Euro-Parliament Deplores Azeri Military Threats

Catherine Ashton

STRASBOURG—During a hearing on the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict Wednesday at the European Parliament, members deplored Azerbaijan’s continued use of military threats and urged an end such rhetoric.

In a report presented to members of the European Parliament, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton said “any effort to resolve the conflict or influence the negotiations by using force, or even the threat of force,” was unacceptable to the European Union.

Member of the European Parliament, Charles Tannock voiced his concern about Azerbaijan’s growing military threats, saying, “Azerbaijan is using her petrodollars to buy armaments and make bellicose announcements”

Another European Parliament member, Eleni Theocharous, echoed Tannock’s concern by pointing out that “Azerbaijan instead of development and progress of her people, is buying weaponry. Of course Armenia will follow suit.”

“If the Karaebakh movement was starting now, we would all support it just like we are doing now with the Arab Spring. These people have the right to rise against oppression, they do not want to be like Nakhichevan, where there is no trace of the Armenian population,” added Theocharous.

Ashton also said the “peaceful settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is a key strategic interest of the European Union,” adding that the settlement of the conflict would transform the South Caucasus region, it would pave the way towards political and regional stability, and new economic opportunities.

“Efforts to find an agreement on the Basic Principles must continue, and I welcome the fact that both parties have re-committed themselves to the diplomatic process and to finding a peaceful solution,” added Ashton.

“But we need to see more than that in the coming months. The parties need to redouble their efforts to find an agreement before the end of this year. This would then happen before domestic priorities take over in 2012: elections in Armenia in 2012, and in Azerbaijan in 2013,” she said.

“The EU is ready and committed to step up its efforts in support of the work of the Minsk Group Co-Chairs. The nature of the additional support that we can provide is of course a matter for consultation with the Minsk Group Co-Chairs and the parties. And I can assure you that we are holding regular consultations with them on this subject,” Ashton said, adding that “our most important contribution, will be to continue strengthen our bilateral relations with both Armenia and Azerbaijan.”


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  1. armo1 said:

    Finally, the EU sees things clearly. how true that if this happened during the Arab Spring, we would be supporting it! Armenian is only trying to keep Armenia, Armenians, and the Armenian Culture alive. Not only have the Armenians been persecuted and butchered during WW1 era, but the continued turkification of the Armenian plateau cannot be tolerated. What is Armenian to do? God Bless Artsakh, god bless Monte Melconian, adn the miracle of regaining lands from our ancient adversaries!

  2. Hayq said:

    In 2013, we will see the largest riots in Baku since Sumgait to overthrow Aliyev. Truth of the matter is, Azerbaijan has hit peak oil some years back and will be out of its only export by 2019-2020. Once this happens, Azerbaijan will have two choices, a war with Armenia once and for all, or open acceptance of Karabagh.

  3. bigmoustache said:

    and anyone who thinks “russia wont let a war heppen, or the US, or EU”. the world was powerless to stop bush when he went into iraq, knowing this was a crime, all we could do is watch. the same goes for any nation. armenians should ready themselves for volunteering

  4. pongo1969 said:

    Dear Armo1, it’s by lucky chance EU Parliament is waking up.
    There is people as me from Italy sending a lot of letters to our euro-deputies informing them about the muslim threats against the peaceful christian people of Artsakh.
    Now I am going to write to Vatican and RAI (italian state radio tv) to publish the letters owned by Vatican about Armenian Genocide, so to let the Italian people be more aware about the history and the nature of the Turks, denying such genocide.

  5. Samuel said:

    that military threat Alieve always practicing intended to frighten international organizations specificly investores come to boost his selfish agenda, if not every one will be in trouble, a relevant turkish blackmail exhibition.
    Just recently tearful Alieve in ameatig with his diaspora representatives who came to update their Jihadist training mission. lamented his sorrow, how Soveit dictator Stalin dident invent Azarbaijan to that perfect to include Armenia’s Zangezour & Yerevan be parts of Azarbaijan causing such a mental agony forcing him to miss his Bastard Barbarian Turk Causin.But that is not his sol figment.
    Azary little dictator shamelessly claim territorial integrity against, overArtsakh people decisin their rights for declaration of self determination & independence,in this absurdity of wordings, someone must ask this Bastard if he is faithfully bealiving on Territoial Integrity he is already in violation of USSR’s Territoril Integrity by declaration of its own self determination & he wants to tell it is good for him
    only. Again if azari little dictator is sincer on his own claim, why he is alligned himself with his Bastard Barbarian Turk Causin, which violates all International Norms by invading to soverign Independent country
    Republic of Cypros amember of UN & organization of EU.Why Alieve doesnt want come clean?unable to denounce & condemn turkish violation of Independent Cyproses Territorial Integrity?
    All of such turkish baseless political propaganda invasion left with idleness or no response or reinforce a
    positive political view point.such as Ms Catherine Ashtones viewpoints or UN chiefs recent offer withdrawall of snipers from both conflictings Artsakhi & Azari border line. for example armenians failed to
    produce apractical idea inparallel UN’s Cheif idea, as an example, feed back with suggestion some Central American troops under Autority of UN stationed both sides of border streeps to remove snipers
    If for every thing we wait & do nothing for solution of our problems, That is what we are here now.