Soldiers will Defend the ‘Fatherland,’ Says Sarkisian

President Sarkisian at the First Army Conference of Young Officers

YEREVAN—President Serzh Sarkisian expressed confidence that in the event of an attack by Azerbaijan, Armenian soldiers will be ready for defend the “Fatherland.”

“Today, we support peace but if the invaders and the unjust for a moment consider another reckless scheme, I know without a shadow of a doubt that there will be disproportion again, and once again we will be the strong because the defender of the paternal home and fatherland is invincible and unbeatable,” said Sarkisian during the First Army Conference of Young Officers, which took place at the Spendiarian National Opera and Ballet Academic Theater on Saturday.

“In the last war, the Armenian troops dealt blows that crushed each and every stronghold. The might of that blows has implanted seeds of panic and despair. As a result, there are not even lines standing. We have seen on many occasions the backs of the enemy retreating in disorder,” added Sarkisian, calling the soldiers the “backbone” of the Armenian state.

“Our rounds of fire and volleys glorified freedom of the man and the nation, human and national dignity. Relations in our army – from commanders to soldiers, were classical examples of friendship, mutual assistance and brotherhood-in-arms. We did not succumb either to inexperienced recruits, or to skilled mercenaries, or to the exceeding numbers of the enemy. For us, those were just additional warning signs to be more vigilant,” said Sarkisian.

“Yes, we have won in a lengthy, excruciating and disproportionate war. Some, by saying ‘disproportionate war’ mean the fact that Azerbaijan had more money, more military equipment and more troops. It is true; but for me it was a “disproportionate war” because the strong was fighting against the weak, and we were the strong. Freedom fighters were fighting against the invaders, and we were the freedom fighters. The just was fighting against the unjust, and we were the epitome of the just,” explained the president.

While having a conversation with soldiers, Company Commander, First lieutenant Armen Harutyunian asked if there was mounting pressure from the international community on Armenia to sign a deal after the Kazan meeting.

“First, I want to say that we will do everything to solve the issue peacefully. The process is going on and in that process we display constructive approach. Everyone knows that, a part of those who know it is encouraging us, the other part is trying to criticize,” explained Sarkisian.

“The important thing is that talks about pressure are exaggerated. The Co-Chairs states are trying to bring positions of all parties closer together, and when I say “all parties” I mean Armenia, Nagorno Karabakh and Azerbaijan. The process is exacting but it should be that way. We never said it’s going to be easy. Our position is clear-cut and that position is not easily accepted by the other side. We will do everything to ensure a just solution,” added Sarkisian.


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  1. ARA said:

    Yeah- well said- we will defend our homes and land from every angle-they are cowards of course-we know their history-sad but fear not Armenia-we r in their yards and watching them talk as though they r strong! they do like shooting and fighting against unarmed people and the defencless-but hey=we got em!

  2. hatsakorzian nerses said:

    Madame , Sir, at last the President Republic talking sense, to ensure our country’s security we ought to have very , i mean very strong armed troops, it’s only way to protect this land from country’s that surrounded us there is no way except the military way NO other solution, lets’s keep this land of ours safe en progressive ….

  3. Armenia_On_Suicide_Watch said:

    Excellent speech by President Sarkisian! The more fiery and threatning the rhetoric the more likely that a deal is brewing and we will soon see a peaceful agreement.

  4. zareh said:

    before talking about defending Kharbagh the President should look at his own people in Armenia where the average person received 3-4 dollars a day. He should go after the oligarchs who have built palaces on Papayan Poghots with armed guards and dogs protecting those palaces. The oligarchs should be put out of business so that the regular folks in the street stop dreaming of leaving the country. What good is it if we have Armenia and Karabagh if there is no one left in them The population of Kharabagh was 140 thousand when it was liberated. After 20 years the population is the same. With normal rate of growth the population of Kharabag should have been at least 250 thousand by now.
    I say stop enslaving the Armenian population in the homeland by a bunch of crooked, greedy and unpatriotic oligarchs who prefer to spend their vacations in Antalya, Turkey rather than the shores of lake Sevan.

  5. Armanen said:

    Great speech President Sargsyan! As usual, the haters gonna hate.

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