US Senators Voice Concern Over Turkey Radar Deal

Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) is one of the senators voicing concern

WASHINGTON (Agence France Presse)—Two key US senators expressed concerns Tuesday about a possible agreement to base a missile-shield radar in Turkey, citing the NATO ally’s strained ties with Israel and relations with Iran.

Two key US senators expressed concerns Tuesday about a possible agreement to base a missile-shield radar in Turkey, citing the NATO ally’s strained ties with Israel and relations with Iran.

Republican Senators Jon Kyl and Mark Kirk wrote Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton seeking reassurances on the possible deal, which was described in a news report last week.

The lawmakers asked for “written assurances” that data collected by a so-called X-band radar “will be made available, in real time” to staunch US ally Israel to be “fully integrated into its battlement management and control.”

They also sought a guarantee that “Turkish entities are not engaged, or suspected of engaging” in activities that fall afoul of various US laws aimed at curbing suspected nuclear weapons programs in Iran and Syria and keeping sensitive know-how from North Korea.

And President Barack Obama’s administration must also certify that the powerful radar will only be operated by US personnel, and for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, except for maintenance breaks, the senators said.

Kirk and Kyl, the number-two Senate Republican, also questioned whether the reported decision to locate the radar in Turkey would “ensure the best defense of the United States against the Iranian long-range ballistic missile threat.”

They cited a US Missile Defense Agency study that found that the South Caucasus to be “the optimum placement” if the system is designed to defend against an eventual Iranian ballistic missile attack.

“The administration’s plans for missile defense will require the cooperation of the Congress; the prospects for such cooperation are jeopardized if the Congress is not provided the information it requests,” they warned.


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  1. John Robinson said:

    There is evidence that the US already has a x-band radar in Israel so why does it need one in Turkey. That whole idea makes no sense. If the US government wants to protect against Russian missles, it would be better to place the radar in Poland, Greece or Albania since Russia’s missiles are mostly in Western Russia rather than Southern Russia. This proposal makes no sense at all except for the fact that the Turkish lobby is pushing for this.

  2. Hrant K. said:

    Why does it have to be in ‘God damned turkey’ again and again. Why not try other options like Italy, Greece,

    Bulgaria, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Qatar or Oman ?(Countries that have shown full allegiance to the US) and

    not ‘Cameleonic abusive turkey’! !!! (7)

  3. manooshag said:

    – The USA Missile Defenses – beware whom we trust… not the unworthy, undependable irrationals;
    ( The USA is worthy of only the best alliances – not the on again/off again – yes/today/NO/tomorrow)
    – The USA is not to fight the battles for other nations – real or ‘imagined” until our own USA is ‘healed';
    – The USA has lost sight of those nations that are ‘for’ and those ‘against’ the USA.
    – The USA has not any business in Afghanistan – NOT our youth fighting for Afghans; why??
    – The USA has not an enemy in Iranians – Israels may, but not Americans;
    – The USA is not for alliances with muslim mentality nations who seek ONLY further their religion;
    – The USA is not to be at “war” against other nations!! (Or,at “war” FOR other nations)!
    – The USA shall concentrate upon our own current internal national needs – first and foremost;
    – The USA companies which manufacture military equipments are very wealthy/successful;
    (is this why we are in Afghanistan??)
    – The USA shall seek to eliminate aid/suppport of illegals – (ONLY legals bettering the USA)!!
    – The USA is the land of opportunity… within reason – not abet/aid any groups/religions over another;
    – The USA shall take stance to aid and abet our own citizenry – we are not now doing so in USA!!
    – The USA shall allow the uncivilized nations fight their own battles/wars;.. USA is civilized!!
    – The USA leaderships shall recognize that our recovery as a nation begins within our ‘Houses’…
    – The USA shall lead the efforts to end cycles of Genocides -100 years over due… for Humanity!!

  4. Paul Minassian said:

    Israel has the Arrow -2 interceptor missle and it has no need to depend on Turkey for it’s defense. Senior Israeli military officials have even announced that the Arrow-2 could destroy any ballistic missle in the possession of Iran. It is a waste of taxpayers money to put a radar in Turkey because it serves no useful purpose. Put the radar in Czech Republic as originally proposed.