot forget what they saw.
    They enlighten their grandchildren till now to know.
    “Armenians were massacred savagely here.
    Corpses thrown away in our land; in bare.”

    Thrown in our deserts, under the sun-burned sand,
    We saw them with our eyes and cried!
    We saved some; we could not save all of around.
    We were with Ottomans in the same bloodbath, in fight.

    They hanged our thirty-two
    Cleverest nationalists in town—
    Syrian, Lebanese, Palestinians;
    Committed by Jamal Pasha**, the inhuman.

    Savagely, heartlessly done,
    A well-known killer had brutal hands.
    Arabs called him alsaffah.
    As much as cruelty, he did under God’s sunlight.

    Jamal, the alsaffah, not only ordered endless massacres.
    He also followed the Armenian orphans outside Turkish towns,
    Saved by others, ordered to kill them all by any means they can;
    Make them unable to seek revenge in the future from criminals’ fan.

    Younger than eight years, took them as servants…slaves…
    Raising them in homes, changing their religion,
    Forgetting their name origin, calling them ”
    Not Humans but, what left from of their scimitars”*
    Said are thousands of them still living in the Turk’s land!

    Many Turkish writers were too young
    To see the events—the ‘killing plague’.
    Nevertheless, they seems affected by sore stories,
    Their mothers incessantly narrated from deep hark.

    Thus, they published the unwritten events
    Sparking their honest sense of the deep dark—
    To say Armenians were killed in their living park.
    That was their land, before invaders—their own race:
    The Mongols, the Seljuk’s, finally the Ottomans shark.

    Intelligent Turks admit and repeat,
    “We killed them and we deny.
    What tragedy is this?
    Why stay senseless.
    Why can’t we confess past proven savageness?”

    They wanted only to keep one Armenian,
    To put in a museum, there to memorialize!
    That was a proof that they killed all, none left to cry.
    Proud to keep only one man mutilated, not to die.

    To give lessons for minorities to see and sigh!
    This was their main aim, known by historians,
    News transmitted from East to West by fans.
    But no one saved us, till most of us grew up orphans.

    New generation of Turks who constantly shout,
    Throw stones on the French’s houses with crowds.
    Those and their ancestors committed confirmed crimes,
    Slaughtered, raped, and robbed our hearts most kinds.

    At one time, they were describing in pride,
    Saying, “We killed gawers, infidels.
    We threw them out of our ways.
    In deserts, in rivers, in wells, in hays,
    Burning them in churches; in their praying place.”
    Modifying their beautiful domes…altars to mosques.

    Many heard stories of their pride in killing Arab scholars’, race.
    Now their grandchildren want to paint old ceilings to raze!
    Refuting to recognize their criminals’ intrinsic chase.
    They shout and organize denial strikes to haze, brace;

    To say, “We’re innocent of spilling gawer’s bloods’ on our face.”
    In their sinful conscious, they know what they did,
    What they are, they carry genes of criminals indeed.
    They never will change. Needed to sentence the scavengers
    By those who heartily act, protect humans’ identity.
    Yet recognize our genocide seeding law, stating reality.

    ISBN: 978-1-4363-5509-4

  4. Roland Mnatsakanyan said:

    For those interested in Vatican materials and the Armenian Question, I recommend a documentary study we translated from Italian, which also used the Vatican’s “Secret Archives.” It is an excellent work by Mario Carolla entitled “Vatican Diplomacy and the Armenian Question: The Holy See’s Response to the Republic of Armenia, 1918-1922 (translated from the original Italian by Cynthia Quilici). For more information see or write to [email protected]