Armenia’s Population to Dip by 2050, UN Experts Say

Unioted Nations Population Fund

YEREVAN—Experts at the United National Population Fund (UNFPA) predicted that Armenia’s population will dip to 2.5 million by 2050, going counter to population growth expectations in other countries.

“According to forecasts, the Armenian population will be 2.5 million by 2050,” said UNFPA Armenia Executive Director Garik Hayrapetyan when presenting the report Monday, World Population Day, at a news conference.

The UNFPA research showed that the majority (68.3%) of 1139 Armenian families surveyed are not planning to have another baby. 16.4% want to have one more child and 13.6% found difficulty in replying.

The survey revealed socio-economic conditions as the main reason behind unwillingness to have children. Also, more Armenian women are choosing career over family.

Expert Ruben Yeganyan noted, in turn, that the demographic situation is not in Armenia’s favor, since neighboring countries are and will be experiencing population growth. “The governmental policy is ineffective and incapable to resolve the demographic problems,” he said.


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  1. manooshag said:

    Hye, these twenty (20) years of our homeland, Haiastan’s, with misdirected leaderships of course the population will decrease… Twenty (20) years wasted/lost when the fledgling nation shall have been advancing and progressing. Who wants to live where the leaderships have been stealing from the citizenry…
    as the leaderships are filling their own pockets, ill equipped/prepared to deal with its enemies. From the first dishonest leader, DerBedrossian, who sold, stole and filled his own pockets (even stupidly demanded that the ARF formed in Hiasatan shall not be joined with the ARF in the diaspora)!! Since his ignorance and self-seeking regime he has been the example for all the leaders that have followed him… today, Serge/cohorts.
    Armenians are, by nature, an intelligent, advanced, religious peoples – with the correct leaderships Haiastan, albeit a tiny nation would stand tall with all the civilized nations of the world – offering/sharing as Haiastan has been and will continue to share much with civilized nations… Armenians are not of a nation of peoples seeking to create havoc and distrust amongst nations/alliances…
    Thus honesty in government will mean more Armenians seeking to return to Haiastan… not fleeing from Haiastan… which has much to offer its citzens (without dishonest leaders). Honesty in government in Haiastan will lead to major connections with all the civilized nations… Haiastan is due and worthy of this
    recognition… without the dishonest 20 years of misdirected leaderships!!

  2. Edmund said:

    any more useless reports? please UN, why don’t you work on counting the number of children in Darfur that have died because of the lack of your action….I believe those numbers will matter than your empty projections made up of assumptions and propaganda.

  3. hatsakorzian nerses said:

    Once again we’re going no where, socio- economic condition has to be improved other wise no soldiers will be left to defend the country it’ll be open mountains with no owner , it is the enemy within unfortunately…

  4. manooshag said:

    When honest patriots are in the leaderships of our young nation of 20 years – then too, shall Armenians return to Armenia from all across the diasporas … to join and to be welcomed by the citizens of Haiastan – t TOGETHER, for our homeland, at last, of which we Armenians, the world over, are due and worthy – Mehr

  5. Hrant K. said:

    The Government of Armenia should focus on “extensive developments” in the rural areas, and not

    just the cities or cosmopolitan areas! That’s how we can contribute to population growth and BABY BOOM!!